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Page 12, Ode iv, line 3 from the bottom, for burns with Vulcanian

read doth sweltering Vulcan Page 21, Ode vii, line 3 from the top, for decerptam fronti read

decerptae frondi Page 38, in third line of prefatory note to Ode xv, for short read

long Page 44, Ode xvii, line 1, for Lyaeus read Lycaeus Page 50, in first line of prefatory note to Ode xxi, for raking read

taking Page 118, line 12 from the top, for nation's read nations'

line 2 from the bottom, for Pelop's read Pelops'




[blocks in formation]


I have ventured to treat “Terrarum dominos? in the sixth line as

agreeing not with • Deos' in the same line, but with “quos' in the third. This is not the usual construction, but it is one which the words will perfectly well bear, and which, I think, gives them additional significance. Mr. Macleane thinks it probable that the first three books of Odes were published together, with this as a preface, and, at the same time, graceful dedication to Maecenas of a work consisting of fugitive pieces the composition of which had occupied and amused the poet at intervals for some years, and which he may probably have put forth in a collected form at his patron's instigation.

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MAECENAS, offspring of ancestral kings,
O thou my cherished ornament and trust!
Some men there are, to whom delight it brings
To gather round their car Olympian dust ;
Whom, goal by hot wheel cleared, and palmy prize
Uplift, as lords of earth, unto the skies.
This, if a mob of fickle burghers strive
That he to tripled dignity may soar:
That, if within his granary he hive
Whate'er is swept from Libyan threshingfloor :
Or one, whose pleasure is in furrowing
His patrimonial acres, never thou
Wilt, with Attalic proffers, trembling, bring,
Myrtoan sea, to cleave with Cyprian prow.
The merchant, fearing when the south-west wind
Buffets Icarian waves, no praise omits
Of village life ;—yet, ill to want resigned,
He, presently, his shattered barks refits.
There are, who goblets of old Massic wine
Scorn not; nor, for a while from business fled,

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