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Advertising Rates : Hotels and Resorts, Apartments, Tours and Travel, Real Estate, etc., sixty cents per agate line, four columns to the page. Not less than four lines accepted. In calculating space required for an advertisement, count an average of six words to the line unless display type is desired.

“Want" advertisements, under the various headings, “ Board and Rooms," "Help Wanted," etc., ten cents for each word or initial, including the address, for each insertion. The first word of each“ Want” advertisement is set in capital letters without additional charge. Other words may be set in capitals, if desired, at double rates. If answers are to be addressed in care of The Outlook, twenty-five cents is charged for the box number named in the advertisement. Replies will be forwarded by us to the advertiser and bill for postage rendered. Special headings appropriate to the department may be arranged for on application.

Orders and copy for Classified Advertisements must be received with remittance 'ten days before the date of issue when it is intended the advertisement shall first appear.



the Battlefields

Hotel Le Marquis No Reasonable Offer Refused




Tours and Travel Tours and Travel Hotels and Resorts



CONNECTICUT EUROPE Sail in April, May, and June. Churches, Galleries, Alpine Summits, Italian Hill Towns. Superb routes, splendid leaders.

38 Tours,Exceptional Variety in

Routes and Prices
Art, Music, Literature, History, French, Spanish American Travel Club, Box O, Wilmington, Del.

12 East 31st Street

the year. Box 238, Guilford, Conn. 65-A Franklin St., Boston, Mass.


New York
Hotels and Resorts

Combines every convenience and home FOR SALE or RENT

comfort, and commends itself to people of Completely Furnished, 8 and 4 Room Cottages, 24 CONNECTICUT

refinement wishing to live on American Plan acres in grove, facing Indian River,near Rock and be within easy reach of social and drar ledge. Secure now. Blair, Box 32, Cocon, Fla

matic centers. Sicily and Greece

: :
Only 100 miles from New York, between Rates with Illustrated Booklet gladly sent

two lakes; fishing, boating, bathing, tennis upon request.
Italy in May

JOHN P. TOLSON. and golf. Excellent table. Automobile parties.

The Triangle Bar Ranch Must Be Sold Write for further information to


at a Bargain to Settle an Estate The Bureau of University Travel



Adirondacks 15 Boyd Street Newton, Mass.

This fine sheltered summer and winter

18 Cottages
Altitude 1,571 ft. A noted place for health

range is located in western North Dakota on
Sunset P. 0., and rest. Write for folder and particulars.

the Little Missouri River, near the famous Deer Isle, Me. C. FENTON PARKER, Number Four, N. Y.

Maltese Cross Ranch (formerly owned by the BENNETT'S TRAVEL BUREAU Hotel, Tents, Cottages. Center of the Penob

late Theodore Roosevelt). The Triangle Bar scot Bay Resort Region.

Ranch is ideal in location, has good buildings INDEPENDENT AMERICAN TOURS Rates reduced for September, with special


and corrals, an abundance of coal, unlimited SOUTH AMERICA

advantages of table, rooms, and recreations. AROUND THE WORLD

S. B, KNOWLTON. DELAWARE WATER GAP, PA. with youre water, is ali fenced and stocked


information gladly furnished. Minneapolis 506 Fifth Ave., New York

Trust Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

PENNSYLVANIA The Fireproof Inn of the Water Gap

F bargain Brick building, modern in every

SALE-College Inn. A real

Unique and cozy. Steam heated, open fires.
Golf, boating, mountain climbing, saddle respect, ideally situated and arranged for

horses. Sight-seeing cars to view the world. College inn. Directly opposite rapidly growMAINE

renowned scenery. Also trolley rides through ing college for women. Town and college

the mountains. For booklet and special rates need and will liberally support an Inn. Part

Fall Days in Address T. T. Dolbey, Castlo Inn. time to responsible purchaser. 2,971, Outlook.

the Rangeley Region Formerly The Palmer, Lakewood, N. J. If so, write to Secretary Individual cabins, main dining-room. Fishing,

RHODE ISLAND hunting, garage. Excellent table. Address JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION H. LINCOLN NORTH, Rangeley, Maine.

