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THE POETS OF LABOUR, AND OTHER SKETCHES. By David Macrae, Stonemason. [12mo Pamphlet.] Second Edition.

Brechin : D. H. EDWARDS. 1878. Contains-Introduction-Robert Burns. COMPLETE SONGS AND POEMS of Robert Tannahill, With Life and Notes.

Paisley: WILLIAM Wilson. 1878. Contains-Several Poems on Burns. TRADITIONARY TALES in Prose and Verse. By John Robertson, Partick.

Glasgow : Hay NISBET. 1878. Contains-Burns Anniversary (page 187). LYRICS AND POEMS of Nature and Life. By Janet Kelso Muir.

Paisley: J. & R. PARLANE. 1878. Contains--Burns's Anniversary Song-“Robin, the Bard." THE POETICAL WORKS of William M'Oscar.

London : GEORGE TAYLOR. 1878. Contains-Poem on Burns. THE SONGS AND POEMS of Robert Tannahill, with Memoir and Music.

Glasgow : DUNN & WRIGHT. 1878. Contains-Dirge, written on Robert Burns's funeral; Ode, written for and read at the celebration of Robert Burns's birthday, by the Paisley Burns Club, 1805 ; Ode written for and performed at the celebration of Burns's birthday, by the Paisley Burns Club, 1807; Ode, recited by the president at the celebration of Burns's birth. clay, by the Paisley Burns Club, 1810. RHYMES AND LYRICS. By Alexander G. Murdoch, Author of “ The Laird's Lykewake ” and other poems.

Glasgow : Alex. G. MURDOCH, 23 London Road. 1879.
Contains-- The Burns Monument, Kilmarnock, Prize Medal Poem.
THE NEWSPAPER READER: The Journal of the Nineteenth

Century on Events of the Day. By H. F. Bussey and T. Wilson

London : BLACKIE & Soxs. 1879. Contains." The Burns Festival,” took place on the Banks of the River Doon, the birthplace of the Poet, near the town of Ayr, on the 6th August, 1844. ELIZABETHAN ECHOES, or Poems, Songs, and Sonnets. By the late John Addis.

London: PICKERING & Co. 1879. Contains-Burns at Brownhill Inn (page 97). THE ENGLISH ESSAYISTS: A comprehensive selection from the

Works of the great Essayists. From Lord Bacon to John Ruskin. With Introduction, Biographical Notices, and Critical Notes. Compiled and arranged by Robert Cochrane, with Portraits.

Edinburgh: WILLIAM P. NIMMO & Co. 1880. Contains-Carlyle's Essay on Burns. HAMELY RHYMES: chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. By Duncan Maclean.

Glasgow: HORN & CONNELL. 1880. Contains-Auld Scotch Sangs ; Burns : a Sonnet. VERSES. By Ebenezer Smith, Ayr.

Ayr: T. M. GEMMELL & Son. 1880.
Contains Epitaph for the Detractors of Robert Burns.

OF THE BURNS STATUE, Presented to the City of New York,
Saturday, October 2nd, 1880. [8vo.)

“ Thou lingering star, with less'ning ray,

That lov'st to greet the early morn,
Again thou usherest in the day:

My Mary from my heart was torn.
Oh, Mary! dear departed shade!

Where is thy place of blissful rest?
See'st thou thy lover lowly laid ?
Hear'st thou the groans that rend his breast?

New York: JAMES WARNOCK. 1880.






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minent Men by the best authors, with introductory notes and numerous authentic portraits.

London : BLACKIE & Son. 1880. Contains-Robert Burns (portrait) by Thomas Carlyle. FRASER'S MAGAZINE, April 1880. MacPherson, Burns, and Scott, in their relation to the modern revolution. By J. S. Stuart-Glennie.

London : LONGMANS, GREEN, & Co. 1880. HALLOWED SPOTS OF POESY. Part I., the Home and Haunts of Burns. By John Robertson, Partick, author of "Tales and Poems."

Glasgow: BORN & CONNELL. 1880. THEOLOGY IN THE ENGLISH POETS : Cowper, Coleridge, Words

worth, and Burns. By the Rev. Stopford A. Brooke, M.A., Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty the Queen, minister of St. James's Chapel, York Street, St. James's. Fourth Edition.


