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Feb., 1419.

May 22, 1419.

For als mykill als Maister Thomas Haxey, Tresorer of the Cathedrale Kirk of Seint Peter of York, and other Chanons of the same kirk compleyned un to the Meir and un to the gude men of the cite of York that the kynge's dyke betwix Bouthumbarr and Munkbarr was so stopped, that the water myght noght hafe issue, for the whilk defaute a close of the erchebisshope was drowned yerly, and also, diverse tymes, thaire gardyns in the self manere, and also thaire halles and thaire houses of office of som of tham; and than, be the assent of the Meir and the chanons and the gude men thay went bathe the partys to gyder to se the defautes, and when thay had seen the defautes, it was accorded and assented be bathe the partys that the sercheours of the masons and of the wryghtes of this cite of York suld ga and see what were ryght for ayther party; and, apon thys, the sercheours was warned that they suld ga serche and see and do ryght to ayther party, and that thay went and serched, and demed, and awarded that the Tresorer and the person of Seint John kyrk of Pyke gar remove thayre pryves that standys upon the kynge's dyke, and all other also that hafes any pryves standyng thare apon, betwene the barrys beforesayd; and that thay and all other gar clense of thaire costages all the foresayd pryves and rutes, wedys and erthe, that hafes ben casten thar out of thaire gardyns or thayre houses be any of thaire servants, the whilk lettys the water to hafe the ryght issue; and that all dores that opyns apon the dyke be closed, and all the bryggys taken away that na man hafe na entre un to the kynge's walles bot at bathe the endys; and that nane entir, neyther at the endys na ellys whare, to defoule the walles na the motes, bot thay that has taken tham to ferme, the whilke sall kytte the herbage that grewys apon the mote.—[Id. 181a.] Ult. Feb. 6, Hen. V.

Judicium Johannis Ampilford, Johannis Thorp, Willelmi Cunnesby, et Johannis Mosse, scrutatorum cementariorum et carpentariorum Ebor., redditum xxjmo die Maii anno regni regis Henrici Quinti septimo.


We awarde that a lyne be drawen lyneryght, thre inches wyth in the poste of John Brynnand, that standes to the strete

ward, un to the myddys of William of Seleby poste, that standys at the ende of the werkhouse, and that twa postes of John Brynnand be set in of hys coste by Tyseday nexte, that ys fled once, so that William of Seleby may rayse up hys howe besyde hym, als custume and maner ys in the cite of York.[Id. 182b.]

We sercheours of the masons and of the wryghts of the citee of York, awarde that William Acom wryght make of hys cost the wryght note of a gutter betwix the newe house of Robert Hovyngham in Boutham that William Acom made, and the hall; and yt thare be a gutter made betwix the tenement of Seynt Mary abbay, and the forsayd house of Robert Hovyngham, of the abbay's coste and Robert Hovyngham, so yt the water may rynne betwix the abbay grunde and Robert Hovyngham; and yt Robert Hovyngham sall make, of hys propre coste, at the other ende of hys house, a knyttyng; and that the hedge of the este syde of Hovyngham house be Robert Hovyngham.[Id. 184b.]


Sercheours of the masons and of the wryghtes awardes Nov. 18, betwix William of Alne of the a perty, and the executors, heirs and assignes of William Pountfreyt, of the other party, that for als mykyll that William of Alne in hys tenement in Coppergate in York walles even uppe thurgh fra the grunde uppe to the panne, that yerfore the executors, heirs, and the assignes of William Pountfreyt make the gutter of lede fra the newe house of William of Alne, that ys nowe hys buttre, endelang downe un to a newe house of William of Alne toward Fosse; and that William of Alne, of his costes, sall fynde the brygges, the scaches, nayles, and all the tymbre that sall ga un to the gutter; and the executors, heirs, or assignes of William Pountfreyt sall pay for the werkemanshippe of the gutter makyng; and thay sall hafe all the lede that ys thare nowe, and perfourmys the remenand of thayr costes, and fra thys tyme that gutter sall be the heirs and the assignes of William of Pountfreyt; and thay

sall uppehalde it alleway of thayre coste; and also that at the hall head to the kyrkward the heirs and the assignes of William Pountfreyt, als farre als thayre syde house gas, sall bryng furthe, all of thayre coste, thayre water into the foresayd gutter, for William of Alne hafes a upperyghte gavell.-[Id. 189a.]

18 Nov., 1420.

Aug. 4,


Aug. 12, 1420.

Johannes Ampilford mason, serchour, sworn of the masons wyth in the cite of York, John Hexham, Thomas Cunnysburgh serchours of the wryghtes, and William Cunnysby, wryght.

The assent of the partyes before the Maire to deme of certayne thynge under writyn, thay awarde and deme that the perclose that standys betwix the entre and the shop, and all other percloses, the pryve wyth the closet, and the selours, the trelys wyndowe at the somer hall, the glasse wyndows, the bynkes, the paved flore, the herth yt are in the house whare the wyfe of Symond of Stele dwellys in, and the falle wyndow to ye streteward abyde still wyth the place, als byggyngs and purtenance of the same place, and yat the lede pype and the shelfs be the wyfe's of Symond of Stele.-[Id. 192b.]

