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good doctrine, whereunto thou , preach, saying, The kingdom of that cannot understand : they all bast attained. Till I come, give heaven is at hand.

look to their own way, every attendance to reading, to exhorta

Mark xvi, 15. And he said unto one for his guin, from his quartion, to doctrine. Neglect not the them, Go ye into all the world, ter. gift that is in thee, which was and preach the gospel to every given thee by prophecy, with tho

Jer. V, 30, 31. A wonderful and creature.

horrible thing is committed in the laying on of the hands of the presbytery. Meditate upon these

Luke 1, 16. And many of the land; The prophets prophesy things; give thyself wholly to children of Israel shall lo [John] falsely, and the priests bear rule turn to the Lord their God,

by their means; and my peoplo them; that thy profiting may appear to all. Take heed unto thy- Luke xxli 32. But I have prayed love to have it so: and what will self

, and unto thedoctrine; continue for thee, that thy faith fail not: ye do in the end thereof. in chem: for in doing this thou and when thou arte converted, least of them even unto the great

Jer. vi, 13.-15. For from the shalt buth save thyself, and them strengthen thy brethren. that hear thee.

est of them, every one is given to

Acts V, 20, 21. Go, stand and covetou nesg; and from the pro2 Tim. ii, 15. Study to show thy speak in the temple to the people plet even unto the priest, every self approved unto God, a work all the words of this life. And

one dealeth falsely. They have man that needeth not to

be when they heard that, they enter- healed also the hurt of the daughe ashamed, rightly dividing the ed into the temple early in the ter of my people slightly, saying, word of trutb.

morning, aud taught. But the Peace, peace; when there is no

high priest came, and they that peaco. Were they asliamed when CONSISTENCY.

were with him, and called the they had committed abomination? 1 Tim. iv, 12. Let no man des council together, and all the senate nay, they were not at all ashamed, pise thy youth; but be thou an of the children of Israel, and sent neither could they blush; thereexample of the believers, in word, to the prison to have them fore they shall fall among them in conversation, in charity, in brought.

that full : at the time that I visit spirit, in faith, in purity.

Acts xxiv, 24, 25. And after cer- them they shall be cust down, suith Titus 11,7. In all things shewing tain days, when Felix came with the LORD. thyself a pattern of good works: his wife Drusilla, which was a Jer, viil, 1011. Therefore will I in doctrine shewing uucorrupi- Jewess, ho sent for Paul, and give their wives into others, and ness, gravity, sincerity.

heard him concerning the faith their fields to them that shall in1 Peter v, 3. Neither as being in Christ. And as he reasoned of herit them: for every one, from lords over God's heritage, but righteousness, temperance, and the least even unto the greatest, being ensamples to the fluck. judgment to come, Felix trembled, is given to covetousness, from the

and answered, Go tly way for prophet even unto the privat, TEACHING.-UNDER BOTII this time; when I have a conveni- every one dealeth falsely. For DISPENSATIONS. ent season I will call for thee.

they have bealed the hurt of the Prov. xi, 30. The fruit of the

2 Cor. V, 20. Now then we are daughter of my people sligiilly, righteous is a tree of life; and le ambassadors for Christ, as though saying, Peace, peace; when there that winneth souls is wise. God did beseech you by us: we

is no peace. Isa. Iviii, 1. Cry aloud, spare pray you in Christ's stead, be ye Lam. iv, 11, 13. The Lond hath not; lift up thy voice like a trum- reconciled to God.

accomplished bis fury; he baih pet, and shew my people their 2 Tim. iv, 2. Preach the word; poured out his fierce anger. . transgression, and the house of be instant in season, out of season; For the sins of her prophets, and Jacob their sins.

reprove, rebuke, exhort with all the iniquities of her prie.is that Jer, fil, 15. And I will give you loug-suffering and doctrine.

have shed the blood of the just in

the midst of her. pastors according to mine heart, James V, 19, 20. Brethren, if which shall feed you with know- any of you do err from the truth,

Hosea iv, 4-6. Yet let no man ledge and understanding.

and one convert him; Let him strive, nor reprove another: fur Jer. xxili, 4. And I will set up know, that he which converteth thy people are as they that strive shepherds over them which shall the sinner from the error of his with the priest. Therefore shalt feed them: and they shall fear way shall save a soul from death, thou fall in the day, and ile prono more, nor be dismayed, neither and shall-hide a multitude of sins. phet also shall fall with thee in shall they be lacking, saith the 1 Peter v,'2. Feed the flock of mother. My people are destroyed

the night, and I will destroy thy LORD.

