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'any person who is a national or subject of a The Courts in Palestine are either civil or

European or American State or Japan,” excluding religious courts. The former have jurisdiction Ottoman subjects, and inhabitants of a territory over local subjects in all matters save those of protected by, or administered under a Mandate personal status and charitable endowments, and granted to, a European State. over foreign subjects in all matters, subject to the

The rules provide that a foreigner accused of an provisions mentioned below.

offence punishable with imprisonment for a term Civil Courts.

exceeding 15 days may claim to be tried by a

British Magistrate, and a foreigner accused of an There is a Magistrate's Court in every sub-district offence not triable by a Magistrate may claim that and, in the larger towns, such as Jerusalem, Jaffa, the investigation shall be undertaken by a British and Haifa, two such courts. The Magistrate is in Magistrate and that at the trial the Court shall every case a Palestinian and has jurisdiction in contain a majority of British judges. In civil first instance in minor criminal cases of which the cases tried by the District Court a foreigner may punishment is not more than one year's imprison. claim that at least one member of the Court shall ment, and in civil cases where the value of the be a British judge, and in appeals heard by the subject matter does not exceed £E. 100. He has Supreme Court, that the Court shall contain a also jurisdiction in actions for the recovery of the majority of British judges. possession of land.

Matters of personal status affecting foreigners, There are four District Courts, each composed other than Moslems, are decided by the District of a British President and two Palestinian mem- Courts which apply the Personal Law of the bers, They serve respectively the district of parties concerned, that is the law of the nationJerusalem, the sub-districts of Jaffa and Gaza, ality of the foreigner unless that law imports the the Northern District and the district of Samaria ; law of his domicile. The District Court, in trying and go on circuit within the area of their juris- such matters, is constituted by the British Presidiction. A District Court has jurisdiction in first dent sitting alone, who may, however, call in a instance in all crimes other than those punish- Consul or representative of the Consulate to sit as able with death and civil cases not within the an assessor for the purpose of advising him upon jurisdiction of a Magistrate, and also hears appeals the Personal Law. from the decisions of Magistrates both in civil The official languages of the Courts a re English, and in criminal cases, except in cases for the Arabic and Hebrew. recovery of the possession of land. Crimes punishable with death will be tried by a Court of Criminal Assize composed of the Chief Justice or

Religious Courts. a British Judge of the Supreme Court sitting with

All matters of personal status affecting Moslems the District Court.

are within the jurisdiction of the Sharia Courts. The Constitution provides for the establishment A Sharia Court consists of a Kadi, and appeals of a Supreme Court which will sit either in the from his decision lie to the Moslem Court of form of a Court of Appeal or as a High Court.

Appeal, which is composed of a President and two The Court of Appeal is composed of a British members. Chief Justice, a British Judge and four Palestin

Jewish Religions Courts have exclusive jurisian members. A division of this court normally diction in certain matters of personal status of consists of the Chief Justice or the British Judge Jews, and jurisdiction by consent in other matters. and two Palestinian members. It has appellate an appeal from the decision of the Jewish jurisdiction in civil and criminal matters decided Religious Courts lies to the Rabbinical Council. in first instance by the District Courts, and in

Other religious communities (such as the Latin actions for the recovery of the possession of land and! Orthodox) retain the courts and jurisiliction decided by Magistrates. It also hears appeals which they enjoyed in the Turkish reyimc. from the Land Courts. The High Court will have jurisdiction to hear

Production and Industry. and determine such matters as are not causes or

Although economic conditions are still primitive, trials, but petitions or applications not within the modern methods are making headway and hold jurisdiction of any other Court and necessary to

out hopes of development and progress. The he decided for the administration of justice. country is generally fertile, and cereals, wine,

A bench of honorary magistrates has been olives and various fruits are proluced, while sheep established in Jerusalem, Jaffa and Haifa, who and goats thrive both in the lowlands and in the try contraventions for which the maximum penalty mountains. does not exceed £E. 5 fine and 15 days’ imprison- For the most part the crops are raised without ment.

irrigation, except where springs exist, anil on the Special arrangements exist in the Beersheba banks of the Auja, in the district of Jaffa. There District, where minor cases are disposed of accord- are generally two cereal crops each year, harvested ing to tribal custom by the Court of Sheikhs. A in May and September. British Judge visits Beersheba every month to For the area under British Administration, hear appeals from the local courts and to try more exclusive of Transjordan, the following are the serious criminal cases.

figures of cereal and fruit production, and of the Two special Land Courts have been established taxable animal census, 1921-22. to deal with suits in which the ownership of land is in issue, one for the Northern District and one Wheat

7:29,885 Tons. for the Districts of Jerusalem and the South. Barley

61,064 The courts are composed of a British President Millet (Durrah)

14,819 and a Palestinian Judge. In the Samaria District, Olive Oil ...

