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its public meeting as the Old ing of the gospel ; but for a long Scots Independent Church ? If time the work of Christ has been the answers to these questions in the hands of traders and mamust be in the negative, let them nufacturers, whose time is wholly frankly avow that there must be engaged in the pursuits of this something wrong in a plan which world. What can be expected in only flourishes in obscurity. such circumstances but languor We have said flourishes, but and decay? With perhaps few

must 'retract that word ; exceptions, their churches have for it ought to be evident to the been made up of christians from parties concerned that their cause other denominations; they have is a sickly, if not a dying one. been content to take the stones The narrative furnishes ample already prepared to their hand, evidence that most of their but have not been at the pains to churches are gradually moulder- go

to the

themselves.com ing away. The church at Gala. Within the last fifteen

years these shiels consists of five, that at resources have been cut off by Kirkaldy of six, Edinburgh of the intervention of a new body twenty, and London of eight of Independents, into which, from members ; (although this last its greater publicity, enquirers has one of the ablest men in the naturally fall : so that if they do kingdom, the editor of the Phi- not use some other means to prelosophical Magazine, among its serve their existence than they members), while on several of the have hitherto employed, the extincnumber, the punishment threat- tion of most of them can be at no ened to the church of Ephesus great distance. They consider the lias been executed--the Candle- world to be lying in wickedness, stick has been altogether remov- they look upon this country as .ed. Yet the authors of this pam- in a state of darkness and error; .phlet do not seem to have attend- and yet we do not believe that ali ed to this fact; and neither en- these churches have for twenty deavour to ascertain the cause, years put themselves to half nor to prevent the evil: We shall the trouble to remove this, attempt to supply their lack of that the correspondence about service.

this union has cost them. We The system of Old Independ- would faithfully and affectionateency we observe, makes no pro- ly recommend them to consider vision for the preaching of the the epistle to the church of Lawgospel to the world. Indeed this dicea. To speak strongly about is an object to which they and faith and order, to affect to pity the oldest class of Baptists little the wretchedness of mankind-to attend. The edification of the treat with contempt the means church is the only thing which it employed by others for their re: seems to consider of importance lief, and all the while to be doing To use special means to turn the nothing ourselves but looking on attention of the ungodly to the as unconcerned spectators, betray gospel, they seem to think no, a state of mind little affected by or a comparatively small, part of regard to the glory of God, or their duty.

A few individuals compassion to the souls of men, among them at the beginning In primitive times many ran too were men devoted to the preach- and fro to promote the increase


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of knowledge, and if Christians Surely no conscience under a sense now do not imitate them in this as of divine authority, can willingly well as in other things, they have brcak so plain a commandment." little to boast of. There is no al. This is sufficiently decided on lusion in this pamphlet to men such a subject.

But in answer exclusively devoted to the minis. to the enquiry, “ Do the churchtry of the gospel, but to sheer es in the north allow of what at them; there is no reference to some call innocent amusements, the divine appointment of their às plays, dancing, horse racing, support from the churches, but to &c.?” we have the following equicondemn it; that they should in vocal answer. We do not adtheir decline and prospective ruin vocale any of these things,' (very eat the fruit of their own doings, good not to advocate evil). is therefore the natural conse- such practices are conducted and quence, as well as their just retri- carried on, we view them as calbution.

culated to stir up and gratify the All bodies naturally degenerate, lusts of the flesh, and the pride of and without the greatest watch life:” (Does not this seem to imfulness will not only leave their ply, that if dancing and horse racfirst love, but depart from their ing were better conducted, they first purity ; and in proportion as would not gratify the lusts of the Christian Churches become loose flesh ?) But though a brother in their admission of members, should happen to be a witness to and in their attention to them a dance or a horse race, it would afterwards, will they cease to pros- have to depend on the circumper in the ways of the Lord. It stances, of the case, whether or ought also to be attended to, that not we should consider him a there may be a flaming zeal about transgressor of the law of God," separation from the world in wer- p. 36. For those who eat blood, ship, and in ordinances, while no apology it seems, can be made, the greatest conformity to it in but towards the frequenter of the spirit, and in practice, is discover. vain and sinful amusements of this ed. We wish these Churches to' world, much compassion may be consider how far these remarks shewn. We simply ask, is this are applicable to them, and the language of men who conwhether perhaps something of sider conformity to the world, this nature does not explain the prostitution of time and money, causes of their declension. We dissipation of mind, and inthink we discover in some parts citements to fleshly lusts, serious of this pamphlet a decision of evils ? Indeed we are afraid Mr. language about some things of M'Gavin, who conducts this corless importance, and an indeci- respondence, could not return a sion as to some of the most more decided answer ; for if such important points closely connect- practices are not advocated, he ed with the practical influence of may know, that they are neither the gospel, which looks cx- condemned nor abstained from, tremely ill. The churches in by the body with which he is England ask whether the church. connected. es in Scotland, " allow of blood If self-conceit, and the pride of eating, and things strangled." supposed superiority soon destroy The answer is, « Certainly not the religion of an individual, these We suppress