God which is among you, taking for lack of knowledge: because Ezek. xx, 4. Wilt thou judge the oversight thereof, not by con- thou hast rejected knowledge, I them, son of man? wilt thou judge straint, but willingly; not for Althy

will also reject thee, that thou them cause them to know the lucre, but of a ready mind.

shalt be no priest to me: seeing abominations of their fathers. Jude 22, 23. And of some have thou hast forgotten the law of

Ezek. xxiii, 36. The LORD sald compassion, making a difference: thy God, I will also forget thy moreover unto me, Son of man, and others save with fear, pulling children. wilt thou judge Aholah and them out of the fire; hating even

Hosca vi, 9. And as troops of Alollbalı? yea, declare unto them the garment spotted by the flesh.

robbers wait for a man, so the their abominations.

company of priests murder in the Dan. xii, 3. And they that be


way by consent: for they commit wise shall shine as the brightness TO PASTORS IN THE OLD lewdness. of the firmament; and they that


Hosea ix, 7. The days of visita turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.

Isa, lvi, 10, 11. His watchmen tion are come, the days of recomJonah 1, 2. Arise, go to Nineveh, are blind: they are all ignorant

, pence are come; Israel shall know they are all dumb clogs, they can

it: the prophet is a fool, the spiritthat great city, and cry against it

; not' bark; sleeping, lying down, ual man is mad, for the multitude for their wickedness is come up loving to 'slumber.Yea, they are of thine iniquity, and the great before me.

greedy dogs which can never have hatred. Matth. x, 7. And as yo 80, enough, and they are shepherds Zech. XI, 4 5,17. Thus saith the



LORD my God; Feed the flock of was come to Jerusalem, he assar or in truth, Christ is preached; the slaughter; Whose possessors ed to join himself to the disciples: and I therein do rejoice, yea, and slay them, and hold themselves but they were all afraid of him, will rejoice, For I know that not guilty: and they that sell them and believed not that he was a this shall turn to my salvation gay, Blessed be the LORD for I am disciple. But Barnabas took him, through your prayer, and the rich: and their own shepherds and brought him to the apostles, supply of the Spirit of Jesus pity them not. Woe to the idol and declared unto them how he Christ, shepherd that leaveth the flock! had seen the Lord in the way, the sword shall be upon his arm, and that he had spoken to him,

CONTENTION. and upon bis right eye: his arm and how he bad preached boldly Acts xv, 36-40. And some days shall be clean dried up, and his at Damascus in the name of after Paul said unto Barnabas,liet right eye shall be utterly dark- Jesus.

us go again and visit our brethren ened.

1 Cor. iil, 3-5. For ye are yet in every city where we have Mal. I, 10. Who is there even carnal; for whereas there is among preached the word of the Lord, among you that would shut the you envying, and strife, and divi- and see how they do. And Bars doors for nought I neither do ye sions, are ye not carnal, and walk nabas determined to take with kindle fire on mine altar for as men? For while one saith, I them John, whose suruame was nonght. I have no pleasure in am of Paul; and another, I am Mark. But Paul thought not you, saith the Lord of hosts, nel- of Apollos; are ye not carnal ? good to take him with them, who ther will I accept an offering at Who then 'is Paul, and who is departed from them from Pamyour hand.

Apollos, but ministers by whom phylia, and went not with them

ye believed, even as the Lord to the work. And the contention (See under TENDING THE FLOCKS, gave to every man?

was so sharp between them, that ANIMALS.)

2 Cor. v, 12. For we commend they departed asunder one from PUNISHMENT.

not ourselves again unto you, but the other; and so Barnabas took

give you occasion to glory on Mark, and sailed unto Cyprus; Jer. xxiii, 1, 2, 12. Woe be unto our behalf, that ye may have and Paul chose Silas, and dethe pastors that destroy and scat- somewhat to answer them which parted, being recommended by ter the sleep of my pasture! saith glory in appearance, and not in the brethren unto the grace of the LORD. Therefore thus saith heart.

