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BANK IND'I A South Sea South Sea South Sea 4 percent.fi percent. Bank An. 3 perCent. India Bonds B.Cir. pri Wind at

Wearber BILL of Mortality from
STOCKSTOCK. STOCK.Annu.oid Ann, new 1746. 1747 1748-9. B. Annu.

præm. $. d. Deal.


Dec. 25.10 Jan. 22. 1 136

T12 103] iner

102 intr. 10

6 S.


21 136
!:2 103
102 102

6 S. E. fair cloud

Femal, 600
3 136 / 1

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6 E. S. E. much rain

Buried 102

31. 175

6 S. W. tair cloud.
101 102 101

ts.w.byw. fair rain Died under 2 years old 619

W. N. W. fair rain Between

- 119 101 102 101 2

31. 165
W. fair cold

5 and 10- 50

2 UN W.by W. fair cold

10 and 20 - 50
101 | 101
31. 155 2 S. E. fresh! rain

20 and 30-
101 135

102 101 102

31. 168
6 N. E. fair cloud.

30 and 40 — 218
Ij 135
i 188

101 102 101 1

6 N. N. E. fair rain

40 and 50- . 262


6 S. W. much rain

so and 60 - 226 W. by S. fair cold

60 and 70- 147 141 135

INT 103

TO2 101

6 N. W. frosty

70 and 80

151 135


41. 29
2 6/W. S. W. hard front

8o and 90 54
161 135

101 i 1101

6 N. E. hard front

go andioo 171 135 189 u1


102 101

S. freth cold wind

18 135

41. 68
S. W. much rain

Within the Walls 110

172 19


101 101

41. 45

2 6 S. by W. fair rain 20 Sunday


Without the Walls 476

E. S. E.
110%!!! 103 1

In Mid. and Surrey 971

6E. N. E. fr. clou. cold 22 135$ 184 %

10; 1:03 10T

City & Sub. W p. 427

6 N. E, hard cold rain 23 1351 135

III 103102 Tour. 101 1011101 41. 28


2 6 N. E. hard clou. cold
24) 135134. 195
102 1011001

10010197 9 41.is

6! N. by E. clou. coid Weekly Jan, 1692 183 1

102 100 100}1011 1003:01 97 41. Is

ON, N. W. fronty

8 482 26

111 IO3 1033 101 101 971 41. IS

N. snow

15 464 29 Sunday

N. W. snow 28 1024103101 oolift . 101 101197 41. IS

o W. S. W. frost (now

2046 29 131. 12 103 1012102

Ici:02 97
41. 25

S. W. troft snow, Wheaten Peck Loaf 11. 9d.

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97 41. 28

o'S.W.by W. hard frost Pease 20s. to 236. per Q.' 311 135


1O2 100

97 ul. 28

01 S. W. hard front Tares 235, to 275. per Q.
Bear Key. Bafingitoke.

Read ng
Farnhain. Henley.

Guildford. Warmintter. Devizes. Gloucester. Northampt
Wheat 245 10 275 qr

75;s load

plis load 717s bad 81 os load 71 195 load

328 to 38 qr 45 6d buih.

249 to 28 cu Barley 143 to 17 Oos 10 ou qr 175 to 19 9r 178 to 1995 135 to 19 qr

195 to 15 Igs to 19 25 02d

165 to 17 Oats 128 to 135 61 145 to 16 od

18 to 19 149 to 16 168 to 20 ! 1$ 10 1; od is to 17

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47 TROM Holland we hear, that the peo- surer according to their just value of 100 ef

fective livers, bank money. As a finking projects now on foot, one upon the north, fund for this purpose, the republick las and the other upon the south ide of that made over to the house of St. George, as republick. The first is the East-India they call the bank, several new duties ; company proposed by the king of Pruffia and to make this fund the more conhdera to be set up in Embden, which may draw ble, the house is to pay out of its old in. many Durch merchants to settle there, come, half the interest retuled upon the and very much diminish their exports of actions of the new stock, till its entire exEaft. India goods to the Baltick and Ger- tinction. mariy; and the other is a canal which is The archbishop of Florence has published proposed to he made from Oftend, by a mandate, by order of the emperor, and the way of Bruges, to Ghent, deep and with the permillion of the pope, enjoining wide enough for three matt fhips ; and as all the clergy, and all religious communifrom Ghent there is a communication by ties of both sexes in Tuscany to bring in the river Scheide down to Antwerp, and exact accounts of their respective revenues, up the Schelde and the Lys through a penfions, &c. to the end that the govern. great part of Flanders, and some part of ment may sectie the share they are to bear Hainault, they think it will diminish their in the publick charge of the state. trade with the Austrian Netherlands, for The infanta, duchess of Parma, was on which reason they have found out, that tlre ad. inft. N. S. brought to bed of a this last project is contrary to the spirit of prince. the treaty of Westphalia, and are making From Berlin we hear, that by the plan Itrong remonstrances against it at the court for the adminiftration of justice, establithed of Vienna.