4 Aug., 8th Hen. V.

Memorandum, that thys ys the award and the jugement of John Ampilford, John of Thorp, John Hexham, and Thomas Cunsburgh sercheours, sworne of the masons and of the wryghts, in the cite of York, assigned and lymyt by Thomas of Gare, Mayr of the same cite, wyth the full assent of bathe partyes, to serche and to deme of a stane walle that lyggys in lengthe fra the kynge's strete of Conyngstrete bifore downe thurgh un to the water of Ouse bihynd, betwix a tenement of Sir John of Langton Knyght in the haldyng of John Rumby, of the a party, and a tenement of William Selby, in the haldyng of John of Sutton lytster, of the other partye: that the walle of the werkhouse of John of Sutton ys William Selby awen, fra the water of Ouse un to the post that standys thare and reches to the grounde anent the lede in the same werkhouse, and fra theyn all uppe

thurgh in to the strete, that William Selby hafe rowme and space abouen on the walle of stane to hys tenement ward to ryste hys tymbre apon, als he has done before tyme; and that Sir John Langton hafe rowme and space abouen the same stane walle to hys tenement ward to ryste hys tymbre apon, als it has bene in tymes before. And als farre als Sir John Langton has byggyd a newe house betwix the werkhouse beforesayd and the stane house toward the kynge's strete, yay awarde and deme that William Selby hafe abouen the same walle space to ryst hys walleplat apon, als he dyd before, als wele at the ta nende als at the other; and that hathe the stanewerk and tymberwerk that John Rumby had gart newe sette abouen the same stane walle at that hend towarde the stone house be taken away, so that yt lette noght William Selby to herber hys tymber apon the same walle; and that bathe the partyes make and uppehalde the gutter, als ferre als yt reches, of thayre bather costages, and that the stuffe of lede that ys thare nowe be ayther partyes. [ld. 192-3.]

12 Aug., 1420.

We, serchours of the masons and wryghtes of the cite of York, assigned be William Ormesheued, mayr of ye same cite, lyke als we hafe bene assigned, charged, and commaunded be other Maires to serche, deme, and dyssever ye grunde of Kalom hall in ye haldyng of John of Preston irenmangar fra ye grunde of Margaretes yt was ye wyfe of Adam Hetche, and how yt ye ta grunde sall be closed fra ye tother, awarde and deme yt a lyne be drawn stryght fra ye corner of ye stathe of ye chauntery of Syr Thomas Pynchebek, un to ye nexte corner of ye stathe of ye common place, in ye haldyng of Ainderby sadler & Wyntryngham smyth; and yt at ye middeward of yat lyne be set a stake, and fra yt stake drawe a lyne even uppe un to an ald poste of a house at ye over ende of ye hedge of Mergaretes Hetche, and yt yan John Preston close hym als yt lyne delys fra ye ta nende un to ye tother.-[Id. 198.]

Jan. 31,


March 9, 1468.

31 Jan. 20th Hen. VI.—Ma yat yis is jugementes & award of John Ampilford, John Bould, masons, John Bolron & William Warter, cappenters, & serchours of ye same craftes, yat is to say, yat ye stone wall bitwix ye tenement of John of Bolton, citizin & marchant of York, on yt oon party, & tenement of yabbot & convent of Cristall, on yat other party, in Mikelgate in York is holy & fully ye wall of ye said John of Bolton, and yat al ye ease yat ye said Abbot has of ye said wall is thurgh sufferanse & paciens of ye same John of Bolton. And ye same day and ye same yere Alice Semer, neuly awner & possessor of said tenement of John of Bolton, swore & opinly affermed for treweth yat John Lofthouse, & other of ye deputz of ye said Abbot & convent w'drewe ye said wall unknawinge to ye said Alice.

And ye same day, we, ye said serchours, were and serched a tenement of ye said John of Bolton in Petergate, in ye tenur of John Wetelay, & we fynd yat ye same place has taken mikel herm for defaut of a gutter, ye whilk shuld be betwix ye said place & tenement of Thomas Holme, ye whilk gutter ye same Thomas Holme shuld make & reparell, to save & isshewe ye wattere fro ye said place of John of Bolton.-[Enrolment Book Civ. Ebor, B. Y. 87.]

Ma, that we, Thomas Gaytclyff, John Gaycok, serchours of masounes within yis citee of York, John Forster, & John Meidlay alias Williamson, serchours of wryghtes w'in ye saide citee, have bene & takyn of a grounde yat stode in variaunce bitwix thabbot & Convent of Rivaux, on that oon partie, & the Dene & Chapiter of ye cath' kyrke of Seint Peter in York, on that other partie, lying buttyng opon ye water in Laierthorp, in subarbes of the saide citee, buttyng opon ye water of Fosse at the weest ende, and on a lane yt leedes from ye hie strete of Laierthorp unto ij closez belangyng som tyme to ye personage of Seint Marye kyrke in Layrethorp, and, accordyng to ye custume of ye same citee, ye ix day of Marce, ye viij yere of ye reigne of Kyng Edwarde ye iiij, by ye comaundement of William Snawesill, yan beyng Mare of the same citee, and, after

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