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Thesium linophyllum, bastard toadflax, in mountainous pas-
tures, especially chalk, near Croydon, and elsewhere.
Tortula aristata, short-pointed screw-moss, Croydon.
Tortula cuneifolia, wedge-shaped screw-moss, Streatham

Tortula rigida, rigid screw-moss, Downs near Croydon.
Trichostomum flexifolium, waved-leaved fringed moss,

Trifolium ochroleucum, yellow-flowered trefoil, Duppa's Hill.

Trifolium scabrum, rough trefoil, Croydon.

Trifolium subterraneum, dwarf trefoil, Shirley Common. Triticum caninum, bearded wheat-grass, in woods and hedges near Croydon.

Turritis hirsuta, hairy tower mustard, on rocks, stones, and old walls, in Smitham Bottom, near Croydon.


Mr. West inscribed in an arbour the following verses upon the scene of his retirement :

Not wrapt in smoky London's sulph'rous clouds,
And not far distant stands my rural Cot;

Neither obnoxious to intruding crowds,

Nor for the good and friendly too remote.

And when too much repose brings on the spleen,
Or the gay city's idle pleasures cloy,
Swift as my changing wish, I change the scene,
And now the country, now the town enjoy.

The classical Reader will observe the imitation of the last four lines in the Villula of Ausonius:

Hæc mihi nec procul urbe sita est, nec prorsus ad urbem;

Ne patiar turbas ; atque bonis potiar.

Et quotiens mutare locum fastidia cogunt,
Transeo; et alternis rure vel urbe fruor.

Verbascum lychnitis, white mullein, Duppa's Hill.

Vinca minor, small periwinkle, near Croydon.

Viola palustris, marsh violet, in wet meadows, and on Shirley Common.

Fossils found at, and near Croydon,

And collected by the late John Smith Budgen, Esq. of Dorking, in the possession of different Gentlemen at Croydon, and in its Vicinity.

A VERY fine piece of Fossil wood, cut through the middle and polished on one side of each slice, was found in a module of flint taken out of the Chalk-pit at Croydon; it was called by the workmen, Heart of oak, having apparently the grain and texture of wood, with knots. Such specimens are rare.

Two coralline bodies of the class Mycetite Concides, but of a larger size, and uncoated so as to shew the internal texture. From the Chalk-pit, Croydon.

Two Belemnites, smooth, semi-pellucid, and of a yellowish cast. From the same pit.

Several pectines, of the Bivalvia class, detached from the chalk. Taken from the pits at Croydon.

A Pecten with both valves. From the same place.

A very fine Pecten, circular, and striated, with both valves, but a little displaced. From the same pits.

A very fine Pecten bedded in chalk; the valves are open gradually from the hinge; one of them has an uncommon gloss upon it. Taken from the chalk pit on the right hand side of the road leading from Croydon towards Brighton.

Some Echini Oviair. Taken from the pits at Croydon.

A small Oyster of the cock's comb kind, of the Bivalvia ostrea class, and bedded in chalk; the valves are separated, and lie near each other. From the chalk-pits.

A small one of the class Echini cordati was taken from a gravel-pit near Croydon.

One also from the chalk-pit; this specimen is very large and beautiful; the top of the shell rises very high, and at the bottom are several of the spines crushed and flatted down.

Some other very fine ones from Croydon, having a kind of reticulated film found upon Sea-shells, supposed to be the remains of the vesiculæ of the sprat.

Of the class Echini Pileati several have been found in the pits at Croydon; one in particular with the top broken off, which exhibits the inside chrystallized.

A very fine one with several spikes, bedded in chalk. Found at Croydon.

Another taken from Croydon of the Piscium class, measuring three inches and a half.

Three others; one is a Fish, about the size of an anchovy, bedded in chalk; an exceedingly rare fossil; no collector who has seen it, ever saw one before in chalk. Another is part of a jaw with parts of the teeth, in chalk. The third is part of

a Fish about the size of a tench, the head part with the scales on it. It is an uncommon specimen, being bedded in chalk. Taken from the left hand pit on the way from Croydon.

Tradesmens' Tokens*,

Issued from Croydon.


THE Impresssions.. M M'B of Croydon his halfpenny 1668' shape a heart.

Edward Burk (a Wheatsheaf) R' Croy


don in Surrey E+R'

Charles & Margery-Halfpenny' R


Seal in Croydon 1667--C † M'


John Hatfield--R' of Croydon I† M'


John Heafield R' of Croydon IM

* The right of making these copper tokens was given by Patent to individuals, who sometimes made great profit of them; for their intrinsic was in no degree equal to their nominal value, and though persons were pledged to take them at their nominal value, it is probable that they were never all returned to the issuers.

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