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Cameron, Douglas, Stafford, Miles, Fox, Noble, Wight, Monroe,
Blackadder, and Huggans. 100 members.

No. 6.-ALLOA Burns Club (formerly Alloa Haggis Club). Instituted 1873 Federated 1896. President, Thomas Young, Corn Exchange Buildings; Vice-Presidents, John Colville, Fenton Street. and A. P. Shearer, Mar Place; Secretary, R. Tait Melville, 44 Mill Street, Alloa; Committee, Wm. Galloway, Geo. Burton, and Robert Smith.

No. 7.-GLASGOW Thistle Burns Club. Instituted 10th March, 1882. Federated 1885. President, James Mearchant, 136 Govan Street, S.S.; Vice-President, Alexander Rennie, 41 Cumberland Street, S.S.; Treasurer, A. Kerr, 24 Thistle Street, S.S.; Secretary, John Peters, 150 Main Street, Anderston; Committee. R. Crockhart, D. Douglas, D. Liddell, John Frame. Limited to 40 members.

No. 8.-MORPETH AND DISTRICT Burns Club (dormant). tary, John Dobson, Oldgate Street, Morpeth.

Last Secre

No. 9.-GLASGOW Royalty Burns Club. Instituted 1882. Federated 1886. Acting Honorary President, James M'Culloch; President, John M'Guffie, 143 Argyle Street. Glasgow ; Vice-President, James Martin, 133 Albert Street, Townhead, Glasgow; Secretary, Wm. C. Rodger, 44 Bath Street, Glasgow ; Committee, James M‘Nicoll, Thomas Graham, W. D. Goudie, John Gibson, Daniel Douglas, James Hamilton. 170 members.

No. 10.-DUMBARTON Burns Club. Instituted 1859. Federated 1st July, 1886. Place of Meeting, Elephant Hotel. President, Chas. M. Stevenson, Clydesdale Bank House, Dumbarton; Vice-Presidents, Wm. Mayer, Norwell House, Dumbarton, and Capt. Cockburn, Bruce Cottage, Dumbarton; Secretary, Jas. M'Gilchrist, Gasworks House, Dumbarton; Committee, Dr M'Lachlan, M. D.; Dean of Guild Kirk, Major Thomson, Provost MacFarlan, Capt. M'Farlane, Dr Little, M. D., and Messrs John M'Phee and Wm. Baird.

No. 11. CHESTERFIELD Burns Society. President, Robert Howie, Ashgate Road; Vice-Presidents, D. S. Anderson, West Park; Dr Goodfellow, Old Road, Brompton; Hon. Secretary, George Edward Drennan, 77 Salter Gate, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

No. 12.-BARROW-IN-FURNESS Burns Club. Federated 1886. Presidǝnt, Samuel Boyle; Secretary, Alexander M‘Naught, 4 Ramsden Square, Barrow-in-Furness.

No. 13.—ST. ANDREWS Burns Club. Instituted 1869. Federated 1886. President, Walter Mitchell, Queen's Gardens, St. Andrews; VicePresident, William Blyth, Star Hotel, St. Andrews; Secretary, W. G. M. Brown, 116 South Street, St. Andrews; Treasurer, M. Power; Committee, Provost Murray, Rev. R. W. Wallace, Councillor Conacher, Wm. Duncan, and George G. Fisher. Membership 150.

No. 14.-DUNDEE Burns Club. Instituted 1860. Federated 1886. Place and date of meeting, 36 Nethergate. Dundee, 1st Wednesday of every month, at 8.30 p.m, President, D. R. Roberts, 36 Nethergate, Dundee; Vice-President, Charles Wood, 36 Nethergate, Dundee; Secretary, James Binny, 36 Nethergate, Dundee ; Treasurer and Librarian, E. Dobson; Curator, John A. Purves ; Committee, D. Maclagan, John Laycock, and J. C. Niven ; Auditors, Thomas Bennett and R. H. Robertson. 60 members.

No. 15.-BELFAST Burns Club. Instituted 1872.

Federated 1886. President, W. H. Anderson, East Hillbrook, Holywood; VicePresident, Peter Galloway; Secretary and Treasurer, Barclay M'Conkey; Auditor, James Gemmel; Committee, A. M'Cowatt, J. Denvar, W. Campbell, J. L. Russell, J. Jenkins, A. E. M'Farlane. 64 members.

No. 16.-SYDNEY Burns Club. Instituted 1880. Federated 1886. President, Alex. Kethel, J. P.; Vice-Presidents, James Muir and Thomas Lamond; Treasurer, W. W. Bain; Secretary, W. Telfer, School of Arts, Pitt Street, Sydney, N.S. W. 400 members

[blocks in formation]

Seeretary and Treasurer, James M'William, 8 Normanby Street,
Liverpool. 100 members.