God. the LORD God of Israel against 2 Cor. x, 12-16. For we dare not

PRIDE. the pastors that feed my people, make ourselves of the number, or Ye have scattered my flock, and

3 John 9. 10. I wrote unto the compare ourselves with some that churcb: but Diotrephes, who lopdriven them away, and have not

commend themselves: but they, eth to have the pre-eminenca visited them; behold, I will visit measuring themselves by them- among them, receiveth us not. upon you the evil of your doings, selves, and comparing themselves wherefore, if I come, I will resaith the Lorn. Wherefore their among themselves, are not wise. member his deeds which he doway shall be unto them as slip. But we will not boast of things eth, prating against us with mali. pery ways in the darkness; they without our measure, but accord- cious words: and not content shall be driven on, and fall there- ing to the measure of the rule therewith, neither doth he himself in: for I will bring evil upon them, which God hath distributed to us, receive the brethren, and forbideven the year of their visitation, a measure to reach even unto your deth them that would, and casteth saith the LORD.

For we stretch not ourselves be-them out of the church. Jer. xxv, 35, 36. And the shep-yond our measure, as though we herds sball have no way to flee, reached not unto you; for we are

HERESY. nor the principal of the flock to come as far as to you also in

Matth. xv. 14. Let them alone: escape. A voice of the cry of the preaching the gospel of Christ: they be blind leaders of the shepherds, and an howling of the Not boasting of things without blind. And if the blind lead the principal of the flock, shall be our measure, that is, of other blind, both shall fall into the heard: for the LORD Lath spoiled men's labours; but having hope, diich! their pasture. when yonr faith is increased, that

2 Cor. ii, 17. For we are not as Hosea iv, 9. And there shall be, we shall be enlarged by you acliko people, like priest: and I cording to our role abundantly. many, which corrupt the word of will punish them for their ways, To preach the gospel in the re- God; but as of sincerity, but as of and reward them their doings. gions beyond you, and not to God, in the sight of God speak we Mal. il, 1, 2, 9. And now, O ye

boast in another man's line of in Christ. priests, this commandment' is for things made ready to our hand. 2 Pet. 11. 2. And many shall follow you. If ye will not hear, and if 2 Cor. xi, 12, 13. But what I do, their pernicious ways; by reason ye will not lay it to heart, to give that I will do, that I may cut off of whom the way of truth shall be glory unto my name, saith the occasion from them which desire evil spoken of. LORD of hosts, I will even send a occasion; that wherein they glory,

SELFISHNESS. curse upon you, and I will curse they may be found even as we. your blessings; yea, I have cursed For such are false apostles, de Phil. il, 20, 21. For I have no them alreadly, because ye do not ceitful workers, transforming man like minded, who will naturlay it to beart. Therefore have I themselves into the apostles of ally care for your state. For all also made you contemptible and Christ.

seek their own, not the things base before all the people, ac

Phil. 1, 15-19. Some indeed / which are Jesus Christ's. cording as ye bave not kept my preach Christ even of envy and

Titus 1, 10, 11. For there are ways, but have been partial in the strife; and some also of good will. many unruly and vain talkers and law.

The one preach Christ of conten- deceivers, specially they of the INCONSISTENCIES tion, not sincerely, supposing to circumcision : Whoso mouths OF MINISTERS UNDER THE

add affliction to my bunds; But must be stopped, who subvert

the other of love, knowing that I whole houses, teaching things NEW TESTAMENT.

am set for the defence of the gos- which they ought not, for filliby JEALOUSIES, ETC. pel. What then? notwithstanding,

lucre's sake. Acts ix, 26, 27. And when Saul every way, whether in pretence, 2 Pet. 11, 3. And through coret

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cousneng shall they with felgned, his coming only, but by the con- | And Cornellus waited for them,and words make merchandise of you: solation where with he was com- had oalled together his kinsmen whoso judgment now of a long forted in you, when he told us and near friends. Send therefore time lingereth not, and their dam- your earnest desire, your mouru- to Joppa, and call bither Simon, nation slumbereth not.

ing, your fervent mind toward whose surname is Peter; he is

me; so that I rejoiced the more. lodged in the house of one Simon DUTIES OF THE PEOPLE. Gal. iv, 15, 16. Where is then when he cometh, sball speak outo

a tanner by the sea-side; who, OBEDIENCE. the blessedness ye spake of? for I

thee. Immediately therefore I 1 Cor. x1, 1, 2. Be ye followers bear you record, that, if it had sent to thee; and thou hast weli of me, even' as I also am of Christ. been possible, yo would have done that thou art come. Now Now I praise you, brethren, that plucked out your own eyes, and therefore are we all here present yo remember me in all things, and have given them to me. Am I

before God, to hear all things that keep the ordinances, as I deliver therefore become your enemy, are commanded thee of God. ed them to you.