by his Pruihian majesty in his dominions, The king of Portugal has given orders, the court of judicature in that city de. that for the future no person condemned to termined 560 law-suits during the year death by the inquisition, mall be executed, 1760, not so much as one heing left unde. until the sentence has been seen and ap- cided ; for which dispatch his majesty wrote proved by his council, and figned by his ma. a very handsome letter of thanks to baron jesty ; and at the same time he has given Cocceji, his chancellor. great fatistaction to the people at Lisbon, by From Petersburgh we have a long maniobtaining of the court of Spain, an expla- festo, containing the reasons for their nation of the treaty concluded by his fa- minister's leaving the court of Prullia ro

her, by which it is ftipulated, that the abrup ly as mentioned in our Magazine for limits of the two empires in America Mall December last. They complain, 1. That be marked out and fully settled, before the court of Prullis affected at a certain peche town of Sacrament be given up : And riod to treat their minifters refiding there that the term of five years shall be allowed with as nuch contempt as indifference. for That purpose ; in which time the mer. 2. That his Prussian majesty refused to chants hope, that some new incident may

give leave to the Russians in his army to happen for preventing the ceilion of that return home, cho' they had been permitted town, which they look on as the bulwark to enter into his service only for the sake of the mines in Brazil, and their chief mart improvement. 3. That the empress having in that part of the world.

caused Capt. Staakelberg, an officer in the The Genoese have at last agreed on a Pruffian service, but her subje&, to be regulation of their bank of St. George, arrested for several misdemeanors which he which bears date the 12th ult. N. S. and confessed, the court of Prussia by way of was published the 6th inft. In the pre. reprisal arrested two Rushan oñcers in amble they emphatically set forth the mir. their service, who defired leave to return fortunes brought upon the republick in the home. 4. That the empress having by year 1746, which forced them, for the first proclamation recalled all her subjects in time, to lay hands on the sacred depofit, foreign service, the court of Pruffia not to draw out of it 15,000,000 of livers, and only refused to allow it to be published in consequently to sop payment of its notes, the Berlin Gizette, but threatned her mi. Now to restore the credit of this bank, nister for fignifying it by way of letter to they have determined, that in a very the Ruffian officers in the Pruffian service. more time all the old bills and notes of this 5. That her minister at Berlin had been bank shall be united, and constitute a new forbid to viqt Potzdam and Sans Soucy, fund, to be called Confecrazione, and to be along with the British and Imperial mini. divided into so many actions or Mares, of Aters. 6. That her minister was not invited 200 livers each, bank money, which actions to a grand feast at Charlottenbourg, to mall every year in certain portions be pub

which all the other foreign minifters were Jickly drawn by loc, and paid by the crea. invited, &c. &c.





The Monthly Catalogue for January, 1751.

22. An Enquiry into the Causes of the DIVINITY and CONTROVERSY.

Jate Increase of Robberies, &c. By H. 3. Editations npon religious and phi- Fielding, Ela; pr. 25. 6d.

Mivar. M

losophical Subjects, pr. 2$, Wilson. 23. Reflections on the Manners of the 2. A farther Account of the Welm Cha- Age. By Madam Depuisieux, pr. is, 6d. sity Schools, pr. 18. Oliver.

3. Reasons for comparing new Articles 24. A Review of the Works of the Royal of Religion, pr. is. 68. Griffiths.

Society. By John Hill, M. D, pr. 78. 60. 4. The History of Miracles, for fix Griffiths. thousand Years. Fuller.

25. The Trial of William Baker, pr. 6d.
5. An Essay on Anger and Forgivenes. Cooper.
By W. Websler, D.D. pr. 15. 60. Owen, 26. The Revolutions of Genoa, pr. 95.


27. A Discourse on Government and
6. Memoirs of the House of Branden. Religion, pr. is. Roberts.
buigh, pr. 28. 6d. Nourse.

28. Observations on the Buyers and 7. A General History of the several Receivers of folen Goods, pr. 6d. WhitNations of the World. By Mr. Salmon. ridge. Vol. I. pr. 55. Johnston,

29. An Historical Account of the Dir. 8. A New General History of England, covery of the Inand of Madeira, pr. is. 6d. 3 Vols. Folio. By William Gulbrie, Esq; Payne. Waller.

30. The Art of composing Mufick by a
PHILOSOPHY, PHYSICK, &c. Method entirely new, pr. 6d. Lion.
9. Differtation on the epidemical Dif- 31. The French Tongue made easy to
temper among the Horned Cattle. By Learners. By J. Fauchon.

