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INDEX to the ESSAYS, &c. 1751.
Lincoln Mire, a description of, 6, 7, 8 Mead, Dr. account of his phyfical admoni.
List of goods proposed by the prince of tions and precepts

Orange to be entered free of duties in Meteor, an extraordinary one, resembling
Holland, with the duties paid upon their a water-spout

121 E.
importation here 597, 598. Remarks Michaelmas term, ac lor abbreviating it
upon it

282, 283
Litchfield described

103 Militia, of its present state 581. Further
Livius Salinator, c. his (peech on a quele considered

tion relating to the high bail.ff of West Mineral waters. See Purging Waters,


Ministry, changes in the 282, 284
Lloyd, Sir Richard, letter to him con Minorities, a defect alledged in our cone
taining à fcheme for preventing felonies stilution with regard to ihem 34 5. What

82 it was with respeet to them before the
London Gazetteer, extracts from 22, 170 houle of commons was establimed, and
London-hospital, anniversary meeting of what it has been fince 349, 350. The
the governors

187 only general law that can provide for all
Lord's day, a letter to a lady, touching its future minorities 352. See Princes and


Lords addresses with the kings answers 34, Moon. See Eclipse.

h 515 More, Mr, remarks in his travels thro
Lotteries, observations on


Lottery, the scheme of it 92. Prices of Mount of piety, or charitable corporation,

the tickets 94, 142, 190, 238, 285, 334, project for establi Ahing one at Paris 575
383, 430, 478, 526, 574. A compu. Mount's-bay described and vindicated 274
ration of the chances in it 343. The Muræna, L. his speech for an amendment
drawing begins 523. Ends 572

to the oath of secrecy in the mutiny bill
Lottery adventurers, a proper lesion for



Murderer in Scotland, his confession 569,
Louisa, queen of Denmark. See Denmark

Lucretius Flavus, L. his speech on the Murders and robberies 283, 330, 378,
question relating to the high bailiff of


400 Murray, Hon. Alexander, Esq; proceed-

ings againnt him on account of the Wek.
AIL robbed, and a man apprehen. minster election .292. He is taken into

ded on that accouut 377, 379 custody 293. Committed to Newgate,
Malefactors. Sce Executions.

with further proceedings in his cale
Man of pleasure, the falle one exposed, 364-365. Perlons taken into custody
and true one described

403 for printing his Care 329. He is again
Man of sense under disappointments 408 ordered into custody 5a3. Proclamation
Manna, method of gathering it near Naples for apprehending him

389 Mutiny bil

Marlborough described

Marlborough, late duke of, his character
as drawn by Voltaire

TAtional debt, a ftale of it in the year

Marriage negotiated by bill of exchange Naturalization bill, petition of the com-

162 mon council against it 91, 92. Some
Marriage, cautions concerning it, with a thoughts on fuch bills 101. The bill

remarkable story of a happy and un put off to a long day 187, An account
happy marriage 318, 319. Requisites of the proceedings on it

to a happy one 340. Letter from a lady Nature, of its wonderful mechanism 17
to a young gentleman on that subject Navies, English and French, a compleat
436 abstract of them

Marriages of poor maidens in France on Navigation, a question in, folved 29, 78.
account of the duke of Burgundy's birth Project for the safety of 265 F. Extracts

431, 527 from an effay towards its improvement
Masqueraders apprehended

Mathematical questions. See Questions, Navy, our care of it

Matrimony and keeping compared, with New Forest in Hampshire

the happiness of the former, and the New Stile. See Old and New Stile.
misery of the latter

Newcastle, duke of, his annual gift for the
Matroffes reviewed at Woolwich

378 encouragement of learning in the uni-
Matthews committed and examined in veráty of Cambridge

relation to the murder of Mr. Jeffryes Newdigate, Sir Roger, chosen member
524 for the univerfity of Oxford



Maded on that



25 G.

54 B.

true one


116, 117


INDEX to the Ess A y's, &c.
Nobleman's letter to his fon, expofing the 43." Summary of the most important
falle man of pleasure, and describing the affairs during the feffion 291, 364, 410,

403 457. Prorogard 283, 379, 474. lc
Non-commiffion officers. See Staff officers. meets again :

Normand Rors, his confession of the mur Parma, duchess of, delivered of a prince
der of lady Billie
569, 57°

Nottinghamshire, a description of 199, 200 Parr, old Thomas, account of his differ.
Nova Scotia, extract of a letter from 341 B. tion, and of an old Swiss

Another 419 F.

