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tain. 25. And (1) every man that • ftriveth for the mastery, is temperate in all things : Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown, but we an incorruptible." 26. I



which are before, I press forward cepe he strive lawfully. + 2 Tim. toward the Mark, for the Prize of 4. 7. The Words under Ver. 24. the High-calling of God in Christ Je. P + 2 Tim. 8. Henceforth sus. i Tim. I 18: -War a good there is laid up for me a Crown of Warfare t 2 Tim. 4. y. I have


Righteousness. + Jam. I. 12. fought a good fight, I have finished when he is tried, he shall receive my Course, I have kept the Faith. the Crown of Life, which che Lord

25. • 1 Eph. 6. 12. We wrestle hath promised to them that love not against Flesh and Blood, but do him. ; Pet. 1.4. To an Inherigaini Principalities, against Powers, 10 tance incorruptible and undefiled, against the Rulers of the Darkness

that fadeth not away, reserved in of this world, against spiritual Heaven for you. ti Pet. 5. 4. Wickedness in high Places. t'i When the chief Shepherd shall ap. Tim. 6. 12: Fight the good fight of pear, ye shall receive a Crown of Faith, lay hold on eternal Life.-15 Glory tha: fadeth vot away. + Rev. * 2 Tim. 2, s. If a Man strive for 2. 10. -Be thou faithful unto Masteries, yet is he not crowned ex

Death, (1) Dr. Lucas, in the third Part of his Enquiry after Happiness, incituled, Religious Perfection, Chap. VI. has several useful Hints respecting voluntary Impositions, as Fafting, &c. I thought it would be of Service to transcribe the following. As there are very few who have not in their Nature very considerable Infirmities, so are there as few who have not in their Fortune very considerable Inconveniencies,a i And if they would apply themselves to the Mastering both these as they ought, they would stand in less need of the Discipline of arbitrary. Austerities. There are many things too trifling to be taken notice of, which yet do prove sufficient to disturb the Quiet of most, and betray them to many Paffions and indecencies : Nay, the Weaknesses of good Men, are sometimes-fed by Temptations of very little moment. Now to Surmount these Temptations, and to frame and accommodate the Mind to bear the little Shocks and Juftles which we daily meet with, without any Discomposure and Displeasure, is a matter of great Use to the Tranquillity of Life, and the Maturity of Virtue. To be able to bear the Pride of one, and the Stupidity of anocher ; one while to encounter Rudeness, another while neglect, without being moved by either ; to submit to Noise, Disorder, and the Distraction of many linke Affairs, when one is naturally a lover of Quietness and Order, or when the Mind is intent upon things of Importance; in one Word, to digeft che perpetual Disappointments which we meet with,.both in Business and Pleasure, and in all the little Projects which not the Elegant and Ingeni ous only, but People of all Stations and all Capacities pursue ; to fuf fer all the Humours and Follies, the Errors, Artifices, Indecencies, and Faults of those we have to do with, with that Temper we ought, char is

, with a Calmnefs which proceeds, 'not from an Unconcernment for the good of others, but a juft Dominion over our own. Spirits ; this is a great Height; and to train up our felves daily with much Pacience, Vigi. lance, and Application of Mind, is che best Discipline. Though I do not mean hereby to exclude all voluntary Imposicians.

therefore fo run, not as uncertainly: fo fight I, not as
one that beateth the air: 27. But I 9 keep under my bo-
dy, and " bring it into fubje£tion: left that by any means
when I have preached to others, I my felt thould be a

OREOVER, brethren, I would not that ye

should be ignorant, how that all our fathers were under the cloud, and all passed through the b sea; 2. And were all (1) baptized unto Moses in the cloud, and in the sea ;


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Death, and I will give thee a' to go by Day and Night. Exod. : Crown of Life. t Rev. 3.

