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NOTES exchanged between Great Britain and Portugal, relative to the Delimitation of the Frontier between the British and Portuguese Possessions in Amatongaland.— London, December 29, 1898


January 25, 1899

No. 1.-The Marquess of Salisbury to Senhor de Soveral.

Foreign Office, December 29, 1898. IN the month of September last you informed me that the Government of His Most Faithful Majesty desired to confirm, by an exchange of notes, the delimitation of the frontier between the British and Portuguese possessions in Amatongaland, and I now have the honour to state that Her Majesty's Government accept the work of the Anglo-Portuguese Commissioners, who have delimited the frontier on the spot, and have placed beacons to show it, as the definitive settlement of the frontier in question.

On receiving an assurance of corresponding tenour from you, Her Majesty's Government will consider the matter as closed.

Senhor de Soveral.

I am, &c.,


No. 2.-Senhor de Soveral to the Marquess of Salisbury.—(Received



January 26.)

Portuguese Legation, London, January 25, 1899. In answer to your Lordship's note of the 29th December, referring to the delimitation of the frontier between the Portuguese and British possessions in Amatongaland, I have the honour to state that His Most Faithful Majesty's Government accept the work of the Anglo-Portuguese Commissioners, who have delimited the frontier on the spot, and have placed beacons to show it, as the definitive settlement of the frontier in question, and therefore consider the matter as closed.

The Marquess of Salisbury.

I have, &c.,


BRITISH NOTIFICATION of the Annexation of Amatongaland to Zululand, and of Zululand to Natal.-London, December 31, 1897.*

Downing Street, December 31, 1897.

THE Queen has been pleased, by Letters Patent, dated the 30th November, 1897, passed under the Great Seal of the United Kingdom, to provide for the annexation of certain territories in South Africa, known as Amatongaland, to the British possession of Zululand.

Her Majesty has also been pleased, by further Letters Patent, dated the 1st December, 1897, passed under the said Great Seal of the United Kingdom, to provide for the annexation of the British possession of Zululand to the Colony of Natal.

BRITISH NOTIFICATION raising the Blockade of the Island of Crete, and prohibiting the Importation of Arms and Munitions of War.-London, December 12, 1898.†

Foreign Office, December 12, 1898.

It is hereby notified that the Marquess of Salisbury, K.G., Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, has received a telegraphic despatch from Rear-Admiral Noel, commanding Her Majesty's naval forces in Cretan waters, to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, announcing that the Admirals in command of the British, French, Italian, and Russian naval forces have issued a Notification to the effect that the blockade of the Island of Crete, established on the 21st March, 1897 (of which notice was given in the "London Gazette" of the 19th March, 1897),‡ is raised from the 5th December, but that the importation of arms and munitions of war into Crete is absolutely prohibited.

"London Gazette," January 4, 1898.
+"London Gazette," December 13, 1898.
‡ Vol. LXXXIX, page 446.

[1898-99 xor.]

AGREEMENT between the British Commissioner for the East Africa Protectorate and the Sultan of Witu, defining the Boundaries of the Sultanate of Witu.-Signed at Witu, July 1, 1898.

In the name of the Most Merciful God.

Ir being expedient to define more precisely the limits of the Sultanate of Witu, the same only having been fixed at two points on the coast in the Declaration signed in Manda Bay, on the 18th January, 1887, by the Representatives of the Imperial German Government and of His Highness the Sultan of Zanzibar:

Sir Arthur Hardinge, Knight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George, Her Majesty's Commissioner and Consul-General for the East Africa Protectorate, and His Highness Omar-bin-Mahomed-bin-Sheikh, Sultan of Witu, have agreed, subject to the approval of Her Majesty's Government, on the following definition of the boundaries of the aforesaid Sultanate::

1. The boundary of the Sultanate shall start on the sea-shore from the frontier-pillar 650 paces to the east of the Fort of Kipini, and shall run due north to a point distant one English quarter of a mile from the pillar. Thence it shall run in a north-westerly direction till it strikes the Ndimi Mbili Creek, and shall follow that creek to the Kirirando ferry on the road from Witu to Kau. It shall then run due north till it meets the parallel of 1° 58′ south latitude. From thence it shall run in an easterly direction to the head of the Dodori Creek, and from thence to the point on the coast known as Kwyhoo, and marked by two cocoa-nut trees, leaving the villages of Dodori, Vumbi, and Wassi, in the Sultanate of Witu, and those of Mwasi, Itembe, and Mataroui, in the Lamu district. From Kwyhoo the line shall follow the coast of the mainland in a westerly direction, passing through the middle of the Siyu, Kilolana, and Kipungani channels, till it reaches the above-mentioned pillar at Kipini.