Health Resorts

To Let-Camp Site At Prudence

Island Care Traffic Dept.


BYRAM LAKE HEALTH FARM people and can be secured this fajl. Best
MT. KISC0, N. Y.

time to_inspect same is the present. Apply TOKYO

John D. Sawyer, Pawtucket, R. I.

When ill or convalescent or in for 120-page Guide Book Free

HOTEL PURITAN need of rest or recuperation
Commonwealth Ave. Boston
Ideal location. Table supplied exclusively

AGENTS WANTED When writing please mentionOutloole."

THE DISTINCTIVE BOSTON HOUSE by farm produce. Outdoor gymnasium,
Globe Trotters call the Puritan one of tennis, boating, fishing, dancing, etc. Resident AGENTS. Mason sold 18 sprayers and
the most homelike hotels in the world. physician. Prospectus mailed upon request. autowashers one Saturday. Profits $2.50

Your inquiries gladly answered

. and our booklet mailed

each. Square deal. Particulars free. Rusler Parties enrolling now.

Company, Johnstown, Ohio.


INSYDE TYRES-inner armor for autoprices. Most interesting routes.

Beautiful, quiet, restful and homelike. Over mobile tires; prevent punctures and blow.
Great success 1920.
MARBLEHEAD,MASS. 26 years of successful work. Thorough, re- outs; double tire mileage. Liberal profits.

liable, dependable and ethical. Every com. Details free. TEMPLE TOURS 65-A Franklin St.,

American Accessories Co., Boston, Mass.

fort and convenience. Accommodations of Cincinnati, Ohio, Dept. 127.

superior quality. Disorder of the nervous sys-
A quiet, cosy little house by the sea.

tem a specialty. Fred. W. Seward, Sr., M.D.
Fred. W. Seward, Jr., M.D., Goshen, N. Y.


INVENTIONS wanted. Cash or royalty for TOURSANDCRUISES

Crest View Sanatorium ideas. Adam Fisher Mig. Co., 217,St. Louis, Mo.
If You Are Tired or Need a Change Greenwich, Ct. First-class in all respects,
Ten Tours
you cannot find a more comfortable place in home comforts. H.M. HITCHCOCK, M.D.

New England than
of Luxury


STORIES, poems, plays, etc., are wanted for ON THE GULF

publication. Submit MSS. or write Literary
Quiet resort for surgical and medical conva-

Bureau 325, Hannibal, Mo.
It affords all the comforts of

lescents. Splendid climate, outdoor amuse- BOOKS on pedigrees, genealogies, and home without extravagance.

ments all year round. Resident nurses, pri- coats-of-arms. Every Anglo-Saxon and Celtic vate baths. Excellent cuisine. Write for book- name. Kindly inquire for particulars. Chas: let. M. A. Richardson, Mgr., Dunedin, Fla. A. O'Connor, 21 Spruce St., New York City.

Are you interested in it? Enjoy the Beautiful Far DAYS.IN

EUROPE 1921 | T-Costello mga





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FOR THE HOME GOLDEN Bantam sweet corn home canned in glass. Alma Hibbard, Gansevoort, N. Y.



Dr. Vail's Sanatorium

An exclusive resort

in the beautiful
Connecticut Valley. Mabbage, electricity, and
baths. Golf and tennis. 3 resident physi-
cians. Under successful management for 30
years. E. S. VAIL, M.D., Thompsonville, Ct.
The Bethesda White Plains,

N. Y.
A private sanitarium for invalids and aged
who need care. Ideal surroundings. Address
for terms Alice Gates Bugbee, M.D. Tel. 241.

At the Western End of the Mohawk Trail


“Williamstown the Village Beautiful”

WOMEN'S GOODS DAINTY hand-made and hand-embroidered collar and cuff sets on organdies and nets. Order now and get your fall suit dressed up. Write for sketches. William Moore Co., Re tail Dept., Davenport, Iowa.