1,167 the District Court deals with land cases as well as


4,792 with other civil actions.


6,739 The Palestine Order-in-Council contains special Melons

18,075 rules for the trial of foreigners who are defined as Oranges

...1,300,000 Boxes.



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75,000 Head.

Kilos. Sheep

17-7 207,561 Narrow Gauge (3' 6")Section, Haifa-Acre

Haifa-El Hamme 95°3 Goats 330,107

Nassib South Camels 10,337


86-6 Buffaloes 2,000

Afule - Nablus

80°0 Limestone is found all over the country ; sand.

Jenin Military Siding

21 stone abounds on the coast; gypsum of good The Kantara-Rafa Section known as the “Sinai quality is found at Mount Gipsia near Menahemiah Military Railway” (approximately 200 kilos) is (Galilee). Rock salt abounds in the Jordan Valley operated by the Palestine Railways on behalf of and on the shores of the Dead Sea, where sulphur the Air Ministry. is also obtainable. Mineral oil is said to be found, There is through communication with Egypt, but pending the ratification of the Mandate no and trains connect at Kantara West daily with work on concessions is permitted. The Dead Sea Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said, Suez and other contains cooking salt, carnallite, and bromide. parts of Egypt, railway vehicles being sent acros: There are medical hot springs in the Jordan the canal by means of a truck transporter. Valley, the most important being at Tiberias. East of Haifa the Palestine Railways system

The only industries of export importance are terminates at El Hamme, and the Section El those of wine-making, especially in the Jewish Hamme-Deraa (Junction of the Hejaz Railway to Colonies, Zichron-Jacob, Rishon-le-Zion, and Medina) is operated by the Hejaz Railway, which Petah-Tikva; soap-boiling in Nablus and Haifa ; in turn is controlled by the French Government. olive oil in Nablus, Acre, and the district round There are 500 kilometres of metalled roads in Jaffa.

Palestine extensively used by motor transport, Oranges, grown chiefly in the Jaffa District, are

and in addition, many hundreds of kilometres of exported to Egypt and Europe, the total quantity tracks passable for wheeled traffic of all kinds exported during the year ended 31st March, 1922, during dry weather, being 1,300,000 cases valued at £E. 325,374. A Woods and Forests Ordinance has been pro.

Banking and Currency. mulgated and also various Forestry Regulations,

The most important Bank in Palestine is the supplementary to the Ordinance, for the protection, Anglo-Egyptian, with branches at Jerusalem, management and control of existing forests. The Jaffa, Haifa and Gaza. The Anglo-Palestine country had been terribly deforested during the Company has its head office in Jaffa, with branches Ottoman régime.

in Jerusalem, Haifa, Tiberias, Safad and Hebron. Nine nurseries have been established for the In addition, there are branches in Jerusalem of raising of forest trees and fruit stock. Planting, the Crédit Lyonnais, the Imperial Ottoman Bank commenced in 1920 at each centre where nurseries of the latter also in Haifa, Jaffa and Nablus), exist, is being considerably extended. Special and the Banco di Roma. attention is being given to the reclamation of sand There is as yet

Palestinian curency. dunes and the planting of roadsides.

Egyptian Bank and Currency Notes, gold, silver

and nickel coins, and British gold sovereigns at Shipping and Communications.

the rate of 97! piastres Egyptian, are legal tender,

Other foreign coins, previously legal tender, The chief ports of Palestine are Jaffa and were demonetised on 22nd January, 1921, by a Haifa. There is a small haven at Acre, and Public Notice. Trade with Transjordan is carried coasting vessels touch at Gaza and Caesarea. on in gold and Turkish silver mejidis.

