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Winter Cruises

under Summer Skies


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on this


What the Pilgrim Fathers Left thrown into a position literally a bank be-
Behind Them

yond the vertical" (page 461). Can you

explain in words and illustrate by diagram IR ARTHUR SHIPLEY tells us on

the meaning of this sentence? another page that “ we are pretty well How


kinds of aircraft are there? informed to what the Pilgrim Can you explain how they differ? Fathers found on their arrival ”

Why does an airplane fly? Make this side of the Atlantic. What would


tell clear to those who may know nothing about a young person that the Pilgrims found on

the answer to the question. their arrival here?

What are your reasons for believing Sir Arthur also tells us that “ much that that the United States Government should they left behind them was bad,” and men- or should not spend money in the developtions what, in his opinion, some of those ment of aircraft? bad things were. Can you prove that the Do

you think the aviator is apt to bethings he mentions were bad? What specific as important a factor in human illustrations can you give in your proof? progress as the navigator has been ? What are the main facts about the rise

What are your ideas as to the business of the Puritans in England ? There is possibilities of the airplane? difference of opinion as to the origin of the Make clear the meaning of the following name Puritan. What is its origin?

aeronautic terms: aerofoil, aircraft, airWhat distinctions should be kept in mind plane, airship, anemometer, appendix, in referring to Independents, Presbyterians, bridle, dope, empennage, fuselage, glider, Anglicans, and Puritans in English history hangar, lobes, nacelle, stabilizer, statoin the time of Queen Elizabeth ?

scope, yow. A noted American historian tells us

Here are some valuable books dealing that “the Pilgrims were not subjected to with this subject : “ Aircraft," by E. J. active persecution in England from Church

David (Scribners); “ Aircraft in Peace or State.” This view is contrary to popu- and the Law," by J. M. Spaight (Macmillar belief. Is the historian right?

lan); “ Aircraft in War and Commerce," What is the difference between Puritans by W. H. Berry (Doran). and Separatists? Between these two terms and the term Pilgrims? Is it worth while

The Election to make these distinctions ? How did the Anglican Church differ in

Are you pleased or disappointed in the

result of the National election ? Wnat are belief from the Catholic Church in the time of Elizabeth ? In the time of James I ?

your reasons ? Sir Arthur tells us on page 464 that “all

One of our current journals (not The these activities would have left the Pilgrim



that this campaign Fathers unmoved, for they were beyond

been one of the most joyless, futile, and the sphere of their vision.” What are “these

irritating in our history.” What, with activities” to which he refers? Does this

reasons, is your opinion of this editor's comment of his characterize the Pilgrim

comment ? Fathers unjustly?

Which one of the two leading PresidenWas the Pilgrim colony in America an

tial candidates showed the greater origieconomic success ? Did poverty and hard

nality, political discernment, and intelship continue at Plymouth as long as is

ligent comprehension of vital public ques

tions ? frequently implied?

Have the American people showed good
What was the attitude of other Protestant
sects in New England toward the Pilgrim judgment in selecting Mr. Harding as our

next President ? Define the following terms: Litany,

What do you expect of our next Senate? the Stadtholder, antinomies, the Moluccas,

Of what educational value has this poinveterate, theocracy, litterateurs, anato

litical campaign been to you?

Note two references in the editorial enmists. It would be difficult to make a thorough

titled “The Election of Mr. Harding." and valuable study of the Pilgrims without

The first is to one-man power. Was this reading "The Pilgrims and Their Story," power shown in the sending of unofficial by R. G. Usher (Macmillan); “ The Pilo

agents abroad? Or in the President's grim Republic,” by J. G. Goodwin (Hough

course regarding Americans in Mexico ? Or ton Mifflin); “The Argonauts of Faith,

in his absorption of war powers ? Or in his by Basil Matthews (Doran).

recent refusal to carry out the terms of a

bill he had signed ? Is Flying Dangerous ?

As to the extravagant war expenditures,

do you or do you not defend waste after What reasons do you know of why flying war has come ? In particular, how far is is considered dangerous ?

the Administration responsible for avoidHas Mr. Driggs succeeded in convincing able waste and how far does blame attach you that flying is not dangerous ? What to the people who did not make it plain that are your reasons ?

there must be preparedness ? Mr. Driggs quotes Lieutenant Plumb as Is the idealism mentioned in the editorial saying: “On one occasion the plane was always to be measured by such facts as

the Selective Service Law, the transpor1 These questions and comments are designed not only for the use of current events classes and clubs, tation of troops without the loss of life, debating societies, teachers of history and English. the efficient waging of war abroad? Or by and the like, but also for discussion in the home such facts as our present taxation system, and for suggestion to any reader who desires to study current affairs as well as to read about them.