because I tell you the truth? 1 Cor. xvi, 15, 16. I beseech you, Phil. 11, 29. Receive him there: deputy of the country, Sergius

Acts xiii, 7. Which was with the brethren, (ye know the house of fore in the Lord with all gladness Paulus, a prudent man; who called Stephanas, that it is the first-fruits and hold such in reputation.

for Barnabas and Saul, and desired of Achaia, and that they have ad

Col. I, 7, 8. As ye also learned to hear the word of God.
dicted themselves to the ministry of Epaphras onr dear fellow-ser-
of the saints.) That ye submit vant, who is for you a faithful
yourselves unto such, and to every minister of Christ; Who also de-

SUPPORT OF THE GOSPEL one that helpeth with us, and clared unto us your love in the


Matth. x, 1, 8-10. And when ho
Col. iv, 10. Aristarchus my fel-

1 Thess. fif, 6-9. But now, when had called unto him bis twelve low - prisoner saluteth you, and Timotheus came from you unto disciples, he gave them power Marcus, sister's son to Barnabas, us, and brought us good tidings of against unclean spirits, to cast (touching whom ye received com- your faith and charity, and that then out, and to heal all manner mandments: if he come unto you, ye have good remembrances of of sickness, and all manner of disreceive him.) us always, desiring greatly to see

ease. Heal the sick, cleanse the 1 Thess. V, 12, 13. And we be- us, as we also to see you: There- lepers, raise the dead, cast out seech you, brethren, to know fore, brethren, we were comforted devils: freely ye have received, them which labour among you, over you in all our amiction and freely give. Provide neither golu,

nor silver, nor brass in your and are over you in the Lord, and distress by your faith: For now admonish yon; And to esteem we live, if ye stand fast in the purses, Nor scrip for your journey,

neither two coats, neither shoes,
them very highly in love for their Lord. For what thanks can we
works' sake. And be at peace render to God again for you, for nor yet staves; for the workman
among yourselves.

all the joy wherewith we joy for is worthy of his meat.
your sakes before our God.

Luke x, 7, 8 And in the same
Heb. xiii, 7, 17. Remember them
which have the rule over you, 3 John 8. Wo therefore ought house remain, eating and drink-
who have spoken unto you the to receive such, that we might be ing such things as they give: for
word of God; whose faith follow, fellow-helpers to the truth.

the labourer is worthy of his híre.

Go not from house to house. And considering the end of their con

into whatsoever city ye enter, and versation; Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit Acts 1x, 38. And forasmuch as they receive you, eat such things

as are set before you. yourselves: for they watch for Lydda was nigh to Joppa, and the your souls, as they that must give disciples had heard that Peter 1 Cor. ix, 6-11, 14. Or I only aud account; that they may do it with was there, they sent unto him two Barnabas, have not we power to joy, and not with griei: for that is men, desiring him that he would forbear working? Who goeth a uuprolilable for you.

not delay to come to them. warfare any time at his own ATTENTION.

Acts x, 5, 6, 21-24, 32, 33. And charges? who planteth a vineyard,

now send men to Joppa, and call and eateth not of the fruit thereot Mark vi, 20. For Herod feared for one Simon, whose surname is or who feedeth a flock, and eateth John, knowing that he was a just Peter: He lodgeth with one

not of the milk of the flock? Say man 'and an holy, and observed Simon a tanner, whose house is by not the law the same also? For it

I these things as a man? or saith him; and when he heard him, he the sea-side: he shall tell thee what did many things, and beard him thou oughtest to do. Then Peter is written in the law of Moses, gladly. went down to the men which

Thou shalt not muzzle the mouth 2 Cor. I, 14. As also yo have were sent unto him from Cor- of the ox that treadeth oåt the acknowledged us in part, that we nelius, and said, Behold, I am he

corn. Doth God take care for

oxen? Or saith he it altogether are your rejoicing, even as ye also whom ye seek: what is the cause

for our sakes? For our sakes, no are ours in the day of the Lord wherefore ye are come? And Jesus.

they said, Cornelius the centurion, doubt, this is written: that he that this with myself, that I would not God, and of good report among hope should be partaker of his 2 Çor. ii, 1. 2. But I determined a just man, and one that feareth plougheth should plough in hope;

and that he that thirasheth in come again to you in heaviness. all the nation of the Jews, was For if I make you sorry, who is he

warned from God by an' holy hope. If we have sown unto you then that maketh me glad, but angel to send for thee into his spiritual things, is it a great thing

if we shall reap

your carnal the same which is made sorry by house, and to hear words of thee. Then called he them in, and ordained that they which preach

things? Even so hath the Lord me?

lodged them. And on the morrow 2 Cor. vil, 6, 7. Nevertheless Peter went away with them, and

the gospel should live of the God, that comforteth those that certain brethren from Joppa ac

gospel. are cast down, comforted us by companied him. And the morrow Gal. vi, 6. Let him that is 11.0 cuming of Titus; And not by alter they entered into Cesarea, taught in the word communicate


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into him that teacheth in all good DISINTERESTED CONDUCT was present with you, and wanted, things.

