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20th June, 1899.. 1021

Gordon Memorial College, Khartoum.

1st August, 1899.. 1028

Colonial Loans.

9th August, 1899.. 1029

Royal Niger Company.

9th August, 1899.. 1031

CORRESPONDENCE with Greece, &c. Affairs of Crete and the

War between Turkey and Greece (Block-

ade of Crete; Autonomy; Selection of

Governor-General; Negotiations for Peace

between Turkey and Greece; Conclusion

of Definitive Treaty; &c.).

February-December, 1897.. 124

relating to Affairs in the South African Re-


1895–1899.. 474

FINAL Act of the International Peace Conference.

The Hague, 29th July, 1899.. 963

NOTICE of Order of Secretary of State. Modification of Penal

Code in its Application to Zanzibar. Offences of

Public Servants.

Zanzibar, 8th August, 1899.. 1156

NOTIFICATION of the Annexation of Amatongaland to Zululand,

and of Zululand to Natal.

London, 31st December, 1897.. 113

of the Raising of the Blockade of the Island of

Crete, and Prohibiting the Importation of

Arms and Munitions of War.

London, 12th December, 1898.. 113

of the Denunciation by Montenegro of the Treaty

of Commerce with Great Britain of January 21,


London, 3rd July, 1899. 123

respecting Travellers visiting the Philippine

Islands (Passports, &c.).

London, 10th November, 1899.. 123

of an Arrangement with France respecting the

Waiver of Consular Fees on Certificates of


London, 14th December, 1899.. 1156

of the Revocation of the Charter of the Royal

Niger Company.

London, 28th December, 1899.. 124

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GREAT BRITAIN-continued.


ORDER applying to Uganda the Gold Coast Constabulary Ordi-
nance of 1879 (Uganda Military Force Ordinance).

London, 20th February, 1899.. 1158

applying “ The Indian Stamp Act, 1879," to the East

Africa Protectorate.

Londou, 25th May, 1899.. 1170

respecting the Molification of the Penal Code in its

Application to Zanzibar in the case of Offences of

Public Servants

London, 281h June, 1899.. 1156

fixing a Scale of Fees to be charged in Native Courts
in the East Africa Protectorate.

Mombasa, 19th July, 1899. 1171

applying various Indian Acts to the Uganda Protec-


London, 17th August, 1899.. 1157

granting Authority to the Court in British Central

Africa to impose Sentences of Imprisonment with

Hard Labour London, 9th September, 1899.. 1175

granting Authority to the Court in the Uganda Protec-

torate to impose Sentences of Imprisonment with Hard


London, 9th September, 1899.. 1169

amending Section 24 of The Uganda Military Force

Ordinance, 1899.”

London, 21st September, 1899.. 1169

ORDER IN COUNCIL. Application to Grenada. Colonial Pro-

bates Act, 1892.

Osborne, 3rd February, 1898.. 1033

Application to St. Vincent. Colonial

Probates Act, 1892.

Windsor, 19th May, 1898.. 1034

Queensland Boundaries.

Windsor, 19th May, 1898.. 1035

Application to Nova Scotia. Section 20

of Finance Act, 1894.

Balmoral, 20th October, 1898.. 1036

Government of Territories adjacent to

Hong Kong.

Balmoral, 20th October, 1898.. 1037

Extradition Treaty. Netherlands, 1898.

Osborne, 2nd February, 1899.. 1038

Commencement. Southern Rhodesia Ordler,


Osborne, 2nd February, 1899.. 1039

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