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PRICES of STOCKS in AUGUST, BILL of MORTALITY, &c. 5 A NX INDIA , South Sea South Sea South Seal 4 per Cent.14 per Cent. Bank An. 3 per Cent. IndiaBonds B.Cir. pr] Wind at Weatber BILL of Mortality from STOCK. STOC X. STOC K. Annu.old Ann. newl 1746. 1747. 1748.9. B. Annu.


Deal. London. July 23. to Aug. 27139 182 1811 1131121 205003118: 103ittl. 10331R 1.103AT 500 Sl. 88 4 12 6 S. W. fair clo. S Males 705)

| 103 105 102 103 ( 1035

Chrift. 6 S. S. W. fair clou.

Femal. 666} '377 31 183184 113 10; 103 102 103 103 4 100

gl. 85 4 12 6,S. W. bys. fair 4 Sunday

S. S. W.

Buried fair

Femal. 7'55 1831 113 105 103 i 103

103 }

103 1 100 I 5l. 8s 12 6 S.W. by S. thun, Tho Died under 2 years old 574 139 1834184) 113

103 104 103 104 104 100

S. W.

fair Between i and 5-III
106 104 103 104
104 100 51. 75 14 12 6 w. by N. fair rain

s and 10-

106 104 103 1 104 100 6 W. N. W. fair rain

10 and 20

104 104. | 100

6 N.W. fair rain

20 and 30 - 108
10) 139 183


104 I J 100 sl. 78 14 12 6 S. S. W. fair

30 and 40 - 149 31 Sunday

rain fair

40 and so - 138 12 139 183–184 114

104 103 | 104 104 i 100 % si. 88 4 12 6, S. W. by S. fair

-13 139 139 183 1 4 114

103 104 104 100 5l. 86 4 12 6 E. S. E. foggy fair

bo and 70-9%
341 139

103 IC4 104 | 100

18 6 N. E. fair

70 and 80 - 42 15 139 184(1831 106 1104 103 104

104 100 % Sl. 88 12 6 E. S. E.


So and go 16 139 1 # 184 114

104 1 103 104 104 g 100 1101

12 6 s. by E. clow. rain

go and100 27 184 1 114

106 1045 103 104 i 104 100 101 sl. 86 is 6s. W. fresh fair cloud.

S, W. 18 Sunday


Within the Walls 19) 1 139 184 106 of 104 103 104. 104 100 Sl. 98


S. W. fresh fair cloud 114 104 To3

104 104 101 3. 98 W.

Without the Walls 351

fair rair 182

106 104 103 104

101 ) sl. 95

o S. S. E. 5

In Mid, and Surrey 651

182 114 106

103 104


sl. 98

Cicy & Sub. W.A. 3:3

182 183 114 )
103 104
100 Sl. los 5 o N. N. W. fair

103 $
104 * $ 100 í sl. 108

N. E byN.

Weekly July go

25 Sunday

E. fair

303 26 185 186

106 104 103 104

104 I 100 sl. 108 N. E. fair


186 185) 104
31 106

104 100 sl. 118


20 304 28 140 1 18511865 114 106 104 4 # 103 104 * $ 104

51. 108 S. W. clou. rain

*7 279 29 140 141 186 14

104 103

100 101
51. Tos
S. S. W. fair

30 1403 186 114 103


31. 10s

S. by W. fair Wheaten Peck Loaf 21. 311 141 186

103 101 104
100 % 51. Tos

S. W. fair Peale 19s. to 225. per Q.
Beas Key. Bafingstoke. Reading. Farnham. Henley. Guildford. Warminster. Devizes. Gloucester. Northampt.

Wheat 248 to 275 gr
load 71 158 load

81 os load 71 190 load 305 to 37 gr 355 10 38 qr 48 6d buih.

245 to 28 que Barley 148 to 17 oos 10 00 qr 175 to 19 qr 175 to 19 qr 188 to 19 ar 178 to 18

18s to 21

28 ond

165 to 17 Oats 125 10 135 od

145 to 16 od 196 to 19 168 to 20 128 to 15 od 145 to 17

>68 to 20

25 to 18 gd 135 to 15 Beans 185 to 225 od 205 to 24 od

215 to 23 245 to 25 219 to 24 249 to 28 298 to 31

25 gd to 38 18s to 21 LOTTERY TICKETS, 1751, n. 135, 6d, alle 128, pil, 128, 6d. Bilo ots, bd, rila 188. 11. 115. 6d. inl. 129. 6d, islo ijs,