In the year ending March 31st, 1922, 905 The metric system is followed by the Govern. steamers of 1,365,126 tons including 100 men-of. ment, but the local weights and measures are still war of 273,987 tons), and 2,742 sailing vessels of commonly employed. 45,062 tons arrived at Palestinian Ports ; and for For further information on all the above the half-year ending September 30th, 1922, 387 subjects, see the “ Handbook of Palestine," steamers of 647,582 tons, and 1,614 sailing vessels published in 1922 by Macmillan & Co., and issued of 28,639 tons.

under the authority of the Government of Seventeen Shipping Lines call, of which the Palestine. following run regular services : Khedivial, Lloyd

Triestino, Servizzi Maritimi, and Affréteurs
Réunis, weekly ; Messa? eries Maritimes, Fabre Period.

Revenue. Expenditure,
Line, Dutch Oriental. Dutch Levant, and Maritimi
Italiani, twice monthly; and the Prince Line,

9 months ended Calls are made at irregular intervals by the 31st March, 1921. £E. 1,107,486 £E. 1,227,056 Compagnie Russe de Navigation, Moss & Ellerman 1921-22 £E. 2,048,737 £E. 1,929,342 Line, Greek Line, Palestine Shipping Company, Royal Line, Dutch Lines & Co., Kerr Line.

The total length of the Palestine Railways, which are State-owned, is approximately 1,000


kilometres, including branch lines and sidings,
subdivided in the following sections :

From the

To tbe



Stand. Gauge (4' 8") Section, Kantara-Haifa, 412:4
Ludd Section, Jaffa-Jerusalem

£E. L.E. £E. £E.
Rafa-Beersbeba 59'5
Lud-Sarafand Military Siding

1919-20 | 1,204,682 4,191,060 92,059 773,443

1920–21 1,696,629 5,216,633 94,244 771,701 Kafr Jinnis-Beit Nabala Quarry

1921-22 1,872, 405 5,790,106 221,821 959,477 Siding Ras El Ain-Petah Tikvah Line:



309 6.5


Executive Council.

Moslem Religious Court of Appeal. The High Commissioner, The Rt. Hon. Sir President, Sh. Khalil Eff. el-Khaldi. Herbert Louis Samuel, P.C., G.B.E.

Members, Sh. Daud Eff. Hashem and Sh.
Chief Secretary, Sir Gilbert Falkingham Clayton, Muhammed Amin Eff. el-Uri.
K.B.E., C.B., C.M.G.

And a number of Qadis Sheri.
Attorney General, Norman de Mattos Bentwich,
O.B.E., M.C.

Treasurer, Steuart Spencer Davis, C.M.G.

Attorney General, £E. 1,100 to £E. 1,400: N. de Clerk to Council, G. F. Sulman, M.C.

M. Bentwich O.B.E., M.C.

Assistant to Attorney General, $E. 800 to

£E. 1,100 : R. H. Drayton. High Commissioner and Commander-in-Chief, Director of Legal Studies, £E.1,000 (consolidated);

The Rt. Hon. Sir Herbert Louis Samuel, P.C., F. M. Goadby (temp.). G.B.E., £E. 3,000 and £E. 1,000 entertainment Government Adrocate, £E. 800 to £E. 1,000 : S. G. allowance.

Kermack. A.D.C. and Private Secretary, R. F. P. Monckton, Registrar, £E. 550 to $E. 750 : J. L. Racionzer. £E. 550.

Public Prosecutors, £E. 300 to £E. 400; Saba Hon. A.D.C., Fakhry Eff. Yashashibi.

Said, Muhammad Baradi, z. Harakabi, Y. SECRETARIAT.

Stephan. Chief Secretary, £E. 1,650 : Sir Gilbert F. Clayton,

AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES, K.B.E., C.B., C.M.G. First Assistant Secretary, £E. 1,000 to £E. 1,200 : Director, £E. 1,100 to £E. 1,400 : E. R. Sawer. E. Keith-Roach.

Inspectors, £E. 550 to £E, 750: G. G. Masson and Second Assistant Secretary, £E. 800 to £E. 1,100: Entomologist, £'E. 550 to £E. 750: G. E. Bodkin.

A. F. Nathan, O.B.E. E. T. Richmond. Junior Assistant Secretaries, £E.550 to £E.750(1), Sub-Inspectors, £E. 400 to 500(1), E. 300 to $E. 400 to £E. 500 (1): M. Nurock, G. F.

