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which have kindled as hot a war in pel, in Westminster. Hall, at Alliaes. pamphlets and journals, as the Guelphis and Quarter-Sellions, at Clare Markei, and Gibilines in Italy, or the Big and and the Robin Hood. In Philosophy, little Endians in the kingdom of Lil, what marvellous things have not been Hiput

proved by Nonfenfe? The la netime I have here endeavoured to give a Professor of Aronomy at Gresham Ahort abridgement of the history of Non. College Thewed Sir Isaac Newton to ho fenfe ; though a very sınall part of the a mere afs, and wire-drawed the book exploits, of the family can he included of Moses into a compleat system of Nain so coinpendious a chronicle. Some tural Philosophy: Life-guard-men have, of them were very deep scholars, and with the utmost certainty of Nonfenfe, filled the Profesors Chairs at the Uni- foretold Earthquakes; and others have versities. They composed many ela- penned curious Esays on Air-quakes, borate dissertations to convince the world Water-quakes, and Comets. In Polithat two and two make four; and difa tics, how successfully have the sons of covered, hy dint of syllogism, that white Nonsense bandied about the terms of is not hlack. Their inquiries in Na. Court and Country? How wisely have titral Philosophy were no less extraör- they debated upon taxes? And with dinary; many spent their lives and their what amazing penetration did they but fortunes, in attempting to discover a lately foresee an Invasion? In Relja wonderful Stone, that ihould turn every. gion, their domain is particularly exbaser melal into gold; and others ema tenlive: for, though Nonfenfe is exclude ployed themselves in making artificial ed, at least from the first part of the ferwings, by the help of which they should vice, in all regular churches, yet the fly up into the world of the moon, An- often oceupies the whole ceremony al other branch of the family took to the the Tabernacle and Foundery in MoorBelles Lettres, and were the original fields, and the Chapel in Long Acre. founders of the learned fuciety of Grub Buit, for the credit of fo polite an age Street.

be is known, that the children of Nona Never was any sera in the annals of sense, who are many of them people of Nonsense more illultrions than the pre- fashion, are as often seen at the Playsent; nor did that noble family ever house as at Church: and it is something more fignally distinguish is felf in every strange, that the family of Nonsente is occupation. In Oratory, who are greates now divided against itself, and in high proficients than the progeny of Non. contest about the management of their jense? Witness many long and eloquent, favourite amusement the Opera. fpeeches delivered in St. Stephen's Cha.





THERF. is no mark of our conf.. whole matter is presently known to al

dence taken more kindly hy a friend, our friends round the Wrekin. The than the entrusting him wiih'a Secret; secret catches, as it were, by conta&, not any which he is le likely to abule. and like electrical matter breaks forth Conndants in ge eral are like ernzy from every link in the chain, almost as firelocks, wbie' are no tooner charged the faine instant. Thus the whole Exand cocked, than the fpring gives way, change inay be thrown into a buz toend the report inunediately follows.. morrow, by what was whispered in the Happy to have been thought worthy the midride of Marlborough Downs this confidence of one friend, they are im- morning ; and in a week's time the patient to manifeft their importance to ftreets way ring with the intrigute of a another; till between them and their woman of fashion, bellowed out from friend, and their friend's friend, the the fout inouths of the lawkers, thouglas a present it is known to no creature any young lady is unfortunately disco: living but her gallant and her waiting- vered eating a green apple in a cornet, maid.

if he is 'heard to pronounce a navghty As the talent of Secresy is of so great word, or is caught picking the letters out inportance to society, and the necessary of another mils's fampler, away runs commerce between individuals cannot the chit, who is so happy aš to get the be securely carried on without it, that start of the rest, screams out her informa this deplorable weakness should be lo tion as she goes; and the prudent ma. general is much to be lamented. You tron chucks her under the chin, and may as well pour water into a funnel or tells her that he is a good girl, and a fieve, and expect it to be retained there, every body will love her. as commit any of your concerns to so The management of our young gen. Slippery a companion. It is remarkable, tlemen is equally abfurd: in most of that in those men who have thus lost the our schools, if a lad is discovered in a faculty of retention, the desire of being scrape, the impeachment of an accomcommunicative is always most prevalent plice, as at the Old Bailey, is made the where it is leaft to be justified. If they condition of a pardon. I remember a are entrusted with a matter of no great boy, engaged in robbing an orchard, moment, affairs of more consequence who was unfortunately taken prisoner will perhaps in a few hours Muffle it in an apple-tree, and conducted, under intirely out of their thoughts : but if any the strong guard of the farmer and his thing be delivered to them with an air dairy-muid, tothe master's house. Upon of earneftness, a low voice, and the gel. his absolute refusal to discover his afto. ture of a man in terror for the confe- ciates, the pedagogue undertook to lasti quence of it's being known; if the door him out of his fidelity; tur finding is is bolted, and every precaution taken to impollible to scourge the secret out of prevent a sorprise; however they may him, he at last gave him up for an oba promise secrecy, and however they inay stinate villain, and sent him to his fa.. intend it, the weight upon their minds ther, who told him he was ruined, and will be so extrenjely oppressive, that it was going to disinherit hiin for fiot be will certainly put their tongues in mo. traying his school fellows. "I muitown, tion.