Arabian Nighus Africa

South America

Japan China
Send for Booklet Desired

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Boston 4
New York Phila. Chicago San Francisco

ton Square
adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms
with and without bath. Rates $3.50 per day,
including meals. Special rates for two weeks
or more. Location very central. Convenient
to all elevated and street car lines.

People to Get Well
the personal study and specialized treat-
ment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity,
Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to

(late of The Walter Sanitarium)

Business Situations RAILWAY traffic inspectors earu_from $110 to $200 per month and expenses. Travel if desired. Unlimited advancement. No age limit. We train you. Positious furnished uuder guarantee. Write for booklet CM27. Standard Business Training Institute, Buffalo, N. F.



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Training for Authorship

Turn your

FREE Information and catalogs
of all schools. Relative standing
from personal inspection. Call and
consult school specialist. No charge.

1101 Tiines Bldg.,
Times Square

Bryant 8980


How to write, what to write,

and where to sell. Cultivate your mind. Develop your literary gifts. Master the art of self-expression. Make your spare time profitable.

ideas into dollars. Courses in Short-Story Writing, Versification, Journalism, Play Writing, Photoplay

Writing, etc., taught personDr. Esenwein ally by Dr. J. Berg Esenwein, for many years editor of Lippincott's Magazine, and a staff of literary experts. Constructive criticism. Frank, honest, helpful advice.

Real teaching
One pupil has received over $5,000 for stories and
articles written mostly in spare time—"play work," he
calls it Another pupil received over $1,000 before
completing her first course. Another, « busy wife
and mother, is averaging over $75 a week from

photoplay writing alone.
There is no other institution or agency'doing so much
for writers, young or old. The universities recognize
this, for over one hundred members of the English
faculties of higher institutions are studying in our
Literary Department. The editors recognize it, for
they are constantly recommending our courses.

We publish The Writer's Library, 13 volumes; descriptive
booklet free. We also publish The Writer's Monthly, the lead-
ing magazine for luerary workers; sample copy 20 cents, annual
subscription $2.00. Besides our teaching servicewe olier a
manuscript criticism Service,

150.Page illustrated catalogue free. Please Address
The Home Correspondence School
Dept. 58, Springfield, Mass.



The Pratt Teachers Agency

Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private schools.
Advises parents about schools. Wm. 0. Pratt, Mgr.


Educational Advantages of French Switzerland For information concerning boarding schools for boys and girls in vicinity of Lausanne, inquire of American-AngloSwiss Educational Agency. Best references and patronage. MAJEL K. BROOKS, 1928 University Ave., New York City.





Elizabeth, New Jersey
offers a complete course in nursing to desirable candidates:
An allowance of $36 is given at completion of first three
months, $15 a month for remainder of first year and the
second year, and $20 a month for the third year. Registered


St. John's Riverside Hospital Training UNION THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY

School for Nurses

Broadway at 120th Street

New York City
The charter requires that “ Equal privileges of admission and
instruction, with all the advantages of the Institution, shall
be allowed to students of every denomination of Christians."

Eighty-fifth year begins September 22nd. 1.920.
For catalogue, address THE DEAN OF STUDENTS.

YONKERS, NEW YORK Registered in New York State offers a 3 years' course-as general training, to refined, educated women. Requirements one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the Directress of Nurses, Yonkers, New York.


Teachers and Covernesses
WANTED - Governess for four-year old
boy. References, 8,902, Outlook.

WANTED— Teachers all subjects. Good
vacancies in schools and colleges. Interna-
tional Musical and Educational Agency, Car-
negie Hall, N. Y.


Business Situations WRITE photoplays: $25-$300 paid anyone lor suitable ideas. Experience wamecessary ; complete outline free. Producers League, 138, St. Louis. Companions and Domestic Helpers

DIETITIANS, superintendents, cafeteria managers, governesses, matrous,

housekeepers. Miss Richards, Providence, East Side Box 5. Boston, Fridays, 11 to 1, 16 Jackson Hall, Trinity Court. Address Providence.

