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testined against thom: but they become wind, and the word is not own heart, and not out of the would not give car.

in them: thus shall it be done into mouth of the LORD. I have not Since the day

thm. Jer, vii, 25-28

Wherefore thin situ the sent these prophets, yet they ran: that your fathers came forth out

LORD God of hosts, Because ye I have not spoken to them, yet of the land of Egypt unto this sprak. this word, beloid, I will they prophesied. Put if they haud day, I have even sent into you all make 'my words in thy month stood in my counsel, and lad my servants the prophets, daily fire, and this people wood, and it

alused my people to hear iny ris ng up early, and sending them: shall devour them. LO, I will words then they should have Yet thy hearkened not unto me,

bring a nation upun you from far. inrned them froin their evil irity,

O house of Israel, saith the LORD and from the evil of their loings, nor inclined their ear, but hardened their neck; they dil worso

it is a mighty nation, it is an I hve heard what the propherg than their fathers. Therefore

ancient nation, a nation whose stid, that proplesy lies in my

thon kinuwest not, th 1 shilt sprak all these words language

name, saying. I have dreamel, i unto them, but they will not lear: neither understandcst what they have creamed. How long shall ken to trice: thou shalt also call say.

this be in the heart of the pr. unto th:m; but they will not

Jer. xxix, 18, 19. And I will phets that pr plesy lies? ypa, 1)siler thee. But thou shalt say persecute thein' with the sword, they are prop! ets of the drc it of anto them. This is a nation that with the famine, and with the

their own heart; Which think to obryell not the voice of the pestilence, and will veliver them

canse my people to forget my LORD their God, nor receivetli io be removed to all the king.

naine by their dreams, which they correction: truth is perislied, and long of the earth. to be a curse,

tell every inan to his neighbour, is cut off from their invuth.

as their fathers have forgotten muy a'd an astonisiment, and a! Jer. XXV. 3. 4. From the thir-bissing, and it reproach, among all

name for Baal. The proplet ihat

nations tent year of Joshua the son of the

whither I have

hath a dream, let him tell a drezurn; Amon king of Judah, even unto driven them: Because they have and he that hatli ms word, let him this day (that is the three and not bearkened to my woriis, saith speak my word faillitully..... twentieili year) the word of the the LORD), which I sent unto them

Jer. xxvili, 14-17. For thos Lond hulli como unto me, and il by my "nervants the prophets,

saith the LORD of hosts, the God have spoken into you, rising rising up early, and sending them;

of Israe'; I have put a yoke of early and speaking; but yo have but ye would not bear, suith the

iron upon the neck of all these not beukeled. Anil the LORD LORD.

nations, that they may surve hath sint unto you all his ser


Nebuchadnezzır hing of Bibylon; vants the priplets, rising early FALSE PROPHETS. and they shall serve him: and I and sending them; but ye have

have given him the beasts of the not bearkened, nor inclined your WARNINGS AGAINST THEM.

field also. Then sill the prophet ear to lar.

Neh. vi, 8. 9. Then I sent unto Jeremiah unto llananlah to Jer, xlili, 1-4. And it came to him, saying, there are no such prophet, llear now. llinanian, pags, that when Jeremiah bad things done as thou styest, but The Lord hath not sent ilire; lint mudo ili onil of speaking unto all thou feixnest them out of thine thou makest this people to trust the people all the words of the own beart. For they all made in a lie: 'Therefore this sith the LED their God, for which the us afraid, saying. Their hands LORD, Beboll, I will cost tl. Petrum LORD their Goll bad sent him to sliall bo weak no I from the work of the face of the earth: this year them, eren all these words. Then that it be not done Now there-thon shall die, bec 11e thout spalic Azariah the son of llo- fore, O God, strengthen my taughrebellionariinst the Lond. shaall. un Juhanan the son of hands.

Sullananiah the prophet diet wie K rral, and all the proud men,

same year, in the seventh month.