I am not fond of thus diubbing ous This breach of trøft, so universal youth into treachery; and am much amongst is, is perhaps in a great mea. more pleased with

the requel of Ulyffes, fure owing to our education. The first when he went to Troy, who bégged of leflon our little masters and miffes are' those who were to have the charge of taught, is to become blabs and tell-tales: Telemachus, that they would above all they are bribed to divulge the petty in. things teach him to be just, fincere, trigues of the family below stairs to faithful, and to keep a Secret. papa and mamma in the parlour, and a Every inan's experience must have doll or an hobby-horse is generally the furnished him with instances of confi. encouragement of a propensity which dants who are not to be relied on, and could scarcely be atoned for by a wh:po friends who are not to be trusted; but ping. As soon as chuldren can lifpout few perhaps have thought it a character the little intelligence they have picked fo well worth their attention, as to have up in the ball or the kitchen, they are marked out the different degrees into admired for their wit: if the butler has which it may be divided, and the different been caught killing the housekeeper in methods by which Secrets are commuhis pantry. or the footman detected in nicated. romping with the chambermaid, away Ned Trusty is a tell-tale of a very fin." fies little Tommy or Betfy with the gular kind. Having some sense of inis dews; the parents are loft in admiration dary, he hesitates a little at the breach of the pretty rogue's understanding, and of it. If he engages never to uttera' reward fuch uncommon ingenuity with fyllable, he molt punétually perfoli118 a kifs or a sugar plumb.

his promise; but then he has the krack Nur does an inclination to Secrecy of infinuating by a nut and a thros meet with less encouragement at fchol. well-timel, or a seasonable leer, as ich The governantes as the boarding school as others can convey in express terms reach miss, to be a good girl, and tell It is difficult, in hort, tó dere mine chern every thing the knows: thus, if whether he is more to be admired for

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his resolution in not mentioning, or his custoly of the first friend he meets, and ingenuity in disclosing a Secret. He is returns to his wife with a chearful allo excellent at a' doubtful phrafe,' as aspect, and wonderfully altered for the Hamuler calls it, or an ' ambiguous , better.

giving out; and his conversation con. Careless is perhaps equally undesignsiits chiefly of such broken inuendoes, ing, though not equally excusable. En,

truit him with an affair of the most Well, I know-or, I could-an if I wouldin importance, on the concealment of which Or, if I ft to speak-ror, there be, an if your fortune and happiness depend: he there might, &c.

hears you with a kind of half attention,

whistles a favourite air, and accompanies Here he generally stops; and leaves it to it with the drumming of his fingers upon Juis hearers to draw proper inferences the table. As soon as your narration from these piece-meal premises, With is ended, or perhaps in the middle of it,

due encouragement, however, he may he asks your opinion of bis sword-knot, lxe prevailed on to Rip the padlock from damns his taylor for having drefled bin his lips, and immediately overwhelms in a snuff.coloured coat, inttead of a you with a torrent of fecret history, pompadour, and leaves you in balte to which rules forth with more violence arterid an auction; where, as if he meant for having been so long confined. to dispose of his intelligence to the best