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HE oath impored upon the wine the parliament still continues obstinate in

their refusal ; for when it was put to the
tinues to produce great commotions there, vote, there were but two for complying,
as most of them refuse to take it, and one and 130 against it. In the mean time,
of them named Haagendoorn, at Rotter the archbishop revels in the absolute power
dam, having lately complied, the mob he has got, and as he is a hot persecutor
afsembled on the 17th init. N. S, broke of the Jansenists, he has removed a great
into his house, let the wine out of his number of persons from their employments
carks, destroyed his furniture, and plun in the said hospitals, who are but fuspected
dered his house. Upon this the magiftrates of favouring Jansenism, which is like to
ordered the city drums to beat to arms, ruin the hospitals ; for as their principal re-
and the alarum bell to he rung, for the venue depended upon casual donations,
burghers to affemble, who accordingly there have almost entirely ceased fince the
about ten at night appeared in arms at the establishment of the archbishop's despotick
usual parade, and a party of them was or. power.
dered to march to M. Haagendoorn's house, From Madrid we hear, that four mips
where the mob were still rioting. Upon arrived last month at Cadiz from Vera
their approach, several bottles, and other Cruz, with a prodigious rich cargo, as fol.
mobbith artillery, were discharged at them, lows: On the king's account 1019 ferons
which obliged them to retreat twice, but of cacao zoconusco, 1003 chests of cholo.
at last they marched resolutely up, with. late, jour chests of powder of goaxaca,
out firing, and by threats and persuasions 1025 arobes of pipe tobacco, 1986 cheits
prevailed with the mob to disperse, after of tobacco-Itaiks, 2792 plates of copper,
They had been rioting in the house three and 4803 effective piasters : On the mer-
hours and an hall, in which time they chants account 20,221,791 effective pi.
drank or let cut thirty pipes of wine, be afters, 4543 marcs of wrought plate, Spa.
fides the damage they did in the house. nith pistoles to the value of 45,522 piantes,
A& the burghers did not attempt to reize 1010 marcs of gold, 1,073,9:0 pounds of
any of the mob, the magiftrates have of. fine cochineal, 25,350 pounds of wild co.
fered 1000 for ns to discover the ring. chineal, 59,725 pounds of indigo, 104,719
leaders ; and the states have issued a new of vanillas, 34,925 of jalap roots, 3810
placare for enforcing the taking of this oath quintals of campeachy wood, 2570 pounds
by all who deal in the home consump. of drugs and other medicaments, 3896
tion, but excuting those who deal only in raw hides, 1246 tanned hides, 1394 chefts
the foreign trade ; fince which several of of fugar, 1007 chets of china, 1010 bales
the most eminent wine merchants at Am of fallaparilla, 1006 ferons of cacoa, 1008
Hierdam have taken the oath required, chests of chocolate, 24,225 pounds of car.
which may induce the rest to comply.. mine, 1669 serons of snuff, 2025 ferons

A very serious contest has lately hap. of leaf tobacco, 1002 pearl necklaces, and
pened between the French king and his 1048 planks of Caoba wood; this last
parliament of Paris, relating to the go wood is of a beautiful red, and surpasses
vernment of the general hospital of that any in the whole world for furniture.
city, and the other hospitals depending And that his majesty being convinced of
upon it, in which the parliament had for. the advantages which would acc. ue from a
merly a great share ; but on the 24th of greater number of Europeans settling in hia
May last, his majesty issued an edict, by American dominions, has offered confide-
which he placed the whole in the arch. rable privileges, exemptions and advan-
bishop of Paris, and forbid the parliament tages to Italian families, who will go and
to interfere any way with him. The re. establish themselves in that country.
gistering of this edict the parliament deli. The oft inft. N. S. The affairs of Cor.
berated upon till the zoch vit, and then fica were entirely settled at a general mect.
agreed to it in these terms, “ Registred, ing of the deputies of the people of that
but by direction of the king's attorney island at San Forenzo, with the cheva-
general, and to be executed under the pe fier Chauvelin, minifter plenipotentiary of
nalties, restrictions, and moditications, France, where they acknowledged the fo-
fpec:fied in the votes of this day.” Upon vereignty of the republick of Genoa, and
this the first president was ordered to at. swore to submit to her upon the terme
tend the king at Compiegne the 3d inft. which his most christian majesty has been
N. S. where his majesty ordered his edict pleased to prescribe to them. What those
to be registered without any restrictions, terms are we do not yet hear ; but it seems
or explanations ; and hereupon the parlia the French troops are to remain there, for
ment have made very strong remonftrances, securing their observance of the oath ibey
but the king insists upon being obeyed, and have taken.

* See our Mag. for June, p. 286.
(Catalogue of Books is our next.)

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Or GENTLEMAN's Monthly

Monthly Intelligencer.

