The High Mettled Racer

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William Kidd, 1831 - 36 strán (strany)

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Strana 6 - While the harness sore galls, and the spurs his sides goad, The high-mettled racer's a hack on the road.
Strana 5 - When fairly run down the fox yields up his breath, The high-mettled racer is in at the death. Grown aged, used up, and turn'd out of the stud, Lame, spavin'd, and windgall'd, but yet with some blood ; While knowing postilions his pedigree trace, Tell his dam won...
Strana 1 - Reynard's turn'd out, and o'er hedge and ditch rush Hounds, horses, and huntsmen, all hard at his brush : They run him at length, and they have him at bay, And by scent and by view cheat a long tedious way...
Strana 15 - He also ran over the Beacon course, which is four miles, one furlong, and one hundred and thirty-eight yards, in seven minutes and thirty seconds ; covering at every bound a space of about 25 yards.
Strana 17 - York, for the subscription purse against bay Malton and others. He won several matches for five hundred guineas, and a sweepstake of three hundred guineas, nine subscribers. The fame of this racer as a stallion, in the Turf Register, is truly splendid. In nineteen years, namely, from 1771 to 1789, four hundred and ninety-seven of his sons and daughters, won for their proprietors, in plates, matches and sweepstakes, the sum of two hundred and one thousand five hundred and five pounds, nine shillings,...
Strana 9 - And now, cold and lifeless, exposed to the view In the very same cart which he yesterday drew, While a pitying crowd his sad relics surrounds — The high-mettled racer is sold for the hounds.
Strana 19 - ... but, before his arrival, he had been knocked down at seventy guineas. He, however, instantly appealed to his watch, which he knew to be an exceedingly correct time-piece, and found that the appointed hour of sale had not yet arrived by a few minutes, according to advertisement. He then persisted that the sale had not been a lawful one, and that the lots knocked down should be again put up, which was accordingly done, and Eclipse was purchased by him for the sum of seventy-five guineas. " For...
Strana 13 - ... WICKED HORSE. In the year 1753, Mr. Quin had a famous racer, who entered into the spirit of the course as much as his master. One day, finding his opponent gradually passing him, he seized him by the legs, and both riders were obliged to dismount, in order to separate the infuriated animals, who were engaged with. each other in the most deadly conflict : they were got apart with much difficulty. FORRESTER. Forrester had won many a hardly contested race ; at length over-weighed and over-matched,...
Strana 21 - I would particularly direct the attention of the breeder and sportsman are, the curve or setting-on of his head, the shortness of his fore-quarter, the slant, extent, and substance of his shoulders, the length of his waist, and breadth of his. loins ; the extent of his quarters, and the length and substance of his thighs and fore-arms. Although he was a powerful horse, he was nevertheless thick in the wind ; and in a sweat or hard exercise, he was heard to I his I • iiiii HI ^ II,'; belw,en M,.

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