New forces ordered Parlons, Richard, condemned 43. Ex-


Numifius, C. his speech for the amend. Peevithnefs displayed and censured

ment to the oath of secrecy in the mutiny Perjury in swearing off criminals 330. Sen-
bill 15. His speech against reducing the tence against one for that crime

oumber of seamen

539 Petersburgh, important advices from 47,

191, 299
Philosophical transactions, extracts from
of it

68 117-122, 218321, 388, 389, 461
Oath of secrecy in the mutiny bill, debate

-463, 510, 562, 590.
on the motion for adding some words at Places, question concerning persons ac-
the end of it

9-20, 57-59 cepting them under the prince of Wales
Oaths, practice of ecclefiafticks with re.

gard io them
167 Plague at Confantinople

Ogulnius, M. his speech in favour of the Poer, pleasant story of one 73 D.

amendment to the oath of secrecy in the Political Club. See DEBATES.
mutiny bill 57. His speech in favour Pomponius Atticus, his speech against the
of the ftaff officers

156 amendment proposed to the address 489
Old England, extra&t from

131 Poor, remarks on the laws relating to
Old maid's apology

them soo. Defects in the execution of
Old and New Stiles, a concise but clear them 501. Three fores of poor 545.
account of the difference between them See County work-houses.

Pope, Alexander, Esq; memoirs of his
Omniprefcence of the Deity, how it ought

lire and writings 319.

An account of
to affect us

560 the new edition of his works 321. A
Opimius, l. his speech against reducing Ketch of his character, ibid, E. A
the number of seamen

543 remarkable paragraph from his preface
Oppius Salinator, L. his speech againnt a

council of regency

297 Popilius Lænas, C. his speech in favour of
Orange, prince of, his proceedings' 286, the staff.officers 153. His speech againt
335. His death 473. His issue 474.

a council of regency

His character ibid. Mourning for him Portsmouth described
475. Account of his being advanced to Portugal, important advices from 47, 143,
the Nadtholdership 504. Extracts from 239, 335. Proclamation again luxury
his scheme for improving trade 556, 597. there

Orange, princess dowager of, takes the Postage of a letter, remarkable trial in re.
oaths as guardian to the prince her son lation to it

474, 479 Her birth-day celebrated Poft boy robbed

475. Acknowledged as guardian by all Poritius. T. his speech on the number of
the 7 provinces, and other honours be. feamen

stowed on her and her son

527 Prices of fottery tickets. See Lottery.
Orrery, earl of, his character of dean Swift Prices of frocks and grain 46, 94, 142,
483. Of lord Bolingbroke

573 190, 238, 285, 334, 383, 430, 478,
Ofborne, Ruth, cruel manner of ducking

526, 574
her for a supposed witch 378. See Colley, Prince of Wales, manner of creating him

and Tring.
Oxford, a letter to the vice chancellor of Prince of Wales, duke of Cornwall, and
that univerfity

114 earl of Chester, account of the original
Oxford Almanack, explanation of 572

of those titles

Princes and minorities in England, their
AINE King, William, Esq; his house history fince the conquest 147-150
fired by incendiaries

330 Proculus Virginius, bis speech against a
Paris, the new military school there 95. council of regency

Other important advices from thence Protestants in France, persecution against
143, 286, 315, 431, 527, 575 them

286, 335
Parliament, alterations in the list of, 35, Protestants in Hungary, See Pruffia.
92, 236, 333, 572, 606. It meets 33,




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Q Queen-bee, drone, and working he?