No. 19.-AUCKLAND Burns Club and Literary Society.

Instituted 1884.

Federated 1886. President, James Stewart, C. E., Shortland
Street, Auckland ; Vice-Presidents, George Fowlds, James
M'Farlane, A. Moncur; Treasurer, Charles Dunn, c/o Messrs
Brown, Barrett, & Co.; Secretary, John Horn, Wellington Street;
Committee, Alex. Wright, Arthur Dunn, William Moncur, Earnest
Jones, William Stewart.

No. 20.-AIRDRIE Burns Club. Instituted 1885. Federated 1886.
Place and date of meeting, Royal Hotel, January 25th, 6.45
p.m. President, Lieut.-Col. Peter Spence, V.D., Northfield,
Airdrie ; Vice-President, John B. Allen, Ruthven Bank,
Airdrie; Secretary, R. C. Platt, 72 South Bridge Street, Airdrie ;
Treasurer, D. Johnston, Hallcraig Street, Airdrie.

No. 21.-GREENOCK Burns Club. Instituted 1802. Federated 1886. Place of meeting, Club Rooms, Nicholson Street. Hon President, T. P. O'Connor, Esq., M.P., ; President, Colin M'Culloch, Town Clerk, Municipal Buildings, Greenock; Vice-Presidents, James Nicoll, Accountant, Bank Street, Greenock, J. H. Hutcheson, Shipuilder, Port-Glasgow; Joint Secretaries, A. Kerr Bruce, 47 Brougham Street, Greenock, Hugh N. Whitelaw, Messrs D. & J. Dunlop, shipbuilders, Port-Glasgow; Treasurer, Hugh Ritchie, Accountant, Municipal Buildings; Directors, J. B. Morison, A. T. Anderson, W. B. Ingram, James L. Gilloran, William Wilson, James Buchanan; Director of Music, Gilbert Moffat; Librarian, J. M'K. Farquhar. Club rooms are open daily; keys with Curator on premises, 36 Nicholson Street. Library has valuable collection of editions of Burns, Ferguson, Galt, &c., and on the walls are numerous signed portraits of the most distinguished men in the country who are honorary members of the Club. The Club makes a special feature of inter-visitation meetings with Burns Clubs of the West of Scotland. Strangers are always welcome to attend Club meetings. The Greenock Club is the oldest Club in

the world.

No. 22. EDINBURGH Burns Club. Instituted 1848. Federated 1886. President, Robert Cranston, City Treasurer, 33 Princes Street; Vice-President, Archibald Menzies, S.S. C., 22 Rutland Street; Secretary, George T. Clunie, C.A., 2 St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh; Treasurer, J. A Trevelyan Sturrock, S.S.C., 34 Castle Street. Members of Council, Thomas Carmichael, S.S.C., J. Miller Craig, W. Fraser Dobie, James Ewart, James L. Ewing,

H. B. Ezard, L. D.S., James Ford, J. W. Forbes, Andrew Gordon,
C. Martin Hardie, R.S.A., T. N. Hepburn, Robert Hogg, J. M.
Henry, Andrew Isles, R. A Lindsay, S.S.C., James Masterton,
W. Bertram Miller, Samuel M. Murray, William Robertson,
S.S.C., Walter J. Robertson, and J. B. Sutherland.

No. 23.-ADELAIDE South Australian Caledonian Society. Instituted
1881. Federated 1886. Chief, John Wyles, J.P., Pirie Street,
Adelaide; Chieftain, T. W. Fleming, Waymouth Street, Adelaide ;
Chieftain, Alex. Dowie, Rundle Street, Adelaide; Treasurer, D.
W. Gray, Grenfell Street, Adelaide; Secretary, H. G. M'Kittrick;
Society's Office Address, 70 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, S.A.; Hon.
Auditors, D. Nicholson and A. Ronald Scott; Committee, D. W.
Melvin, R. H. Crawford, Philip Tod, John Drummond, T. H.
Smeaton, George Fowler Stewart, James Murray. Branches of
the S. A. Caledonian Society established in Port Adelaide, Gawler,
Mount Gambier, Port Augusta, Millicent, Port Pirie.

No. 24.-GLASGOW Bank Burns Club. Instituted 1844. Federated in 1886. President, William Bowie, 220 Buchanan Street; VicePresident, Robert Johnston, Spoutmouth; Treasurer, Alex. Gray, 97 Great Hamilton Street; Secretary, John Gentle, 116 Gallowgate, Glasgow. 150 members.

No. 25.-WINNIPEG St. Andrew's Society. Federated in 1886. Chief, W. A. Dunbar; Secretary, David Philip, Government Buildings, Winnipeg, Man. Rooms, Unity Hall, Hain Street.

