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Other Benefactions to the Town of Croydon.

ARCHBISHOP BARKER left by will to the Poor
of Croydon and Lambeth the sum of .
Archbishop Grindall left by his will to purchase
lands, or other profits, for the benefit of
the poor alms-houses in Croydon

Also to the Poor of Lambeth and Croydon
Archbishop Whitgift by will to the Poor of


Archbishop Bancroft ditto
Archbishop Abbot ditto
Archbishop Laud ditto
Archbishop Juxon ditto
Archbishop Sheldon ditto

Archbishop Tenison ditto

Archbishop Tenison to Archbishop Whitgift's


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Archbishop Wake left by will to St. James's, Westminster, £50, to Lambeth £40, to the parish of Croydon £40, if he should be buried there, otherwise not; which seems he would should be disposed of by the ministers and churchwardens of those respective parishes, in binding out apprentices such children of poor housekeepers, as they, with the approbation of his executors, should think fit.

Extract from a M.S. in the Library at Lambeth, No. 1129.

State of the charities given to and for the benefit of the parishioners of Croydon, collected Anno. 1721 *.

These Benefuctions are of two kinds :

First, such as are under the direction and management of the churchwardens and vestry; of which sort are :

I. The noble gift of Henry Smith of London, Esq. who in his life time, February 1624, gave £1000 to Sir John Tonstall, and other Trustees, to the intent to pay him the interest during his life, and the Principal to be laid out in a purchase of Lands, the profits whereof to go, for ever, for relief of the Poor of the said parish, by raising a stock for setting them to work; and he dying in 1627, the farm of Stackinden, in Limpsfield, Surrey, was purchased therewith, and settled to the said uses, now let for £50 per


And he having likewise by deed and will given several large estates to charitable uses, the share thereof coming to the parish of Croydon, amounted to which was afterwards laid out in the purchase of the farm and lands, at Deptford in Kent, now let for £49 10 per annum.

* Copies of the title deeds to most of the lands mentioned in this list, are to be found in the M.S. volume,

II. The gift of the most Reverend Father in God, Edmund Grindall, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, who, 24th June, 1583, gave the Vicar and Churchwardens the sum of £50, to be laid out in Lands for the yearly relief of the poor of the Little Alms-houses, wherewith the 11th November, 1583, was purchased a Copyhold house in Waddon of John Hatcher, and the same day surrendered to Richard Yeomans and others, in trust for the purposes aforesaid.

III. Seven acres of land in Croydon, near the Hermitage, purchased by the parishioners, 18th December, 1614, let for £3 per annum.

IV. The ground whereon the market-house stands, purchased by the parishioners, 11th October, 8. Elizabeth, let for £ 14 4 per annum.

V. A Messuage called Parkhurst, now in possession of Elizabeth Wood, at £1 9 4 per annum.

VI. A Tenement or Stable near the fish market, now in possession of Joshua Peryall, 13s. 4d. per annum.

VII. Part of a Messuage, heretofore Bird's, now in the possession of Wood, at 11s. 4d. per annum.

VIII. A Gravel-pit near Dovehouse, alias Dubber's Hill, containing part of four acres, given to the Parish by Sir William Walter, of Wimbledon, the Ist October, 1629.

The Little Alms-house, being nine small, low, inconvenient houses, wherein are usually placed the parish poor.

Second, such as have been incorporated with governors and visitors appointed by the


founders, or vested in trustees, who have the power and direction thereof: as

I. The great Alms-house founded by Ellis Davy, citizen and mercer of London, in the year 1443, for seven poor people, men and women, who were incorporated the 25th of December, 23 Hen. VI. by the name of Tutor and Master of the poor people of the Alms-house of " Ellis Davy, at Croydon, in the shire of Surrey."

The said poor to be persons who have lived seven years as householders in Croydon, if any such there be, or of other adjacent villages within four miles thereof; of which said Hospital the vicar and churchwardens of Croydon, for the time being, and four of the most worthy householders dwelling within the said parish, are appointed governors, and the company of Mercers overseers.

The said Ellys Davy likewise devised several statutes for the said Alms-house, which, being antiquated, were August 6, 1566, reviewed by the most Rev. Father in God, Matthew, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, and established under his public seal,

II. The Hospital of the Holy Trinity, founded by the Most Reverend Father in God, John Whitgift, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, who in his life-time built and finished the same, the 10th of July, in the year 1599, for thirty brethren and sisters at the least, and so many more under forty, as the revenues will maintain; one of the brethren to teach a grammarschool, and one to be called Warden; and for their support endowed the said hospital with revenues, amounting to £202 6 6 per annum.

III. The gift of the Most Reverend Father in God, William Laud, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, who in his life-time,

10 Car. I. purchased of John Newdigate, Esq. a messuage and lands in Albury, in the county of Warwick, in the name of Sir John Tonstall, and others, at and for the sum of £300; the rent and profits of which lands were to be yearly applied by the feofees for the placing out poor children of the said parish as apprentices; which lands being remote, and the tenants becoming insolvent, were, pursuant to a decree of the court of chancery, made in Easter Term, 1656, sold for £225 and therewith, and with £35 raised by the trustees among themselves, other lands were purchased of one William Bish, lying in Horne in the County of Surrey, now let for £15 per


IV. The most Rev. Father in God Thomas Tenison, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, did likewise in his life time, in the year 1714, purchase a messuage or tenement in Croydon, and a farm and lands in Limpsfield, in the county of Surrey, of the yearly value of £42, and settled the same in trustees for ever, for the teaching of twenty-eight poor boys and girls of the said parish to read and write, and maintaining a master for that purpose; and further, by his last will left to the said trustees the sum of £400 to be laid out in land for the augmentation of the said charity.

V. The last mentioned most Reverend Prelate did likewise in the year 1709, at his own charge, cause the new markethouse, then quite decayed, to he rebuilt for the use and benefit of the parishioners, who let the room over the same for £3 per annum.

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