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\HIS is a day when it is perilous obedience to some profound instinct of address them so carelessly. I feel after to let other people do our think- revulsion.

an hour with ouija as I should if I bal ing for

for us." To avoid forming Instincts are curious things. Human chewed gum at“ Parsifal ”—not that one's own opinion proves in the end as instincts are as blind and as coercive I should have vulgarized “Parsifal," risky as it was to evade the draft. as those of any planted seed. In fact, but myself. Among the many new ideas that assail

considering that we know as little about The evolution of the brute into the us no body of present-day doctrine our mundane existence as a grain of man is not so much a cold scientific fact attracts our attention more insistently wheat knows of its own chemistry, it as a vivid and constant personal experithan psychic research. It invades us hardly seems necessary to encroach ence. Instinctively we know when we from the lecture platform and from upon our post-mundane adventure in revert. Each of us realizes that his book lists that a decade ago would order to find exploration worthy of our mentality and his morality are forces have seemed unbelievable. Serious pub- mettle. Our proudest reasoning proc- none too dependable in our blind strug. lishers present a post-mortem Shake- esses amount to little more than the gle upward. Assuredly when our brains speare and

Mark Twain. Writers whose effort to explain impulses as yet too are tackling some live problem in the savity we had thought unimpeachable mysterious for our understanding. In laboratory or the library or the Stock fill pages of popular magazines with general, we observe that the most pow

general, we observe that the most pow. Exchange we are conscious of the exhil. spiritist experiences. Ouija consumes erful instincts are those that resist any aration of a mental effort ; by contrast, hours of attention. One's closest friends menace to our due development. It is does not each of us feel shamed by some engage in automatic writing. No open- perhaps in accordance with some deep subtle mental enervation when he plays minded person can fail to be amazed by evolutional design that throughout all with the ouija board ? That one is not some of the phenomena indisputably ages there has existed a deep repug- quite so sure-headed a person as before; proved. And yet what does one really nance toward the occult. It may be is not that the sensation of each of us, think about it all? What is the precise for the survival and the preservation if we are quite honest ? To approach import for one's own brain and soul of of faculties won by the race at tragic spiritism either in the mood of sincere the New Revelation ?

cost that popular opinion has always superstition or of sincere science may The subject is so challenging that relegated dealings with disembodied

relegated dealings with disembodied not prove injurious to mentality, but we dare not leave it nebulous. If the

spirits to the misty area of black art the usual half-hearted admixture of both dead are speaking to us, then it is our and of all practices forbidden to the is an insult to the intellect. Surely, at business to know how the fact should wholesome-minded. The charges of its best human intelligence is still too influence us. We might expect to be psychic students that other people dis- flimsy a dependence for us to risk any revolted or frightened or inspired, but miss their claims with mere scoffing are retrogression. to be indifferent would need explana- justified, and yet there may be a funda- The instinct that would protect the tion. It is well also that each of us mental rightness in this unreasoned brain from the curious disintegration should clarify his attitude as unemo- aversion.

caused by the psychic is matched by tionally as possible. If spiritism has a The instinct against all psychic con- that other still deeper instinct that vital message, that message should be cerns is with

of us so keen that

warns against application to spirits for as imperative when we are happy as it needs perhaps examination and de spiritual aid. I am surely not alone in when we are bewildered by grief. We scription before one attempts to explain experiencing an intuitive objection to should study the matter when our heads and justify it by reason. Any study of going to ghosts for assistance in trouble. are coolest, and should at all other intuition is necessarily introspective and If at some moment of stress I deliber. moments abide by decisions reached personal, and yet when I put into words ately. sat down, and, holding, thus quietly. Otherwise we might be my own intuitions in regard to spiritism loosely in my fingers, according to dilike Saul, who, having put away those I trust that I may be expressing the rection, appealed to some unknown, that had familiar spirits, and the wiz- sensations of many other people in this unbodied spirit to write out solutions ards, out of the land," still, when the humble attempt to clarify to my own for my problems and directions for my Philistines threatened his security, had intelligence and vindicate to my own con- conduct, I feel that I should become recourse to a witch—to receive, as it science my attitude toward the psychic. by that act a smaller human being happened, cold comfort.

