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or the good or evil that cometh from one man to another, 3 Nore.

3. In that he doth ute ewo comparisons and refemblances to fishes on the sea, and co creeping chings on earth, we fee chat both tea and land do afford examples.

25911: And the Propher is very near couched with the calamities af his brethren, that which way foever he lookech, he behotdeth some representation of their woe.

Ic is the manner of grief to take all occasions to figure and re

present to it felt its own lorrow. 4. Nore. 4. Where he resembleth them to creeping things which have no

ruler over them,

Two things do aggravate the calamity represented thereby.

1. That which God brought upon Edom, I have made thee Small; for chefe creeping things of the earth are of small Atrength, and are subject to the foot of man and bealt to tread on them: thus God hath made the Jews the very earth for their enemies to go over them; and this is the punishment of their pride; for Pride must bave a fall and chele towring fouls of the ayré mufts be turned into creeping worms of the earth.10 :

2. They have no ruler over them, this is here set forth as a point of especial note to expreffe che unhappineffe of a People to be without a ruler; and therefore Anabaptists are wisc politicians, that would have no Magistrace, but the punishment of chelews.is just that they should be without a ruler;

Because they did so much abuse Authority and rule, that the very Seat of judgement were corrupted; the wicked is Plainciffe, and the godly defendant. The wicked compassetb about the righteons, therefore Wrong judgement proceedeth.

Better no rulers at all then luch as David describeth, Thou seest a thief and thou consentest with him: a Companion of thieves whole Justice is like that on Sarisbury plain, Deliver thy purse. Perchance on both sides,

But rule and Magistracy is the ordinance of God, as St. Paul teacheth, and God by his fubordinate rulers on earth, carrieth a (word, and not in vain, without this, as when chere was no King in Israel, every man doth what seemech good in his own eyes Which doch utterly destroy the body, not only disfigure the face of a Commonwealcb.

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5. Obferve also here the outrage of the ungodly when they s. Nộte. finde any way open for their violence; for they come in like a floud that hath made it telf way through the weak banks, and deluge all. | Here is Angle and Nec and Dragge, as before, The wicked compasseth about the righteous; a hich way

. Shall the righteous escape? As if aman did fly froma Lyon, and a Beare met him, or went into an house and leaned his band on a wall and a Serpent bit him: Amos 5:19 This made David so earnest with God'not to fall into the hands of man.

There is nothing more cruel then a multitude of ungodly men that have no fear of God before their eyes.

Certum est infilvis inter spelea ferarum malle pati; the teeth of these dogs, the hornes of these buls of Balan, the hornes of these Unicornes, the eušks of these wild Boars, the pawes of these Lyons and Bears are mentioned in Scripture often to expresse the the fury and outrage of the wicked, As Edom cried in the day of Jerusalem, Rase it. If the foun

Ps.11. 31 dation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Judge now is it not a great grievance to see and feel the force and fury of the wicked carry all before them, and neither their own conscience, 'nor the lawes of men reftrain them, and God fit ftill, look on and hold his peace ; this is that which grieves the Prophet to the heart. But God that feech it hath pure eyes, and hath a right hand that will finde out all his enemies.

Amos will tell us that God hath his Angle too, and his Net,
and his Dragge.
" I saw the Lord standing upon the Altar, and he said,

I will say the last of them with the sword: he that fleeth of them
Shall not fly away ; and he that escapeth of them shall not be de-
Though they dig into hell, there shall my hand take them, though

up into heaven, thence will I bring them down.
And though they hide themselves in the top of Carmel, I will
search, and take them out thence; and though they be bid from my
fight in the bottome of the sea, thence will I command the Serpent
and he shall bite them.
And though they go into captivity before their enemies, thence



Amos 9.10

they climb

Will I command the sword and it firall say shem: / Will fer mine eyes upon them for evill and not for good.

Let us not be discouraged; for the Wiseman saith comfortably to us; If thou seest the oppression of the poor,

and violent perverting of Eccl. 5.8.

judgment and justice in a Province, marvel not at the matter; for he that is higher then the highest regarderh, and there be higher then they.

Our Common-wealth grew foul, the hand of the oppressor was stretched out, and they that precended to be the Physicians of the diseases of this state, gave it a potion of deadly wine, that ir grew fick and drawing on even to death the hearts of true Pa, triots failed them.

The poor cried out; the rich could not say of that which he poffeffed Hæc mea funt, these are mine; seats of justice, instead of judgment yeelded wormwood, có eçce clamor, and behold a cry, even the loud voyce of grievances.