HE enchanted Southland beckons to

you. Break the everydayishness of life-relax and journey with us to the Tropics where lie the allurements of romance and history in all their colorful setting. These cruises are conveniently arranged at a time of the year when they offer the maximum enjoyment. They embrace CUBA, the gem of the Caribbean – resplendent JAMAICA – wonderful PANAMA and the CANAL ZONE-and picturesque COSTA RICA. Sailing from New York on the palatial stea mers of the GREAT WHITE FLEET

Jan. 29—by s. s. “Calamares"

Mar. 12—by s. s. “Ulua
Fascinating Shore Excursions Are Included.
Other Tours, Escorted and Individual, to



EUROPE, etc.
Booklets and full information on request.

New York Boston Philadelphia Chicago
San Francisco Los Angeles Montreal Toronto

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Accurate Payrolls


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Quality Always Wins
In every walk of life, doing something better than tbe
other fellow spells Success. Boston Garter's success is
just a matter of being ahead in quality and workmat-
ship, giving wearers the greatest amount of satisfaction.

Makers of
Velvet Grip Hose Supporters

the Government's action in the sugar situa-THE EDITORS.

tion, the decline in Government bonds?

For Women, Misses and Children




Look for the Big Red One


When you need a pure, high-grade oil for lubricating any light mechanism, for cleaning and polishing veneered and varnished surfaces, for preventing rust or tarnish on metal surfaces-go to any good store and ask for 3-in-One. Look for the big red ONE on the label. This trade mark, famous a quartercentury, appears on every bottle and can of


The High Quality Oil for Home and Office

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shield. Ford owners: Try 3-in-On on the commutator-makes
cranking much easier.
Sold throughout the civilized world, in 60c, 30c and

"THREE IN ONE" 15c bottles; also in 30c Handy Oil Can. FREE

Ask us to send you a liberal sample of 3-in

One Oil and Dictionary of Uses-both free. THREE-IN-ONE OIL CO. 165 AEG Broadway :: :: New York

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needs no introduction to Outlook readers. He will be remembered, among other things, for the remarkable stories of Arnold Adair which The Outlook published during the war. By the way, there are other Arnold Adair stories in prospect, in which Mr. Driggs introduces his hero as an aviator in time of peace. Those who have met Arnold Adair in his previous career will doubtless guess that his new adventures are not wholly without those thrills which we have all come to associate with his vigorous personality. RIO ICHARD WELLING, who served as

an officer in the Navy during the war and who now holds a commission as lieutenant in the Fleet Naval Reserve, recounts a daring experiment (or so it would seem to those accustomed to the old type of military discipline) which he attempted in an effort to build up the esprit de corps of his men and to achieve a state of something more than passive obedience in the camp which he commanded. His story is one which ought to interest ex-service men, but its appeal is not limited to those of naval and military experience. ED DWARD L. Davison, an undergrad

uate of St. John's College, Cambridge, whose poem “The Sunken City" appears in this issue, is one of the more outstanding of the younger English poets who have become prominent by his post-war writings. Mr. Davison is editor of the “Cambridge Review," the oldest university journal in England. He has also taken a prominent part in the Union, the great debating society of the University. Poems of his have appeared in the London “ Mercury," "Country Life," and other well.

, known English journals. Mr. Davison is the editor of an anthology of poetry written by Cambridge students who served in the army or navy during the war. This anthology is in the press. Two more poems by Mr. Davison will appear in later issues. SIR ARTHUR IR ARTHUR EVERETT SHIPLEY,

whose interpretation of the Pilgrim Fathers from a European point of view appears in this issue, is Deputy ViceChancellor of the University of Cambridge and is Master of the venerable Christ's College of that great University. Our readers will remember that on a previous visit to this country as one of the British Commissioners of Education in war time, Sir Arthur contributed to these pages four or five articles on the relation of American students in the war to English universities. It may not be out of place to add that Sir Arthur is primarily a scientist, a Fellow of the Royal Society. His vocation is that of a zoologist; his avocation, as his contributions to our pages alone would indicate, is that of a litterateur.

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Chief Pacific

SEATTLE is America's Chief Port on the Pacific. She does not wish to make invidious comparisons but the figures are matters of official record.

By strategic location Seattle dominates the trade of Alaska, a vast undeveloped treasure land capable of supporting 10,000,000 to 30,000,000 prosperous people ; and almost equally so by the irresistible logic of several days less sailing, commands the trade of the vast undeveloped Empire of Siberia, as well as of China, Japan, and the South Seas. Contributing factors are by far the best port facilities on the Pacific Coast, and the lowest port charges. A notable economy in money as well as in tin .

Gateway to

Seattle's commerce is not only with the Orient and Alaska, but with every civilized land on the globe. She has what the world most urgently needs. Her hinterland produces $600,000,000 a year in vital necessities.

No one familiar with economic facts and cosmic conditions questions that Seattle is to become one of the world's greatest industrial centers, as she is today one of the leading world ports

in commerce.

Briefly a few fundamental reasons :



Seattle is the center of the richest area of the United States in basic resources; the chief supply of merchantable timber on the continent; practically the only coal in the Pacific States; the most favorable land and climatic conditions for agriculture, horticulture, and dairying. Seattle is by far the chief fish port of the world. She is the leading American port in the importation of crude rubber, vegetable oils

, raw silk, tea, hemp, and Siberian hides. Into her lap pour the treasures of Alaska-gold, copper, and fish; and when more enlightened laws permit, will come the almost infinite possibilities of that favored land.