400(1): Muhammed Ragheb and S. Antebi. Sulman, M.C.--£E. 550 to £E. 750 : A. S. Kirk Assistant Chemist, £E. 300 to £E. 400: H. Racskbride (temporary).

ovsky. Superintendent, £E. 450 to £E. 550 : C. L. Horton,

Chief Veterinary Officer, £E. 550 to £E. 750: J. ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF.

M. Smith,
District Governors, £E. 1,100 to £E. 1,400 : R. Veterinary Inspector, £E. 550 to £E. 750: S. J.

Storrs, C.M.G., C.B.E. ; Lt. Col. G. S. Symes, Gilbert.
C.M.G., D.S.O.; Lt.-Col. C. H. F. Cox, D.S.O.; Veterinary Sub-Inspectors, £E. 300 to £E. 400 :
A. Abramson, O.B.E.

Muhammed Sidki, Ahmed Khairi, J. Samsonoff, Assistant District Governors, £E. 800 to . 1,100: Muhammed Wasef, and Abdel Sabassi.

H. C. Luke; E. Mills, O.B.E. ; J. E. F. Camp- Quarantine Veterinuiry Officer, £E.300 to £E.400 :

bell; R. E. H. Crosbie ; L. H. Nott (temp.). Joanoglou. District Officers, £E. 550 to £E. 750 : W.J. Miller,

F. G. Lowick, R. D. Badcock, M.C., S. Moody, Chief Forest Officer, £E.600 to £E.800: F.J. Tear.
G. Maclaren, 0.B.E., C. F. Reading, R. S. Sub-Inspectors of Forests, £E. 400 to £E. 500(1),
Champion, A. N. Law, M.C., L. Andrews, M. £E. 300 to 400(1): C. Weizmann, A. Grasovsky.
Bailey, L. G. A. Cust, Ruhi Bey Abdul Hadi,
E. H. Samuel and E. A. Cartwright.

Assistant District Oficers, £E. 400 to £E. 500:

P. Cornfeld, N. Fiani, M.B.E., A. Khardus, Director, Professor J. Garstang, D.Sc., £E. 850
H. Stephan, Nasuhi Bey Beydun, J. Kupper- personal allowance.
man, N. Saba, Khalil Abdel Nur, M. Nasir and Keeper of Museum, W. J. Phythian-Adams,
C. Lubbat.-£E. 300 to £E. 400, Saleh ed-Din D.S.O., M.C., £E. 450 personal allowance.
Kaddura, Abdul Rauf Judeh, B. Bina, N. Inspector, £E. 550 to £E. 750 : P. L. 0. Guy.
Bawarshi, M. B. Bushrui, E. Tamari, G. Assistant Inspectors, £E. 300 to £E. 400: Dr. L.
Krishewsky, N. Madi, Said Daud, Aref el-Áref, A. Mayer, Ph.D., J. Ory.
Rafiq Ber Beydun, B. Nasir and W. Isawi.

Supreme Court.

Auditor, £E. 800 to £E. 1,100: H. S. Brain.
Chief Justice, £E. 1,650 : Sir Thomas W. Haycraft. Assistunt Auditor, £E. 550 to £E. 750 : J. Homa.
Senior Member, £E. 1,100 to £E. 1,300 : 0. C. K.
Corrie, M.C.

DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY. Members, $E. 550 to £E. 750 : Ali Jarallah, M.B.E., Mustapha Khaldi, Gad Frumkin and Director, £E. 800 to £E. 1,100 : H. J. Solomon, Francis Khayat.

O.B.E., M.C. Judicial Inspector, £E. 400 to £E. 500: Dr.

Assistant Director, £E. 550 to £E. 750 : L. W. Selim Shehadeh.

Charley, O.B.E.

Principal Stores Officer, £E. 550 to £E. 750: I. R. District Courts.

de W. Lash, O.B.E. Presidents, £E. 800 to £E. 1,100 : C. R. W.

Assistant Inspector, £E. 400 to £E. 500: A. Seton, M.C., F. H. Baker, W. G. Litt, A. H.

Epstein. Webb, K.C.

Geological Advisor, £E. 1,000 (consolidated): G.

S. Blake.
Relieving President, £E. 550 to £E. 750: R.

And a number of Members of District Courts and


Controller, £E. 550 to £E. 750 : A. M. Hyanson



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Deputy Inspector General, £E. 800 to £E. 1,100 : Director, £E. 800 to £E, 1,100: J. B. Barron,

Ā. S. Mavrogordato. 0.B.E., M.C.

