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Amount. Rs. 4. P.

44. For communication with another Tribunal out of the juris

diction of the Court ..

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45. On every summons or warrant, unless specially directed by

the Court, to be issued, to include service 46. On hearing in summary case 47. On warrant of commitment 48. On recognizance ..

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On Appeals from any Court within the Protectorate to any other Court

within the Protectorate.

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53. On filing a memorandum of appeal
54. On every security
55. On record of appeal (including expenses of transmission)

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50 0 0 Such sun as the Court directs.

In Criminal Matters.

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ORDER by the Secretary of State granting authority to the

Court in British Central Africa to impose Sentences of Imprisonment with Hard Labour.London, September 9, 1899.

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In exercise of the powers conferred by Article 110 of “ The Africa Order in Council, 1889,"* I hereby direct that where, under the said Order, or any law of England, or of India, or of any African possession of Her Majesty for the time being in force in the British Central Africa Protectorate, it is provided that a person may be sentenced to penal servitude, transportation, rigorous imprisonment, or any form of imprisonment other than simple imprisonment, for any period, the Court may (subject to any provisions of the said Order, or otherwise, limiting its jurisdiction) sentence such person to imprisonment with hard labour for any period not exceeding the specified or maximum period. Foreign Office, September 9, 1899.


PROCLAMATION by the Commissioner, increasing the Customs

Duties on Spirits imported into the Niger Coast Protectorate. - May 17, 1899.

WHEREAS instructions have been received from Her Majesty's Secretary of State for the Colonies, that the duties at present chargeable on certain imports into the Protectorate are to be increased in certain proportions from a specified date :

Now, therefore, I, Ralph D. R. Moor, Her Britannic Majesty's Commissioner and Consul-General, in compliance with the instructions received, do by this Proclamation order that the following alterations shali take place in the duties hitherto chargeable :

1. Spirits, the duty on which is now 28. per gallon, shall, on and after the 16th day of June, 1899, be charged at the rate of 3s. per


2. Such increased duty shall be payable not only on spirits imported into the Protectorate on and after the said 16th day of June, but shall be leviable also on all stocks of spirits remaining on hand and not sold previous to the above-mentioned date.

3. Any importer or trader in whose possession or custody such stocks of spirits sball then be, shall, on the 17th day of June,

• Vol. LXXXI, page 301.

1899, make a true and correct return of the same to the DirectorGeneral of Customs in the form of a declaration.

Such declaration shall be made and signed in the presence of a District Commissioner.

The correctness of these returns may be verified by inspection of premises and stocks by the Director-General of Customs or some person or persons acting on his behalf.

4. If any person shall neglect to furnish stock returns, or shall make or subscribe any false declaration relating thereto, or sball attempt to evade the payment of duty on stocks uot actually sold, he shall be liable on conviction to a penalty not exceeding 5007.

Given under my hand and the seal of the Niger Coast Protectorate, this 17th day of May, in the year of our Lord 1899, and in the sixty-third year of Her Majesty's reign. (L.S.) RALPH D. R. MOOR, Her Britannic Majesty's

Commissioner and Consul-General.

PROCLAMATION by the Officer administering the Govern

ment of the Straits Settlements, prohibiting the Exportation of Arms and Ammunition to Brunei.- Singapore, October 5, 1898.

In the name of Her Majesty Victoria, by the grace of God of the

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Queen, Defender of the Faith, Empress of India.


By his Honour Sir James Alexander Swettenham, Kuight Com

mander of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George, the Officer administering the Government of the Straits Settlements.

(L.S.) J. A. SWETTENHAM. WHEREAS by Ordinance No. 18 of 1887 it is, amongst other things, enacted that it shall be lawful for the Governor in Council to prohibit by Proclamation, for stated periods, the exportation from this Colony to any place to be named in such Proclamation, of arms, ammunition, gunpowder, dynamite, and other explosives, and military and naval stores ;

And whereas it has been brought to the notice of the Officer administering the Government in Council that it is expedient to prevent the import

rms and ammunition into Brunei;

It is hereby proclaimed by the Officer administering the Government in Council, that the exportation of arms, ammunition, gun. powder, dynamite, and other explosives, and military and naval stores from any port or place in this Colony to Brunei, is prohibited for a period of six months from the 5th October, 1893.