Glasgow : JOHN J. RAE. 1880. Contains—Burns's Monument Shilling Subscription. SKETCHES IN PROSE AND POETRY. By Walter Watt, and published by the author at 84 Main Street, Pollokshaws.

Glasgow : DONALD MACKAY & Co. 1881. Contains-Lines to the memory of Robert Burns, with a Sketch of Mrs. Thom. son, daughter of the Poet. BURNS IN DUMFRIESSHIRE: A Sketch of the last eight years of

the Poet's Life. By William M‘Dowall, Author of “The Man of the Woods, and other Poeins” History of the Burgh of Dumfries”; “The Visitors' Guide to Dumfries, &c.”

Edinburgh : ADAM & CHARLES BLACK. 1881. Appendix contains-List of Burns Relics exhibited at the Bazaar held in aid of the funds for the erection of a Burns Statue in Dumfries. WORKS OF GARFIELD. Suggestive Passages from the public and

private Writings of James A. Garfield. Compiled by William Ralston Balch.

London : SAMPSON, Low, MARSTON, SEARLE & RIVINGTON. 1881. Contains—Robert Burns (page 48). NORTHUMBRIA, THE CAPTIVE CHIEF, And Other Poems. By James Thomson. Third Edition-enlarged.

Alnwirk: H. H. BLAIR. 1881. Contains-Lines read at the Burns Anniversary, Alnwick. HARPER'S MAGAZINE : Christmas Number.


Contains-Robert Burns : A Poem by H. W. Longfellow, with Portrait and Two Illustrations by Alfred Fredericks. GALLOWAY GLEANINGS : Poems and Songs. By James K. Scott.

Castle-Douylas : S. GORDON. 1881. Contains-Burns and Dumfries. POETICAL SPARKS. Second Edition. By Robert Fisher, Dumfries.

Glaxgow : MENZIES & Co. 1881. Contains-Lines on the unveiling of Burns's Statue, Dumfries. POEMS. By William Wilson. Third Edition. [Octavo.

Poughkeepsie : ARCHIBALD Wilson. 1881. Contains-Song for the anniversary of the birthday of Burns (pages 96-98). THOMAS CARLYLE. THE MAN AND HIS BOOKS. Illustrated

by Reminiscences, Table-talk, and Anecdotes of himself and his friends, by Wm. Howie Wylie. Third edition. [8vo.]

London : MARSHALL, JAPP & Co. 1881. Contains—Robert Burns (pages 11, 39-10, 47, 105, 108, 118, 1:8, 146, 342, 347.)



BRITISH CLASSICAL AUTHORS. Select Specimens of the National

Literature of England and America, with Biographical Sketches.
Poetry and Prose. By L. Herrig. Forty-Ninth Stereotype
Edition. [8vo.]

Contains -Selections from Burns (pages 298-306). Thomas Carlyle-The Poetry
of Burns and his Life (pages 611-613.)

Edinburgh anıl London : W. & R. CHAMBERS. 1882. Contains-- Burns' characters : Robert Ainslie, Writer; Sir Adam Ferguson ; Clarinda (Mrs Maclehose); Robert Chambers, Burns's Biographer. THE DREAM OF A MASQUE, and other Poems. By John Hyslop, Kilmarnock.

Kilmarnock: JAMES M'Kie1882. Contains-Centenary of Burns ; Combined Literary Associations' Prize Poem ; Lines on Robert Burns, by Mrs. Hyslop. DESCRIPTION OF A JAUNT TO “AULD REEKIE,” and other Scotch Poems. By James Walker.

"Glasgow : BELL & Bain. 1882. Contains - Ode to the Burns Haggis Club; Address to the Cottage, Doonside, where Robert Burns was born, January 25th, 1759. THE MAN OF THE WOODS, and other Poems. By William

M‘Dowall. Author of “ History of Burgh of Dumfries,” “Memorials of St. Michael's,” “Burns in Dumfriesshire,” “ The Mind in the Face,” etc. Second Edition. Greatly Enlarged.

