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INDIA South Sea South Sea South Sea, 4 perCent. 74 per Cent., Bank An. 3 per Cent. IndiaBonds B.Cir.pl Wind af Wearber Bill of Mortality from ISTOC X. STOCK. STOCK. Annu, old Ann, new

1747: 1748-9. B. Annu.


Deal. London. Oct. 22. 10 Nov, 26.
104 105 103 fil|1024191.1oaia 100

N, W. snow

Males 7163 188 1041 101. 104 1

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sl. 138 1 12 S. S. E. fair cloudy Wheaten Peck Loaf 2s,

Peale 20s. to 258. per Q.
Bear. Key. Basingstoke, Reading. Farnham. Henley. Guildford. Warminster, Devizes. Gloucester. Northampt.
Wheat 298 to 33$ gr 10l 75 load 101 158 load pol 75 load 10178 load rol 15: load 355 to 48 ar 345 10 48 or 48 6d bush.

345 to 429
Barley 138 to 19 205 to oo ar 195 to 23 qr

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195 to 22 qr

205 to 22 195 to 24 198 to 23 Oats 158 60 to 16

rgs to 20 od 148 to 18 145 to 19 145 to 19 155 to 19 od 145 to 19

16s to 17 28 to 25 6d

13s to 15 Beans 188 to 238 od 28s to 29 od

245 to 26 225 to 26 228 to 26 268 to 30

4j8 to 36 28 gd to 35 LOTTERY TICKETS, 1751, Ill. 148. 6d. ul. 158. 11. 148. ul. 158. 6d. 1. 178. 6d. 121. 121. 101. 131. 58. 161. 168. 161. 55. 15l.ac.


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AGUE, November 2, N. S. The eft diftin&ion, who, to that condescen. H

fion, at the close of the entertainment, add. land waited on her royal highness, the ed confiderable tokens of their generontỷ. princess royal, and administered to her the About fix in the evening, the new-married baths as governante and guardian to the folks were carried to their homes in the young prince Atadtholder her son ; lo that fame coaches which had taken them in ihe has now been acknowledged as such by the morning to the churches. There was all the seven provinces. The roth the de in all the churches a composure and devom puties of the states of Zealand and also tion which spoke their sense of what they those of the province of Groningen, and were about, and, at the feasts, a decent county of Ommelanden, had audiences of chearfulness becoming the occafion ; tears her royal highness, and presented the young of humanity were seen to stand in many of prince with the title of first noble of each the spectators eyes, and every thing was of these provinces ; and the same evening tranfa&ted with all possible regularity. A the states general sent a deputation, to in detachment of the city guards was stationed vite her to take her feat at the council in every church, and in the evening the of state, and to administer to her the oath Town-house and churches were splendidly customarly taken upon that occasion.-And illuminated.

The number of marriages the 23d, the states general created the young amounted to 600. prince, now called William V. hereditary The Dutch ambassador has made repre. Stadtholder and captain general of Brabant sentations to the court, concerning the inand Flanders, of the upper quarter of terest which the merchants of Holland have Guelderland, and of the three counties of in the town of Mazulipatan, which the goOutre-Meuse, Wedde and Welt. Woldinger. vernor of Pondichery seized on, after the land, with divers rights, privileges and deseat of Nazarfingue, by virtue of the prerogatives, which are to be enjoy'd by cefsion made by the new king of Golconda the princess governante during his minori. to the French t. Capt. l'Etorey, who ty. The plan formed by the late stadthold. arrived last month at Honfleur, relates, er before his death, containing 90 pages in that he law on the banks of Newfoundland, 410, for re-establishing and improving the 21 French thips employed in the cod filh. commerce of the republick, lies now be. ery, which had at that time caught 119,600, fore the colleges of the admiralty for their exclusive of the Bellona, the Lion, and approbation, and merits their utmost atten. the Flora ; the two former of which had, tion ; for the Dutch are foon like to have in the month of August caught 10,000 each, a dangerous rival in the city of Embden, and the latter 4000 the beginnning of July. to which city the king of Prussia has lately The new squadron lately fitted out from granted the privilege of being a free poit, Breft, failed the 23d of last month, under and in which he designs to establish several the command of commodore de Salvert, manufactories, with considerable rights and commissary general of the marine artillery immunities.