Jer. xiv, 14. Then the LORt) Бауіng unito Jeremiah. Thou

said unto me, The pr pho's pruSpeichest falsely; the LORD our

Jer. xxix. 8. For thius saith the Good liath not sent thee to say, Gupbesy lies in iny nanie: I sent

LORD of losis, the God of Isriel, inein not, neither have I com- Let not your propres and your not in, Erypt to sujourn there: manded them, weither spake unt diviners, that be in the mails of But Biruch the son of Noriah,

them: they prophesy unto you a selleth thoe on arainst us, for to

you, deceive you, neither hearken deliver it into the hand of the wing of bought, and the deceit of to be dreamed. falso vision and divination, and a

to your dreuuns which ye caused Chalters. that they might put their heart. 11 to dall, and carry us away

Matth. vii, 15. Beivare of falso capisces to Ballin. So Jo- Jer. xxiii, 14-16, 21, 22. 25-28. prophets, which come to you in hanan the son of Kireal, and all I have seen also in the prophets sheep's clothing, but inwardly the captius of the forces, and all of Jerusalem an horrible thing they are ravening wolves. ilir: prople obeyed not the voice they commit adultery, and walk of the LED, 10 dwell in the land in lies: they trengthen also the Matth. xxiv, 11. And many false of Judul.

han is of evil-loers, that none prophets shall rise, and shall de

deth return from this wickelness:ceive many.

they are all of them unto me as
Sodom, and the inliabitants there: false propliets also among the

2 Pcter il, 1. But there wero
Nch. ix. 30 Yet many years
di int thou forbear them, and of as Gomorrah. Therefore ting
les illeulst against thein by thy sith the LORD of bosts concerning pe ple, even as thire shall bo

false teachers among you, who the prophets, Beboll, I will teed they not give on: therefore them drink the water of gall: for that bought them and bring upon Spirit ill thy prophets: yet would them with worin wood, and muke privily shall bring in damnable

heresies, even denying the Lord est thou them into the land of the

from the propliers of Jerusalem is people of the lands.

themselves swift destruction prufalleness kune forth into all Jer. v. 12.-15 They have belied the land. Thus saith the LORD of 1 John iv, 1. Beloved, believe the LORD and said, It is not he; hogis, llearken not unto the not every spirit, but try i he spirits Dini Sin evil coine upon 118 worris of the prophets thai pro. whether they are of God; becue Delil! - il we gee sword oor | phesy unto you: iny make you many false prophets are gone out laming luu tho propuels shall Falu: they speak a vision of their into the world.


THEIR CHARACTER. thee upon the necks of them that sumed them. And all the pro

are sluin, of the wicked, whose phets prophesied so, saying. Go MERCENARY. Neh. vi, 10-14. Afterward I came shall hare an end. day is come, wben their iniquity up to Ranioth-gilead, and prosper:

for the LORD shall deliver it into onto the house of Shemaiah the son of Delaiah the son of Medic Ezcl. xxii, 28. And her prophets the king's land.

2 Chron. xviii, 5. 10. 11. Theretabeel, who was shut up; and he have danleil them willi ruten Raid, Let us meet rogerlier in the pire la mortar, seeing vanity, and fore the king of Israel Battered bouse of God, witliin the temple livininis lies unto them, saying together of propheintour lundred and let us shut the doors of the Thus suith the Lord God, when men, anil saiti unto them, shall

He go to Ramot-gilead to battle, temple: for they will come tu slay the LORD hath not spoken.

or shall I lorhear? And they said, thee; yea, in the night will they


Go up; for God will deliver it into como te slay thee. And I said, Should such a min as I flee? and Jer. xxiil, 17, 18. They say still the king's hand. And Zekiah

the son of Chenaanah had made who is there. that, being as I am unto them that despise me, The wiulil go into the temple to save LORD liath said, Yo shall have bin borns of iron, and said, Thang his lit ?' I will not go in. And, peace; and they say unto every saith the LORD, With these thou lo. I percrived that God had not one that walketli after the im. shalt push Syrie until they becue sent him; but that he pronounced agination of bis own heart, Numed. An'i all ile propriets prothis prophecy against me: for evil shall come upon you. For phaestod so, siving, loop to Ride Tobiali and Sinballat had hired who hath stood in the counsel ui notla-gilea), and prixpar; miho hin.

