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You'd have swore if you had but have seen his great hoard,

He belonged to a party of coiners,

But in Wapping, the lubber got eased of his cash,
Nay the landlady called Jack a ninny;
Not up to their gossip he cut such a dash,
That with 'em he shar'd his last guinea.
Misfortune, we all know, attends on the brave,
Jack knew I was generous even to folly,
And friendship to try, my assistance did crave,
For if matters went crooked he always was jolly,
Says he, then says I, d'ye see that as how,

A tight lad on shore ne'er was reckon'd a ninny,
So like a sheer hulk took the lubber in tow,
And with him I shar'd my last guinea.


Fair Ellen like a lily grew,

Was beauty's fav'rite flow'r,
Till falsehood chang'd her lovely hue,
She wither'd in an hour.

Antonia, in her virgin breast

First rais'd a tender sigh;
His wish obtain'd, the lover blest,
Then left the maid to die.


I saw thee weep-the big bright tear
Came o'er that eye of blue;

And then methought it did appear
A violet dropping dew;

I saw theo smile-the sapphire's blaze
Beside thee ceased to shine;
It could not match the living rays
That filled that glance of thine.
As clouds from yonder sun receive
A deep and mellow die,

Which scarce the shade of coming eve
Can banish from the eye,

Those smiles unto the moodiest mind
Their own pure joy impart ;
Their sunshine leaves a glow behind,
That lightens o'er the heart.


Hark echo, sweet echo, repeats the loud strain, The shooting and hooting of chase Diana's train, Aurora smiles sweetly, and comes on apace,

The hounds and the horns call us forth to the chase.

Blind Cupid is banished from these happy fields, His quiver to Diana, the wanton now yields; She blunts all his sorrows, his power destroys, While the virgins all follow his innocent joys.

WHEN WE DWELL ON THE LIPS. When we dwell on the lips of the lass we adore, Not a pleasure in nature is missing;

May his soul rest in heaven; he deserves it I'm


Who was the first inventor of kissing.


Master Adam, I verily think was the mar
Whose discovery will ne'er be surpass'd,
Then since this sweet game with creation began,
To the end of the world may it last.

My thoughts delight to wander
Upon a distant shore,
Where lovely, fair, and tender,
Is she whom I adore;
May heaven, its blessings sparing
On her bestow them free,
The lovely maid of Erin,
Who sweetly sang to me.
Had fortune fix'd my station
In some propitious hour,
The monarch of a nation,

Endowed with wealth and power,
That wealth and power sharing,
My peerless queen should be
The lovely maid of Erin,

Who sweetly sang to me.
Although the ruthless ocean
May long between us roar,
Yet while my heart has motion,
She'll lodge within its core !
For artless and endearing,
And mild and young is she,
The lovely maid of Erin,
Who sweetly sang to me.
When Fate gives animation,

That my last hour is nigh,

With placid resignation,

I'll lay me down and die,
Fond Hope my bosom cheering,
That I in heaven shall see
The lovely maid of Erin,

Who sweetly sang to me.

Tell me, where is fancy bred,
Or in the heart, or in the head:
How begot, how nourished:

Is it engender'd in the eyes,
With gazing fed; and fancy dies
In the cradle where it lies;
Let us all ring Fancy's knell
I'll begin it.-Ding, dong, bell.

Ding, dong, bell.


Love wakes and weeps,

While Beauty sleeps!

O for Music's softest numbers!

To prompt a theme

For beauty's dream,

Soft as the pillow of her slumbers.

Through groves of palm

Sigh gales of balm,

Fire flies on the air are wheeling;
While through the gloom

Comes soft perfume,

The distant beds of flowers revealing.

O wake and live:
No dream can give

A shadow'd bliss, the real excelling:
No longer sleep,

From lattice peep,

And list the tale that love is telling.


Our country is our ship d'ye see,

A gallant vessel too,

And of his fortune proud is he,
Who's of the Albion's crew;
Each man, whate'er his station be,
When duty's call commands,
Should take his stand,
And lend a hand,

As the common cause demands.

Among ourselves in peace, 'tis true,
We quarrel, make a route,
And having nothing else to do,
We fairly scold it out;

But once the enemy's in view,

Shake hands, we soon are friends,

On the deck,

Till a wreck,

Each the common cause defends.


Can any king be half so great ?
So kind, so good as I?

I give the hungry food to eat,
And liquor to the dry.

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