The Psalmists of Britain...

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R. Groombridge, 1843

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Strana 159 - Soon as the evening shades prevail, The moon takes up the wondrous tale ; And nightly, to the listening earth, Repeats the story of her birth ; While all the stars that round her burn, And all the planets in their turn, Confirm the tidings as they roll, And spread the truth from pole to pole. What though, in solemn silence, all Move round...
Strana 303 - HAIL to the Lord's Anointed, Great David's greater Son ; Hail, in the time appointed, His reign on earth begun ; He comes to break oppression, To set the captive free, To take away transgression, And rule in equity.
Strana 13 - There he lodged under Tertullian's roof of angels; there he made his nest more gladly than David's swallow near the house of God; where like a primitive saint, he offered more prayers in the night than others usually offer in the day ; there he penned these poems, steps for happy souls to climb heaven by.
Strana 159 - The spacious firmament on high, With all the blue ethereal sky, And spangled heavens, a shining frame, Their great Original proclaim. The unwearied sun from day to day Does his Creator's power display, And publishes to every land The works of an almighty hand.
Strana 286 - BY THE RIVERS OF BABYLON WE SAT DOWN AND WEPT WE sate down and wept by the waters Of Babel, and thought of the day When our foe, in the hue of his slaughters, Made Salem's high places his prey; And ye, oh her desolate daughters ! Were scatter'd all weeping away.
Strana 214 - Tell them, I AM, JEHOVAH said To MOSES; while earth heard in dread, And, smitten to the heart, At once above, beneath, around, All Nature, without voice or sound, Replied, "O LORD, THOU ART.
Strana 101 - Whence flows my weal and mirth, I look and sigh for Him Who fills, Unseen, both heaven and earth. He is alone my help and hope, That I shall not be moved ; His watchful eye is ever ope, And guardeth His beloved ; The glorious God is my sole stay, He is my sun and shade ; The cold by night, the heat by day, Neither shall me invade. He keeps me from the spite of foes, Doth all their plots control ; And is a shield, not reckoning those, Unto my very soul.
Strana 141 - Psalterium Americanum. The Book of Psalms, in a Translation Exactly conformed unto the Original; but all in Blank Verse, fitted unto the Tunes commonly used in our Churches.
Strana 160 - What though, in solemn silence, all Move round the dark terrestrial ball; What though no real voice nor sound Amid their radiant orbs be found; In reason's ear they all rejoice, And utter forth a glorious voice, For ever singing as they shine, The hand that made us is divine.
Strana 261 - Graved on the stone beneath yon aged thorn." ["There scattered oft, the earliest of the year, By hands unseen, are showers of violets found ; The redbreast loves to build and warble there, And little footsteps lightly print the ground.

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