Edinburgh: ADAM & CHARLES BLACK. 1882. Contains-Burns at Brow. THE BRITISH LETTER WRITERS. A Comprehensive Collection

of the Best English Letters, from the Fifteenth Century to the Present Time. Comprising :-Letters Familiar and Domestic, Historical, Political, Literary, and Descriptive. Compiled and arranged by the Editor of the “English Essayists"; "Treasury of Modern Biography”; “ Treasury of British Eloquence"; "Treasury of English Literature”; English Circumnavigators." With Prefatory Notes.

Edinburgh: WILLIAM P. NIMMO & Co. 1882. Contains-Twelve Letters by Robert Burns-To his Father, Mrs. Dunlop, Francis Grose, Mr. John Murdoch, Mr. James Smith, Mr. Peter Hill, Mr. Graham, G. Thomson, and Mrs. Maclehose (Clarinda), &c. SKETCHES IN VERSE AT HOME AND ABROAD, and from the

War of the Nile. In Ten Cantos. By John M.Gosh, M.D., Edin., F.R.C.S.E., H.E.I.C.S., F.R.G.S.L. Author of “Nuova Italia,” etc., etc.

“Arma virosque cano."

London : JAMES BLACKWOOD & Co. 1882. Contains-Canto 4th, Stanza 31, The Auld Toon o' Ayr; 34, Burns's Monument and Festivities ; 40, Dumfries and Burns's Tomb; 42, His Name and Fame. THE POETICAL WORKS of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. (Re

printed from the Revised American Edition, including his latest Poems), with Explanatory Notes.

London : FREDERICK WARNE & Co. 1882, Contains-Robert Burns: A Poem. THE POETICAL WORKS of James Macfarlan, with a Memoir, by Colin Rae-Brown.

Glasgow: ROBERT FORRESTER. 1882. Contains-Robert Burns, a Centenary Ode (1859); To the Memory of Burns; The Land of Burns. ROBERT BURNS: A Summary of his Career and Genius. By John Nichol, LL.D. [8vo.]

Edinburgh: WILLIAM PATERSON, 1882.

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A POET'S HARVEST HOME : being one hundred short Poems. By William Bell Scott.

London: ELLIOT STOCK. 1882. Contains-Burns : Sonnet (page 125). MUSINGS O’ER FLOOD AND FELL, By William Birtles.

Manchester: John HEYWOOD. 1882. Contains-Sonnet to Burns (page 22). THE CHRISTIAN LEADER: A record of Religious Thought and Work. Vol. I.

Glasgow: AIRD & COGHILL. 1882. Contains-Robert Burns and our Drinking Customs, by Rev. David Macrae (pages 12, 297, 333, 457). The Nephew of Burns (page 133); Burns Statue at Dumfries. FESTSCHRIFT zu der am, November 1882, stattfindenden Feier der

Einweihung des Neuen Gymnasiums zu Salzwedel. Veroffentlicht von dem Lehrerkollegium der Anstalt. [4to.]

Salzwedel : A. MENZEL. 1882 Contains (pages 1-12) Metrische Uebersetzungen. Von Dr Gustav Legerlotz, Direktor. [Translations from Burns, Beranger, Horace Dibdin, G. P. Morris, &c,) THE ENGLISH POETICAL WORKS OF EVAN M'COLL, Author of

“Clarsach Nam Beann,” with a Biographical Sketch of the Author, By A. MacKenzie, F.R.S.S., Inverness.

Edinburgh : MACLACHLAN & STEWART. 1883.
Contains--Robert Burns : Written for the Centennial Celebration of 1859. Verses
written for the Burns Anniversary of 1860.
POEMS AND SONGS, by James Currie, late of Seventy-Ninth

Cameron Highlanders, with Biographical Sketch, by the Rev.
Charles Rogers, D.D., LL.D.

Glasgow : GEORGE BOGIE. 1883.
Contains-Burns Centenary Song (page 28). Burns : a Poem (page 56).
Aitken, Author of “Sketches,” &c.

Aberdeen : WILLIAM WALKER. 1883. Contains-Burns: a Sonnet. THE SCOTTISH READER: A Journal of Entertaining Literature, Vol. 1st, June to November, 1883.

Glasgow : ROBERT GRAHAM. 1883. Contains—The fate of Burns; an omitted Chapter in the Life of Robert Burns. RAMBLES ROUND KILMARNOCK, with a Sketch of the Town, by

Archibald R. Adamson. Second Edition. To which is added an account of the Burns Monument and Kay Park Inauguration.