Seattle's territory extends 900 miles toward St. Paul and St. Louis, and 500 miles toward San Francisco; a country of vast undeveloped possibilities and great natural wealth. In lumber, the world is her market, In addition to largely dominating the trade with Alaska, Siberia, Japan, and China, Seattle's annual waterborne commerce of $792,120,736 is with Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Cuba, Barbadoes, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentine, England, Germany, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Scotland, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Straits Settlements, India, Siam, Korea, Siberia, Aden, Persia, Dutch, French, British, and Portuguese East Indies, Philippines, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, British, French, and German Oceania, British East Africa, Egypt, and Portuguese Africa. The Panama Canal has added to Seattle's market the East Coast of North and South America, all of Europe and the Mediterranean countries.

The Seaport

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Chief Railroad


Seattle is not only the chief Pacific Port but the chief railroad center. She has three transcontinental
trunk lines to every one to the southern ports.
One-sixth of the water power of the Nation is in the State of Washington, and one-third of the Nation's
water power is in the Northwestern States, which are Seattle's back country. Seattle has almost limitless
power possibilities at the minimum of cost, plus a never-failing supply of coal for all purposes right
at her doors.

Cheap Power

* * *


Manufacturers in Seattle have demonstrated that they have a margin of at least 20 per cent over the East in manufacturing costs due to climate alone—the fact that their employees can work indoors or out every day in the year in comfort; that in consequence they are physically and mentally fit and can work with their heads as well as with their hands. It was primarily climatic advantages that enabled Seattle to produce 20.7 per cent of the bridge of ships that so tremendously helped to win the war. Seattle is the healthiest city in the world by Government statistics.

* * *


Seattle's harbor, the most perfect in the western hemisphere, affords a large area of industrial sites, and a great inner fresh water harbor, which the largest ships may enter in from five to twenty minutes without tolls, more than doubles the frontage—194 miles in all. In the inner har vessels are automatically cleansed of barnacles and sea growth, wharves maintained free from the ravages of the destructive teredo of salt water, and ships loaded without adjustment to tides.

* * *

Seattle's tremendous expansion in shipbuilding more than doubled her supply of skilled and ordinary labor.
The falling off in shipbuilding leaves a surplus of labor of the best class available for new industries.

Labor Supply

* * *

The Open Shop

Seattle has had some unpleasant publicity regarding her labor situation. It was inevitable that with her immense increase in labor supply some came who were not welcome, but the situation was greatly exaggerated for sensational effect. Seattle declared unequivocally several months ago for the open shop-the American plan-a square deal to labor, to capital, and to the public. Over 997/2 per cent of the 3500 members of the Chamber of Commerce endorsed this action as did every commercial and employers' association in Seattle. You might like to read the story. Send for “ The American Plan-Seattle's Answer to Bolshevism.” No city has a better labor situation than Seattle.

* * *

There's nothing more vital to Seattle's continued development than the traditional Seattle Spirit which has known no obstacle since earliest days it could not overcome. Seattle has also always stood foursquare for law and order.

* * *

Seattle Spirit

Outstanding big things for which there are unquestioned opportunities in Seattle are, great

' Steel, Copper, and Rubber industries ; the manufácture of Vegetable Oils into Soap and Edible Products; Silk Weaving, Woolen Mills; Furniture Manufacturing from native and Philippine woods; Fertilizer and Glass Works; Paper and Textile Mills. In all human probability your opportunity either in manufacturing or foreign trade exists in Seattle, as it does nowhere else on earth. Please put your industrial problem up to us. It will have the most painstaking consideration. If your line is fully occupied or there does not appear to be an opening for it that promises success, you will be frankly so advised. Send also for “Seattle, the Seaport of Success.” Plan your vacation to Seattle, the center of the nation's playground, and look into the whole question personally if you can. SEATTLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & COMMERCIAL CLUB

PUBLICITY BUREAU 903 Arctic Building, Seattle

of Success



VERY few days a letter comes from one of our Outlook ourselves, therefore, to the more common ones, the ones in

readers to the Financial Department asking for an explana- use in connection with investments

tion of some financial term. What does “ refunding mort- A bond may be described briefly as the security given for a gage” mean? the letter will say ; What is the meaning of " adjust- loan. The various kinds of bonds represent different degrees of ment mortgage”? or, What is a “debenture” bond? We shall security. As a general proposition, a bond is practically the same endeavor in this article to explain some of the more common thing as a mortgage. If you borrow $5,000 on your house and lot, financial terms employed in connection with stocks and bonds, you give the man who loans you the money a mortgage for $5,000 and, while this may seem rather elemental to many of our readers, secured by your property. If you are a railway owner and want the number of letters received which ask these questions leads us to borrow $10,000,000, it is not likely that you can get this to believe that such an explanation will be of some service. We amount from one man or one bank; you therefore place a cannot attempt to define every term, of course, and shall confine mortgage on your property, lodge it with a trustee (usually a trust

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