To be Continued. (Price Six-Pence each Monch.) Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in Quantity, ibon any Monthly Book of the same Price.) 1. A Letter to a Member of Parliament, XV. A Remonttrance againit an Abule in

recommending Courts of Conscience, and relation to Holy Orders.
the regulating Proceedings in Law,

XVI. A new burning Mountain in Savey,
Il, Method of gathering Manna near Naples. and Earıhquakes in Italy.
III. Bemarkable Case of a younger Brother. XVII. French Pretensions to St. Lucia.
IV. A Letter of Mr. Secretary Cok aflert XVIII, Mr. Coleman's Declaration his la

ing the British sovereignty of the Seas. V. A particular Account of a very extraor. XIX. An historical Account of Commerce. dinary Dwarf.

XX. POETRY: On a young Lady's admiring VI. The Journal of a Learned and Politi. herself in a Glass ; on a celebrated Beauty;

cal Club, &c: continued. Containing on Belinda, a quondam Toast ; on seeing the SPEECHES of T. Sempronius Grac a Picture of Miss G-nn-gi on Mis. chus, P. Curiatius, C. Livius Salinator, W-f-n's Vifit to Ireland ; to a successCn. Fulvius, and L. Lucretius Flavus, in ful Rival ; Beauty, an Ode'; on the Una DEBATE relaring to the High-Bail ff of certain'y of all sublunary Enjoymenis; a

Westminster, and the Westminster Election. Song in the Sacrifice of Iphigenia, let co VII. A Letter from Diogenes to the Grecians, Munck, &c. &c. being a severe Satire upon them.

XXI. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER : VIII. Extract of a Letter from Nova Scotia. Stions at the Old Bailey ; Welch and IX. A Description of WILTSHIRE.

Jones executed; general Court of the X. A particular Account of STONEHENGE Bank ; a remarkable Trial, &c. &c. &c. on Salisbury-Plain.

XXII. Promotions ; Marriages and Births ;
XI. A proper Answer to Urban's Refle&ion. Dealhs ; Bankrupts.
XII. A SUMMARY of the last Session of Par XXIII, Prices of Stocks for each Day.
liament, continued.

XXIV. Monthly Bill of Mortality.
XIII. A Letter from a Nobleman to his Son. XXV. FORBIGN AFFAIRS.
XIV. Pernicious Effects of Gaming.

XXVI. A Catalogue of Books.
With a Beautiful MAP of WILTSHIRE, ard a Reprefentation of the SOLANUM
LETHALE, or DEADLY NIGHT SHADE, curiously engraved on Copper.

MULTUM IN PARV 0. LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. at the Rose in Pater-Nofier-Row. Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or Stitch'd,

or any single Month to compleat Sets.


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C Ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S.
A Y.

Courts of conscience recommended

Letter of Mr. secretary Coke, in the

Abuses in the practice of the law 417

British fovereignty of the seas .387 Pleasant story of Mr. Robertson, of Killa
A remarkable account of a dwarf, with muck

his weight and measurement

A method proposed for erecting courts of

Method of gathering manna near Naples conscience

389 Law proceedings regulated by foreign princes

A description of Wiltshire

ibid. F.


Salisbury and the boroughs described 390, Extract of a letter from Nova Scotia ibid.



The other market towns 391, 392 POETRY. A song in the sacrifice of Iphi-

A particular description of Stonehenge 392 genia, set to musick



A country dance


The JOURNAL of a learned and political On a young lady's admiring herself in a

CLUB, &c. continued

393-402 glass


DEBATE on a question relating to the high On seeing a picture of the celebrated Miss

bailiff of Westminster, and the West.



minster election

ibid. To the Rev. Mr. - in N-shire ibid.

Speech of T. Sempronius Gracchus against To a successful rival


the question

393 A song, on Mrs. M-W-ff-n's visie
SPEECH of P. Curiatius in favour of it 394 to Ireland


SPEECH of C. Livius Salinator against it 396 On the much admired Miss Jenny Low,

SPEECH of Cn. Fulvius in favour of it 399 a celebrated beauty


Speech of L. Lucretius Flavus against it Beauty, an ode, address'd to a lady, ibid.

400 Reflections on the uncertainty of all sub-
A proper answer to Urban's reflection in

lunary enjoyments


relation to the speeches in the political Epitaph on Gilbert Wamesey, Esq; 424


An epiftle to a pupil in fickness ibid,

A letter from a nobleman to his son, ex On Belinda, a quondam toast ibid.

posing the false man of pleasure, and de. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER


fcribing the true one

403 A new burning mountain in Savoy ibid.

Pernicious tendency and effects of gaming Earthquakes in Italy



Purport of a French memorial in relation

An abuse in relation to holy orders censured to the island of St. Lucia


405 A remarkable trial concerning the postage

That different callings require different pur of a letter



406 Quarentine enjoined


A fine passage from the son of Sirach ibid. Sale of British pickled herrings ibid.

