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The Cretan Chloe now commands me, skilful in sweet modulations, and a mistress of the lyre ; for whom I would not dread to die, if the fates would spare her my surviving foul.


Calais, the fon of the Thurian Ornithus, inflames me with a mutual fire ; for whom I would twice fuffer death, if the fates would spare my furviving boy.

HORACE. But what if our former love returns, and unites by a brazen (indissoluble ) yoke us now separated ? what if Chloe with her golden locks be shook off, and the door of the repudiated Lydia again open * to me?


Though he is brighter than a star, you of more levity than a cork, and more passionate than the blustering Adriatic ; with 'you I should love to live, with you I would chearfully die.

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Ur, pofita durities aliqua ipfius miferecordia capiatur.
XTREMUM Tanaim fi biberes, Lyce,

Saevo nupta viro ; me tamem asperas
Porrectum [a] ante fores objicere incolis

Plorares Aquilonibus.
Audis quo ftrepitu janua, quo nemus

5 Inter pulchra [b] fitum tecta remugiat Ventis ? [c] et pofitas ut glaciet nives

Puro numine Jupiter ?
Ingratam Veneri pone fuperbiam,
Ne currente retro funis eat rota.
Non te Penelopen difficilem procis

Tyrrhenus genuit parens.
\, quamvis neque te munera, nec preces,
Vec tinctus viola pallor amantium,
Nec vir Pieria pellice saucius

Curvat ; fupplicibus tuis
Parcas, nec regida mollior esculo,
Vec Mauris [d] animo mitior anguibus.
Von hoc semper erit liminis aut aquae
Coeleftis patiens latus.


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To L Y CE. That, laying aside her hardness of heart, she would

take fome pity of him. O Lyce, had

you * drank from the remote Tanais, in a state of marriage with fome barbarian, yet you might be sorry to expose me prostrated before your obdurate doors, to those inhabitants the north winds. Do you hear with what a noise your gate, with what a noise the grove planted about your elegant buildings rebellows to the winds? And how Jupiter glazes the settled snow with his pure influence ? Lay aside disdain offensive 10 Venus, lest your + rope should run backwards with rapid wheel. Your Tyrrhenian father did not beget you to be as inaccessible as Penelope to your wooers. O, notwithstanding neither presents, nor prayers, nor the violet-tincture paleness of your lovers, nor your husband smitten with a musical madam, bend you to pity; yet at length spare thy fuppliants, thou that art no softer than the fturdy oak, nor of a gentler difpofition than the African serpents. This side of mine will not always be able to bear

threshold and the rain.

ODE If had been an inhabitant of Scythia, of which Tanais is a river.

† Alluding to wheels and pulleys, where, if you once let go your hold, the weight carries off the rope with great velocity






Gravisimas vel in inferis poenas faevitiac conftitutas

ERCURI (nam te docilis magiftro

Movit Amphion lapides canendo)
Tuque teftudo resonare feptem

Callida nervis,
Nec loquax olim neque grata, nunc et

5 Divitum menfis et amica templis ; Dic modos, Lyde quibus obitinatas

Applicet aures :
Quae, velut latis equa trima campis,
Ludit exultim, metuitque tangi,
Nuptiarum expers, et adhuc protervo

Cruda marito.
Tu potes tigres comitesque silvas
Ducere, et rivos celeres morari :
Ceffit immanis tibi blandienti

Janitor aulae
Cerberus, quamvis furiale centum
Muniant angues caput ejus, atque
Spiritus teter, fanielque manet
Ore trillingui: -

Quin et Ixion, Tityofque vultu
Rifit invito ; ftetit urna paulum
Sicca, dum grato Danai puellas

Carmine mulces.
Audiat Lyde scelus atque notas

25 Virginum poenas, et inane lymphae




That moft grievous punishments were appointed for

cruelty even in the other world. 0

Mercury (since the ingenious Amphion moved

rocks by his voice, you being his tutor) and thou my harp expert to resound with seven strings, formerly neither vocal nor pleasing, but now agreeable to the tables of the wealthy, and the temples of the gods; dietate measures to which Lyde may incline her obstinate ears, who, like a filly of three years old, playsome frisks about in the spacious fields, inexperienced in the sweets of nuptial loves, and hitherto unripe for the enjoyment of a husband. Youare able to draw after youtygers and attendant woods, and to retard rapid rivers. To your blandishments the enormous porter of the infernal palace yielded, though an hundred ferpents fortify his head, and a pestilential steam, and an infectious poison issues from his triple-tongued mouth. More. over Ixion and Titytus smiled with a reluctant aspect: and while you footh the daughters of Danaus with your delightful harmony, their veffel for some time remained dry. Let Lyde hear an account of their crime, and their well-known punishment, and the cask still empty by the water Atreaming through the bottom, and what lasting


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