By his Honour's command,
C. W. S. KYNNERSLEY, Acting Colonial Secretary.

God save the Queen !
Given at Singapore, this 5th day of October, in the year of our
Lord, 1898.

REGULATIONS for the Foreign Settlements at Chinnampo

and Mokpo.-Seoul, October 16, 1897.

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UNDER and in pursuance of the provisions of “The China and Japan Order in Council, 1881," and "The China, Japan, and Corea Order in Council, 1884,"| Her Majesty the Queen has been graciously pleased to approve the Regulations for the foreign Settlements at Chinnampo and Mokpo, of which a copy is annexed hereto. Foreign Office, February 4, 1898.

SALISBURY, Her Majesty's Principal Secretary

of State for Foreign Affairs.

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Regulations for the Foreign Settlements of Chinnampo and Mokpo. 1. The situation, limits, and measurements of the ground marked

Chinnampo off for the foreign Settlement at

are shown in the annexed

Mokpo plan. The boundary-line on land is marked by boundary stones on

南浦各國租界 (Chinnampo foreign which the characters

大浦各國租界 (Mokpo foreign Settlement)

have been cut, and of which one is placed at high-water Settlement) mark at either end, and others at the points between where the line makes an angle.

A sea-wall and jetty will, when and where the requirements of the port call for them, be constructed by and maintained in repair at the expense of the Corean Government. Such sea-wall and jetty and portion of uninclosed ground attached to the latter for landing and working cargo on, shail be under the control of the Corean * Vol. LXXII, page 1108.

+ Vol. LXXV, page 600.

Government for customs purposes oniy, and be free from taxation of any kind, but shall be lighted and policed by the Municipal Council.

2. The Settlement consists of three classes of lots, namely :

A. Village, rice-field, or low-lying lots not requiring further filling in to raise them above high-water mark.

B. Hill lots.
C. Foreshore lots requiring further filling in.

3. The Corean Government will, in conjunction with the Municipal Council, lay down the boundary-line between the A and B lots, and mark out the boundaries of the lots by erecting stones or otherwise, and will also re-measure the area of the lots before they are disposed of to intending purchasers.

The maximum and minimum size of lots shall be as follows:
A and C lots not more than 1,000 square metres;

Not less than 500 square metres.
B lots not more than 5,000 square metres ;

Not less than 1,000 square metres. 4. Except as hereinafter provided, lots in the foreign Settlements shall be disposed of at public auction to the bighest bidder. Such auction shall be conducted and held by an official authorized thereto by the Corean Government. Such official (hereinafter called the “Corean Official ") shall, after the receipt of an application from an intending purchaser, give at least thirty days' notice of the sale, in writing, to the foreign Representatives, local Consuls, and the Municipal Council, as well as by a notice posted in some public and conspicuous place within the Settlement.

Immediately after the auction of a lot, the purchaser shall pay to the Corean official, who held the auction, one-fifth of the selling price as earnest money. Within ten days thereafter the balance of the purchase money shall be paid to the said official, who shall thereupon, free of charge, cause to be executed and delivered, on behalf of the Corean Government, a title-deed in triplicate for the lot sold in the form bereto annexed.

If such balance be not paid to the said official within ten days from the date of sale, the earnest money sball be forfeited to the Corean Government, and the sale shall be null and void.

5. The upset price of A lots shall be 6 silver dollars per 100 square metres, of B lots 3 silver dollars per 100 square metres, and of C lots 5 silver dollars per 100 square metres. The Municipal Council shall have the power to decide at the first annual meeting what silver coin shall be taken as the standard for the current year.

The whole of the upset price shall belong to the Corean Government, which shall defray the cost of the auction, and the balance of the sum realized by the sale shall be held the credit of the

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