M. Blondet, pr. 1S.

32. Miscellaneous Observations upon
10. * A Treatise of artificial Magnets. Authors ancient and modern. Two Vols.
The Second Edition. By J. Ivichell, B. A. pr. jos. Davis.
pr. 1S. Knaptons.

33. Visions by a Lady, pr. 6d. Owen. 11. Philosophical Transactions, No. 492. 34. Curious Observations upon the Manpr. 25. 6d. Davis.

ners, Cuftoms, &c. of the several Nations 12. Several Propositions, Rules, and of Alia, Africa, and America, Two Vols. Problems, for the Discovery of the Longi. By L'Abbe Lambert, pr. 105. G. Woodfall. cude. By William Blannerhafter, Esq; Ro- 35. A Veiw of the Lancashire Dialect, binson.

pr. 6d. Robinson. 13. The Workman's Golden Rule, for 36. The form of celebrating the Socratic Drawing the Five Orders of Architecture. Society, pr. 15, 6d. Patterton. By B. Langley, pr. is. 60. Ware.

17. The Vices of the Cities of London

and Weitminiter, pr. gs. Corbett.
* A Treatise on Diamonds and

Pearls. The Second Edition. By David
Jeff ies, Jeweller. Printed by C. and ).

38. The Scribleriad, an Heroick Poem, Ackers, in St. John's Street, for the Au

pr. 18. Dodney. See p. 40.) thor, and Suid by him. Price One Guinea.

39. The History of Queen Mab, pr. 6d. L. A Catalogue the most efteemed modern Bocks, ihat have been published 40. The Geese in Disgrace, pr. 6d. Ro. for fifty Years past, to this present lime, binion. with the Prices affixed. Printed in the 41. A new infernal Expedition, pr. 6d. Year 1751,

be had of all the Owen. Booksellers in Town ard Country, pr. ed. 42. An Hymn to the Nymph of Bristol

16. Remarks on the Academick, pr. 6d. Spring. By Mr. Whitehead, pr. is, éd. Trye.

17. An Appendix to the OEconomy of 43. The Satires of Persius, trandated
Human Lise, pr, 18.

into English Verle, pr. 25. 6d. Millar,
18. An Examination, whether any just 41. A Rhapsody upon the Marvellous
Definition can be given of the Law of Na. arifing from the first Odes of Horace and
ture, pr. 6d. Cooper.

Pindar, By C. Cibber, Esq; pr. is. 19. A Letter to the Rev. Mr. Douglas. 45. Poems on several Occasions. By By W. Lauder, pr. 6d. Owen.

R. Upton, pr. is. 6d. Reeve. 10. An authentick Narrative of the late extraordinary Proceedings at Cambridge

SERMON. against the W-rub, pr. 1$. Cooper. 46. A Sermon before the Lord Mayor

21. A View of Human Nature, or Se- and Aldermen, Nov. S, 1750. By W. lect Autorios, pr. 3s. Birt.

Cokayne, M. A. pr. 6d. Meadows.


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Or GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.


1751. To be Continued. (Price Six. Pence each Month.) Containing, (Greater Variety, and more to anery, iban any Monthly Book of tbe Janue Price I. Kema: ks on a Bull of Pope Clement VI. XV. Gin.drinking destructive of the buman

with the Character of that Pope, and of Species. King John of France, &c.

XVI. Account of Mr. Brighe. II. An Account of the new Comedy of Gil XVII. Alerations in the Lift of Parliament, Blas.

XVIII. Proceedings of the S. S. Company, III. Character of a young Lady.

of the Bank, and of the Common-Counci. IV. Insernal Rices at the Death of an Indian XIX. Iffect of Lightning on the Compass. Prince,

XX. Further Remarks on Chapling.
V. Constitution of the Society for the Free XXI, Tradescant's Garden ac Lambeth.
British Filhery,

XXII. POETRY: Prologue and Epilogue VI. Scheme for preventing Felonies.

to G Blas ; to Miss į an Invitation VII. The JOURNAL of a Learned and : to Dinner ; to Ardelia ; the Sun and

Political Clur, &c. continued : Contain. Cloud, a Fable ; Opinion of the Council jog the SPEECH of M. Ogulnius tor at George's concerning Gil Blas ; on the an amendment to the Oath of Secrecy in Thirreth of January ; to Mr. Rand the Mutiny. Bill : And the SPEECHES of his Followers ; the Fortaken Maid's ComC. Trebonius, and Q. Confidius, on the plaint, a New Song, set to Musick; Re.

Question concerning the Staff Officers, &:. us's, Epigrams, &c. VIU. A Desc iption of Hampshire.