I was charg able to no man; for

OF THE APOSTLE PAUL. 3 John 7. Because that 'for his

that which was lacking to me the name's gake they went forth, I was of the same craft, he abode donia supplied; and in all things I

Acts xvili, 3. And because he brethren which came from Macetaking nothing of the Gentiles.

with them, and wrought; for by have kept myself from being bur

their occupation they were teut densome unto you, and 80 will I 1 Cor. xvi, 17, 18. I am glad of makers.

keep mysel. the coming of Stephanas, and

Acts xx, 33, 34. I have coveted Fortunatus, and Achaicus: for that

2 Cor. xii, 13, 16-18. For what is which was lacking on your part no man's silver, or gold, or ap- it wherein you were inforior to they have supplied. For they

parel. Yea, yo yourselves know, other churches, except it be that

that these hands have ministered I myself was not burdensome to have refreshed my spirit and yours: therefore acknowledge ye that were with me.

unto my necessities, and to them you? forgive me this wrong. But them that are such.

be it so, I did not burden you: Phil. iv, 10, 14-18. But I rejoiced 1 Cor. ix, 12, 15, 18. If others be nevertheless, being crafty, I in the Lord greatly, that now at partakers of this power over you, caught you with guile, Diu i the last your care of me hath are not we rather? Nevertheless make a gain of you by any of flourished again; wherein ye were

we have not used this power, but them whom I sent unto you? I also careful, but ye lacked oppor-suffer all things, lest we should desired Titus, and with him I sent

a brother: did Titus make a gain tunity. Notwithstanding ye have binder the gospel of Christ. But well done that ye did communi. I have used none of these things; of you? walked we not in the same cate with my affliction. Now, ye

neither have I written these spirit? walked we not in the same Philippians know also, that in the things, that it should be so done steps? beginning of the gospel, when I unto me: for it were better for me 1 Thess. ii, 6, 9. Nor of men departed from Macedonia, no

to dio, than that any man should song it we glory, neither of you, church communicated with me,

make my glorying void. What nor yet of others, when we might as concerning giving and receiv is my reward then? Verily, that, have been burdensome, as the ing, but ye only. For even in when I preach the gospel, I may apostles of Christ.

For ye reThessalonica ye sent once and make the gospel of Christ without member, brethren, our labour and again unto my necessiiy. Not

charge, that I abuse not my power travail: for labouring night and because I desire a gisl; but I de- in the gospel.

day, because we would not be sire fruit that may abound to your 2 Cor. xi, 7--9. Have I committ- chargeable unto any of you, wo account. But I have all, and ed an offence in abasing myself preached unto you ihe gospel of abound: I am full, having received that ye might be exalted, because God. of Epaphroditus the things which I have preached to you the gospel 2 Thess. jil, 9. Not because wo were sent from yon, an odour of a of God freely? I robbed other have not power, but 10 make oursweet smell, i sacrifice acceptable, churches, taking wages of them, selves au tub.uple uuto you to well-pleusiog to Godde

10 do you service. And when I follow us.



THEIR PURPOSE. gods, and I will call on the namo Lond, he is the God the LORD, ho TO PRODUCE FAITII IN A

of the LORD; and the God that is the God.

answereth by fire, let him be God. DIVINE INTERPOSITIOX. And all the people answered and brought their ships to land, they

Luke v, 11. And when they had Erod. iv, 5, 8, 9. That they may said, It is well spoken. believe that the LORD God of their

forsvok all, and followed him. fathers, the God of Abraham, the

Mark ii, 9-12. Whether is it

John il, 11. This beginning of God of Isaac, and the God of easier to say to the sick of the miracles did Jesus in Cana of Jacob, hath appeared unto

thee. palsy, Thy sins be forgiven thee; Galilee, and manifested forth his And it shall come to pass, if they or to say, Arise, and take up thy glory: and his disciples believed will not believe thee, 'neither bed, and walk?' But that ye may

on him, hearken to the voice of the first know that the Son of man hath

Acts is, 42. all that sign, that they will believe the voice power on earth to forgivo skys, dwelt in Lyddi and Saron saw of the latter sign. And it shall (he saith to the sick of the palsy him, and turned to the Loru. And come to pass, if they will not be

say unto thee, Arise, and take

it was known throughout all lieve also these two signs, neither up thy bed, and go thy way into

thine house. And immediately Joppa; and many believed in the hearken unto thy voice, that thou