Assistant Inspector General (Police and Prisons), Assistant Director, £E. 550 to £E. 750 : N. S. £E. 550 to £E. 750: A. J. Kingsley Heath. Butagy.

Assistant Inspector General (C.I.D.), £E. 550 to Supervisor, £E. 550 to £E. 750 : V. H. Rook. £E. 750 : F. A. Partridge. Superintendents, £E. 400 to £E. 500; S. D. Commandant Training School, £E.550 to £E.750 : Haddad and S. Ayoub.

W. F. Wainwright. Assistant Superintendents, £E. 300 to £E. 400; District Commandants of Police, £E. 800 to

G. Khayat, G. Atallah, Y. Habash, A. Shems £E. 1,000 : E. P. Quigley, M.C., W. F. and F. Mansour.

Sinclair and A. Sanders, M.C.-£E. 550 to Assistant Harbour Masters, R. G. Hughes and £E. 750 : E. Lucie Smith, M.C. and L. W. Gibb.


Assistant District Commandants of Police, £E.400

to £E. 300: Abden Husheimi, Shawky Saad, Director, £E. 1,100 to £E. 1,400 : H. E. Bowman, Selim Hanna, Hassan Abd es-Samad, Negib C.B.E.

Gabriel Fares.
Education Officers, £E. 550 to £E. 750: G. Bandmaster, £E. 400 to £E. 500 : A. H. Silver,

Antonius, J. Farrell, M.C., and one vacancy. Reserve Inspectors, £E. 300 to £E. 400 : W.J. I. Headquarters Inspectors, £E. 400 to £E. 500: H.

Beard, s. C. Atkins, F. C. Steel, W. H. Bedser Ruhi, C.I.E., M.B.E., H. Khuri, and S. and J. W. Harper.

District Inspectors, £E. 300 to £E. 400: Ahmed

Superintendents of Prisons, £E. 300 to £E. 400:

J. H. Frew and E. G. Bryant. Khalidi, J. Zananiri, Is'af Nashashibi, Ibrahim Assistant Superintendents (C.I.D.), $E. 300 to Shammas and Sharif Subh.

£E. 400: E. T. Cosgrove, G. Kort and B. Saig. Principal, Men's Elementary Training College, Instructional Officer, Training School, £E. 300 to $E. 550 to £E. 750 : K, A. Totah.

£E. 400: A. Ben David. Vice-Principal, £E. 300 to £E. 400: J. Katul. Principal, Women's Elementary Training College,

Posts, TELEGRAPHS AND TELEPHONES. £E. 550 to £E. 750: Miss H. Ridler.

Postmaster-General, £E. 1,100 to £E. 1,400: W. Assistant Mistress, £E. 300 to £E. 400: Miss E. Hudson, O.B.E., M.C. Shahin.

Deputy Postmaster-General, £E. 800 to £E. 1,100 : DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH.

W. Foster, M.B.E.

Assistant Directors ( South and North), £E. 550 to Director, £E. 1,100 to £E. 1,400 : G. W. Heron, £E. 750: A. C.Wollaston and G. D. Kennedy. D.S.O., O.B.E.

Chief Engineer, £E. 800 to £E. 1,100: A. Evans, Deputy Director, £E. 800 to £E. 1,100 : R. Brier- O.B.E., M.C. eliffe, O.B.E.

Secretary, E. 550 to £E, 750 : G. H. Webster. Assistant Director, Laboratory Section, £E. 800 to Chief Accountant, £E. 500 to £E. 750: L. W. £E. 1,100: G. Stuart.

Guthrie. Deputy Assistant Director, £E. 550 to £E. 750: Chief Store Keeper, £E. 550 to €E. 750 : W. T. J. W. P. Harkness.

Heavens. Principal Medical Officers, £E. 800 to £E. 1,100: Engineers (South and North), £E. 550 to £E. 750: J. A. Henderson.--£E. 550 to $E. 750 : A.

W.R. Hay and C. V. Close.
Rankine, W. P. Lightbody, W. K. Bigger, Assistant Engineer, £E. 400 to £E. 500: E. B.
R. B. Wallace.

Senior Medical Officer, Travelling Ophthalmic
Hospital, £E.550 to £E, 750 : W. E. Thompson,

Analytical Chemist, £E. 550 to £E. 750 : G. W.