EXPERIENCED nurse for child two years, Protestant preferred, about 30 years old. Address Box 203, New Britain, Conn., giving experience, references, and wages expected.

HOUSEKEEPER Middle-aged woman, to do simple housekeeping for woman writer, three young children; good bome; city, country. 8,886, Outlook.

PLACEMENT BUREAU for employer and employee : superintendents, housekeepers, matrons, governesses, attendants, secretaries, mother's helpers. 51 Trowbridge St., Cambridge, Mass.

AMERICAN pursery governess desired for little girl six years. Knowledge of physical care necessary. Mrs. H. A. Ross, Spring Lake, N. J.

WANTED-Housekeeper to keep house for group of business women. Work not all strenuous; home attractive. New York City. 8,884, Outlook.

UNUSUAL vacancy Sept. 15 for refined nurse for children 1% and 3. Country place. Generous salary and allowances. Applicants for consideration state age, experience, qualifications, and value set on services. Address P. O. Box 187, Auburu, Schuylkill County, Pa.

WANTED - Mother's helper or nursery governess for four little girls. Prefer one able to teach French or else to sew well. Write Mrs. Henry Welch, 74 Forest St., Hartford, Conn.

Companions and Domestic Helpers

NURSE or mother's helper, lover of chil-
dren. Three children aged 6, 4, 1%. Perma-
nent place, doctor's family. Wages $65. Write
Mrs. Seward Erdman, 134 East 64th St., N. Y.

WANTED-Experienced nursery governess for boy six years. Some hospital training or knowledge of practical nursing required. Location Detroit, Mich. 8,898, Outlook.

WANTED a properly paid member of family of five, refined and Christian womnau competent to take charge as nurse and mother's helper of two children, ages three and one. Correspondence or personal interview is desired. Mrs. Geo. E. Dimnock, Jr., 778 Orange St., New Haven. Telephone Liberty 4344-3.

WANTED-Two refined New England wo-
men to be working housekeepers (no washing)
for family of four. Nine miles from Boston.
References and personal interview. 8,897,

Teachers and Covernesses
GOVERNESS teacher for eight-year girl.
Must have had special training with excep-
tional children. 8,875, Outlook.

TEACHERS wanted for emergency vacan-
cies-colleges, universities, public and private
schools. Ernest Oip, Steger' Building, Chicago.

WANTED-Competent teachers for public
and private schools. Calls coming every day.
Send for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency,
Albany, N. Y.

TEACHERS WANTED for positions at sal-
aries up to $3,000. Specialtering. Address THE
Macheca Building, New Orleans, La.

WANTED—Governess between ages of 25
and 35, about October 1, in Boston, to take
care of three girls ages 9, 7, and 3. Two older
children in school mornings Write, giving
experience, references, and wages expected,
to Mrs. S. W. Webb, Prouts Neck, Me.


Professional Situations
PRIVATE and social secretary, best refer-
ences, fond of children, wishes position in or
near Now York. Moderate salary. 8,885,

Business Situations
tire charge maintenance country estate
requiring reliable experienced gentleman
accustomed to large responsibilities construc-
tion, landscape work and management. 8,853,

EXECUTIVE secretary and community
center manager desires similar position or
any executive position October. E. P. Noble,
Jamestown, R. I.

TRAINED business woman wishes resident
secretarial position in school near New York.
$100 per month with room and board. 8,904,
Companions and Domestic Helpers

WOMAN companion and secretary to
travel abroad, or companion, secretary, and
shopper for woman in New York City. 8,845,

POSITION wanted by cultured young lady, Protestant, as companion to lady or governess to children. 8,877, Outlook.

WIDOW with girl four years old wishes position as matron, housekeeper, or mother's helper. References. 8,883, Outlook.

BY Boston young lady, position in family as companion, housekeeper, or chaperou to young girl. 8,888, Outlook.

SITUATIONS WANTED Companions and Domestic Helpers

GENTLEWOMAN desires position as resident companion to middle-aged or elderly lady. Reading aloud a specialty. 8,887, Outlook.