INDEX to the ESSAYS, &ca 1751
Pruffia, king of, the great reformation of Rockets, of the height to which they
law proceedings in his dominions 47. ascend

His letter to the elector of Mentz about Rockingham, marquis of, extraordinary
the ele&tion of a king of the Romans enter tainment at his coming of age 235
791. His declaration for encouraging.

Rolln, Mr. abftra&i of his d ffertation on
the Afiatick company at Embden 239. the advantages of a liberal education
His letter to the bishop of Breslau, con.

cerning the grievances of the protestants Roman armies, their different flates 105)
in Hungary 315. His memorial to the

106, 107


Roman Ericks, and their manner of build.
Purging waters, an examination of the ing

strength of several of the principal anes, Roman camp at Castor in Norfolk

in England, especially that of Justup's. Romith clergy, a severe satire upon them


Royal family, first form of praying for
426, 473

them upon the death of the prince of
Wales 139. The second form, as it

now ftands 188. His majesty's inter-
Questions, mathematical, propoled and views with them

folved 29, 78, 125, 176, 270, 272, 318, Royal power, that it may be limited, but
370, 371, 512 cannot be divided

297, 298
Questions and answers selating to the Foun. Ruflia, enpress of, her manifefto in rcli.
ling hospital at Paris, and which con. tion to her minifter's abruptly leaving
cern the Foundling Hospital at London the court of Pruffia

Rutlandhire, a description of 296
Quintus Mucius, his speech in favour of

the regency bill


riot of

Quisquilius, a famous virtuoso, his cha.
racter and fate

morial in relation to it


Salisbury described
AINBOW, description of an extra Salonius, C. his specch in relation to the

Naff officers
Rainbows, observation on

Salt-water Haugh, remarkable salt spring
Rambler, extracts from 30, 122,778, 226, there

275, 316, 322, 362, 407, 487, 554 Sandwich, earl of, and lord Tientham re.
Reading described
2.47 sign their places

Reforming a nation, the only means of Savoy, duche's of, delivered of a prince

Regency, bill paffed 235. List of the coun. Scotland, dispute between the clergy and

cil of ib d. Debate on the bill, and ar landholders there
guments for and againit a council of re.

Scribleriad, the arguments of the several
gency 219-259, 297-307, 345–351. books, with extracts from it 40, 41,
History of the bill 4'1, &c. His ma.

130, 131, 227, 272
jenny's message to beib houses, which Sea, importance of our being masters of it
gave occanion to it 411 F. Aditrers of

both houses thereupon 412. Progress Seamen, debate on the number of, to be
of the bill

4'2, 4'3 employed in the navy 537--;49, 577–
Religion, the principles of it to be instilled
in pupils

360 G, 361 Seeds of some planes, their minuteness 219
Remembrancer, extracts from 174, 197. Sejanus, his character and fate 559
His farewel to the publick
270 Self or voluntary motion

Repentance, being a supplement to the Sempronius Gracchus, T. his speech in re,
economy of human liie


lation to the staff officers 105. On the
Rich, how they are answerable for the

question relating to the high-bailiff of
vices of the poor

129 Westminster 393. On the motion for
Robberies and murders, of their increase an address 411, In the debate on the

307 number of seamen
Robbers, extracts from Mr. Fielding's en. Serjeants and corporals

106, ios
quiry into the causes of the late increase

Servilius Priscus, his speech for reducing
of them 64. A necellary supplement the number of reamen

to it

123 Sertions at the Old Bailey 43, 138, 187,
Robbers and house-breakers, proclamation

234, 330, 427, 475, 571
for apprehending them

23. Settlements in parishes, and certificates
Robertson, Mr. of Killmuck, pleasant

itory of him


R ordinary one


536 F





151 E.

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1751. INDEX to the ESSAYS, &c.
Seymour, Sir Edward, takes his feat in the Stockholm, advices from 479. See Sweden,

house of peers, as duke of Somerset 43 Stonehenge, a description of it 392 A
Shakespear, account of his lifo 150. His further account and description of it 464,
surprizing genius