(Establishment under revision). Baker. Bacteriologist and Entomologist, £E. 550

General Manager, £E. 2,000: Col. R. B. W. to

Holmes, O.B.E. £E, 750 : P. A. Buxton.

Assistant General Manager, £E. 800 to £E. 1, 100: Assistunt Principal Medical Officer, £E. 550 to LE. 750: J. Macqueen.

G. M. Campigli, J.C. Sanitary Engineer, £E. 550

Secretary, £E. 050 to £E. 750 : G. Ferguson.

to £E. 750 : L. Chief Engineer, £E. 800 to £E. 1,100 : M. S. Cantor. And a number of Medical Officers.


Assistant Chief Engineer, £E. 550 to £E. 750 : DEPARTMENT OF IMMIGRATION AND TRAVEL. R. F. Scrivener. Director, £E. 800 to €E. 1,100: H. M. V. c. District Engineers, £E. 5550 to £E. 750 : A. C. E. Morris.

Anthony and A. J. Wigley, M.C. Immigration Officers, £E, 400 to £E. 500: N. I.

Assistant District Engineer, £E. 400 to €E. 500 : Mindel, C. Lambert, P. Loftus and V. N. Levi.

F. H. Taylor.
Immiyration Officer, Trieste, £E. 400 to £E. 500: Chief Mechanical Engineer, 4E. 800 to € E. 1,100 :
H. A. Cartwright.

H. A. Cotching.

Assistant Mechanical Engineer, £E. 550 to

£E. 750 : A. L. Jones. Director, £E. 800 to £E. 1,100: J. N. Stubbs, Running Superintendent, £E. 550 to £E. 750 : J. M.C.

Mouchly. Officers, £E. 550 to £E. 750: Amin Rizk, M. District Running Superintendents, £E. 400 to Dukhan and M. C. Bennett.

£E. 500: J. D. York and D. Cornet. Inspector, £E. 400 to £E. 500: Mitri Hanna. Chief Boiler Inspector, £E. 400 to £E. 500: E. POLICE AND PRISONS.


('urriane and Wagon Inspector, {E. 550 Inspector General, Major-General Sir Henry H. £E. 750 : J. A. Lavens, Tudor, K.C.B., C.M.G.

Truthic Manager, ťE. 800 to £E. 1,100: J. Axler.


District Traffic Superintendent, £E. 550 to

E. 750: H. Simpson.
Assistant District Traffic Superintendent, £E. 550

to £E. 750: N. Tibshirani.
Chief Accountant, £E. 800 to £E. 1,100: R. A.

An agreement was entered into with the Rajah Assistant Chief Accountant, £E. 550 to £E. 750 : of Sarawak, on the north-west coast of Borneo, P. C. J. Baker.

on the 14th of June, 1888, under which that Assistant Accountants, £E. 550 to £E. 750 : G. State has been placed under British protection. Khury Bey.--- £E. 400 to £E. 500: P. H. Forbes. Her Majesty's Government undertake not to inter:

fere with the internal administration of the State, Chief Cashier, £E. 100 to £E. 500: T. Crawford. Superintendent of Stores, £E. 800 to £E. 1,000 : but they are to determine any questions that arise J. A. Hawkes.

as to the succession, to control the foreign relaAssistant Superintendent of Stores, £E. 400 to tions, and to have the right to establish consular £E. 500: K. H. Vernon.

officers in the territory. British subjects are Telegraphs and Signals Engineer, £E. 550 to

to have most-favoured-nation treatment, and no CE, 750: J. L. Price.

part of the territory is to be alienated without

the consent of H.M.'s Government. Inspector Ghaffir Force, £E. 400 to £500: A. Mackie.

The territory of Sarawak comprises an area of

about 50,000 square miles (more than equal to PUBLIC WORKS.

Ireland and Wales together), with a population of Director, £E. 1,100 to £E. 1,400 : Major-General about 600,000, composed of various races. It is

P. G. Grant, C.B., C.M.G. (temporary), draws intersected by many rivers, navigable for a con£E, 2,000.

siderable distance inland, and commands about Deputy Director, £E. 800 to £E, 1,100: J. F. 500 miles of coast line. The government of the Rowlands.

district from Tanjong Datu to the entrance Assistant Directors, £E. 800 to £E. 1,100: H.

of the Samarahan River was obtained from the Home, Major H. S. Briggs, O.B.E.

