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attached shall be deemed to be members of the Uganda Military Force.

ORDER granting authority to the Court in the Uganda Pro

tectorate to impose Sentences of Imprisonment with Hard Labour.- London, September 9, 1899.

In exercise of the powers conferred by Article 110 of "The Africa Order in Council, 1889,"* I hereby direct that where, under

' the said Order, or any law of England, or of India, or of any African possession of Her Majesty, for the time being in force in the Uganda Protectorate, it is provided that a person may be sentenced to penal servitude, transportation, rigorous imprisonment, or any form of imprisonment other than simple imprisonment, for any period, the Court may (subject to any provisions of the said Order, or otherwise, limiting its jurisdiction) sentence such person to imprisonment with hard labour for any period not exceeding the specified or maximum period. Foreign Office, September 9, 1899.


ORDER amending Section 24 of The Uganda Military Force

Ordinance, 1899."- London, September 21, 1899.

In pursuance of Article 15 of “The Africa Order in Council, 1889,"* I hereby order that “The Uganda Military Force Ordinance, 1899,"+ shall be amended by the addition of the following paragraphs to section 24 of that Ordinance, that is to say :

When it appears to the Officer con manding a military district to be impracticable to assemble a court-martial for the trial of a prisoner, be may himself deal with the case, and award such punishmeut, not exceeding eighty-four days' ira prisonment with hard labour, as may be awarded by a district court-martial.

“In this case, however, the offices shall forward all the papers relating to the case to the Commandant for confirmation or otherwise of the sentence, together with a statement of the reasons which made the assembly of a court-martial impracticable.

+ Page 1159.

• VOL LXXXI, page 391. (1898-99. ICI.]

“ The Commandant sball deal with the sentence in like manner as with the sentence of a court-martial.” Foreign Office, September 21, 1899.



ORDER applying The Indian Stamp Act, 1879,” and amend.

ments, to the East Africa Protectorate, and repealing the Proclamations respecting Stamp Duties of October 15 and December 24, 1896.—London, May 25, 1899.*

In pursuance of the powers conferred upon me by Article 2 of “ The East Africa Order in Council, 1897,'t I hereby order that upon and after the 25th day of May, 1899, the Proclamations with respect to stamp duties made by Her Majesty's Commissioner and Consul-General for East Africa on the 15th October and 24th December, 1896, shall cease to have effect, and “The Indian Stamp Act, 1879” (Act 1 of 1879) and every Act amending that Act shall apply to the East Africa Protectorate, subject to the following modifications, that is to say :

1. In the said Act the Protectorate shall be substituted for British India.

2. Notifications required by the said Act to be made in any Gazette shall be published in such manner as the Commissioner by any general or special order shall direct.

3. “Sub-Commissioner" shall, with respect to each province of the Protectorate, be substituted for “Chief Controlling Revenue authority” and for “ Collector.”

4. Until further order adhesive stamps shall be used in all cases, and the provisions of the said Act as to impressed stamps shall not apply.

5. Any instrument to which the first proviso in section 34 of the said Act applies may be admitted in evidence on payment of the duty, with or without penalty, as the Court thinks fit in the circumstances of the case; and when the Court imposes a penalty it sball be such as the Court thinks fit, not exceeding the penalty specified in that section in respect of the instrument in question.

6. The powers of the Governor-General in Council and of the Local Government under the said Act shall be exercisable by the

* Published at Mombasa, July 19, 1899.

+ Vol. LXXXIX, page 357.

Secretary of State, or, with his previous or subsequent assent, by the
Foreign Office, May 25, 1899.


ORDER fixing the Scale of Fees to be charged in Native Courts

in the East Africa Protectorate.- Mombasa, July 19, 1899.

WHEREAS by Article 70 of “The Native Courts Regulations, 1897,"* Her Majesty's Commissioner and Consul-General for the East Africa Protectorate is empowered to fix the scales of fees to be charged in any of the Courts created by the said Regulations : Now I, Clifford Henry Craufurd, do hereby direct that the fees to be taken and levied in the Courts created by the above-mentioned Regulations shall be those contained in the Schedule annexed hereto. Mombasa, July 19, 1899.


Acting Commissioner and Consul-General.