Sheriffs appointed

42, 93

Street-walkers and bawdy.houses 128
Sheriffs for London and Middlesex, election Study, the mind improved by it 359

of 282, 330. They are sworn in 428 Subsidies to German princes, that affair
Simons, Henry, a Polish Jew, apprehend confidered

ed and committed for perjury 473. Ac Sugar colonies and northern colonies,
571 dispute between them

Sinking fund, account of the produce of it, Sully, duke de, letter to a friend with his
for 1750, &c.


Smuggling, observations on, with its chief Summary of the most important affairs in
caure and cure


the laft fefsion of parliament 221 -293,
Soldiers, practice of the French and Swiss

264—369, 410--414, 457-461
in regard to them
587 Superstition, mischiefs of,

Soldiers, foreign, dangerous to liberty 102 Supply, resolutions of the committee of
Son of Sirach, fine pasage from him 406

Sons of the clergy, feast and collection for Surveying, a question in, proposed and

answered 125. Another 370. Two fó-
Soul, its immortality defended 507. That lutions of it

it is immaterial 508. And consequently Sweden, king of, his death 191. Orihe
immortal 5o9. That it is accountable succession to that crown 173. Decla-
for its conduet

509, 510 ration of the new king 176. His cath at
Southampton described

his coronation

South-sea company, general courts of, Swist, Dr. Jonathan, his life and charac-

their proceedings 42, 90, 91, Direc ter, from the earl of Orrery's letters 483
tors chosen go. Their further proceed Syllogisms proposed to the learned of both
ings, for dividing upon questions, &c. universities
1;8. For reducing the number of die

rectors 185, 187. And chusing them
annually 234. Another general court AXES, a great discouragemeut to

the fishery

Spain, important advices from 95, 286, Telfin, count, conclusion of his speech to

335, 384, 575. Of the late treaty with the dyet of Sweden
that crown 443, 446, 447, 451, 452.

Thermomcters, a remark added to the ex.
Woollen manufa&ure carried on there tract concerning them


Thrasybulus, a true picture of human
Spaniards, of their visiting and searching weakness

ONI Tips

447, 45%

Tilts, tournaments and combating, the
Spirits, humble remonftrance and petition ancient custom of, very different from

that of duelling

Spirituousliquors, a letter from a gentleman Tobacco act paired 283. Account of it
in the country to his friend in London, 473. Reflections on it

being an affecting remonftrance against Toleration necessary, and a christian duty
them 125, 126. Substance of the new
bill for preventing the excessive use of Tower of London, a description of, with
them 269. See Gin-drinking.

its various curiorities

Stadtholderihip in Holland, history of it Trade, arguments against carrying it on

by a company with a joint stock

Staff-officers, &c. debate on the motion Trade of Holland, extracts from the late

for adding a clause to the mutiny bill prince of Orange's (cheme for restoring
in their favour 59-64, 105-112, 153

and improving it

-158 Tradescant's garden at Lambeth
Staffordshire, a description of

103 Trading companies, conduct and fate of
States General. See Holland.

ours compared with those of other nations
Stationers Almanack, explanation of 523

Stile, bill for allering ic brought in 92. Travels thro' Italy, curious remarks in
A concise but clear account of the dif.

ference between the old and new u16, Treason against the constitution as well as
117. The bill for altering it passed 235. against the crown

Abitra&t of it 240, Opinions of some Trebonius, C. his speeches in relation to
wiseacres upon it

the staff officers

59, 109
Appendix, 1754.


