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NINTH SERIES, 1877. The Beginnings of Life. Illustrated. By Professor P. Martin

Duncan, F.R.S. Two Lectures. One Penny Each Lecture, Novo

Ready. Flame. Illustrated. By Professor Thorpe, F.R.S., of Leeds. Two Lectures. One Penny Each Lecture.

Now Ready. Modern Discoveries About Sound. Illustrated. By Professor

Thomas H. Core, of Owens College. Two Lectures. November 27th

and December 4th. The Scientific Results of the Challenger Expedition. By Dr.

John Murray, of Edinburgh University and the Challenger. Two
Lectures, December 11th and 18th.


SESSION 1875 AND 1876.-One Penny Each, The Health of the Household. By Henry Simpson, M.D., Physician

to the Manchester Royal Infirmary; Consulting Physician to the Manchester Southern Hospital for Diseases of Women and Children.

Now Ready. On Health, and How to Preserve It. Illustrated. By Johu Haddon,

M.A., M.D. Edinburgh. Now Ready.

SESSION 1877 AND 1878.-One Penny Each. On Pure Air, and How to Obtain It. By A. Ransome, M.A., M.D.,

Professor of Hygiene and Public Health, Owens College, and

Examiner in Hygiene, Cambridge University. November 20th, 1877. Clothing and Its Relation to Health. By J. Haddon, M.A., M.D.

December 18th, 1877. A Healthy Skin. By W. Sinclair, M.A., M.D. January 15th, 1878. The Dwelling-house and Its Influence upon Health. By Henry

Simpson, M.D., Physician to the Manchester Royal Infirmary, &c.

February 12th, 1878. Why Little Children Die. By H. H. Vernon, M.D., Medical Officer of

Health, Southport. March, 1878. Our Food and How it is Adulterated. Illustrated. By C. Estcourt,

Esq., F.C.S., City Analyst, Manchester. April, 1878.



Seventh and Elghth Şeries.—17. Lectures.

The Seventh Series may be had, uniform with the other Lectures, in One Volume, with Portrait of Henry Cavendish, in Stiff Paper Cover, iod. Each Lecture may be had separately, Price One Penny, except the Eighth, which are Sixpence each.

Arctic Discovery. By Captain J. E. Cavendish and His Discoveries. By Davis, R.N., F.R.G.S.

Professor Thorpe, F.R.S.E. Soap Bubbles. By Professor Rücker, The Functions of the Brain. By Yorkshire College of Science.

Professor Ferrier, F.RS. The Birds of the Globe. By R. Bowdler

Sharpe, Esq., F.L.S., &c., of the British Food. By Professor Henry E. Armstrong. Museum.

The Age of the Men of Kent's The Great Extinct Quadrupeds. By Cave.- Part II. By William PenProfessor P. Martin Duncan, F.R.S.

gelly, F.R.S.

What the Earth is Composed of. By Professor Roscoe. Illustrations. 60. The Earth's Place in Nature. By Norman Lockyer, F.R.S. Illustrations. 60

Life on the Earth. By Professor W. C. Williamson, F.R.S. Illustrations. 6d. The whole of the Series may be had in 4 vols., the first three 25. 6d. each, and the

fourth, 35. 6d. New Bindings, uniform, bevelled boards, with Emblematic Design on side.

SCIENCE LECTURES. FIRST SERIES.-"As elenientary lectures on their respective subjects, suited to mere tyros, nothing can be better than this series of lectures. Our school teachers would, from their perusal and study, not so much derive an increase of knowledge perhaps, but certainly they might learn a very useful lesson in the rare but valuable art of popularising technical and scientific language, and thus making the truths of scientific studies more palatable to the ininds of the uncultivated and the apprehensions of the weak."-School Board Chronicle.

FIRST AND SECOND SERIES.-" It is superfluous to say anything about the quality of these addresses; the men guarantee them; and they are probably the best specimens of what it is now the fashion to call the 'Science Lectures that can be found.'

THIRD SERIES.—"These highly interesting and instructive lectures on science popularly treated, are reported verbatim, and being published, at ninepence-a trifle over a penny each lecture-are within the reach of all. The names of the lecturers are sufficient guarantee of the high character of these lectures. There should be a large sale for so cheap and yet so valuable a collection of thoughtful and instructive addresses."-Public Opinion.

THIRD SERIES.-" Is a little work of which we are saying a good deal when we remark that it is as useful as it is cheap. Here are seven lectures, by the most eminent scientific men in the country, sewed together in a neat volume, the whole comprising 140 pages of matter, and sold for ninepence! Professor Roscoe's lecture on 'The Progre of Sanitary Science' is by itself well worth double the money:

Dr. Carpenter's lecture on Epidemic Delusions' is most pleasant and entertaining reading, while at the same time it enlarges our knowledge of human nature. All these lectures are written in a style unclouded with scientific jargon, and therefore we can recommend them with confidence to the most unscientific of our readers."-National Schoolmaster.,

THIRD SERIES.--"In Manchester an effort has been made to enlighten the people by popular lectures on scientific subjects delivered by eminent men. Every winter a course of lectures is delivered, and afterwards printed by Mr. John Heywood, and sold for the small sum of one penny each."

“This little book contains so much instructive matter, couched in easy understandable language, that I have not the slightest hesitation in recommending my readers to make an immediate purchase, that they may read and think for themselves, and I am almost sure they will not repent followi

The lectures of Dr. Carpenter alone are worth double the mor

res is that one can read them over many time

ture hall, one must follow the speaker and er

Christopher, in the South Wales Express.

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