Sultan of Brunei in the year 1842 by Sir James Chief Accountant, £E. 550 to £E. 750 : R. D. Brooke, who became well known as Rajah Brooke, Kesselman.

of Sarawak. In 1861 a second cession was obtained Chief Store Keeper, £E. 550 to £E. 750: F. J. from the Sultan of Brunei of all the rivers and Smith.

lands from the Samarahan River to Kadurong Architect, £E. 550 to £E. 750 : A. St. B. Harrison. · Point. In 1882 a third cession was obtained of District Engineers, £E. 800 to £E. 1,100: R.

100 miles of coast line and all the country and Headley and P. Noble. - £E. 350 to £E. 750 : rivers that lie between Kadurong Point and the H. Becker and H. S. Tebbitt.

Baram River, including about three miles of coast Assistant Engineers, £E. 400 to £E. 500: J. Field, on the north-east side of the latter; and in 1884

R. Rodger, P. Etkes, T. T. Millar, T. Smith, another cession was obtained of the Trusan River,

A. Gora yieb, A. Tukan and L. J. Harris. situated on the north of the mouth of the Brunei Superintendent of Mechanical Transport, £E. 400 River. The Limbang River was also obtained in £E. 500: D. P. Calder.

1890, the transfer being approved and confirmed Assistant Superintendent of Mechanical Trans. by H.M.'s Government in 1891. The Lawas port, £E. 300 to £E. 400 : L. Prunier.

River was added in 1904. The present Rajah, Clearing Claims Officer (temporary appointment), H. H. Charles Vyner Brooke (born 26th September £E. 550 special : C. W. Cowel.

1874, married, 1911, Hon. Sylvia Brett), succeeded

his father, H.H. Sir Charles Johnson Brooke, SURVEYS.

G.C.M.G., in 1917.
Director : C. H. Ley, 0.B.E. (special salary).
Inspector, £E. 550 to £E. 750 : C. D. Day.

Heir presumptive, Bertram Brooke (H.H. the
And a number of Surveyors, etc.

Tuan Muda), born 8th August, 1876.
Treasurer, £E, 1,100 to £E. 1,400 : S. S. Davis,

Deputy Treasurer, £E. 800 to £E. 1,100: W.J. Gold exported : 1912, $1,070,200; 1913, $1,077, 400;

1914, 1.078,600; 1915, $1,256,500; 1916, $1.209,050; Senior Assistani Treasurers, £E. 550 to £E. 750 : 1917, $675,600; 1918, $923,100; 1919, $808, 100;

C. D. Harvey, W. D. Priestley, R. T. Little and 1920, $612,200 ; 1921, $559,190. Oil is worked M. F. Abcarius,

by the Sarawak Oilfields, Ltd., at Miri. Coal is Inspector of Revenue, £E.550 to £E. 750 : P. C. F. mined by the State on a considerable scale at Ayliner Harris.

Sadong and Brooketon, the output in 1912, 39,588 Junior Assistant Treasurers and Inspectors of tons ; in 1913, 44,430 tons ; in 1914, 47,049 tons ;

Rerenue, £E. 400 to £E. 500: J. Gress, C. F. in 1915, 48,000 tons; in 1916, 42,387 tons ; in 1917, Wolfe, N. J. Davis, A. J. Mantura, W. Francis, 46,708 tons : in 1918, 46,236 tons; in 1919, 42,972 M. Rashed Bey Khurshed, M.B.E., D. Farraj, tons; in 1920, 38,780 tons; and in 1921, 39,900 Abdul Razak Kleibo, A. Sifri.-- £E. 300 to tons. There is a considerable export of timber to £E. 400: D. B. Carmi.

Hong Kong. There is a successful plantation of NOTE.-In addition to the salaries stated above, tea on Matang, and pepper and rubber grow well officers who are neither Palestinians nor natives throughout the Territory. The cultivation of sago of Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and other neighbouring is one of the most important industries. All these territories receive an Expatriation Allowance at articles figure in the list of exports, which also the following annual rates :-Officers drawing includes diamonds, quicksilver, gutta-percha, £E. 800 to £E. 1,100 and over, £E. 100 ; Officers indiarubber, canes, rattans, camphor, beeswax, drawing £E. 800 to £E. 1,000, £E. 550 to £E. 750 birds' nests, tapioca, gambier, and silver. The and £E. 400 to £E, 500, £E. 50.

' value of the principal exports was :

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