Within these last years, when play- that I should be voluntarily following This being forced, each of us, to ing with the occult has become so the road to shrinkage. When, by harpuzzle his own way out through the popular a pastime, most of us have ing recourse to the dead for aid either many tormenting problems of to-day made some experiments with the séance, intellectual or spiritual, I evade mo

my makes us humble enough in regard to automatic writing, table-moving, and responsibility to be a person, I feel that our conclusions, as being frankly per- ouija. For myself it is ouija that causes I bave carelessly desecrated some shrine sonal, and yet this sincere self-doubt my sense of trifling with forbidden so deeply hidden within me that I do may be the beginning of wisdom, for if things to become acute. It is the equivo

things to become acute. It is the equivo- not discover it except when I violate it. we each look deep enough into our cal point of view with which we toy Some potent intuition, rather than mere own souls and report candidly enough with that little wooden triangle that

with that little wooden triangle that logic, testifies that the only spirit with what we see there we may discover does harm. The insincerity of our whom the earth-bound may safely speak that our personal reactions are far attitude is an affront to that self-reli- is that prisoned within our own fleshmore general than we dreamed. ance both of brain and of soul which surely thus prisoned for some purpose as an individual, struggle to formulate we have toiled so painfully to attain. -to whose dignity we give scant referfor myself my own

answers to the We half laugh, we balf believe. We ence. When we call upon the dead to questions, “What does psychic re- are subject to a childish, creepy sensa- help us in our earthly struggle, we are search mean for me? Precisely what tion that possibly some post-mundane false to our own high destiny of batassistance in vision or in energy does agency controls our fingers. We lightly tling bravely in the dark. Human indiit give me for daily living ?" I may appeal, “ Come, spirits, talk to us,” and viduality has been a force evolved so perhaps discover that I am but one of yet, deep within, we are shamed by the toilsomely from nothingness that we many people who, after due examina- realization that, if the air of the room might naturally expect every instinct tion, find themselves quietly closing were actually peopled by the august we possess to resist any reversion. If away

this new book of the dead in dead, how hideously flippant of us to our personality is to survive in this


a pencil


If I,

world, not to mention another, it is nec- person can deny that psychic research would be totally different from the essary that we depend not on ghosts, is a legitimate branch of science; the results supposed. Not only the instinct but on ourselves.

view here presented is merely that the that resists but the intelligence that It would be superficial and evasive conclusions drawn from its phenomena dissects spiritism testifies that even if to dismiss one's mental obligation to may not be what is claimed, and that intercourse with the dead were estabthe subject of the psychic by merely even if all spiritist contentions were lished beyond all argument, still saying that our brains are more virile valid, the effect of them on human “ In life we were not eater men, nor if we let it entirely alone. No thinking mentality and on human spirituality bolder men in death.'

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may mean

E farm women are grateful for The average working day is given as in it, but because they enjoy it. That

the attention now being given ten hours in winter and thirteen hours is one of the most interesting occupa

us and for the untiring efforts in summer, which surely, we all agree, is tions on the farm. of the Department of Agriculture to too long. Yet the emphasis should be In referring to the lighting of farmi seek out just what is the real condition placed upon taking time in the middle homes and the use of electric power, it of farm home But somehow we feel of the day for relaxation and recreation is stated that “seventy-nine per cent of Chat the emphasis is being wrongly instead of suggesting later rising. One the women cling to the old-fashioned placed; that "mere questionnaires and thing may be said of the long hours of

thing may be said of the long hours of lamps of wick and smoke, despite the statistics cannot half tell the story of work done on a farm : that the activities fact that farm lighting systems are now how we live or what we think. House

are so numerous and so varied that available anywhere. Let us for a conditions on the farm are different there is some rest in its variations. minute consider what available means. Erom those in cities, and always will An average of fifty-six per cent do In this locality a very good lighting sysde. But we think that women are not some work in gardens, which

tem may be installed for 800. We essentially different whether they live anything from planting and cultivating will take the interest on the investment n the city or on a farm.