Lord. shalt take of the water of the he arose, took up the bed, and

Acts xiil, 12. Then the deputy, river, and pour it upon the dry went forth before them all; inso

when he saw what was done, beland: and the water wbich thou much that they were all amazed, takest out of the river shall be and glorified God, saying, We lieved. being astonished at the never saw it on this fashion.

doctrine of the Lord. come blood upon the dry land. Ecou vil, 5. And the Egyptians

John iv, 48. Then said Jesus Bur SOSIETIES INEFFECTUAL. shall know that I am the LORD, unto him, Except ye see sigus and

Exod. vii, 23. And Pharaoh when I streich forth mine hanú wonders, ye will not believe.

turned and went into his house, upon Egypt, and bring out the John xi, 41, 42. Then they took neither did he set his heart to children of Israel from among away the stone from the place this also. them.

where the dead was laid. And Deut. 1, 32. Yet in this thing yo Erodus xvi, 6, 7, 12.

And Jesus lifted up his eyes, and said, did not believe the Lord your Moses and Aaron said unto all Father, I thank thee that thou God. the children of Israel, At even, hast heard me. And I knew that

P3. Ixxvlll, 42, 43. They rememthen ye shall know that the Lord thou bearest me always: but be- bered not his hand, nor the day

cause of the people which stand when he delivered them from the hath brouglit you out from the land of Egypt.

by I said it, that they may believe enemy. How he had wrought his And in the

that thou hast sent me. morning, then ye shall see the

signs in Egypt, and his wonders glory of the Lord; for that he

in the field of Zoan. hearoth your murmurings against

Dark vi, 52. For they consider the Lord: and what are we, that Erod. iv, 29-31. And Moses ed not the miracle of the loaves; ye murmur against us? I have and Aaron went and gathered for their heart was hardened. heard the murmurings of the together all the elders of the children of Israel: speak unto children of Israel: And Aaron

Lake xvii, 32. Remember Lot's

wife. them, saying, At even ye shall eat pake all the words which the flesh, and in the morning ye shall LORD had spoken unto Moses,

John xi, 47, 48. Then gathered be filled with brea'i; and ye shall and did the signs in the sight of the chief priests and the Phariseen knowthat I am the Lonn your God. the people. And the people be a council, and said, What do we?

for this man doeth many miracles. Num. XVI, 28. And Moses said, lieved: and when they hearil that Hereby ye shall know that the the Lord had visited the children we let him tlius alone, all men Lord bath sent me to do all tliese of Israel, and that he had looked will believe on bim. works; (for I hare not done them upon their afliction, then they Acts iv, 14, 16, 17, 21, 22. And of mine own mind.)

bowed their heads and wor- beholding the man which was Joshua iii, 10. shipped.

healed standing with them, they And Joshua sali, Hereby ye shall know that Exod. xiv, 31. And Israel saw

could say nothing against it. the living God 13 among you, and that great work which the LORD Saying, What shall we do to these out from before you the Canaanpeople feared the Lord, and be is manifest to all them that dwell that he will without tail drive did upon the Egyptians: and the med? for that indeed a notable

miracle hath been done by them ites.

lieved the LORD, and his servant in Jerusalem; and we cannot deny

Moses. 1 Kings xvill, 23. 24. Let them

it. Lut, that it spread no further therefore give us two bullocks;

1 Kings xvii, 24. And the wo, among the people, let us straitly and let then chooso one bullock man said to Elijali, Now by this threaten them, that they speak for themselves, and cut it in know that thou art a man of God, henceforth to no man in this pieces, and lay it on wood, and and that the word of the LORD in name. So when they had further put no fire under; and I will dress thy mouth is truth,

threatened them, they let them go, the other bullock, and lay it on 1 Kings xvili, 39. And when all finding nothing how they might wool, and put no fire unler: the people sair it, they full on punisia thin, because of the peoAlld Calib sova tlo nuwe un jour their luces: ani they said, Thul ple; fur ali nei glorited God for



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