2. All the islands off the coast of the Sultanate of Witu shall be included within the Lamu district.

3. The present Agreement shall be provisionally operative, pending its confirmation or the reverse by Her Majesty's Govern


Done at Witu (12 Safar, 1316), July 1, 1898.

ARTHUR HENRY HARDINGE. (Signature in Arabic.)

PROCLAMATION by the Queen, warning British Subjects against Serving, Aiding, or Trading with, the South African Republic or Orange Free State.-Windsor, December 27, 1899.*


By the Queen.


WHEREAS a state of war exists between us and the South African Republic, and also between us and the Orange Free State;

And whereas it is therefore expedient and necessary to warn all our subjects of their duties, and obligations towards us, our Crown, and Government:

Now, therefore, we do hereby warn all our subjects not to enlist or engage themselves in the military service of the Government of either of the said Republics, or in any way to aid, abet, or assist either of the said Republics in the prosecution of hostilities, and not to carry on any trade with, or supply any goods, wares, or merchandize to either of the said Republics, or to any person resident therein, or to supply any goods, wares, or merchandize to any person for transmission to either of the said Republics, or to any person resident therein, and not to carry any goods, wares, or merchandize destined for either of the said Republics, or for any person resident therein.

And we do hereby further warn all persons that whoever, in contravention of the law, shall commit any of the aforesaid acts, will be liable to such penalty as the law provides.

Given at our Court at Windsor, this 27th day of December, in the year of our Lord 1899, and in the sixty-third year of our reign

God save the Queen.

* Supplement to "London Gazette" of December 26, 1899.

EXCHANGE OF NOTES between Great Britain and the United States of America, providing for the Establishment of a Provisional Boundary between the Dominion of Canada and the Territory of Alaska in the Region about the Head of Lynn Canal.-Washington, October 20, 1899.


No. 1.-Mr. Hay to Mr. Tower.

Department of State, Washington,
October 20, 1899.

YOUR note of the 13th instant was duly received, in which you submit to me, under instructions from the Marquess of Salisbury, a modified form of Agreement relative to a provisional boundary between the territory of Alaska and the Dominion of Canada in the region about the head of Lynn Canal.

I have given careful consideration to the modifications indicated in your note, and am prepared, on the part of the Government of the United States, to accept the same as a provisional Agreement respecting the boundary in the localities stated. In examining the text of the proposed Agreement, inclosed in your note of the 13th instant, I have, however, noted some verbal changes which it seems desirable should be made, and which in nowise affect the terms of the Agreement. I therefore submit the following as the text of Agreement to be observed by the two Governments :

"It is hereby agreed between the Governments of the United States and of Great Britain that the boundary-line between Canada and the territory of Alaska in the region about the head of Lynn Canal shall be provisionally fixed as follows, without prejudice to the claims of either Party in the permanent adjustment of the international boundary :—

"In the region of the Dalton Trail, a line beginning at the peak west of Porcupine Creek, marked on the Map No. 10 of the United States' Commission, December 31, 1895, and on sheet No. 18 of the British Commission, December 31, 1895, with the number 6500; thence running to the Klehini (or Klaheela) River, in the direction of the peak north of that river, marked 5020 on the aforesaid United States' Map, and 5025 on the aforesaid British Map; thence following the high or right bank of the said Klehini River to the junction thereof with the Chilkat River, a mile and a-half, more or less, north of Klukwan: Provided that persons proceeding to or from Porcupine Creek shall be freely permitted to follow the trail between the said creek and the said junction of the rivers into and across the territory on the Canadian side of the

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