at that port, who had orders not to open his Paris, Nov, 12, N. S. On the 8th, being instructions till he arrived at a certain lati. the day before that of the marriages of the tude. 26th, the king having laft Monpoor maidens, on account of the birth of day caused the registers of the parliament the duke of Burgundy *, the bridegrooms to be laid before him, and the parliament and brides resorted to the churches of their having met next day, in order to take respective parishes, where the ceremony of into their confideration the affair of the their betrothing was performed, all the bells general hospital the day following, his ringing in every parish ; early next morn majesty's orders were read to them, fig. ing this ever-memorable day was ushered nifying that they thould not proceed to in with a discharge of the city cannon ; bulinels, whereupon the assembly broka at nine the parties again resorted to their up, and the members retired to their re« respective churches, which were hung spective apartments, with capeftry, and illuminated with wax The plague raged last summer at Con. lights ; a mass was folemnly fung, at which Kantinople so fiercely as to destroy above affifted a magistrate in his robes, and the 70,000 people, and at last made its way two churchwardens of the parishes, who into the Seraglio, and even in the Harem, held the pall over the couples, who after the or womens apartment, three of the grand ceremony (which was declared by a second fignor's pages, and fix of the ladies, with discharge) were carried in coaches, which four eunuchs their keepers, having died of had been lent by the gentry of each parish, it ; which obliged his sublime highness to to the places appointed for the reasts. fly from the danger to a country palace The pairs of St. Sulpice and St, Roche's on the Euxine sea ; but by last letters it is parishes had the honour to be served at said to have entirely ceased. cable by princes and persons of the high.

Divs. • Su our Mag. for Sept, lafi. Po 431. † See dieren

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35. Millar.


The Monthly Catalogue for November, 1751. DIVINITY and CONTROVERSY. Spaw. By D. W. Linden, M. D. pt. isi HE Sermons of the learned Dr. 6d, Owen,

Isaac Barrow, in 6 Vols. Tamo, 25. A general Narrative of the Transa pr. 186. Willon.

a&tions in Nova Scotia. By J. Willon, pro 2. The Whole Duty of Man according 6d. Henderson, to the holy Scriptures, pr. i$. 6d. Cooper. 26. A new Memorandum Book im.

3. The Apostles Crecd paraphrased, By prov'd, or Daily Pocket Journal for 1752, a Sea Officer, pr. 15. Woodfall.

pr. is. 6d. Dodney. 4. Sufficient Reasons for a religious Se. 27. The Daily Journal for the Year of paration from the Church of England. By our Lord 1752 (with Old Time's Address John Talker, pr. 18. 6d. Noon.

to all the good People of Great Britain :) 5. An Enquiry concerning the Principles Or, The Gentleman's and Tradesman's of Morality. By David Hume, Esq; pri Accompt-Book for the Pocket, pr, 18. 60.

Baldwin. 6. An Elay on Spirit, pr. 28. 6d. Noon, 28. The Gentleman and Ladies Palla, MISCELLANEOUS,

dium for the Year 1752 ; with a Paschal 7. A Reply to the Case of Alexander Table, composed by the Right Hon. the Murray, Esq; pr. 15. Carpenter.

Earl of Macclesfield, pr. is. Baldwin. 8. The Universal Di&ionary of Trade 29. A French Almanack for the Year and Commerce. Trannated from the 1752, pr. 6d, Baldwin. French of Mons. Savary, pr. 6d. each 30. * A Treatise on Virtue and Happi. Number. Knapton.

ners. The third Edit. By T. Nettleton, 9. The Ordinary of Newgate's Account, M. D. and F. R. S. pr. 45. Payne and pr. 6d. Corbet.

Bouquet. 10. The Adventures of Captain Peter de 31. Mercy for Methodists, proved to be la Fontain, who has been fix Years under the Law and the Prophets, pr. 6d. Owen, Sentence of Death in Newgate, pr. 18, 32. The Chinese Spy, pr. 28. 60. Whiston, Stamper.

33. Medical Principles and Cautions, 11. The Fair Wanderer, pr. 18. Stamper. By Theo. Lobb, M. D. pr. is. Buckland, 12. The Man Plant ; or Scheme for

Poetry and Entertaiment, improving the British Breed, pr. 18. Cooper. 34. The Works of Alexander Pope,

13. The History of the Parliament of Erq; with his last Corrections, Additions, England. By the Abbe Raynal, pr. 45. and Improvements. Published by Mr. Olborne.

