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our soverayne lorde ye kyng, yf he did any thyng agayne ye kynge's pease yat myght be proved apon hym lawfully in tyme comyng. And, over this, ye sayd Mayr and ye Counsell of ye sayd cite discharged ye said John Lyllyng of ye Counsell of the chambre, and of hys fredom of franchise of ye cite, and charged hym yat he suld noght occupy in bying nor in sellyng als a concitezin, bot als a straunger, nor yat he suld hald na shopp of his opyn within ye fraunchise of ye cite unto ye tyme yat ye Mayr and ye Counsell of ye chambre war in oyer maner avysed, and yat all hys fals osmundes in his house suld be broght in to ye chambre of counsell of ye sayd cite.

And wyth yis ye sayd John Lyllyng was accused and noysed amang mercers and other men, yat girdelers of ye citee had in thar houses fals tyn mengyd wyth other metaill yat was boght of hym, and so the Sercheours of ye Girdelers of yis cite, be commandement of ye Mayr, serched, be vertu of yair office, after ye custume of ye cite, and yai fand in yair crafte certayn peces in shappe and fourme of harowes, multen of tyn & lede and pewtre to gedir, yat was selled for clene tyn, agayne course of clene marchandise, whilk was boght of John Lyllyng, and yase peces yai broght to ye Mayr in to ye chambre, and yat was wele funden and proved yt John Lyllyng had salde mykell swylk deceyvable tyn to bellemakers in to ye cuntre and other men, whar' thurgh ye cite was gretely greved, sclandered, and yai harmed.

And her' apon ye sayd John Lyllyng was examynd befor❜ John Aldestanemore Mair', Richard Russell, William Bowes, John Moreton, Thomas Gar', Henry Preston, Thomas Bracebrygg, William Ormesheued, Piers Bukcy, aldermen, Guy Rouclif recordour, John Bromflet, William Grillyngton, shirrefs, John Hewik, Thomas Doncastre, Thomas More, Thomas Snawdon, Robert Yarom, Th. Davy, Thomas Aton, Thomas Kyrkham, William Bedale, William Gaytesheued, John Gascoigne, William Craven, Richard Louthe of ye xxiiijor, ye last day of Juyll, in ye yer' of ye kyng beforsayde, bathe of fals osmundes makyng and utteryng, & castyng of fals tyn menged with lede and pewer', and sellyng of yt deceyvabely for gude tyn to girdelers and to bellemakers and other persons, and to yis

poyntes John Lyllyng sayd yat he bad John Holgate mersshall make hym ploghstrakes of drosse and landyren yat he sent hym and na osmundes, and yat John Holgate, beyng thar' present befor ye sayd Mair' and Counsell in presence of John Lyllyng, swor' apon a buke and sayd yat John Lyllyng bad hym yat he suld make hym osmundes of ye drosse and landyren yat he sent hym and na plughstrakes, and delyvered hym a osmund to make yam aft', and the same John Holgate sayd yat ye same day he was arested John Lyllyng come unto hym and promped hym, and bad hym say yat he cutt hym bot a hundreth of landyren yat he sent hym, and bot yf he sayd so he myght na langer abyde in ye sayd citee, and yat this was trew ye sayd John Holgate proferd to prove yt wyth hys handes apon John Lyllyng, yf he wald agaynesay this. And so John Lyllyng, seand yat he myght na langer be ryght deny nor defend this mater na langer, he knawleged and graunted his trespas of forgeyng and utteryng of fals osmunds and castyng of fals tyn, in deceyvyng and harmyng of ye kynge's people, and singuler lucre to hym self, and ryght grete sclander to ye said cite, lyked als yt is reherced befor; and in hegh and lawe he submyt hym to ye grace and awarde of ye Mayr and Counsell of ye chambre how yai wald ordayne hym to do for all his trespas reherced abouen; And so ye Mayr and ye Counsell of ye chambre, consideryng ye law submission of ye sayd John Lyllyng, yat tha tuke hym to yair grace in all poyntes yat pertiend to yair power and auctoryte, and yarfor John Lyllyng prayed ye Mayr and ye Consell yat yai wald hafe hym fro open shame and velany, and restor hym to hys franchise of ye cite, and asked what yai wald aske hym yar for; and yt was answerd by yat yai wald aske hym no peny. And yan John Lyllyng tuke avysement, and of his free and propre will he prayed yam yat yai wald vouchesaufe to restor hym to hys fredom of ye cite, and take of hym yarfor c li. to ye oeps and profet of ye co'alte of ye cite, and, if yt lyket yam to take yat of hym, he wald hald hym ryght wele content, and yat yai wald be gude lordes, maisters, and frendes to hym; and whar yai myght be custum of ye cite hafe brynte his fals chafer openly in syght of ye people, to his overe mykell shame and reprove, yai takyng tendyr hede to ye lawly