Therefore was he hirel, the LORD und bath: perceived and LODI stull deliver itinio the bind that I should be afraid, and do so, heard his woril? what math murkou of lliu king.

Jer. xiv, 13. Then still. Al Lord anel sin, and that they might have his word, and leard it muller for an evil report, that Lam ii, 14. Thy prophets have them, Ye still not setir sisoril,

Gun! be told the prophets sy anto they might repruach Ine. My seen vain and foolish things for neither shall yi tave lamine; but Got think thou upon Tobial and thee: and they have not disuver. I will give you ussured peace in Sanblat according to these their end thine iniquity, to turn away this place. Works, and the prophetess

tliy captivity; but have seen for Noailia, and the rest of the pro- thee faise burdens, and causes of

Jer. xxviil, 1-4. 10. 11. And it pleis, that would have put me in bunishment.

came to piss the studie yr:r, in the fear.

Erek. xiii. 4-9. O Israel, tlıylius of Jutali in llie lori yar,

beginning ofthe reign Zenteriah Exek. xxii, 25. There is a con

proplets are like the fuxes in illo and in the dilih month, thut 1110110 spiracy of her pruplaers in the

desert Yo have not gone up mah the son of Azr the prophet, mi si thereof, like a roaring lion

into the gaps, 1ieither mule np the which was vs Gibeon, spike into ravenin; the pros: they have de- lielge for the 110059 of Israel to Your souls; ihey have taken the stand in the battle in the day of the presence of the prioris 11d of

me in the house of the LORD in trecure and precious things; they lie LORD. They have seen Vanity all the people, saying this sprake have mule her many widows in and lying divination, suying. The will the LORD OT losis, the fint of the midst thereut.

Loud saith; and the loud liath not intil, saying I traverken thie

gent them: and they have made yoke of the king of Babylon. FALSE

others to hope that they would within two full years will I boring 1 Rings xxii, 24. 25. But Zede-confirin the word. Have ye notarun into this place all the vessels kiah the son of Chenaunah went seen a rain vision, and have yol of the LORD's hou184, that Neule Dar, and smote Micral on the not spokeu a lying divination, chanezzar king of Babylon took check, and said. Which way went whereas ye say, The LORD still way from this place, and carried the Spirit of the Lord froin me it; albeit I have not spokes? them to Babylon: and I will bring to peak onto thee? Au Micaiah Therefore thus saith the dorilaruin to this place Jeconials the sani. Below!, thou shalt seo in Gom, Because yo bave spoken son of Jehviakin king of Julah, that day, when th:0" slialt go into vanity, and seen lies, therefore, with a'l the ciprives of Juille, an inner chamber to hide thysell. behold, I am against you, suítli hat went into Babylon, saith the Isat. ix. 15

The ancient and the Lord God. And mine band | LUBD: for I will break the yoke of honourabl., :e is the head: anil I shall be upon the propriets that like king of Babylon, Thun II the prophes that teacheth lies, ne seo vanity, and that divine lies: naniah the proptat took the yoke is the tail.

they slali nut be in the assembly from 1f the prophet Jerina's Jer. xxvii, 15 For I have not

of my people, neither shall they neck, and ke it. Anllanab sent ther, with the Lord, yet house of Israel, weither shall they pople, saying, Tuus saillithio

be witten in the writing of the spake in the presence of all the th y prophesy is lie in my name; that I blot drive yoll out, and

enter into the land of Israel; and LORI, E en so will I break th:9 that ye mtzlit perish, ye, and the

Jo shull kuuw tuul I am the Lord yoke of Nebuchadnezzar is of proprietsitat propesy unto you.