AMERICAN, single, middle-aged man, position private family. Useful all around. Expert with garden, chickens ; chauffeur. Home considered equal with salary. References. 8,896, Outlook.

WANTED, by refined English woman, position as nursery governess, or would take entire charge of motherless children. Salary $70 per month. 8,895, Outlook.

WOMAN of refinement, Protestant, wishes position as companion or mother's helper. Tan handle correspondence, good shopper, adaptable. Reference. 8,903, Outlook.

LADY would like position as residential companion with lady who is quite alone. Compensation not required. References exchanged. Address A. B. C., Williamstown, Mass.

Teachers and Covernesses GRADUATE of Teachers College,

Columbia University, living in Brooklyn, desires to tutor children in kindergarten and primary. References given. 8,855, Outlook.

MISCELLANEOUS MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will send things on approval. No samples. References. 309 West 99th St.

WANTED, on consignment, for Christinas sale, all kinds first-class haudmade articles. 8,862, Outlook.

SEND your kuitting, embroidery, fine sewing, and mending to Miss Adams, Steep Falls, Me. Prices reasonable.

WHY not winter in ATLANTIC CITY ? Ocean view apartment, furnished, sun parlor. Ambassador neighborhood. 8,893, Outlook.

M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency, established 1895. No charge; prompt delivery. 44 West 22d St., New York.


in every line of household, educational, business, or personal service-domestic workers, teachers, nurses, business or professional assistants, etc., etc.—

whether you require help or are seeking a situation, may be filled through a little announcement in the classified columns of The Outlook. If you have some article to sell or exchange, these columns may prove of real value to you as they have to many others. Send for descriptive circular and order blank AND FILL YOUR WANTS. Address

Department of Classified Advertising, THE OUTLOOK, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York

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BY THE WAY Lord Grey of the Reform Bill, according to George M. Trevelyan in his recent book about the statesman, studied at Eton for eight years, but was not a good “Oll Etonian,” for after leaving that celebrated “public school” of England he did not visit it again for fifty years.

“ He refused to send any of his numerous sons to a public school, on the ground that he himself had been taught nothing at the most famous of these establishments.” Mr. Trevelyan himself, however, believes that Lord Grey really gained much from Eton, and that his criticism was essentially directed at the limited aims of the curriculum and of the system then in vogue.


Standard for over Thirty Years.

For Motor Cars and Furniture.

“ I would suggest,” a man writes to a newspaper anent the question of giving up a seat to a woman in a crowded car, " that in these days of equal suffrage the rule of

women first’ be cast into oblivion, and the rule of first there, first seat,' take its place.” The sailor boys in the war story were more gallant. They started - The Star-Spangled Banner” in a crowded car, and when the men rose the gobs suddenly stopped and raised the cry of “Women and children first,” and the women sat down amid general laughter. If on shipboard in time of peril, why not on land on ordinary occasions—let the stronger ones give way!



Mohair has the longest wearing surface known to the textile world. Only the best of Mohair fibres are used in Chase Velmo fabrics-no wearing out in spots—all wear comes on ends of fibres-fast colors, wonderful color and pattern combinations.

Sanford Mills, Sanford, Me.



Write for Booklet.

L. C. CHASE & CO., BOSTON, New York, Detroit, San Francisco, Chicago

A curious cause of railway accidents is brought out in an Inter-State Commerce Commission report on the derailment of a passenger train. The derailment was caused by the breaking of opposite rails which had been “snow-burnt,” this condition apparently resulting from an engine's wheels slipping on account of being stalled in the snow. The report states that “the means of distinguishing between safe and unsafe rails of this type unfortunately has not been made known” as yet, these 6 snow-burnt” rails being somewhat common.

A newspaper paragraph tells of the re markable rise of Daniel Willard, President of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. He began work in 1879 as a track laborer on the Central Vermont Railroad. Then he became a locomotive fireman, then engineer, then foreman in the repair shops; later he was advanced to the position of trainmaster, and then became superintendent of the “Soo” line. After serving as General Manager of the Erie and VicePresident of the C., B. and Q., he was elected President of the Baltimore and Ohio road. He has received honorary degrees from Dartmouth and West Virginia Universities and was commissioned a Colonel in the Engineering Corps during



From “Life:

Willis—“Bump has five children. A man with a family like that nowadays deserves a lot of credit.”