dispositions must have the same render the seat rents productive pernicious effect on a community. by any means, appears to be a It is utterly impossible that re- greater object to this class of proligion can prosper where they are fessors, than preaching Christ and indulged. As an example of him crucified; and looking for what we refer to, we observe re- gain from any quarter, more than peated allusions in this pamphlet rendering thanks to God, on perto those who had not bowed the ceiving the genuine effects of the knee to Baal ; giving the reader gospel.” p. 44. to understand in the plainest what we intended to say upon manner, that they consider them- this passage, knowing that the selves to be the only true worship- expression of our feelings would pers of God in this country. We be of no avail, and praying that could pity the ignorance which our God may not mete out to this discovers, did it not display them the measure which they a state of mind which deserves have meted out to others. the severest censure. As another Indeed it is plain to us, that proof of the same thing, a number the leading men of these churches, of the letter writers shew, that if we may judge from their lete they view what is called oe- ters, have drunk so deeply of the casional communion, as among bitter waters of Glas and Santhe greatest evils into which a diman, as to leave little hope that Christian Church can fall. It is any thing said by others will be not our object to vindicate this productive of good. Both Glaspractice, but we may be allowed sites and Old Independents seem to remark in passing, that a body to use almost mechanically the which considers fellowship with language of the Publican, and at a Christian who does not alto- the same time discover so much gether follow with them, a dead of the spirit of the Pharisee, that ly sin, must have a very high they form a character at once so opinion of themselves, and a very unamiable and repulsive, as to strange opinion of some parts of render improvement hopeless, Christianity. Another evidence and correction unavailing. Both of what we allege will be found parties seem to be languishing in the fearless manner in which under a fatal consumption, aristhey censure and judge the mo- ing from similar causes ; the intives of others. Thus speaking cipient stage is long since passed, of the whole body of Christian the springs of life are now deeply ninisters who are not of their tainted, and the disease, which is number, they represent them as fast preying on their vitals, will “ teachers of uncircumcised hearts, speedily issue in their dissolution. seeking after filthy lucre; pre- We do not think any thing we ferring indolence to industry, and have said likely to retard its proreceiving to giving.” They ac- gress; and without a very comcuse them of “ laying aside the plete renovation of their system, gospel as the bond of union, and a protracted existence is desirsubstituting in its place a speak- able neither for their sakes, nor ing of the world, that the world for the sake of others. Should night hear them.” It is maliti- what we have said lead but a few ously asserted that “ to draw to- of them to perceive the mistakes gether multitudes of people to into which they have fallen, and

We see

to attempt the recovery of their all, remember, “ That not he tirat brethren, our object in these re. commendeth himself is approved, márks, which we assure them but whom the Lord commendeth.” have been written with the most For ourselves and our christian friendly intentions, will be so far connections, we hope to profit by attained ; and if they would lis- the example before us. ten to an admonition from fel- the extreme danger to the cause low-sinners, we would beg leave of Christ from underrating the to say to them :