Babylon from the deck of ali naJer xxix, 9. For they prophesy

tions within the space of two full filse's uute your on my namn: 1

ESPECIALLY IN TIME OF WAR. years. And the propliut Jeremiada hve not seul them suitla the 1 kings xxii 6. 11, 12. Then the

went bis way. LORD. king of Israel gathered the pro

THE CRITERION. ezels vii, 22 Because with lies plets together; about four hun ye live ude the hear of the

dred inen, and said unto them, Deut. will, 1-3. If there arise 1:21.osal, whom I have not lo butter, or shall I lorear? Aud of dreams, unu give lice or si

Shall lunt st Remotional among you a proplul, or a dreamer de sal; and strengthened the i Danel of the wicked, their lives they salu, Go "p; for the Loki oru womier and live sign or into bhould not return from his wicked shall eliver it into the land of wonder como tu pas, wereof be Way, by promising hinn life.

the king. And Zeilchilin the son spake unto theu, saying, Let us go

of Chenanalı madlim broms of utier uthier gods which thou hast F:cl: XXI. 29. Whiles they see iron; ited the sid. Thus saith the not known, and let us sere: thiem; vuniy

unlu thee, while they LORD, Will these shalt thou pust thou shall not lieurhen unto the distue i Lie uulo llco to bring the syriaus, until thou have coue'words of thiut propuel, or. Was



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dreamer of dreamg: for the LORD that he hath done shall ye do; neighbour. Behold, I am against your God proveth you, to know and when this cometh, yo shall the prophets, saith the LORD, that whether you love the LORD your know that I am the Lord GOD. use their tongues, and say, He God with all your heart and with

saith. Behold, I am against them all your soul.

that prophesy false dreams, saith

2 Kings ill, 13. And Elisha said the LORD, and do tell them, and Deut. xvill, 20-22. But the pro- unto the king of Israel, What have phet, which shall presume to speak I to do with thee? get thee to the lies, and by their lightness; yet I

cause my people to err by their a word in my name, which I have prophets of thy father, and to the sent them not, nor commanded not commanded bim to speak, or prophets of thy mother. And the them: therefore they shall not that shall speak in the name of king of Israel said unto him, Nay: profit this poople at all, saith the other gods, even that prophet for the LORD hath called 'these

LORD. shall die. And if thou say in thine three kings together, to deliver heart, How shall we know the them into the hand of Moab.

Jer. xxvIII, 15--17. Then said the word which the LORD hath not

prophet Jeremiah unto Hananiah spoken? When a prophet speak

Jer. xxxvii, 19. Where are now

the prophet, Hear now, Hananiah; eth in the name of the Lord, if the your prophets which prophesied The Lord bath not sent thee; but

unto you, saying, The king of Ba-thou makest this people to trust thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD bylon shall not come against you, in a lie. Therefore thus saith the hath not spoken, but the prophet nor against this land?

LORD; Behold, I will cast theo hath spoken it presumptuously :

from off the face of the earth: this thou shalt not be afraid of him,


year thou shalt die, because thou 1 Kings xxii, 28. And Micaiah which shall presume to speak a Deut. xviii, 20. But the prophet hast taught rebellion against the

LORD. So Hananiah the prophet said, 1f thou return at all in peace, word in my name, which I have died the same year, in the seventh the LORD hath not spoken by me. not commanded bim to speak, or month. And he said, Hearken, O puople, that shall speak in the name of every one of you. other gods, even that prophet Because ye have said, The LORD

Jer. xxix, 15--17, 20-22, 31, 32. 2 Chron. xviii, 27. And Micaiah shall dio.

hath raised us up prophets in said, If thou certainly return in Zech. xili, 2, 3. And It shall come Babylon; Know that thus saith peace, then hath not the LORD to pass in that day, saith the LORD the LORD of the king that sitteth spoken by me. And he said, of hosts, that I will cut off the upon the throne of David, and of Hearken, all ye people.