the entire crop to merely picking peas. at 6 per cent, which is $18 a year. For instance, the Government survey What percentage of city women with Depreciation, we will say, 5 per cent of farm homes conducted by the De- gardens do not work in them?


which adds another $40. partment of Agriculture in its exten- Farm women, yes—“twenty-four per Then we must add some for running sion work shows that the average cent actually help in the fields with cost and upkeep, which easily will bring Farmer's wife rises at five in the morn- farm work during an average of 7.6 the cost of lighting to about $100 a year. ng, but it fails to say that she also weeks a year.” In this community such Which does not take into account the goes to

rest at 8:30 or 9 in the work means driving a team during hay- farmer's time in the work of caring evening, thus assuring her the needed ing, or in the fall helping to pick up for it. hours of sleep—and sleep it is after a potatoes-surely not very arduous labor Is not that slightly out of proporull day's work. But why emphasize if one has the time. Farm women who tion to pay for lights ? Power can be - A.M.? Is there anything really harm- do much hard field work are foreign- very effectively supplied by gasoline ul in working in the early hours of the born women who have not yet come to engines and many portable mantle lights ay? Rather there is keen enjoyment our standard of living, and whose foreign have proved satisfactory for use on the of the beauty of the early morning when city sisters are washing, keeping board- average farm. Electricity as yet belongs ne is rested. Why should the farm ers, or working in factories.

to the city, where it can be maintained oman adopt the rising hours of the city Eighty-one per cent, we are told, have by the municipality at reasonable rates. f earlier hours are more suited to her charge of the poultry raising. They One great need on every farm is a work?

raise poultry not for the pin-money complete bathroom, for no occupation is

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dirtier during the summer and with the

for women, yet we most of us enjoy caring of stock. Yet it shows little " The Last to be Fed and the

the variety of work, have a vision of realization of farm conditions to urge it

First to Starve "—this is the

what we would like our farm to be, and lightly on every farm. In these North

consider that we are in business part. ern States consideration must be taken way a farmer characterized city

nership with our husbands as no other of deep freezing, the need of well- people. He was talking with class of women are. We may not have constructed septic tanks, and much J. Madison Gathany. What he as much higher life," but it is deeper. installation of plumbing in most farm- said shows the interest people in

We like the farm for our children, houses. In many farmhouses, as they

the cities have in the plight of

and some of us have children, question. are now built, the bathroom would be

naires to the contrary notwithstanding more a source of work and care than of

the farmer. Mr. Gathany in his

(By the way, what is the average size of benefit. It requires more water than is

article tells of the effort of large the city family ?) available in most houses, and its con- food speculators to suppress the

Our children can romp and play over struction has not yet been studied out Government crop reports, and

meadow, field, and wood lot; they find to meet farm conditions.

of the insidious attacks upon the

no end to the games in big barns, Ninety-two per cent of homes do a

strawstacks, and the creek. They learn large part of their own sewing. Notice

Federal Farm Loan Act. The ar

birds, flowers, trees, and field crops as that no comment is made upon this as ticle will appear in the next issue.

naturally as learning to talk. What can a means of shortening the hours of the

compare with the interest to children in poor farm women. Indeed, the report

such special farm work as threshing, goes on to say that the “home demon- orchard and garden, but it would seem silo filling, wood buzzing, and sugar stration agents have aided in the making better to urge the storage of root crops making ? Besides, farm children have and remodeling of thirty thousand gar- for winter vegetables and the utilizing of all the indoor games, the toys, books, ments.” Horrors! It makes one blush the surplus of such vegetables as peas, and dolls of other children. to think of it. Farm women have too beans, and corn in feeding stock and Whether we have a bathroom, elecfew new clothes as it is. We should not poultry.

