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Waldhauser, Conrad, Augustine monk, Wilsnack, 77; becomes less friendly

effect of his preaching in Prague, 21, to Hus, 80; letter from Hus to, 80, 81;
22; comes into collision with the supporter of the rival Pope Gregory,
mendicant friars, 22, 23; summoned to 95; signs a decree against Hus, 96;

before the archiepiscopal opposes the king's wishes, and retires
court, 23; declines the legate's sum from Prague, 108; brings further
mons to a disputation, 24; his reply accusations against Hus, III, 112;
to his accusers, 24, 25; King Charles's his embassy to Alexander V., 113; in
favour towards, 25; his death, 25

accordance with papal bull orders
White Mountain, see Bila Hora

destruction of Wycliffe's works and
Wiche, Richard, his letter to Hus, 126, forbids heretical preaching, 115; burns

the books and excommunicates Hus,
William of Occam, 5; his views concern 117; ordered by king to refund the

ing the secular power of the pope, 9 value of the books and refuses, 130;
Wilsnack, Hus sent to investigate the some of his property confiscated, 130;

supposed miracles performed at, 77, 78 places Prague under an interdict, 130;
Witold, Duke of Lithuania, elected thinks it politic to make peace with
King of Bohemia, 338

the king, 132; his dispute with Hus
Women of Bohemia their joining in is settled by arbitration, 132–134;

church singing derided by the prelacy, renewed bitterness between, 134;
281; their resentment at the evil life retires from Prague, 135; his threaten-
of the latter, 281; their fervent ad ing letter to the king, and death, 135,
herence to Hus, 281

Wycliffe, indebtedness of Hus to exag Zdenek of Laboun, Provost of All Saints,

gerated, 17-21, 109, 110; Hus studies royal commissioner at the church con-
his works, 74; Hübner's “ articles” ference in Prague, 162
against, 74; translation of work of Zizka, John, of Trocnov, 206, 312; leads
his by Hus, 83; strange tale concern attack on town hall of Prague, 323;
ing, 109, 110; his writings burnt, 115, leads the Taborites against Prague,
117; all his works declared heretical, 324, 325; to the help of Prague, 329;
157; pronouncement of Council of his political and religious views, 334,
Constance against, 222; endeavours 335; his devotion to Hus's memory,
made to prove Hus's ity of views 335; defeats Sigismund at Nebovid,
with at the former's trial, 233, 238; 338; joins the extreme Taborites, 338;
his character compared with that of defeats the Calixtines at Horic, 339;
Hus, 278

and at Kralove Hradec and Malesov,
339; at the meeting at Spitalske

pole,” 339; leads the united Hussites
Zabarella, Cardinal, appointed to ex on a last campaign, 339; marches

amine Hus, 221; at Hus's trial, 260 against Moravia, is attacked by plague
Zbynek, Archbishop of Prague, 76; his

and dies, 340
efforts to improve the moral conduct Zmrzlik, Peter, meeting of contending
of the clergy, 76; appoints Hus

Hussites in house of, 337, 338
preacher to the synod, 76; appoints Zrcadlo Hrichuv (Mirror of Sin), by Hus,
him to inquire into the Holy Blood of 174

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