Gillis—“ Deserves it? Great Scott, he's got to have it !”

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Schedules on Application 21-24 State Street, New York City

or Branches and Agencies

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A new law in New York gives a large number of scholarships to high school students entitling the holders to $100 a year for four years while taking an approved college course. One hundred and thirtyeight students received 90 per cent or above in the competitive examinations for the scholarships. Of these, the highest ten

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were: Cutler West, of Glens Falls; A. R. Webb, of Utica; Jennie Marks, of Elmira ; Elsie Thomas, of Ridgewood; George Northrop, of Newburgh ; Graham Sterling, of Poughkeepsie; and Henry Goldberg, Helen Matzke, Harry Maltz, and Helen Ginsberg, of New York City. A specialist in patronymics might make an interesting study of the derivation of these names.

From the Washington “Star :"
“I understand you

have told


wife to throw the ouija board into the woodbox.” “ Yes. I'm not going to have any such superstitious nonsense deciding questions around iny house. When I come to a point where I can't make up my mind what to do I simply flip a coin.” From Karikaturen," Christiana, Nor

“ way :

Irascible Major—“If had an idiot son I would make him a priest.”

Good-natured Priest_“It's obvious that your father didn't have the same view.”

During the war that historic New York City thoroughfare, the Bowery, was the center of employment agencies for laborers. Many of these places have gone out of business; but some of them remain, and their placards indicate that the labor shortage still exists. Here are a few :

Wanted—100 men for unloading ashes on Long Island. $7.00 a day. Fare 5c.

Men wanted for carbon mill at Massena, N.Y. Piece work, Can make from $4.50 to $9.00 a day.

State road workers wanted in Sullivan County. Nice healthy place for summer. $5.33 a day, $7.27 Sundays. Commissary store.

Further contributions to “ topsy-turvy pronunciation :"

“ When I was a boy our family devotions included the reading of a verse from the Bible by each member of the family. My small sister's turn included the sentence, And the Lord caused a deep sleep to fall


Adam.' My father, a Presbyterian minister, nearly collapsed when the words solemnly came from sister's lips, * And the Lord caused a dead sheep to fall

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« One of my neighbors during the war thought the Allies had undertaken a · Herculaneum' task. Another speaks of a handpicked man’ when he means 'hen-pecked.?”

“A Scotch-Irish friend speaks of the needcessity' of doing a thing, but it was a native of London who said, “Did you notice the peculiaroddity' of that pattern?' An acquaintance who knows more of horses than of dictionaries confessed himself “dumbfoundered' with surprise.”

A young man who had been called on to make an affidavit said that he had to go before the town clerk and swear out an epidemic.' have some

celluloid' pudding?" asked the waitress. She meant Sally Lunn' pudding."

666 We all have to meet with our vice versas, observed our philosophical janitress. In the realm of æsthetics she evolved this : “The apartment had beautiful staccato walls.'“I can't contribute


remarkable of mispronunciation to your collection, but here is an example of English as she is spoke: Returning from a funeral where the attendance was small, a man remarked to me, More had ought to went than what did.'”

" Will you



The First of the Rough Riders-by W. R. Leigh The only painting showing the late Colonel Theodore Roosevelt in action with his

famous troop, The Rough Riders. Painted by the well-known artist-W. R. Leigh. This timely and unique work of art carries this message to the hearts of all Americans: “My•Country, first, last and all the time. " We have room for but one flag-the American flag —(Roosevelt’s last message.) Perfect reproductions of this painting in full colors $5.00; black and white or sepia $4.00. These can now be had from the better picture dealers everywhere. Printed and mounted on finest stock ready for framing. Actual size of print 15"x20". Mount 22"x28”. Specially designed frames if desired. If your dealer cannot supply you write direct to

MADISON ART PUBLISHING CO., Inc. 104 West 57th Street

New York City

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he best known
shoes in the

world. They are
sold in 107 W.L.