Poor Meanwell, though he never fails bidder, be divulges it, with a voice as to transgress, is rather to be pitied than loud as the auctioneer's; and when you condemned, To trust hin with a Se. tax him with having played you falie, cret, is to spoil his appetite, to break his he is heartily forry for it, but never rest, and to deprive him for a time of knew that it was to be a Secret, every ear: hly enjoyment. Like a man To these I might add the character of who travels with his whole fortune in the open and unreferved, who thinks it his pocket, he is terrified if you ap- a breach of friendship to conceal any proach him, and immediately suspects thing from his intimates; and the im. that you come with a felonious intent to

pertinent, who having by dint of oh. rob him of his charge. If he ventures Tervation made himself master of your abrond, it is to walk in fome un frequent. Secret, imagines he may lawfully pinb. el palace, where he is least in danger of lil the knowledge it cott hien so much an attack. At home, he shuts himself labour to obtain, and confiders that priup from his family, paces to and fro in vilege as ihe rewart due to his inhis chamber, and has no relief but from duttry. But I shall leave theie, with muttering over to hiinfelf what he longs many other characters which my reader's to publish to the world, and would own experience may fuggest to bion, and gladly submit to the office of town-cryer, conclude with prescribing, as a short for the liberty of proclaining it in the remedy for this evil.That no man may market-place. At length, however, betray the counsel of his friend, ki weary of his burihen, and refcived to

every man keep his own, bear it no longer, he consigns it to the

No cxx, THURSDAY, MAY 13, 1756.




ASTE is at present the darling nefe, build with Talte; the painters

idol of the polite world, and the paint with Taite; the poets write with world of letters; and, indeed, seems to Talte; critics read with Talte; and, in be contidered as the quinteslence of al. fhort, fiddlers, players, fingers, dancers, most all the aris and sciences. The fine and mechanics them:elves, are all the ladies and gentlemen dress with Taite; fons and daughters of Talte.

Yet in the architects, whether Gothic or Chi. this amazing fuperabundancy of Taste,


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isw can say what it really is, or what those matters, as to be able to judge of The word itself signifies. Should I at- them accusately, but is aifu pimiered of {empi to define it in the Itile of a Con. the faculty of executing them gracefully, noilleur, I must run over the names of These two significations will perhaps he all the famous poets, painters, and more easily conceived, and clearly ilursculptors, ancient and modern; and after trated, when applied to our Senital having pompously harangued on the Taite. The Man of Taste, according excellencies of Apelles, Phidias, Praxi- to the first, may be confidered as a Ron teles, An elo, Rubens, Pouilin, and Vivant, who is fond of the dishes beDoininichino, with a word or two on fore him, and distingai.nes nicely what all tafieful componitions, such as those is savoury and Jelicious, or flat and inof Homer, Virgil, Taffo, Dante, and epid, in the ingredients of each: acAriotto, I hould leave the reader in cording to the second, he inay be regarsiwonder of my profound erudition, and ed as the Cook, who from knowing as little informed as before. But as what things will mix well together, and deep learning, though mcre flaming and distinguishing by a nice Talte when he pompons, is perhaps nor always so useful has arrived at that happy mixture, is as common lente, I shall endeavour to

able to compose luch exquisite dishes, get at the true meaning of the word Both chete significations of the word Taite, by contidering what it usually will be found agreeable to the following imports in familiar writings and ordi- definition of it, which I have somewhere Dary conversation,

seen, and is the only just description of It is supposed by Locke, and other the term that I

eyer remember to have cloie reasoners, that words are intended met with: Taite connits in nice har. as signs of our ideas: but daily expe- mony between the Fancy and the sience will convince us that words are Judgment.' The moit chastised Judge often used to express no ideas at all. ment, without Genius, can never conltiThus many perions, who talk perpe- tute a Man of Taite; and the most luxu. tually of Talte, throw it out as a mere riant Imagination, unregulated by Jürg expletive, without any meaning annexed, ment, will only carry us into wild and Bardolph, when demanded the

exira vagant diviations from it. To meining of the word accommodated, mix oil, vinegar, butter, mik, eggi, wilely explains it by laying that, ' Ac. &c, incoherently, tugether, would make

commoditated, Sir, israra -a-Accom-, an Olio not to be relished by any palate; 'madated, Sir, is as if poe thould fay- and the man who has no gout for deli

1-accommodated:' and if, in like man. cacies hintelf, el never compose a good ner, you alk one of theie people, What is dith, though he should ever so itrictly Taite ? they will tell you tható Tatte is adhere to the rules of La Chapelle, Han

a kind of a sort of a-a-;ia short, nah Gl. ffe, and Martha Bradley, I {, Taste is Taite.' These talkers must be confine myself at prelent chiefly to that considered as abfolute blanks in conver- fignification of the word, which implies fation, since it is impossible to learn the the capacity of exerting our own faculexplanation of a term from them, as ties in the several brauches of Taste, they affix no determinate meaning to because that always includes the other, any expression.