qualifications necessary for the “ Be not high-mindel, but pastoral office, and following a fear. Let the annihilation of scheme which necessarily ensome of your churches be a warn- tangles teachers in the affairs of this ing to those that remain. Such life, and impedes their progress things must always be considered and improvement. We perceive as tokens of the Divine displea- the consequences of making orsure, and ought powerfully to der and ordinances ultimate operate on those who are con- things, the objects of glorying, cerned. Lay aside your caustic and the distinguishing features language in speaking of those of a system. Wesee that the declawho (follow not with you; and ration, “ My kingdom is not of if you are pitied and despised on this world," may be used as the account of it, do not impute it to watch-word of a party, while its the offence of the cross. Shew meaning is not understood, and that you are distinguished by its spirit completely violated. It your active benevolence towards is the spirit which quickeneth, men's souls, as well as by your the flesh profiteth nothing. We patient endurance of reproach for hope to remember that the kingChrist's sake. Instead of sneer- dom of God is not meat and ing at others, and rashly arraign- drink, but righteousness, and ing the motives of their religious peace, and joy, in the Holy zeal, shew us a more excellent Ghost We grieve to see imway, by giving an example of portant principles combined with Jabour, self-denial, and perse, other things, which not only neuverance in the work of the gos- tralize them, but actually render pel. Let us see that you are them pernicious, and operate as willing to sacrifice your farms stumbling-blocks in the way of and your merchandize, and to the world. Let every religious encounter reproach, and shame, party recollect, that its conformity and want, that you may win souls to the word of God, can only be to Christ. Be not satisfied with made evideat by its eminently other mens' line of things made promoting the spiritual welfare ready to your hand, but endea of men, and the glory of God.vour to gather others to Christ If this be not done, all boasting besides those who are already is vain--strong language about gathered. Be not proud of your faith and order is merely high order, and apparent conformity swelling words of vanity-and to the word of God ;-where the confident agsertions about love end of divine institutions is lost and purity, are no better thart sight of, the machinery of ordi- sounding brass and a tinkling nances is at work in vain. Above symbal,

P. S.-Since these remarks We hope in our next Number to were written, we learn that the be able to correct these, and to statements in this pamphlet of give a fuller narrative of some matters of fact are very imperfect, circumstances respecting them. and some of them erroneous.



WEST LOTHIAN BIBLE SOCIETY. III. That for every twelve members

The West Lothian Bible Society there shall be a collector, to whom their Jately met at Linlithgow. It stiil contributions shall be paid; and these continues its active and successful collections shall be delivered to the exertions, in supplying the poor in

Treasurer on the first Tuesday of Nothe neighbourhood with the Scrip- vember, February, May, and August.

IV. That the business of the associa- , tures, and in aiding the funds of the

tion shall be under the management of British and Foreign Bible Society. Much assistance is derived from VicePresident, Secretary, Treasurer,

a committee, consisting of a President, penny and weekly associațions.-- and other five members of the assuciaThese are increasing in number,

tion, to meet on the second Tuesday of and especially among the young: November, February, May, and August; One has been formed in the town of five a quorum. Linlithgow, among the youth in V. That there shall be a General that place, with an agreeable pros- Meeting of the association annually, on pect of success. Such Societies are the third Tuesday of August, for the calculated, under the Divine bles- purpose of electing Office-bearers, and sing, to have the best effect on those receiving the Committee's report of the who encourage and support them.

transactions of the past year.

VI. That whenever the sum in the Treasurer's hauds shall amouni to Thrce

Pounds steriing, it shall be remitted to REGULATIONS OF THE CARNWATH

the Treasurer of the Edinburgh Bible BRAEHEAD BIBLE ASSOCIATION.

Society. At a meeting of several of the in

VII. That there shall be a Sermon habitants of Braehead and its neigh- preached, and a Collection made annu. bourhood, on the 16th August, ally, to aid the funds of the association, 1815, (the Rev. William Horne, on the afternoon of some Lord's say in Braehead, in the chair), the follow. August; it being understood to be the ing Resolutions were read and una- business of the President to procure a nimously adopted :

Minister to officiate on that occasion. 1. That we form ourselves into an Committee of Munugement. Association, for the purpose of aiding Rev. Wm. Horne, Braehead, Presidente the funds of the Edinburgh Bible So- Mess. T. Somervile, farmer, Carnwath, ciety, in order that we may the more

Vice-President. effectually contribute to the general cir- John Burns, farmer, Braehead, culation of the Sacred Scriptures at home

Treasurer. and abroad.

Simon Peliance, weaver, Brachead, II. That all persons, (without any re

Secretary. spect to the religious denominations to James Storry, surgeon, Cainwath. which they belong), who contiibute at Jarnest{ussell, inerchant, Carriwath. the rate of One Penny a week, shall be John Siinpson, farmer, dether. members of the association: the con.

town, Carstairs. tributions io be payable weekly, inonth,

Laurene Simpson, Brwshot, ly, quarterly, or annually, as members

Cainwain. may find convenient.

Thomas Shaw, labourer, Braehead Vol II.-No. 10.

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