$4.50 $5.00

and $5.50 Douglas stores, direct from the factory to you at only one profit, which guarantees to you the best shoes that can be produced, at the lowest possible cost. W. L. Douglas name and the retail price are stamped on the bottom of all shoes before they leave the factory, which is your protection against unreasonable profits. W. L. Douglas $9.00 and $10.00 shoes are absolutely the best shoe values for the money in this country. They are made of the best and finest leathers that money can buy. They combine quality, style, workmanship and wearing qualities equal to other makes selling at higher prices. They are the leaders in the fashion centers of America. The stamped price is W. L. Douglas personal guarantee that the shoes are always worth the price paid for them. The prices are the same everywhere; they cost no more in San Francisco than they do in New York. W. L. Douglas shoes are made by the highest paid, skilled shoemakers, under the direction and supervision of experienced men, all working with an honest determination to make the best shoes for the price that money can buy.

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OF LIFE In a love-letter to her who later became his wife Hawthorne wrote as follows:

“ Sometimes during my solitary life in our old Salem house it seemed to me as if I had only life enough to know that I was not alive, for I had no wife then to keep my heart warm. But at length you were revealed to me in the shadow of a seclusion as deep as my own. I drew nearer and nearer to you, and opened my heart to you, and you came to me, and will remain forever, keeping my heart warm, and renewing my life with your own. You only have taught me that I have a heart; you only have thrown a light deep downward and upward into my soul. You only have revealed me to myself, for without your aid my best knowledge of myself would have been merely to know my own shadow-to watch the flickering on the wall, and mistake its fantasies for my own real actions."

And here is what Mrs. Hawthorne felt moved to write of her husband after eight years of married life:

“ He has a perfect dominion over himself in every respect, so that to do the highest, wisest, loveliest thing is not the least effort to him, any more than it is for a baby to be innocent. "It is his spontaneous act, and a baby is not more unconscious of its innocence. I never knew such loftiness so simply borne. I have never known him to stoop from it in the most trivial household matter any more than in the larger or more public ones. Happy, happiest is the wife who can bear such and so sincere testimony to her husband after eight years' intimate union. Such a person can never lose the prestige which commands and fascinates. I cannot possibly conceive of my happiness, but in a kind of blissful confusion live on. If I can only be so great, so high, so noble, so sweet as he, in any phase of my being, I shall be glad.”

An American writer in an essay on Hawthorne, after quoting the two passages above, comments as follows:

“What was poverty and obscurity and isolation unto these two souls, so complete in each other that nothing else was desired ? How deep a lesson might the young of these later days, who hesitate to take each other unless all things else be added unto them, learn from this perfect marriage ! How much, too, could they learn from the dignity and the refinement and the charm of that early home, where all was so simple, so humble, and yet so rich and satisfying ! Would that we had more such homes of royal poverty in these days of vulgar pretense and showy unreality! More homes where there is no shamefacedness over the want of luxuries of their neighbors, but a simple content with what it is possible to have honorably ; where plain living is a religion, and where there is no insatiable longing for the unattainable. The worship of wealth, the feeling that there is no other good than money, is one of the most degrading features of our modern life. It is a falsehood, too. There is everything good in the world, and most of the things which are best in life can be had with but a little money. No man is poor unless he feels poor's If a family are willing to live their own noble life, pitched in a high key, and with little regard for what their neighbors may say and think, it is still possible to be happy in this goodly world, though the bank account may be small cr there be no bank account in the case.".




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W. L. Douglas shoes are for sale by over 9000 shoe dealers besides our own stores. If your local dealer cannot supply you, take no other make. Order direct from factory. Send

for booklet telling how to order slioes bymail, postagefree. CAUTION.-Insist upon having W.L.Doug.

President las shoes. The name and price is plainly

W.L.Douglas Shoe Co., stamped on the sole. Be careful to see

167. Spark Street, that it has not been changed or mutilated.

Brockton, Mass.

Who Doreglas

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