names of the idols out of the land, all the people that dwelleth in this Isa. xli, 21, 22. Produce your

and they shall no more be remem- city, and of your brettiren that cause, saith the Lord; briug forth bered; and also I will cause the

are not gone forth with you into your strong reasons, saith the prophets and the unclean spirit to captivity; Thus saith the LORD of King of Jacob. Let inem bring pass out of the land. And it shall hosts, Behold, I will send upon them forth, and shew us what shall come to pass, that when any shall them the sword, the famine, and happen: let them shew the former yet prophesy, then his father and the pestilence,' and will make things, what they be, that we muy bis mother that begat him shall them like vile figs, that cannot be consider them, and know the lat- say unto him, Thou shalt not live; eaten, they are so evil. Ilear ye ter end of them; or declare us

for thou speakest lies in the name therefore ihe word of the LORD, things for to come.

of the LORD: and his father and all ye of the captivity, whom I

his mother that begat him shall have sent from Jerusalem to Isa. xliii, 8, 9. Bring forth the tbrust him through when be pro- Babylon; Thus saith the LORD of blind people that have eyes, and the deaf that have ears.

plesieth. Let all

hosts, the God of Israel, of Ahab the nations be gathered together,


the son of Kolaiah, and of Zedeand let the people be assembled :

kiah the son of Maaseiab, which who among them can declare this, the LORD concerning the prophets name, Behold, I will deliver them

Jer. xiv, 15. Therefore thus saith prophesy a lie unto you in my and shew us former things? let that prophesy in iny, name, and I into the hand of Nebuchadıezzar them bring forth their witnesses, sent them not, yet they say, Sword king of Babylon, and he shall slay that they may be justified; or let and famine shall not be in this them before your eyes: And of them hear, and say, it is truth.

land; By sword and famine shall them shall be taken up a curse Jer. xxviii, 7-9. Nevertheless, hear those prophets be consumed. by all the captivity of Judah thou now this word that I speak

Jer. xx, 6. And thou, Pashur, which are in Babylon, saying, The in thine ears, and in the ears of all and all that dwell in thine house, LORD mako thee like Zedekiah, the people; the prophets that have sball go into captivity: and thou and like Ahab, whom the king of been before me and before thee of shalt come to Babylon, and there Babylon roasted in the fire. Send old, prophesied both against many thou shalt die, and shalt be buried to all them of the captivity, say. countries, and against great king there, thou, and all thy friends, ing, Thus saith the LOED concerndoms, of war, and of evil, and of to whom thou hast prophesied ing Shemaiah the Nehelamite, pestilence. The prophet which lies.

Because that Shemaiah bath proprophesieth of peace, when the word of the prophet shall come to

Jer. xxiii, 9, 13, 30-32. Mine phesied unto you, and I sent him pass, then shall the prophet be heart within me is broken because not, and he caused you to trust in known, that the LORD hath truly shake: I'am like'a drunken man, LORD, Behold, I will punish She

of the prophets; all my bones a lie; Therefore thus saith the sent him.

and like a man whom wine hath maiah the Nehelamito, and his Ezek. xiv, 9. And if the prophet overcome, because of the LORD, seed: he shall not have a man to be deceived when he hath spoken and because of the words of his dwell among this people; neither a thing, I the Lord have deceived holiness. And I have seen folly shall be behold the good that I that prophet; and I will stretch

in the prophets of Samaria; they will do for my people, saith the out my hand upon him, and will prophesied in Baal, and caused Lord; because he hath tanght destroy him from the midst of my my people Israel to err. There- rebellion against the LORD. people Israel.

fore, behold, I am against the pro- Ezek. xiii, 2, 3, 8, 9. Son of man, Ezek. xxiv, 24. Thus Ezekiel is phets, saith' the LORD, that steal prophesy against the prophets of unto you a sign: according to all my words every one from his Israel that prophesy, and say thou unto them that prophesy out of whom they prophesy shall be people, and I may be their God, their own hearts, llear ye the cast out in the streets of Jerusa- saith the Lord God. word of the LORD; Thus saith the lem because of the famine and