Scale of Fees to be levied in the Native Courts of the East Africa



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1. For service of summons, petition, answer, motion paper,

notice, warrant, decree, order, or other document on a
party, witness, assessor, or other person under any branch
whatever of the civil jurisdiction-

Within 2 miles (English) of the Court issuing the


1 0 0

Beyond that distance Such fees as will cover

the cost of service, but

not less than 2 rupees. 2. On submission of special case, to include hearing


Summary Orders before Suit. 3. On application for order 4. On recognizance .. 5. On order .. 6. On warrant of arrest

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* Vol. LXXXIX, page 422.

Bankruptcy and Liquidation by Arrangement or Composition.

Amount. Rs. 1. P.

4 0 0


7. On declaration by a debtor of inability to pay his debts
8. On application under Chapter 20 of the Civil Procedure

9. *On bankruptcy petition
10. *On petition for arrangement or composition..
11. *On order for adjudication
12. *On meeting or adjournment of meeting
13. *On order for discharge..
14. On notice to creditors (each)
15. On preparing advertisement

* NOTE-If on account of the smallness of the estate

the Judge thinks fit to reduce this fee, he may

4 80 0 0 15 00 15 0 0 15 0 0 30 00 0 4 0 4 0 0

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do so.

Ordinary Suits.

080 1 0 0 2 0 0

1,000 00

1 0 0

10 00

16. In every suit of any kind whatever, other than such as are

before specified
Where the amount involved is-

Not exceeding 10 rupees
Exceeding 10 rupees and not exceeding 50 rupees
Exceeding 50 rupees and not exceeding 100 rupees
Exceeding 100 rupees an additional fee of 2 rupees

for every 100 rupees or part thereof up to 1,000
rupees, and an additional fec of 1 rupee for every

100 rupees in excess of 1,000 rupees.

The whole fee levied not to exceed
17. On the issue of every witness summons
18. In every suit where it is not possible to estimate the subject.

matter at a money value, and which is not particularly
Provided that in every case where by reason of any

finding or order of the Court a declaration of owner-
ship of any money or property is made, an ad valorem
fee at the same rate us in fee No. 16 shall at once

become payable in addition to the fee already paid.
19. On application for every interlocutory injunction
20. On application for a mandamus or final prohibitory injunc-

tion 21. In a suit for arrears of rent by landlord against tenant

10 00

50 00


where an order for the possession of the property occu-
pied is sought from the tenant, an ad valorem fee of 5 per
cent. on the yearly rental of the property in addition to

the fee leviable for recovery of rent under fee No. 16.
22. On every summons, motion, application, or demand taken

out, made, or filed (not particularly charged) 23. On every decree or order (not particularly charged)..

5 00 2 8 0

Amonnt. Rs.

a. p. 24. On order for adjournment of hearing rendered necessary by default of either party (to be paid by that party)..

10 0 0 (or such part thereof as the Judge may order).


a. p. 2 0 0

5 0 0

25. On every warrant of execution against goods

For less than 100 rupees
For 100 rupees, and not ex-

To include keeping pos-
ceeding 500 rupees

session for fifteen days, For 500 rupees, and not ex- unless the Court otherceeding 1,000 rupees

wise order For 1,000 rupees or upwards. 26. On taking or passing an account, or otherwise than in Court

by an officer of the Court

10 0 0 20 0 0

15 00



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27. For attending to view, in addition to all expenses incurred.. 10 00 28. On taxation of any bill of costs, for every ten folios, from each party to the taxation

5 0 0 29. On deposit of any document

15 00 30. For taking an affidavit

2 8 0 31. For


1 0 0 32. For attending to administer an oath or affirmation, or to

take a declaration beyond the offices of the Court, in
addition to the ordinary fee thereon

5 0 0 33. On every deposition taken before trial

7 8 0 34. On balances of estates of deceased persons paid into 25 per cent. of the Court ...

value of the sub35. For superintending or taking an inventory

ject-matter not 36. On deposit of any money or valuables in Court


25 37. On payment of money into Court in an action



Rs. a. p. 38. For filing any document whatever

2 0 0 39. For certifying signature or seal . 40. For attendance at a sale

At request of parties interested, or of local authorities, if
absent less than two hours

30 0 0 At request of parties interested, for each Rupees 7:8:0, with a maxi

additional hour, or fraction thereof .. mum per day of 60 rupees.


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41. On reference to the archives
42. For certified copy of document in the archives-

For first 100 words

For every further 100 words
43. For an official certified translation of any document-

For first 100 words
For every further 100 words

: :

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