Having thus fettled wirat Tatie is, it Among men of sense, whose words may not be unentertaining to examine carry meaning in their sound, Taite is modern Taite bythele rules: and perhaps commonly used in one of these two fig- it will appear that, on the one hand, it's nifications. Firlt, when they give any molt pleasing flights and ravishing ele. person the appellation of a Min of gancies are extravagant and ablurd; and Tatte, they would intimate that he has that, on the other hand, those who af: a turn for the polite arts, as well as the feet a correct Talie in all their underlefler elegancies of lite; and that from takings, proceed mechanically, without his natural bent to those studies, and

genius. The first species of Tate, his acquired knowledge in them, he is which gives a loose to the imagination capable of diftinguishing what is good indulges itself in caprice, and is perpe or bad in any thing of that kind submit- tually Itriking new Itrokes, is the chief ted to his judgment. The meaning at regulator of the fashion. In dress, it other times inplied by a Man of Taite has put bunting-poles into the hands of is, that he is pot anly so far an adept in our gentlemen, and erected coaches and

to it.

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windinills windmilis on the heads of our ladies. each fide to court the four winds; he. In equipage, it has built chariots of cause, in the fultry regions of Italy, this papier macbé, and, by putting spotted model has been thought molt conveDanish hertes into the harnt fs, has nient: and another has, in great mea. made our beaux look like Bacchus in fire, shut out the light from his aparthis car drawn by leopards. The orna- ments, and cut off all prospect from his menis, both on the outside and inside of windows, hy erecting an high wall beour houses, are all Gothic or Chinese; fore his house, which in Italy lias been and whoever makes a pagod of his par- julged necefiary, to screen them from Jour, throws a plank or two with an the fun. irregular cross-barred paling over adirty Architecture seems indeed to be the ditch, or places battlements on a root- main article in which the efforts of Talle house or a stable, fits mp his house and are now dilplayed. A:nong those who gurden entirely in Tait:

are fund of exerting their fancies in ca. The second sort of Men of Taste are pricious innovations, I might inftane to be found chiefly among the Literati; the many pretty whi:ns, of which an and are those who, despiting the modern infinite variety may be seen within ten whims to which famion has given the miles of London. But as a proof of name of Taite, pretend to follow, with the nohle and judicious Taste among the molt fcrupuious exactness, the chaite us, I thall beg leave to describe, in the models of the ancients. These are the file of a Connoiffeur, à most amazing Poets, who favour us with correct, epi: corriotity, erected in a very polite quarter thetical, and tasteful compofitions; whole of this town. works are without blemish, and con- In the midit of a noble and spacious formable to the precile rules of Quline area itands a grand Obelisk. The Base tilian, Horace, and Aristotle: and as forms a perfect square with right an. they are intended merely for the perulal gles; the Body ct it is cylindrical; but of persons of the most refined Taite, it the Capital is an Heptagon, and has is no wonder that they are above the several cnricus lines and figure's described level of cominon undertandings. Thele on each of it's seven planes or superficies, too are the Critics, who, in their con. which serve to terminate as many moft ments upon authors, embarrass us with ingnificent and striking Viftas. This repeated allutions to the study of Virtù : fuperb Column, no less remarkable than and these too are the Connoiffeurs in the famous Pillar of Trajan, reemis Architecture, who build ruins after Vj. (from the fereral Gnomons and other truvius, and necessaries according to Hierog!yphics ftuck about it) to have Palladio.' One gemieman of this catt been originally dedicated to the Sun; but has built his villa upon a bleak bilin is now known among the volgar by the I with four fpacious porticoes, open on * more common name of The Seven Dials,

w No.CXXI. THURSDAY, MAY 20, 1756,



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HOUGH I hall not as yet vouch- cail festled in the world, they were for

safe to let the reader so far into my afliduous in looking out a wife for ines secrets, as to inform him whether I ain that nothing was required on my put: married or fingle, it may not be amids but immediately to fall in love with the to acquaint hiin, that, suppoting till lady jey had pitched upons and couldze remain a bachelor, it has not been the Jhavecomplied ouncieirleveral choices x fault of my friends or relations, On I should have been manied at the latex, the contrary, as soon as I was what they fine to a suli and a thout plumpanelu


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