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377, 380




regency bill

INDEX to the Essays, &c. 1755.
Trenchard, Mr. his thoughts on govern Wales, princess dawager of, the revenue

197 settled on her 140. Her answers to the
Trentham, lord, resigns

28% mellages of condolence from the lords
Trials, remarkable ones 42, 43, 330, 377, and commons 187. She is delivered of

379, 426, 570, 570 à princess 330. Address of the lord
Tring, tragical account of ducking a sup mayor and aldermen on that occasion

pored witch there, till the was drowned 33i. Her birth day.day celebrated 523.
233. Thomas Colley tried, condemned See Regency Bill.
and executed for it

Wales, George prince of, his birth-day
Tu.key, important advices from 95, 143, celebrated 235. Cholen governor of.


the Free British Fishery 233. Speech
Tuscany, the clergy there ordered to bring made to him on that occasion, with his
in an account of their revenues 47



Wall, general, ambassador from the ca-
a picture of knavith fattery

tholick king
437 Wallingford described

Vagabords, two fhocking instances of Walpole, Hon. Edward, Esq; persons

found guilty of a conspiracy againft him
Vain fears, a caution against
275 330. They receive judgment

Vale of White Horse

227 E.
War, on the conduct of late

Valerius Corvus, M. his speech against the Ways and means, committee of, their re-


solutions for raising the supply 368, 369
Vanity, human, elegantly exposed, in the Weather at London on each day 46, 94,
story of some insects that live but a day 142, 190, 238, 285, 334, 383, 430,
24, 25

478, 526, 574
Venice, advices from

95, 335 Welch. See Jones.
Vera Cruz, rich cargo of 4 ships arrived West-Indies, dreadful hurricane there 522,
from thence at Cadiz

523, 569, 575,
Vesuvius, mount, a new eruption of 522. Westminster, petitions complaining of an
Further account of it

569 undue election and return for that
Virginia, a remarkable letter publised city 43. They are withdrawn 91. A

there 293 D. The Cherrokee Indians full account of the proceedings in that

audience of the governor there 600 affair 291—293, 364-366. A debate
Virtue, neceflity and amiableness of it 360 in relation to the high bailiff 393-40%
Virtuoso. See Quisquilius.

Westminster bridge, its doscription and die
United provinces. See Holland.

menfions 281. Quantity of stone in it
Voluntary motion

507 1330. The new road opened from it 575
Vows, a curious account of some 164. Westminster Journal, extracts from 43,

Difference between them and oaths 166 375, 198, 243, 371, 414, 503, 516
Voyage of life

I 22 Whale-fithesy of the Dutch this year 335
Urban's reflection, a proper answer to it White Herring Fithery. See British White

Herring Fishery.
Utrecht, treaty of, remarks in relation to it White Horse that gives name to a vale in


Wickliffe, John, the famous Englith re.

former, an account of him
WALES, Frederick prince of, his Wickman, Mr. beheaded in Sweden 479
birth-day celebrated 43. His death 133. Wight, ise of, described

56 A.
Account of his issue ibid. Case of the Wiltshire, a description of 389-392
Black Prince compared with his 139. Winchester, described

His majesty's aniwers to the lords and Wind at Deal, on each day 46, 94, 142,
commons addresses of condolence on the

190, 238, 285, 334, 383, 430, 478,
occafien 140. Mourning for him ibid.

* 526, 574
Lord marshal's order for a general mourn Windsor, and Windsor Castle described
ing ibid. Opinion of the phyficians and

246 E.
furgeons of the distemper that occafioned Winterbottom, Thomas, Esq; ele&ted lord
his death ibid. Of his death and charac mayor of London 427. Sworn in 475
fer 174. Solemnity of removing his Witchcraft. See Colley, Osborne, and
erose from Leicester. house 18 5. Pro. Tring.
certion and ceremonial at his funeral Women of the town, unsertunate, a pro-
986. Inscription on his coffin ibid. A

posal for a charitable inftitution in their
lerrer concerning him 195. His cha favour

faller when not ten years old, ibid. &c. Woollen manufacture carried on in Spain
Searned mourning for himn 282, 378.

Tlemcuining er.ded


402 E.


227 E,


344 B.

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