Th But God awaked as one out of sleep; and what the angle of the Magistrate and the net of the King could not take, the dragt of the Parliament is now cast out to ferch it in; and we have gracious promises that we shall see Religion better established, and ; Justice better administred, the moths thac fretted our garments

WE destroyed, the Caterpillar, the Canker-worm, ard the Palmerworme, the Projectors of our times that devoured the fruits of the earth, and drew the breasts of the Common-wealth dry into their own vessels, both detected and punished; yea that we shall ? see Ierusalem in prospericy all our days; it is the musick of che il voyces of both Houses of the Parliament, and he that is rector Chori, the Mr. of the Quire, doth set for them both,

Let Peace be within thy wals, and plenteousnesse within thy Pa Jaces.

This fils our mouths with laughter, and our tongues with singing. The Keeper of Israel is awake, and hath not been as idle Spectator of those tragedies that have been acted here amongst us; he hath but carried a time, till the abominable wickednetle of the sons of Belial was found worthy to be punished.

One.note more remainech. The Prophet doth find that all this 6. Note. evil doth not come upon the Jews by chance, by the malice of


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Satrn, or the proud covetous cruelty of the Chaldæans; for he
faith to God,

Thou makeft men as the fishes of the sea.

Here is the hand of God, and the counsell of God in all this.
· And God taketh it upon himself, as you have heard before.

Behold yee among the heathen, andregard and wonder marveis
lowly, For I will worka work in your days which you will not be
Lo, Iraise up the Chaldeans, &c.

Verf. 6.
Forthough Gin brought in punishment, yet Gods Justice is the
Author of all evils of this kind, and the inflicter of punishment.

Tu domine fecisti, faith the Psalmist, Thou Lord hast done ir,

And I have taught you that the wifedome and goodnesse of
God can make use of evil men for the correction of his

They be ingredients in the dose,that God giveth to his diseased
People to purge them.

Therefore let not our hearts frer at those rods which have no
Strength to use themselves, but rather stoop to the right hand of
God, who managech them for our caftigation.

We have no fence against these judgments, but a good consci-
ence endeavouring to serve God sincerely; for that either divert-
eth the judgment, that the Sun shall not smite us by day, nor the
Moon by night; or it maketh us able to bear it, as from the hand
of a Father

that cannot finde in his heart to hurt us.
You heard the faith of this Prophet concerning this point: 16
Jhall not die.

Thou hast ordained them for judgment, thou hast established them
for correction.

Only let not us be incorrigible, nor faint when we are rebuk-
ed; for he chaftenethevery fon that be receiveth.

The fourth grievance is the pride and vain-glory of the proud
Chaldeans, expreft in two things

In the joy of their vi&ories, They rejoyce and are glad
2. In their actribution of this glory to themselves, which is
3. They rejoyce and are glad.


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ed them up.

The enemies of the Church have their cime to laugh,the Wilc.? man calleth it the candle of the wicked, ic lightech them for a time; it is unius diei hilariis insania, they dance to the pipe, and drink their wine in bowles, chey eare of the fac, and they remember not the affliction of Joseph to pity ir, they remember it

to result over fofeph. Heft.3.15. The King and Haman late drinking together when the Edit

was gone forth for the destruction of the Jewes, and then the
City Shushan was perplexed.

The grief of the Church is the joy of the ungodly. It is Da

vids complaint, Tea they opened their mouth wide agaiøst me, and P1.35 21. (nid, Aba; our eye hath seen it.

They have Davids deprecation. Let them not fay in their Vers.25. heurts, Ab so would we have it; bet them not say we have (wallow

They have Davids imprecation.

Let them be ashamed and brought to confusion that rejoyce at mine Verf, 16.

hurt; let them be clothed with shame and dishonour , that magnifie themselves against me.

He was in the very passion of this Prophet for this. Lord, hon long wilt thou look on?

Saint Augustine upon these words saith, Quod capiti,hoc corg pori, what was to the head, that to the body; for thus did che sewes rejoyce in the Crofle of Christ, they had their will of him: it is vox capitis, the voyce of the bead,

But in mine adversity they rejoyced, and gathered themselves toVarf. as. gether against me.

to!!.. Saint Augustines comfort against this calamity is,

Quicquid faciunt, Christus in celo est; honoravit ille pinam su: am, jam crucem suam in omnium frontibus fixit, which hach refe. rence to the signing with the figne of the Crolle in the Baptisme

of Christians then in the use of the Churcheyenne donatori Rcarog .

The reason of this joy in the wicked at the forrowes of the Church is, because the wicked do want the knowledge and feare of God; they do not know chac God is the protestor of the Church; buc because they see them in outward things molt neglected, they judge them given over of God and forlakon. Duvids complaint,


Verf. 17.

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