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LITERARY FOLLIES. If true that notion, which but few contest, That in the way of wit, short things are best ; Then in good EPIGRAMS two virtues meet, For 'tis their glory to be short and sweet. FOD

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In this little volume an attempt has been made, for the first time, it is thought, to combine in one small collection specimens of the Epigram proper -the short poem, clear, concise, elegant in expression, and pointed in application ; and of the

1 Literary follies and whims of the learned,—the nonsense verse, crostic, cross acrostic, double acrostic, shaped poem, quip poem ; vowel, verbal, and alliterative folly; palindromne, telestick, double-faced, echo, syllabic, and other whimsies -in short, more varieties of literary and ingenious trifling than Polonius said there were of stageplaying, or very few would suppose.

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