Micah iii, 5-7. Thus saith tho Lord God; Woe unto the foolish the sword; and they shall bave LORD concerning the prophets prophets, that follow their own none to bury them; them, their that make my people err, that spirit, and have seen nothing! wives, nor their sons, nor their bite with their teeth, and cry, Therefore thus saith the Lord daughters: for I will pour their Peace; and he that putteth not Gon; Because ye have spoken wickedness upon them

into their mouths, they even prevanity, and seen lies, therefore, behold, I am against you, saith Ezek. xii, 15. And they shall paro war against him: Therefore

night shall be unto you, that ye the Lord God. And mine hand know that I am the Lord, when I

shall not have a vision; and it shall be upon the prophets that scatter them among the nations, shall be dark unto you,' that yo see vanity, and that divine lies and disperse them in the coun- shall not divine: and the sun shall they shall not be in the assembly tries.

go down over the prophets, and of my people, neither shall they Ezek. xill, 23. Therefore ye shall the day sball be dark over them. be written in the writing of the see no more vanity, nor divine Then shall the seers be ashamed, honse of Israel, neither shall they divinations: for I will deliver my and the diviners confounded; yea, enter into the land of Israel; and people out of your hand; and ye they shall all cover their lips: for ye shall know that I am the Lord shall know that I am the LORD. there is no answer of God. GOD Micah ii, 11. II a man, walking bear the punishment of their come to pass in that day, that the

Ezek. xiv, 10, 11. And they shall Zech. xiii, 4, 5. And it shall in tlie spirit and falsehood, du lie; saying, I will prophesy unto the iniquity: the punishment of the prophets shall be ashamed

very of wine and of strony drink: he prophet shall be even as the pun. one of his vision, when he hatń

ishment of him that seeketh prophesied; neither shall they shall even be the prophet of this

unto him, That the house people.

of wear a rough garment to deceive: Israel may go no more astray But he shall ray, I am no prophet, PUNISHMENT OF THEM. from me, neither be polluted any I am an husbandmun; for man SELVES AND THEIR DUPES. niore with all their transgres- taught me to kvep cattle from my Jer. xiv, 16. And the people to sions, but that they may be my youth,




1st -TIIE DIVINE GOVERN- Judgment cometh from the Lord. / of more value than many spar. MLXT IN TEMPORAL

An unjust man is an abomination rows.

to the just; and he that is upright John vil, 30. Then they songht

in the way is abomination to the to take him: but no min laid IN INDIVIDUALS. wicked.

lands on him, because his huur Gen XXXI, 29. It is in the

Eccles. ill, 1-9. To every thing was not yet come. power of iny had to do you hurt: there is a season, and a time to but the God of your fatlier spake every purpose under the heaven: Jesus in the treasury, as lie taught

John vill, 20. These words spake unto ine yesternight, saying, Take A time to be born, and a time to in the temple: and no man laid thon beed that thou speak not to die: a time to plant, and a time to hands on him; for his hour was Jacob either good or bad.

pluck up that which is planted: not yet come. Gen xlv, 5-8. Now therefore be A timo to kill, and a time to beal: not grieved

angry with a time to break down, and a time IN PUBLIC AFFAIRS. yourselves that ye sold me

to build up: A time to weep, and bither: for God did send

1 Kings xi 23. And God stirred mo

time to laugli: a time to mourn, niin up another niversary, R 701 before you to preserve life. For and a time to dance: A time to Die son of Ell ndah, which fled these i io year's hath the famine cast away stunes, and a thine to froin his loru Hadadezer king of been in the land: anii yet there are gather stones together: a time to

Zobah. five years, in the which there shall embrace, and a time to refrain neitier de curing nor harvest. from embracing: A time to get, 2 Kings xix, 25 Inst thou not And God sent me before you to and a time to lose: a time to krep, heari long ago, how I have done preserve you a posterity in the and a tine to cist away: A time it, and of ancient times that I earth, anot to save your lives by a to rend, and a time to sew; a time have formed 11? now have I greal deliverinice. So now, it was to kecp silence, and a time to brought it to pass, that thon not you that sent me hither, but speak: A time to love, and a shouldest be to lay waste fenced God: and he hath made me a tiine to hate: a time of war, and a

cities into ruinous lieaps. father to Pharaol, and lord of all time of peace. What profit barlı Neh. vi, 16. And it came to pass, his in use, and a rulur throughout he that worketh in that wherein that when all our enemies beard all the land of Egypt. he labouretli?