tric lights, or aluminum cooking ware be urged to make over old garments or It is rather interesting to note that are individual problems. Roads, schools, even make new clothing, but rather be the Department of Agriculture, in ad- and the mail are of National concern. shown the advisability of purchasing vocating sending cream to creameries What we farm women would like would well-made ready-to-wear garments. The rather than churning butter at home, be improved mail service, for, in spite clothes question is indeed a large prob- urged it primarily, not to spare women of current belief, rural mail routing is lem to the farm wife, for the sheer the extra work, but to save butter-fat very poorly planned, and on many days clothes worn in the city are not suitable by better methods.

of rain, or of mud we do not get for farm wear, and yet farm women do Speaking of automobiles, sixty-two our mail. We would like better roads so not wish to dress conspicuously differ- per cent of the farms use them. But in that we could go back and forth quicker ent. If home garment-making is advisa- looking at the map showing the counties when we take our eggs to market or ble, let it be done by city women. covered by the survey we wonder why our cream to the creamery. But most

Very kindly and painstakingly, the the great, prosperous agricultural State of all we want better-far, far betterDepartment of Agriculture has been of Kansas was scarcely touched by the schools, in order that our children may demonstrating to us the processes of survey. Kansas farmers have more auto- have the best advantages in education canning fruits and vegetables. Does mobiles than any other State, which that are available anywhere; that they that sound like shortening the farm would materially bring up the average. may grow up to be well-educated, think women's hours ? For years farmers' No; cold statistics cannot give the ing, loyal American citizens, whether wives have been spending long, hot impression of our life or what it means they choose to live in the city or in the hours canning the surplus from the to us. Although work on a farm is hard country.


of snow,





LL this loud and continuous de- of the 1880's has vanished the timely and where is the man with the courage mand for hard exercise makes me

nap. Atired. What this country needs

What modern divan is long to indulge in a sport that really re

enough to lay one's length upon and laxes? You will travel far over wintry is a rest. I rise in defense of the easy take one's ease?

roads to find anybody playing that chair and the lounging robe.

There exists in this country to-day tranquil ice game called curling. It If one is going to war,

it is all

very a widespread conspiracy against relaxa- takes a Presidential candidate to dare well to get tuned up physically in order tion. A man goes it as hard as he can indulge in the game of pitching the that there may be an appropriate punch in his office, and then rushes away and humble horseshoe. It takes a profesbehind the bayonet. But I am speak- hits it up like a maniac on the golf sional humorist like F. P. A. to coning now for the business man and the course, or plays tennis or squash or fess even a casual acquaintance with professional man during times of peace. handball or medicine ball until he anything as gentle as croquet.

An observing visitor, W.L. George, boils in every pore. It is the result of Nobody wants to relax; nobody the British novelist, says of us : a wild singleness of aim, the same con- wants to ruminate, or drowse, or dream. in Europe know that Americans never sisting of the dubious American trait of We cultivate business on the golf go to bed.” And he might truthfully jamming into one's day the greatest

jamming into one's day the greatest course, solicit orders on furious motor have added that outside of their offices possible amount of activity.

drives on State highways, and go they rarely even sit down. With the It's a rush for business, a rush for through violent motions in the unspeakdisappearance of the horsehair lounge trains, a rush for a game of something, able gymnasium because we don't know

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in the games.