submission and his besy prayers, yai restor hym agayne to his franches for c li. yat he proferd, wyth yis yat yf any girdeler, or any oyer man compleynd of hym for any fals osmundes, or fals tyn, or any oyer fals marchandise, yat he had sald yam, yat he suld accord wyth yam and make yam amendes; and ye Mayr hyght hym yat yf he wald lait yam wytt to helpe to trete wyth yam to make end, yf any compleyned of hym: and ye same John Lyllyng was charged to send all ye fals osmundes and fals tyn yat was in his house at yat tyme in to ye chambre, and so he sent in ij barels of fals osmundes, and sythen was funden half a duzan fals tyn of ye same John Lyllyng in handes of ye shirrefs whilk are brogh into ye chambre.

Forthermar', ye sayd John Lyllyng was noysed yat he suld hafe blended plaster or lyme amang his alom, and so seld yt furth deceyvabilly to lytsters, and, in especial, to John Kyrkby and Robert Dowfe, lytsters of York, and so yai war' sent for and examynyd of yis mater; and John Kyrkby sayd yat he boght of John Lyllyng a porcion of alom, and fand yar' in lyke als yt had beyn plaster and lyme, and if he had wrogh yt in yat kynd yt suld hafe brynt oute his lede bothom, of ye whilk plaster and lyme a sample ys redy in ye chambre to shew.

And Robert Dowfe lytster sais yat he boght of John Lyllyng a c alom, and he syfted oute of yt half a bushell of plaster and lyme and kest yt away for yt wald hafe brynt his lede and he had wroght yt.

And also yar ar in ye chambre xxxiij girdils harnassed as fals tyne, agains ye ordenance of ye Girdelers, ye whilk tyn was boght of John Lyllyng for clene tyn a gude als ys rehersid befor'; and when John Lyllyng was examynid and blamed for yat fals tyn, he answerd and sayd he boght yt of a man in London in ye same kynde, and yar' he was asked of what man of London he boght yt, he sayd he wist noght what his name was; and so he was counseld and biddyn noght to sclandyr in na maner bot say fully ye treuthe and let for na shame, and yan he submytt hym, als ys reherced abouen.

And after yt, ye xij day of August, ye yer abouen sayde, John Aldestanemor' Mayr, Ric' Russell, John Moreton, Thomas Esyngwald, Th. Bracebryg, Piers Bukey, John Bolton, aldermen,

John Hewyt, Thomas Doncastre, Th. More, Robert Yarum, Thomas Aton, William Bedall, William Craven, John Dodington, of xxiiij, John Bronnflete and William Stillyngton shirrefs, and John Pygott man of law wythalden of ye counsell of ye chambre, war gedird to ye chambre, and yar att yat tyme come Maistre John Selow chanon residencier of ye kyrk of Yorke, Maistre John Carleton, Th. Haselay clerk of ye crown, and Robert Manfeld marsshall in ye kynge's hostell, and yar made grete instance and prayers to ye Mair and gude men to doo ease and favor to ye sayd John Lyllyng, at ye reverence of our soverane lady ye quene, and of ye archibisshopp of York, wham ye quene had spoken to first, and sythen writen unto for yat same mater, and als at ye reverence of ye Lord Beaumont, whilk had writen to Maister John Selowe to pray in his name for ease of ye sayd John Lyllyng, and yar' ye Mairr and ye gudemen abouen sayd gaf yam to answer yat yis mater touched all ye gude men of ye consell of ye chambre, and ye coïalte of yis cite, and many of ye consell of ye chambre at yat tyme war absent, with oute wham yai myght gif yam nane answer at yt tyme, and yar for yai wald gedir to gedir mare fully ye Counsell of ye citee, and gif yam an answer, and yat yai suld send upon Monday next folowyng certen gude men of ye chambre to Cawod, to common with ye archibisshop for yis mater, and be his consell and ye consell of ye citee yai suld so doo yat our soverrayn lady ye quene, and ye archibisshopp, and ye Lord Beaumont, and Haseley suld well understand, and for yt yair praiers suld stand John Lyllyng to availl.