No. 26. PERTH Burns Club. Instituted 1873. Federated on 19th June, 1886. President, William Whitelaw, Huntingtower Park, by Perth; Vice-President, Dr Holmes Morrison, Marshall Place; Treasurer, William Stevenson, Balhousie Villas; Secretary, James Harper, 68 St. John Street, Perth. Meet in Salutation Hotel,

Perth. 80 members.

No. 27.-GLASGOW Springburn Burns Club. Instituted 1884. Federated 25th June, 1886. Place of Meeting, Mr T. D. Wilson's Rooms, 771 Springburn Road. President, Councillor G. Brodie Breeze, The Tower, Balgrayhill, Springburn, Glasgow; Vice-President, Robert Gibson, 400 Parliamentary Road, Glasgow; Secretary, Thos. Forsyth, 36 Elmvale Street, Springburn, Glasgow; Committee, Messrs C. Henderson, W. D. Wilson, John Flint, James Bryce, and John Stewart. 40 members.

No. 28. The JOLLY BEGGARS Burns Club, Mauchline.

No. 29.-BOLTON Junior Burns Club. Instituted 6th September, 1881. Federated 1886. President, Peter Nisbet; Vice-President, James Flockart; Secretary and Treasurer, Harry George, 32 Halstead Street, The Hairegh, Bolton. 82 members.

No. 30.-BLACKBURN Burns Club. Instituted 1883. Federated 1886. President, William Ferguson, 40 Ainsworth Street; Vice-President, James Shorrock, 116 Darwen Street; Secretary, William Ferguson, 40 Ainsworth Street, Blackburn ; Committee, J. Smith, J. Robertson, John Graham, and J. W. Wells, M. B., C. M. Special features of Club, to celebrate the poet's natal day, January 25, &c., and study of literature generally.


No. 31. SAN FRANCISCO Scottish Thistle Club. Instituted 18th March, Federated 1886. Royal Chief, W. A. Dawson, Hughes' Hotel; Chieftain, Andrew Ross, 1208A Howard Street; Treasurer, John Ross, 26 Eddy Street; Recorder, George W. Paterson, 801 Guerrero Street. 250 members.

No. 32.-NEWARK Caledonian Club. Federated in 1886. President, John Huggan; Treasurer, Paul Buchanan, corner of 16th Avenue and Bergen Street; Secretary, John Hogg, Caledonian Club, Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A.

No. 33.-GLASGOW Haggis Club. Instituted 1872. Federated 1886. Place and date of meeting, "M'Culloch's," 109 Argyle Street; last Friday of February, March, April, September, October, November, and December, at 8 o'clock. President, Robert W. Turner, Gallamatta, Maxwell Park, Glasgow; Vice-President, Bailie David Willox, 48 Burgher Street, Parkhead, Glasgow ; Hon. Secretary, Joseph Martin, Solicitor, 163 West George Street, Glasgow; Hon. Treasurer, Thomas Macfarlane, 90 Stirling Road, Glasgow. Special feature, "Social."

No. 34.-GLASGOW Carrick Club. Instituted 25th January, 1859. Federated 22nd January, 1887. Place and date of meeting, 62 Glassford Street, Glasgow; last Tuesday of each month at 8 p.m. President, Duncan Norval, Reside Cottage, New Cathcart; VicePresident, Matthew Ferguson, 412 Parliamentary Road, Glasgow ; Secretary, Wm. Brownlie, 11 West Nile Street, Glasgow; Treasurer, Robert Norval, 8 Park Drive South, Whiteinch. Special features, study of Burns Literature.

No. 35.-DALRY Burns Club. Instituted 1826. Federated 1887. President, David Johnstone, Inspector of Schools; Vice-President, Robert Fulton, Writer; Seeretary and Treasurer, Alexander Comrie, Accountant, Dalry, Ayrshire. This is the oldest known Burns Club with an unbroken record of its transactions to date.

30 members. The anniversary meeting is held on the Friday nearest 25th January.

No. 36.—GLASGOW Rosebery Burns Club. Instituted 1885. Federated 1887. President, H. P. Bayne, 36 Annette Ssreet, Crosshill; VicePresident, Alex. Pollock, 52 West Nile Street; Secretary, Charles F. M'Pherson, 3 Holmhead Crescent, Cathcart, Glasgow; Treasurer, Wm. Graham, 35 Carfin Street, Govanhill; Director of Music, J. F. M'Donald; Librarian, John Smith; Committee, J. S. Jamiesou, James Angus, William Davidson, George Armour, Dr Biggs, and J. F. MacDonald. A series of lectures given during the winter


No. 37.-DOLLAR Burns Club. Instituted 14th January, 1887. Federated 29th December, 1887. Place and date of meeting, Castle Campbell Hotel; 25th January; 7 p.m. President, James Begg, Myrtle Cottage, Dollar; Vice-President, Morton Fischer, Elmbank, Dollar; Secretary, John Murray, Cairnpark Street, Dollar; Treasurer, John Fleming, Bloomfield, Dollar; Committee, John Hunter, John M'Gruther, P. Nicol, Richard Malcolm, Jas. M'Geachan, A. Ferguson. Special feature of the Club, to give prominence to the power and beauty of Scottish Song.