how to sit. We dance ourselves weak Convinced that an idle brain was the because they have the will to finish, and play our way into the jungles of devil's workshop, our educators gave and whose vital organs are often torn fatigue. We wrestle with rims and themselves over to the glorification of and mangled during the ordeal. change our tires when we might more athletics, and students have been goaded But the advertising values of athletic profitably be doing nothing. We rush by frenzied “college spirit” into buck- victories to a college are more important away on vacations with enough sporting football lines, running bases, leap

ing football lines, running bases, leap- to our educators than the harm inflicted ing paraphernalia to burden our biceps ing hurdles, and all the other forms upon the majority of the competitors and our backs to the breaking point. of absurd and straining muscular effort. The fortnight of theoretical rest be- I question the whole conduct of prep The glorification of college athletics comes a period of hard and destroying school and college athletics, not as an has done much to establish the habit of labor. We haven't sense enough to take old fogey who has all but lived his days athletics. It has helped establish an

. a rest. Even a dog knows better. and who shrinks from the pace of “these illusion of life that makes harsh physical

The easy chair is caviar to the Amer. terrible young people,” but as one who effort the thing, even after men go ican crowds. It is anathema to the has engaged not unsuccessfully in many from the campus into business or the pushing, grinding crowds. Unless you of our approved and organized sports. professions. I have clubbed golf balls can brag about your score at this or I have played end in high school foot- into lost oblivion and have dallied with that, unless you can recount your hunt ball, and have competed on the track in bowing alleys located all the way from ing tales and speeding yarns, you talk allevents ranging from the 220-yard dash Manhattan to the State of Washington. in strange languages to your luncheon to the two-mile run. I have run, like I have walked three hundred miles at a companions. We are a nation of sweat- an imposing ass, mile after mile around whack, with no companion but the ing amateurs.

a dust-infested 26-lap indoor gymna- winding road, and have motored three Even suburban gardening is re- sium track until it seemed that the thousand miles at a time, and have encounted in terms of muscle-taxing heart must beat itself to pieces in the joyed them both. But this whole popuheroics. Your commuter hurls himself weary body. I have won a cross-country lar enslavement to exercise is a snare out of bed at five, engages in violent race from a large field of college run- and a mistake. combat with his garden, takes his cold ners, was one of a team of five that The vicious effect of it is this, that it plunge, and proceeds to his office won the Western intercollegiate cup at tends to usurp all of one's waking hours weighed down by the habitual and life- cross-country, and even used to set pace and to cast them into activity, banishlong weariness that has come to be the for the then world's long-distance cham- ing that needed and delightful twilight portion of our people.

pion, James Lightbody, for the first zone of reverie and reflection that natWe go solemnly through the artifi- mile of his indoor two-mile race.

urally intervenes between work and cial antics of a lot of setting-up exer

While I must admit that there was slumber. I hold it negligible that the cises, instead of seeking refuge in the more or less exhilarating fun in signal strain of one's job plus the habitual | more simple and natural sitting-down practice, in a few rounds

of boxing, and daily strain of supplementary exercise exercise. We are not content unless we in practice runs in the open country, I has a shortening effect upon life. The are tearing down tissue. There has got have never enjoyed any phase of com- span of a human life isn't so important. to be "something doing"

petitive college sports, save perhaps the But why should one wear himself This National trait probably has its moment of winning. All the rest was out over a bouncing handball in a roots in the unyielding soil of the pious torture-physical and mental.

ridiculous court with gasping companthrift of our forefathers whose warring The pretense of college medical au- ions who mean little or nothing to him, with the wilderness caused them to thorities to keep the physically unfit while Thomas Hardy stands forgotten frown upon all idleness and relaxation. out of competitive sports I regard as a on the shelf? If it is companionship There were so many Indians to fight, so joke. Men are rushed into the most you're after, why seek it in the locker

, much ground to be broken, so many violent of competition whose hearts and room of a musty gymnasium or among acres to be tilled and crops to be har. lungs ought to bar them. The strain a crowd of commuters at the first tee, vested, that all life became one contin- undergone by the winner of a race is when the seductive riches of genius are uous chore, and the one with any incli- not to be compared with that under- ready to talk to you for the reaching nation to loaf, a wicked person, fit only gone by the also-rans, outclassed from ,

for the right volume ? for treason, stratagems, and spoils. the crack of the gun, who finish only The one who invented the crawly



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