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to support an intelligence office or em lished for the benefit of young girls who ployment bureau for any kind of service. have just left school and college. A duplicate record could be kept that The first graduates of one of these would make exchange or substitution of schools in Worcester, Mass., have received extremely doubtful value. Such books their certificates. This proves that the would also be of value in recommending holders have studied the chemical and servants to service in certain families. nutritive qualities of foods, marketing, the Alas, it is true that servants are some chemistry of cleaning and cooking, launtimes as sadly betrayed as mistresses. dry-work, and sanitation and hygiene. What is needed is some sort of standard The Household Economic Association of for work and wages that will be moder- New York will give especial attention to ately uniform. The “ Dienstbuch” or housekeepers' classes next year. The “ Service Book” may be a step toward school in Syracuse, N. Y., is so well esthis end.

tablished as to be accepted as a standard. Would it not be possible for the munici The Philadelphia Housekeepers' Allipal authorities to enact an ordinance that ance is to establish at once a school for will at least offer the protection of the the training of domestic servants. The German law which makes the employer Woman's Educationaland Industrial Union who recommends an incapable servant of Boston is to still further advance in its liable for any damage that servant may do? special lines of training mistresses and

Perhaps when in this country we estab- servants. The attempt to establish a lish as part of the public-school system a State school for the training of girls in Domestic Science or Home Science High domestic service in New York has brought School, we may be able, because of a out the question as to whether a Domestic better understanding of the whole subject Science High School for Girls is not as from the practical and economic stand- legitimate as a commercial high school point, to pass municipal ordinances that for boys. Why should not a girl have a will at least license the right kind of em choice as to what direction her education ployment bureaus.

should take after she leaves the elementary

schools ? A committee of the Brooklyn An Advance Step

Borough Board of Education have preIt is interesting to note that, in an age sented a resolution to that body urging when women are engaging in active pub- the establishing of such a school. This lic life, accepting public positions, and is a step far in advance. It is urged that entering all professions, the questions such a school will attract many girls who affecting the home life are more prominent now leave school at fourteen; they would than ever before in the world's history. remain two and three years longer if the It is no longer accepted as a fact that education they were acquiring had the being born a woman means being born a promise in it of a direct financial return. housekeeper. That woman, like the poet, Those who oppose it do so on the ground has the elements within her which, if prop- that it would be class education. Why erly trained, will result in producing the so, any more than a commercial education perfectly managed home, is the close-of- provided by the authorities for the direct the-century thought. The responsibility of purpose of fitting boys for a special line poor housekeeping is no longer thrown on of wage-earning? the servants. Its difficulties may be in Such opportunities of education for girls creased, as its cost may be increased, by will yet be provided by the authorities. The their faults, but the housekeeper now looks kind of work such a school will exact will to herself for the remedies, is ashamed prove that the making and keeping of a if the faults lie beyond her cure. All home demands intellectual effort, and that over the country there are springing up for those who hire and those who sell schools and classes for the training of labor, this kind of education will enrich the housekeepers, many of them being estab- State, physically, financially, morally.



New York.






your experience with White Lead BEYMER-BAUMAN


have you ever been troubled with Pittsburgh. FAHNESTOCK Pittsburgh.

cracked, pulled or alligatored surANCEOR

Cincinnati. ECXSTEIN

faces, or have you ever heard of such trouble

in the use of White Lead? BROOKLYN

Never; and these conditions were never known until the introduction of zinc white,

combination lead," and ready-mixed paints,

the two last composed largely of zinc, barytes, COLLIER MISSOURI

whiting, etc., very little lead, if any.

- Mr. E. P. Edwards, in "Painters' Magazine." Mr. Edward's is the senior member of the firm of Messrs. Edwards & King, Painters and Decorators, Elizabeth, N.J.

By using National Lead Co.'s Pure White Lead Tinting Colors, FREE ,

any desired shade is readily obtained. Pamphlet giving valu.

able information and card showing samples of colors free; also folder showing picture of house painted in different designs or various styles or

combinations of colors forwarded upon application to those intending to paint. National Lead Co., 100 William St., New York.




St. Louis.




Philadelphia. MORLEY

Cleveland. SALEN

Salem, Mass.



KENTUCKY Louisville,

The Editors have hoped to compile a hymnal that is hitherto unequaled, and it is not to be denied that they have succeeded, and that nobly.THE INTERIOR.


The Plymouth


With the Co-operation of Herbert Vaughan Abbott

and Chas. H. Morse is eminently adapted for use in Churches, Colleges, Schools, Social Meetings, and the Home

Rev. Theodore P. Prudden, West New Professor George C. Gow, Vassar College, ton, Mass.: «

Both hymns and music get hold Poughkeepsie, N. Y.: “The Plymouth Hymnal of people. The congregational singing has im was our choice out of several admirable books. proved. While there is an abundance of old Every, tune is singable. It gives me pleasure to hymns and tunes, we find the new hymns are a recommend the Plymouth Hymnal for college most admirable expression of devout feeling, and the new music is attractive, easily earned, Professor Edward S. Parsons, Colorado sung with enthusiasm, and united in by many College, Colorado Springs, Colo. : “... The who did not join in the old tunes."

use of its noble hymns and tunes will bring a Rev. B. S. Rideout, Norway, Me: “We new influence into our College worship, and so have only words of the highest praise for it. It into the lives of our students in the present and is a splendidly gotten up book in every way.

the future. Such a book cannot be outgrown. The longer we use it the better we like it." We shall rather hope to grow up to it.' Write to us for specimen pages. If you are a pastor, teacher, or choirmaster, we

shall be glad to send a FREE (returnable) copy to you for examination. THE OUTLOOK CO., 287 Fourth Ave., New York


Breakfast Cocoa


BECAUSE it is far

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The Genuine Bears the above Trade Mark and is

made by

The Colgate & Co."

on toilet and shaving soaps, per-
fumes, sachets, toilet waters, and

dental powder corresponds
to the Sterling" mark on siloer.

Walter Baker & Co. Ltd.

Established 1780.

Wool Platt's Soap Chlorides


is made from the purest fats—the best grade of pure mutton tallow. It is just the soap

For Toilet and Bath

The household disinfectant, instantly destroys foul odors and disease-breeding matter, preventing much sickness.

Swift and Company, Makers, Chicago

An odorless, colorless liquid ; powerful, safe, and economical. Sold in quart bottles only, by Druggists and high-class Grocers. Prepared only by Henry B. Platt, Platt St., New York.


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is a potent factor in brightening the dark corners of the earth as Civilization advances, while amongst the cultured of all nations it helds the highest place—it is the ideal toilet soap.

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