No. 38.-GLASGOW "Jolly Beggars" Burns Club. Federated in 1888. Vice-President, David Caldwell; Secretary, James Gillespie, jun., 80 Gloucester Street, Glasgow.

No. 39.-GLASGOW "St. David's " Burns Club. Instituted 1887.
Federated 1889. President, Henry Cowan ; Secretary, Alexander
Porteous, 5 March Street, Strathbungo, Glasgow. Meetings held
at 163 Ingram Street, Glasgow.

No. 40.-ABERDEEN Burns Club. Instituted 1887.
President James M'Intosh, 50 Mushit Hall.

Federated 1889.

No. 41.-DENNISTOUN Burns Club.

Instituted 1886. Federated 1889. President, Thomas Baxter ; Vice-President, W. Williamson; Secretary and Treasurer, John B. M'Intosh, 300 Duke Street. Club Room, Loudon Arms Hotel, Glasgow. 25 members. No. 42. CRIEFF Burns Club. Instituted 1889. Federated 1891. President, Thomas Edwards, Dalearn; Vice-President, Bailie Williamson; Secretary and Treasurer, William Pickard, Meadow Place, Crieff; Committee, Provost Finlayson, ex-Provost Macgregor, Charles E. Colville (Town Clerk), John Philips (Herald Office), S. Maitland Brown (Teacher). 50 Members.

No. 43.

- GLASGOW Northern Burns Club. Federated in 1891.
President, Peter R. MacArthur, II Randolph Place, Mount
Florida; Vice-President, John S. Hunter, 33 West Princes
Street; Treasurer, John Duncanson, 90 North Frederick
Street; Secretary, James Weir, 216 New City Road; Committee,
James M'Lay, Mr Machie, C. Demangeat, William Reid, A. B.
Mitchell, Alex. MacLaughlan, R. W. French. 80 members.
No. 44.-FORFAR Burns Club. Instituted 1890. Federated 1891.
President, John Ferguson, Allen Bank; Vice-President, George
S. Nicholson; Treasurer, Andrew Rennie; Secretary, Henry Rae,
14 Montrose Road, Forfar. 150 members.

No. 45.-CUMNOCK Burns Club. Instituted 1887. Federated 1891.
Place and date of meeting, Dumfries Arms, 25th January,
8 p.m.
President, W. G. Ogilvy, Clydesdale Bank; Vice-
President, Dr M'Queen, Square, Cumnock; Secretary, H. R.
M Culley, Hazlebank, Cumnock; Committee, Messrs A. B. Todd,
James Muir, W. Hill, W. M‘Lanahan, H. Black, S. Galbraith.

No. 46.-WARWICKSHIRE Burns Club. Instituted 1888. Federated 1891. Secretary, Robert Greenfield, F.R.H.S., Ranelagh Nursery, Leamington.

No. 47.-GLASGOW St. Rollox Burns Club. Instituted 1889. Federated 1891. Place and date of meeting, 184 Castle Street, Glasgow, last Friday of October, November, December, 8 p.m. President, Robert Brown, 689 Duke Street, Glasgow; VicePresident, John Chalmers, 139 Kennedy Street, Glasgow ; Secretary, Robert J. Carruthers, 74 Alexandra Parade, Glasgow ; Committee, William Cameron, Thomas Smith, James Murphy, Adani Paterson, Matthew Stevenson; Steward, Thomas Smith; Treasurer, Donald Crawford, 184 Castle Street. 24 members, limited to 30.

No. 48.-PAISLEY Burns Club. Instituted 1805. Federated 1891. Place and date of meeting, Globe Hotel, Paisley, first Thursday of each month, at 8.30 p.m. President, James H. Young, Ecclestoun, Castlehead, Paisley; Vice-President, James A. Ď. MacKean, 8 Garthland Place, Paisley; Secretary and Treasurer, James Edward Campbell, M.A., B.L., Writer, 3 County Place, Paisley. Limited by constitution to 40 members.

No. 49.-GLASGOW Bridgeton Burns Club. Instituted 1870. Federated 1891. President, Daniel Duncan, 140 Trongate; Vice-President, D. L. Stevenson, I Morris Place; Secretary, William Cochran, 190 West George Street, Glasgow; Treasurer, James Murray; Assistant-Secretary, W. Stevenson Cochran. 318 members.

No. 50. STIRLING Burns Club. Instituted 1887. Federated 1891. President, D. B. Morris, Town Clerk, Stirling; Vice-Presidents, John Craig, Laurel Hill, and Alexander Sands, Kildean; Secretary,

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