Warburton, in 9 Vols. small Octavo, pre 14. A genuine Account of the Parricide of

275. Knapton. Mary Blandy, pr. 6d. Walker. (See p. 512.) 35. The Muses Choice ; containing a

15. The British Theatre. Containing Colle&ion of Tales, Epigrams, &c. pr. 18. the Lives of the Englith Dramatick Poets ; 6. Stamper. with an Account of all their Plays : To. 36. Fortune, a Rhapsody. Inscribed to gether with the Lives of all the principal Mr. Garrick, pr. 18. Manby, Actors, as well as Poets. With a more 37. A Differtation on the Song of Solo, View of the Rise and Progress of the mon, with a poetical Version, pr. 25. English Stage, pr. 28. sew'd. Baldwin. Millar,

16. The Orations and Epistles of Ilo. 38. Memoirs of the Life and Actions of crates. Translated from the Greek, By Charles Osborne, Esq; pr. 38. Cooper. J. Dinsdale, pr. 6s. Walier.

39. The Olympiade, pr. 15. Owen, 17. The History of our National Debts, 40. The Femalo Haberdashers, pr. 6d, Part II. pr. 28. Cooper.

Wakelin, 18. Remarks on the Life and Writings 41. Excise Boys, ha ! A New Ballad, of Dr. Jonathan Swift, in a Series of Let pr. ;d. Holden. ters from John Earl of Orrery, to his Son 42. A genuine Account of the Life of Hamilton Boyle, pr. 45. Millar. (See per Howell ap Price, Gentleman of Wales, 483.)

pr. 3s. Olborne, 19. The same in a small Size, pr. 28. 43. Enthusiasm : A poetical Efray, pr. 6d. rew'd. Millar.

Is. Owen. 20. A Hint on Duelling, pr. 6d. Sheepey, 44. Maxims and Cautions for the La

21. Hickey against Hamilton and Hare dies, pr. 18. Owen. vey, pr. 18. Gibson.

45. The Beau Philosopher, pr. 38. Free. 22. A true State of the Care between man, Gen. Guise and Mr. Hervant, pr. 60.

46. Eastward Hoe ; or the Prentices. 23. A short View of the Families of A Comedy, with the Alterations as it is the present English Nobility. By Mr. Sal.' now acłed, pr. is, Dodfey. mon, pr. 38. Owen.

47. The Shepherd's Lottery, a musical 71. An experimental Differtation on the Entertainment, as it is acted at the Theatre

e, Contents, and Virtue of Hyde Royal in Drury. Lane, pr. 6d. Cooper,


Or GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.

To be Continued. (Price Six-Pence each month.)
Containing, (Grearer Variety, and more in Quaniity, iban any Monthly Book of the same price.)
1. Account of the Novel, intitled, AMELIA. XVII. Character and furprizing Genius of
II. Remarks on the Character of King the late Mr. Granam.
Charles II.

XVIII. Further Accounts of the new ErupIII. Curicus Observations on Bees.

tion of Mount Vesuvius, and the late IV. A Description of CLAREMONT, the. dreadiu! Hurricane at Jamaica.

Seat of his Grace the Duke of Newcastle, XIX. Akerations in the Lift of Parliament, V. Objections against County Work-Housei. XX. Explanation of the Oxford Almanack. VI. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Politi XXI. POETRY: A Pastoral Billad ; to a

cal Club, &c. continued : Containing young Lady, who delired fome Lines on the SPEECH E s of Afranius Burrhus, Angels ; Hymn for Christmas Day; VirC. Numisius, Q. Opim:us, and Servilius tue fuperior to all external Charms ; on Priscus, in the Debate on the Number of the Deach of Charles Godirey Palmer, Seamen to be employed in the Navy,

Esq; Prologue, at the Revival of Every VII., Two remarkable Letters of Diogenes, Man in bis idiomolir; op Miss G-nn-g's the famous Cynick Philosopher,

firft coming from Ireland ; to Miss J-s,
VIII, A Lefrun for Lottery Adventurers. of St. Tils, 0---od; Damon and
IX, A Description of the County DURAM. Phillis, a Dialoguc, set to Mufick; Rebus's,
X. Extracts from the lace Prince of Orange's and Answers, &c.
Scheme for improving Trade.

XI. Preambie to Lord Colerane's Will.

Remarkable Trials ; Seflions at the Old
Xil. Of the Divine Omnipresence.

