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P R E F A C E.

NOTWITHSTANDING every anxious Endeavour to render his Work as faultless as possible, its Author is apprehensive that, for other Imperfections than the venial ones enumerated on the next page, he has to solicit the Lenity of a discerning Public.


9--20, for mental, read extensive. 235, for disbelieves, read rejects. 30_Penult, for a derivation, read its origin. 36-Last line, read awakening the attention of mankind to, &c. 47- 2, for reason, read intelligence. 48— 2, for nature, read class. 543, read beneficent. 80-13, read distinguished. 112-15, put not before instincted. 114-14, read incalculable. 120 7 from bottom, read after they have passed. 138-18, read endearing. 141--for consequential, read in consequence.

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