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Next to the interest which our friends Were it possible to explain the difficulfelt in the beginning of this enterprise, ties, delays, and losses, which attend the must be their desire to have recorded, its collection of the dues of such a journal, successful establishment. The patrons of reducing the average value of its subscripthe American Review, who generously and tions by more than a third, the friends of patriotically aided its first struggles into the Review would find less difficulty in unlife, may be desirous of knowing its pres- derstanding why all the necessary improveent position and future intentions. A sad ments were not sooner made. They have decree has forbidden the hand that should been kept constantly in view, but are the have made the record.

work of much time, and of the joint labor The experience of three years, with the and enthusiasm of many persons. counsel and advice of many able and ju- In the midst of these plans, and in the dicious friends, had determined the Editor bloom and vigor of his youth, the generous to begin a new Series of his Journal, upon spirit who strove to execute them, and a more liberal scale of expenditure, and thereby to deserve well of his country, with an infusion of greater vigor and at- was cut off by a severe and lingering illtention in every department. The proper ness; but as he was a man free in his conconduct of the whole was found to surpass fidences, and loving to make common cause the abilities of any one person, and a greater with many, he left those behind him who outlay became necessary to obtain the had taken an equal interest in the work, requisite aid. The price paid for valuable and had advised and strenuously labored articles, though it already exceeded what with him for its accomplishment: it was the finances would bear, had to be in their part, therefore, to make this statecreased, that none but good material might ment, both for the regard they bear his be used. The political department, espe- memory, and for the duty they owe to cially, it was found, must be improved in the friends and supporters of the enterquantity, and the standard of the best prise. maintained.

It has always been borne in mind that a To the accomplishment of these ends, it truly national journal must represent the was necessary that the subscription list spirit and principles of the Nation, in its should be increased.

best moods, and as they appear in the VOL. I. NO. I. NEW SERIES. 1

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