Bailey ; Acts palied, &c. &c. &c.
XIII. Death of the Queen of Denmark. XXII Promotions ; Marriages and Births ;
XIV. Character and Fate of Sejanus.

Dea'hs ; Bankrupts.
XV. Late Lord Bolingbroke's Death and XXIV. Prices of Stocks for each Day.

XXV. Monthly bill of Morcalicy.
XVI. Of Herrings, and their amazing

Shoals, &c.

XXVII. A Catalogue of Books.
With a Beautiful Map of DURHAM, and a curi us View of CLAREMONT,
the Seat of his Giace tlie Duke of Newcastle, in Surrey, neatly engraved on Copper.

LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. at the Rofe in Pater-Noter. Rom.
Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, meatly sounds of Suichd,

or any lingle Month to compleat Sets.

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C Ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ 3.

Andere of a novel iately published of the hierrings, and their amazing shoals,



A description of Claremont, the seat of The author of Spectacle de Nature, on this

his grace the duke of Newcaftle


ibid. G, 562

A description of the county or bishoprick Curious observations on Bees, from the

of Durham

535, 535 Philosophical Transactions 562, 563

Remarkable (alt spring at salt water Haugh Poltry, Damon and Phillis, a dialogue,

576 F.

ret to musick


The JOERNAL of a Learned and Political A country dance

* 565

CLUB, &c. continued

537-549 A pastoral ballads


DEBATE on the number of reamen ibid. Virtue superior to all external charms, an

SPZECH of Afranius Burshus for a redus ode

tion of 2000

1537 To a young lady, who deficed some lines

Of the French increasing their marine 538, on angels


542, 548

A hymn for Christmas day


SPEECH of C. Numifius against the reduc The progress of learning


$39 Rebus's, and answers


Seamen the pallad um of our country ibid. To Mils j-s, of St. T-18, 0-rad,
Our conduct towards them censuredib d. on her several excellent poems ibid.

F, 544 F. Prologue, at the revival of Every man in

importance of our being masters of the fea bis bumour


542. Upon the death of Charles Godfrey Palmery

SPLICH of R. Opimius on the same lide Esq;


His epitaph


SPEECH of Servilius Priscus in favour of On Miss G-ng's firft coming from
the reduction

545 Ireland, in imitation of Mr. Prior's Fe.
The necessity of pressing unavoidable - 548 male Phaeton


Our care of the navy


Conclusion of the remarks on proposals A further account of the late eruption of

lately made for repealing mont of the mount Vesuvius


poor. laws, and for erecting county The late dreadful form at Jamaica further

work. houses

ibid, described


Three classes of pner

ibid. Confession of a murderer in Scotland 569

Arguments against county work. houses 550


or settlements and certificates


Character and interment of the late eminent

A letter of Diogenes, to the people of Mr. Graham, and inscription on his


552 tomb


Another letter of his, to Megasthenes, ac i Proclamation for apprehending the Hon.

quainting him how he bantered and con. Alexander Murray, Esq;


verted a victor, at his return from the Remarkable trials

570, 371

Olympick games

ibid. A. Sessions at the Old Baiely


Remarkable preamble to the late lord Cole Additional article to the treaties between

rane's will

553 his majesty and the dey of Algiers ibid.,

Marquis of Halifax's remarks on the cha. Aas paffed


rader of K. Charles II. ibid. G, 564 Death of the queen of Denmark


A leffon for lottery adventurers 554 F.: Murderers apprehended


Extracts from the scheme laid before the Alterations in the list of parliament 572,

Itales general of the united provinces : Inscription on general Guest's monument

by the lare prince of Orange, for re-


ftoring and improving the trade of that Explanation of the Oxford almanack ibid.


556-558 Marriages and births


Mischiefs of ambition



Character and face of Sejanus

Prices of stocks and grain; wind, weather

Advantages of contemplating the divine



ibid. E.

Monthly bill of mortality


Oi che divine omnipresence, and how it FOREIGN AFFAIRS


ought to affect us


Catalogue of books

I be second Copy of the One on Virtúe come pas late. The Verfes is reading Barclay's Apology, sbe
Stepbird : Poneygrick on bis Dez, ibe Glutron, &c. shall be aur Magazine for January.

or furry the Liner as ibe Dealb of H. H. will not do. We bave also received several Rebus's.

About tbe Middle of January will be published,
A Beautiful FRONTISPIECE, General Tiriz curiounge engraved,"com.

pleat InDents, and several other Things, necellary to be bound up with the Yolume,

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