thereof, and all the heathen that Gen. 1, 19, 20. And Josephi said of mine anger, and the staff in they were much cast down in

Isa. x, 5-7. O Assyrian, the rod were about us saw these things, unto them. Fear not; for am I in the plice of Liud? But as for you. I will send him against an hypo- that this work was wrought of

their band is mine indignation. their own eyes: 1or they perceived ye thou; lit evil a ainst ine; but Guilmoint it unto guol, to bring critical nation, and against the our God. to pass, as it is this day, to save hin a charge, to take the spoil, his holiness; I will rejoice, I will

people of my wrathi will I give Ps. 1x, 6-8. God hath spoken in much people alive.

and to take the prey, and to tread divide Shechem, and mete out the 1 Sim. XXV, 29. Yot a man is them down like the mire of the valley of Succuth. Gilead is Tis n to pursue thee, and to seeli streets. How beit hie neanelle not mine, and Manasseh is mine; thy soul; but the soul of my lord so, neither doth his heart think Epliraim also is the strength of Bhall be bound in the bundle of so; but it is in his heart to de- mine head; Judalı is my lawgiver; lite with tlie LORD thy God; and stroy and cut off nations not a Mvab is niy waglipot; over Eidom the soils of thine enemies, them few.

will I cast out my shoe: Philistia, shaali he sling out, as out of the Jer. x, 23. O LORD, I know that triumph thou because of me. middle of a siing.

the way of man is not in himsel: Ps. cxxvii, 1, 2. Except the LORD Job sxiii, 11. For he perform it is not in pian thal walleth to build the house, they labour in eth the thing thut is appointed for direct his steps.

vaiu that build it; except the LORD me: many such things are Dan, xii, 1. And at that time keep the city, the watchman wind him.

Bliall Michael stand up, the great waketh but in vain. It is vuin tor Prov. xvi, 9. A man's heart de prince which standet for the you to rise up early, to sit up late, viseth his way: but the LORD children of thy people; and theru

to eat the bread of sorrows; for direciell luis slips.

shall be a time of trouble, such as so he givetli bis beloved sleep. Frov. xix, 21. There are many never was since there was a na- Prov. xxi, 30. There is no wisdeviciu i man's heart; never.

tion eren to that same time, and dom, nor unverstanding, nor theless the counsel of the Lord, at that time thy people shall be counsel, against the Lord. that shall stand. delivered, every one that shall be

Isa. X, 15. Shall the ax boast found written in the book. Prov. x.x, 24, 23. Man's goings

itself against him that he weth are of the LOR!; how can a mun

Matth. X, 29, 30. Are not tiro there with? Or shall the saw magthen understand his own way? It sparrows suld for a farthing? and nify itself against him that shakis a snure to the man who devour-one of them shall not fall on the ethi it? as it the rud should shake elli that which is holy, and after ground without your Father. But itself against them that lift it up, vows 10 make enquiry.

the very hairs of your head are or as if the staff should lift up all numbered.

itself, as if it were no wood. Prov. xxi, 1. The king's heart is in the band of the LORD, as the

Luke xil, 6, 7. Are not five Isa. xiv, 26, 27. This is the par rivers of water: he turneth it sparrows sold for two farthing? pose that is purposed upon the

and not one of them is forgotten whole earth; and this is ti.e band whitlersoever be will.

beture God; But even the very that is stretched out upon all tho Prov. xxix, 26, 27. Many seek hairs of your head are all num- dations. For the LORD of bosts the rulers luvour: but every man's | bered. Fear not therefore: ye are l hath purposed, and who sball dis

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