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lot-holder may sell to an adjacent lot-holder a portion of his lot, however small, with the understanding that if the part retained by him is less than 500 square metres he will not be entitled to vote for a member of the Municipal Council; and provided also that all titledeeds for subdivided lots shall be executed and delivered, signed, and accepted, subject to the same conditions that apply to the title-deeds for whole and original lots. A fee of 5 dollars shall be paid to the Corean official for each new title-deed in triplicate issued for parts of lots.

All the parts of a subdivided lot shall retain the number of the original lot as plotted on the official plan, but the parts shall be distinguished by letters: thus, the parts of lot X shall be numbered X, X, X, &c.

The holder of a title-deed for a subdivided part of a lot sball be registered as a lot-holder, and shall have and enjoy the same rights and privileges as the registered holder of any uudivided lot.

13. Within the space of two years from the date of the titledeeds of any whole or subdivided lot, the purchaser must have erected buildings or made other improvements on the said lot to the value of not less than 250 dollars, and all buildings so erected must be covered with tiled, iron, felt, or other non-inflammable roofs. thatched, wooden, or otherwise inflammable roof will be permitted.

In case no building shall have been erected or improvement made within the term specified and of the value stipulated above, the Municipal Council may proceed against the defaulter as provided in Article 7:

Provided always that lots reserved by the Corean Government or acquired by the Government of any Treaty Power shall not be subject to the present stipulation.

14. The Municipal Council shall consist :(1.) Of the Kamni or a Corean local official of suitable rauk; (2.) Of the local Consuls;

(3.) Of not more than three members elected by the registered lot-holders.

No two of the elective members shall be of the same nationality. Only registered lot-holders shall be eligible for election; but no lotholder whose rents, rates, and taxes are not fully paid can be put in nomination. The election shall be held in the month of December in each year, according to rules to be agreed upon by the foreign Representatives. Each lot-holder, whatever may be the number of lots held by him, shall have one vote only. Proxy voting shall not be allowed, and where a lot is held in the name of the Government, Corporation, or firm, the authorized Representative of such Government, Corporation, or firm, shall, for all purposes of this Article, be considered as the registered

the lot.


15. The Municipal Council, composed as provided in Article 14 above, is hereby constituted and declared to be a Corporation, with power to use a common seal and to contract and to sue and be sued under its corporate name of the “ Municipal Council of the foreign

Kunsan," Settlement of Masampo," and all suits and proceedings against it

Sougchin," shall be commenced and prosecuted in a Court composed of the Corean Minister for Foreign Affairs, and the foreign Representatives in Seoul, and a decision of the majority of the said Court on a matter submitted to them shall be final.

The said Court shall have power to issue all writs and processes which may be necessary in the premises, and to appoint officers to carry out and execute the same; and the property and funds of the Council shall be subject to any judgment that may be rendered by the said Court.

16. The Municipal Council shall have power

(1.) To choose its own officers, and to regulate its own proceedings;

(2.) To select and appoint its own employés and servants, and to regulate their duties, and to dismiss them ;

(3.) To make roads, and to construct such drains, bridges, embankments, and other public works, within the limits of the Settlement, as shall not be specially exempted, and to keep the same in repair : provided always that the cost of erecting retaining walls shall be borne by the lot-holder concerned where the established grade of any road shall be altered by the Council at the request of the lot-holder;

(4.) In conjunction with the Corean official, and after two months' notice publicly given, to change the course, or to add to, or diminish the number, width, or grade of any of the roads in the Settlement, whether marked or not marked on the official plan referred to in Article 1 : provided no road shall be less than 8 metres in breadth, and that any lot-holder affected shall bave the right within the said period of two months to appeal to the Court as constituted in Article 15 ;

(5.) To appoint and maintain an efficient police force ;

(6.) To arrest and detain all persons acting in a disorderly manner within the Settlement limits, and to take steps for their punishment by their own authorities;

(7.) To adopt measures for the proper lighting and cleaning of all thoroughfares and the prevention of obstructions therein ;

(8.) To provide for public wells and water-works ;

(9.) To make regulations for, and where necessary, to issue licences, with or without fees, to houses of entertainment of whatever description within the Settlement, and to all owners of wheeled vehicles plying for hire, as well as to peddlers or chair-bearers carrying on their trade within the Settlement, or resorting regularly thereto;

(10.) To take measures for the preservation of public health and decency, to suppress gambling houses, and houses of ill-fame, and to prevent and abate all nuisances, including such as may arise from the pursuit of offensive trades, within the Settlement limits, and shall in no case permit the establishment of opium dens;

(11.) To prevent the erection or occupation of unsafe, inflammable, or unhealthy buildings, and to provide and maintain a fire department;

(12.) To erect and keep in repair such municipal buildings as may be found necessary;

(13.) In case of need, to borrow money on the credit of the foreign Settlement with the consent of the foreign Representatives, in consultation with the Corean Minister of Foreign Affairs;

(14.) To call special meetings on fourteen days' notice of the registered lot-holders for the transaction of special business specitied on the notice of call;

(15.) To act as the Agent of the Corean Government in collecting the Settlement rents, and to give valid receipts for the same;

The Municipal Council may adopt General Rules and By-laws for enforcing and carrying out the powers herein granted to it, and may fix penalties not exceeding 25 dollars for every breach thereof. All such penalties shall be enforced by the authorities of the offenders, Coreans or foreigners, and shall be paid over to the Municipal Fund.