Remarkable cale of a younger brother, Account of the execution of Welch and

from the Rambler

407 Jones for the murder of Sarah Green

The man of sense under disappointment 408


The power of riches

409 Mr. Coleman's declaration of his innocence

A letter from Diogenes the cynick to the


Grecians, being a severe satire upon them A fire


ibid. E. Sessions at the Old Bailey


A summary of the most important affairs Remarkable instance of a criminal's refu.

in the last session of parliament, con. fing a reprieve for transportation ibid.



General court of the Bank


Debates on some of the resolutions of the Sheriffs sworn in, and lord mayor elected

committees of supply and ways and



410, 411

Marriages and births


of the mutiny bill

411 Deaths


History of the regency bill

ibid. &c.

Ecclefiaftical preferments


His majesty's melTage to both houses, which Promotions civil and military ibid.

give occasion to it

ibid. F. New Irish honours


The address of both houses thereupon 412 Persons declared bankrupts


Progress of the bill

412, 413 Prices of stocks and grain ; wind, weather

Of the naturalization bill



An historical account oi commerce 414 Monthly bill of mortality


Letter to a member of parliament, con FOREIGN AFFAIRS


taining observations on the law

415 Catalogue of books


We are greatly obliged to our good correspondene Ruricola, are sorry bis pieces came tos lale

for ibis monib, but fhall give ibem a place in our next.-Tbé verses figned Crito, several orber

preces in prose as well as verse, and some morbematical queftions we bave recoite!, pell bude a

que regard paid to bem ibi forf opportunity.

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In ebe GENERAL ADVERTISER, of Sept. Mare Clausum t ; not so much by discourses,

21, was published a Letter, writ by Secre as by the louder language of a powerful tary Coke to Sir William Boswell, Refident navy ; to be better understood, when from King Charles I. torbe States General: overstrained patience seeth no hope of preAnd as it abounds with mucb good Sense, serving her right by other means. is wrie wieb a truly gallane British Spirit, The degrees by which his majesty's and clearly points out tbe Manner bow we dominions at sea, have, of latter years, come to lose the numberless Benefits arifing A been first impeached, and then questioned, from our Fisheries, wbo obey were ibai beo are as confiderable as notorious. resved us of oboje Pollions, and the only First: To cherith, and as it were to Melbod for us to regain them, and conse nourish up our unthankful neighbours, we quently muß be agreeable to every true Briton; gave them leave, to gather wealth and we bave iberefore sboug be for so give it our Itrength upon our coasts, in our ports, by Readers, as follows,

our trade, and by our people. Then they

were glad to invite our merchants refidence, SIR,

with what privileges they would defire. Y your letters, and other. B Then they offered to fus, even the sove

wise, I perceive many reignty of their eftates; and then they sued B

jealousies and discourses for licence to filh upon the coasts, and obare raised, upon the pre tained it under the great seal of Scotland, parations of his majesty's which now they suppress. And when Aeet, which is now in thus, by leave or by connivance, they had

such forwardness, that we poffefled themselves of our fishings, not only doubt not but within this month it will in Scotland, but in Ireland and England, appear at sea. It is therefore expedient C and by our ftaple had raised a great stock of both for your satisfaction and direction, to trade; hy these means they ro increased inform you particularly what was the oc their thipping and power at sea, that now casion, and what is his majesty's intention they endure not to be kept at any distance. in this work.

Nay, they are grown to that confidence, First : We hold it a principle not to be to keep guards upon our feas ; and then to denied, that the king of Great Britain is project an office and company of assurance, a monarch at land and sea, to the full ex. for the advancement of trade : And, withal, tent of his dominions ; and that it con prohibit us free commerce even within cerneth him as much,' to maintain his D our reas; and take our ships and goods, sovereignty in all the British seas, as within if we conform nor to their placarts. What his three kingdoms : Because, without that, insolence and cruelties they have committed these cannot be kept safe ; nor he preserve against us heretofore, in Iceland, in Green. his honour and due respect with other land, and in the Indies, is too well known nations. But commanding the seas, he to all the world. In all which, tho' our may cause his neighbours, and all countries, sufferings, and their wrong, may seem to stand upon their guard whensoever he forgotten ; yet the great interest of his thinks fit. And this cannot be doubted, E majesty's honour is fill the same, and that whosoever will incroach upon him by will refresh their memories as there shall sea, will do it by land also, when they see be a cause. For, tho' charity must remit their time. To such presumption Mare wrongs done to private men ; yet, ihe Liberum • gave the first warning-piece, reflection upon the publick, may make it which must be answered with a defence of a greater charity to do justice on crying September, 1751.


crimes, A book written by the great Grotius under this title. t A treatise written by our famous Selden, in answer to ibe former,

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