And yan, in ye Vigil of ye Assumpcion of our Lady, ye yer beforesayd, John Aldestonemor Mair, Richardus Russell, John Moreton, Thomas Gare, Thomas Esyngwalde, Thomas Bracebrig, Piers Bukey, John Bolton, aldermen, Guy Rouclyf recordour, John Bromflete, William Gril[ing]ton shirrefs, John Hewyk, Thomas Doncastre, Thomas More, Gefferay Sauvage, Thomas Snaudon, Robert Yarum, John Loftehouse, John Gascoigne, Thomas Aton, William Craven, Th. Kyrkeham, John Louthe, John Warde, William Bedale, William Gaytesheued, Ric' Louth of ye numbre of xxiiij, Thomas Gare ye yonger, Richard Russell, Nicholas Usflete, chambirlanes, and Thomas

Ward, war assembled her' in the chambre, and yar Thomas Haseley, clerke of the crown, and Robert Manfeld, be fore sayd, made grete instance and prayers eftesones for ease of the sayd John Lyllyng, and yat mater was putt in respite to that tyme.

And yan, apon ye morn of ye feste of ye Assumpcion of oure Ladye next efter, yar' was gedyrde in ye chambre, John Aldestanemore Mayre, Richard Russell, William Bowes, John of Moreton, Thomas Gare, Henry Preston, Thomas Esyngwald, Thomas Bracebryg, Piers Bukcy, John Bolton, aldermen, John Pygot man of lawe, John Brounflete, William Grillyngton, shirrefs, John Hewyk, Thomas Doncastre, Thomas More, Geffray Sauvage, Thomas Snaudon, Robert Yarum, John Gascoigne, William Craven, Thomas Aton, Thomas Kyrkeham, William Bedale, William Gaytesheued, John Warde, Richard Louth, of the numbre of xxiiij, and yar befor yam come ye beforsayd John Lyllyng, and in yar presence and Haseley's the clerke of the croun and Robert Manfeld, cosyn to ye same John Lyllyng, he knawleged and, witht oute distresse or fere done to hym in worde or in dede, he wilfully and openly confessed yat he was gylty and coulpabyll of all ye trespasse abouen sayd yat he was impeched of befor, and for yas trespasse he besoght ye Maire and ye gude men of ease of his paymentz, and yar [and] yan he was asked yf he couth or wald say or compleyne yat the Mair and ye Counsell of the chambre had done hym any wrong in yis matiers, and he sayd nay, nor yat he couth noght, nor wald noght say yat ye Mair and ye Consell of the chambre had done hym any manere of wrang in yis matiere, bot yt he is wele paied of all yat yai had done; and so ye sayd John Lyllyng was voided; and yan Thomas Haseley and Robert Manfeld made grete prayers for lessenyng of ye sumes of ye paymentz of ye sayd John Lyllyng. And her apon avyce taken, yt was gifen yam for answer at yat tyme yat ye Mair and ye gude men sulde send certeyn men of ye chambre to the archibisshopp vnto Cawod on Monday yan nexte commyng to commone with hym in yis mater, and take his consell and avys yar in; and, after yat, yai suld so doo yat the parties yat melled for John Lyllyng suld hald yam plesed. And her apon yai chesed Richard Russell, Thomas Bracebryg, aldermen, Gui Rouclyff, recordour, William

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