The cost of all work done and expenditure incurred by the Municipal Council shall be met and paid out of the Municipal funds. If such funds prove insufficient, the Municipal Council inay impose and collect from time to time a tax on all lots and houses in the foreign Settlement in proportion to their then assessed value, provided that not more than one tax shall be assessed in each calendar year.

17. The form of title-deed and the declaration attached thereto shall be as follows:


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In consideration of the sum of

dollars (silver), the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the Undersigned, acting on behalf of the Corean Government, hereby grants in perpetuity to

his heirs and

Kunsan, assigns, the lot of land in the foreign Settlement at Masampo, and described in


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the official plan of the said Settlement as No. of the

class, and containing

square metres, on the following conditions, that is to say :-1. That the said

his heirs and assigns, shall, on or before the 10th day of January in each year, pay, as rent in advance for the year commenced, the sum of

dollars (silver) to the Municipal Council as the agent authorized by the Corean Government to collect the same. 2. That the said

his heirs and assigns, shall pay


Kunsan the Municipal Council of the foreign Settloment at Masampo such further sums

Songchin as it may be found necessary to collect as a tax for municipal purposes.

3. That no transfer of the said lot shall be made to any person other than a subject, citizen, or protégé of a State whose Representative hus signified his

Kunsan. acceptance of the regulations respecting the foreign Settlement at Masampo.

Songchin. 4. That the said

his heirs and assigns, shall, within two years from the date of the title-deed of this lot, have erected buildings or made improvements on the said lot to the value of not less than 250 dollars (silver), and in default thereof shall be liable to surrender the said lot to the Corean Government, in accordance with the provisions made in Articles 7 and 13 of the above-named Settlement Regulations.

5. That in case the rent, stipulated for above, remains unpaid after the last day of the year for which it is due, as provided above, then the Corean Govern. ment may re-enter into possession of the said lot, in accordance with the provisions made for this purpose in Article 7 of the above-named Settlement Regulations.

Kunsan, Done in triplicate, at Masumpo, one copy being retained by the Corean local

Songchin, official granting the deed, one copy being given to the purchaser, and the third copy being archived and registered in the office of the Municipal Council, this

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day of

(Seal and signature of the Corean official.)


In consideration of the grant of the above-mentioned piece of ground, I, the said

hereby agree

to fulfil all the conditions attached to the title-deed, and I further acknowledge myself bound to observe the Municipal

Kunsan, rules and regulations of the foreign Settlement at Masampo, now or hereafter

Songchin, made, under the penalties prescribed in such rules and regulations. Done this

(Signature of grantee or transferee.) Before me: (Signature of Consul of grantee's or

transferee's nationality.)

day of

18. These Regulations may be revised or amended by the Corean authorities, and the competent foreign authorities, by common consent, and in such manner as experience shall prove to be necessary.

Signed this 2nd day of June, 1899 (3rd year of Kwang-Mu), at the Foreign Office at Seoul.

PAK CHEI SUN, Corean Minister of Foreign

COLLIN DE PLANCY, Chargé d'Affaires de

France en Corée.
J. N. JORDAN, Her Britannic Majesty's Chargé

d'Affaires and Consul-General in Corea ; in

charge of Chinese interests.

States' Chargé d'Affaires ad interim.
P. A. DIMITREVSKY, Chargé d'Affaires de

Russie en Corée.
E. HIOKI, Chargé d'Affaires du Japon ad

interim (subject to the approval of the

F. REINSDORF, Verweser des Kaiserlich

Deutschen Konsulats.


Foreign Settlement at Shanghae.June 3, 1899.

UNDER and in pursuance of the provisions of "The China and Japan Order in Council, 1881," Her Majesty the Queen has been graciously pleased to approve the three additional “ Land Regulations for the General Foreign Settlement at Shanghae," of which a copy is annexed hereto. Foreign Office, June 3, 1899.

SALISBURY, Her Majesty's Principal Secretary

of State for Foreign Affairs.

Regulation VI (a).

Land for Public Roads.-It being expedient that the ratepayers should have fuller power than they at present possess for acquiring land for new roads, extension and widening of existing roads, extension of lands already occupied by public works, and for pur.

* For the "Shanghae Land Regulations,” see Vol. XC, page 970.

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