XX111. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER : IX. A Description of the Idle of Wight,

Gamblers and Gamesters i Riot of Sailors; X. AbQract of Mr. Fielding's Enquiry into Malefactors executed, &c. &c. &c.

the Causes of the late Increase of Robbers. XXIV. Promotions ; Marriages and Births ; XI. Of the Height to which Rockets ascend. Deaths; Bankrupts. XII. How a Man of Wit and Learning may XXV, Prices of Stocks for each Day.

make himself a disagreeable Companion. XXVI. Monthly Bill of Mortality. XIII, Mathematical Questions answe ed. XXVII. FOREIGN AFFAIRS. XIV. Declaration of the Emprefs- Queen. XXVIII. A Catalogue of Books. With a New and Beautiful MAP O: HAMPSHIRE; and the Effigies of Mr. BRIGHT,

the surprizingly fat MAN, on a curious Copper Plate.

MULTUM IN PAR V 0, LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. at the Rose in Pater. Nofter-Rou Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or Stitch'd,

or any single Month to compleat Sets.

C ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S.


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prince Perlons of the drama, and their Conititution and procedings of the society characters ibid for the Free British Fishery

81 ubstance of the several acts

ibid. &c. Account of Mr. Bright, fo remarkable for A deíer ption of Hamptorie

his enormous bulk New.forest

ibid. B Scheme for preventing felonies, in a letter The boroughs and market towns ibid. &c. to Sir Richard Lloyd

ibid. Winchester and Southampton described 55 Gin drinking deitructive of the human Portsmouth 56 fpecies'

83 A description of the Ife of Wighit ibid. A : POETRY. The forsaken maid's complaint, The JOURNAL of a learned and political a new song, set to mufick

84 CLUB, &c. continued

59-54 A country dance SPEECH of M. Ogulnius in favour of the Prologue and epilogue to Gil Blas ibid.

motion for an amendment to the oath An invitation to dinner, from a discharg'd

of secrecy contained in the mutiny bill 57 furgeon to a lieutenant of a man of war Treason aga nst the constitution, as well as

86 against the crown

ibid. To Miss SPLICH of C. Trebonius in favour of the On the thirtieth of January

ibid. motion for adding a clause to the mutiny Britain's felicity

88 bill to prevent any non-commission offi.

The opinion of the council at George's cer's being broke, or reduced into the concerning the comedy of Gil Blas, ranks, or any officer or soldier's be ng with that of other members, not of the punished, but by the sentence of a coure committee

ibid. martial

99 Epitaph on a gin-drinkes, with other SPLECH of Q. Confidius against the moti- verses against gin-drinking ibid. on 62 To Ardelia

89 Extracts from Mr. Fielding's Enquiry into A rebus

ibid. the causes of the late increase of robbers, Solution of a rebus in Dec. last ibid. &c.

64 On the frequent repetition of devil and deTwo Mocking instances of vagabonds 65 vilith in Gil Blas

ibid, Of the apprehension, prosecution, convic- To Mr. R and his followers ibid. tion and execurion ot felons

The sun and cloud, a fable

ibid. Remarks on a bull of pope Clement VI. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER 90 67-74 South-Sea directors cholen

ibid. What the heathens, &c. thought of an Earthquake at Fiume

ibid. oath

68 Gamblers and gameters apprehended ibid. An excellent passage from the abbé de General courts and ballot at the South-Sea Guet 69 house

9', 92 Character of K. John of France 71 Important resolutions of the court of cem. Character of pope Clement VI. 73 mon council

91 Pleasant story of a poet ibid. D Malefactors executed

ibid. Of the height to which rockets ascend 74 Fate of the Westminster petition ibid, The polarity of the compaís destroyed by Riot of sailors

ibid, lightning

75 Resolution of a general court of the Bank Tradescant's garden at Lambeth 76

92 Character of a young lady

77 Alterations in the lift of parliament ibid. Rules for a man of wit and learning to

Marriages and births

ibid, make liimself a disagreeble companion Deaths

ibid. ibid. Ecclefiaftical Preserments

93 Farther remarks on chanting ibid. G. Promotions civil and military

ibid. Answers to mathematical questions 78 Persons declar'd bankrupts

ibid. Declarauon of the empress queen to the Pricus of ttocks and grain ; wind, weather dyer of the empire, concerning the

94 election of a king of the Romans ibid. Monibly bill of mortality

ibid. Syllogisms proposed to the learned, of both FOREIGN AFFAIR &

95 Universities

Catalogue of books

96 Infernal rites at the death of an Indian

The surveying and aritbmetical questions shall be in our next. The Latin infcriprion is too obfrene to be inserted, bue shall be reier ned, if de fired. We bave received ebe poems figned Y, webiet fall bave a place; as biswaje ji verat et ber pieces our cerrespondents bave favoured us Witb.

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