K’ilmarnock: DUNLOP & DRENXAX. 1883. Contains-Poems : The Burns Statue, Kilmarnock, by Alex. G. Murdoch; Poem : Robert Burns, by Alexander Anderson. PEBBLES FROM PARNASSUS; OR LAYS AND LYRICS OF LEISURE HOURS, by Dougall Christie, M.A.

Glusgow : Printed for the Author. 1883. Contains-Minstrel Robin. POEMS AND SONGS. By John Brown.

Glasgow : THOMAS D. Morison. 1883. Contains-Burns Anniversary ; Acrostic for the 25th January, Burns Anniversary. LEDDY MAY AND OTHER POEMS. By William Thomson. Second Edition.

Glasgow: T. W. FARRELL. 1883. Contains---Ode for the Burns Anniversary. THE CHRISTIAN LEADER: A Record of Religious Thought and Work. Vol. II.

Glasgow: AIRD & COGHILL. 1883. Contains—Burns and the Clergy (page 72); The Maternal Ancestors of Burns (page 430); The Burns Statue Mania (page 513); The Robert Burns Memorial Museum (page 527).


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ROBERT BURNS. By Principal Sharpe, Professor of Poetry in the University of Oxford.


New York: THE CENTURY COMPANY, Uxios SQUARE. 1883. Contains-Portrait of Robert Burns (from a miniature which belonged to his sister). Engraved by T. Johnson from daguerreotype in the possession of E. C. Stedman, Esq. A Burns Pilgrimage (page 752). THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE REV. JOHN SKINNER, M.A.,

of Linshart, Longside, Dean of Aberdeen Author of “Tulloch-
gorum,” etc. By William Walker, M.A., Monymusk. Second
Edition. [12mo.]

"A man he was to all the country dear,
And passing rich, with forty pounds a year.”

London : SKEFFINGTON & Sox. 1883.
Contains-Bishop Skinner's Meeting with Burns (pages 139-148).
THE EPISTLES OF NOAH. Edited by George Umber, A.P.A.

“Sae I've begun tae scrawl, but whether
In rhyme, or prose, or baith thegether,
Or some hotch-potch that's rightly neither

Let time mak' proof;
But I shall scribble down some blether

Just clean aff loof."-Burns's Epistle to J. Lapraik.

Glasgow : ROBERT L. HOLMES. 1883. Contains—Burns, frae a Showman's p’int o' view (pages 107-120), ESSAYS: By Thomas Carlyle. Burns, Boswell's Life of Johnson, Sir Walter Scott, The Diamond Necklace.


London : CHAPMAN & HALL, Limited. 1883. Contains-Lecture Eth: Robert Burns. ADVENTURES AND TRADITIONS. By Andrew Glass, Author of

“The Countess of Carrick,” “The Seven Sisters, " " The Fatal Feud,” &c.

Glasgow : WILLIAM RANKIN. 1884. Contains-Burnsiana in Chapters 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33. KONIGLICHES GYMNASIUM ZU SALZWEDEL. Ostern, 1884. [Quarto.]

Salzwedel : A. MENZEL. 1884. Contains--(pages 10-22) Metrische Uebersetzungen aus antiken und inodernen Dichtern. Von Dr. Gustav Legerlotz, Direktor. [Translations from Tibullus, Sophocles, Beranger, Burns, Moore, Byron, &c.] THE SCOTTISH READER: A Journal of Entertaining Literature. Vol. II.—December, 1883, to May, 1884.

Glasgow : ROBERT GRAHAM. Contains-Stories, Sketches, and Anecdotes of Robert Burns; Burns and Clarinda. OUR OLD HOME: A Series of English Sketches. By Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Edinburgh: WILLIAM PATERSON. 1884. Contains-Some of the Haunts of Burns (page 162). RHYMES FRAE THE REEK O’ THE FOUNDRY. By William Cassels O'Neil.

Paisley : J. & J. Cook. 1884. Contains-Scotland and Robert Burns. THE SCOTTISH READER: A Journal of Entertaining Literature. Vol. III.- June to November, 1884.

Glasgow : HORN & CONNELL. Contains—The Story of Burns's Whistle.

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