40. 34. A Cloud covered the renc Hold that fast which thou hast, of the Congregation, and the Glo. that no Man take thy Crown.

ry of the Lord filled the Taberna24. 97 Rom. 8. 13. — If ye s cle. † Numb. 9. 18. As long as through the Spirit do mortifie the the Cloud abode upon the Taberna-, Deeds of the Body ye shall live.

cle they rested in their Tents. f Rom. 6. 18, 19. Being then | Deut. 1. 33. Who went in the made free from Sin, ye became Ser: Way before you, in Fire by vants of Righteousness. As ye 10 Night,~ and in a cloud by Day. have yielded your Members Ser.

† Neh. 9. 12; 19. Thou leddest vants to Uncleanness, and to Iniquis them in the Day by a cloudy Pils ty unto iniquity; even so now lar.- The Pillar of the Cloud - yield your Members Servants to departed not from them by Day Righteousness unto holinefs. 7 Col.15 7. Pfal. 78.14. In the Day-time al3.5. Mortifie therefore your Members so he led them with a Cloud. which are upon Earth.

b.f Exod. 14. 22. The Children s Jer. 6. 30. Reprobate Silver

of Israel went into the midst of shall Men call them, because the

the Sea upon dry Ground: and Lord hath rejected them.

Cor. the Waters were a Wall unto themi = 13. 8. I trust that ye shall know. on their right Hand, and on their that we are not reprobates.

left. + Joih. 4..23. The Lord your CH A P. X.

God dried up the Waters of Jor1: 4 + Exod. 13. 21. And the dan from before you, until ye Lord went before them by Day


were passed over, as the Lord ina Pillar of a Cloud, to lead them

your God did to the red Sex, which the Way; and by Night in a Pil. he dried up from before os, until lar of Fire, to give them Light: we were gone over.

(1) That is, Baptized into the Doctrine or Law delivered by Molero by whose Mediation they were admitted into Covenant with God. Many things which befel the Ifraelites were Typical. Moles was a Type of Chrift, Canaan of Heaven. Their Redemption from Egypt, a Figure of the Redemption from sin and the Devil. The Afition, they met with in the Wilderness, prefigured the Sufferings and 1 fidions of a true Christian in this World. Their going down into the sea, was a fit Representation of Baptism, which was antiently,




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3. And did all eat the same spiritual meat; 4. And did all drink the same d fpiritual drink: (for they drank of that fpiritual Rock that ? * followed [Or, went with] them: and

that Rock was Chrift.) 3. But with many of them God was , not well pleased : for they were foverthrown in the wil

derness. 6. Now these things were our * examples [Gr. figures], to the intent we fhould not lust after evil things, as they also lusted. 7. Neither be ye idolaters, as were

some 3.° Exod. 16.4. Then said the Men that did bring up the evil Lord unto Moses, Behold, I will report upon the Land, died by the rain Bread from Heaven for you.“ Plague before the Lord. + Numb. + Exod. 16.15. They said one to a- 26. 64, 65. Among these, there nother, It is Manna :- And Moses 5 was not a Man of them whom Mosaid unto them, This is the Bread ses and Aaron the Priest number which the Lord hath given you to ed, when they numbered the Chile cat.

dren of Israel in the Wilderness of 4. d t Exod. 17. 6. Behold, I Sinai. For the Lord had faid of will stand before thee chere upon 10 them, They ball surely die in the the Rock in Horeb; and thou Wilderness - Heb. 3. 17, 18, 19. fhalt fmite the Rock, and there With whom was he grieved forty fhall come Water out of it, that Years ? was it not with them that the People may drink. And Mofes had finned, whose Carcafes fell in did fo in the sight of the Elders 15 the Wilderness? And to whom of Ifrael. + Numb. 20. 11. And fware he that they should not enter Mofes life up his Hand, and with in his Rest, but to them thac beal his Rod he fmote the Rock twice: licved not ? So we see that they and the Waters came out abun- could not enter in becaufe of unbes' dantly, and the Congregationi 20 lief. Jude ver. s. -The Lord drank, and their Beasts allo. | Pfal. having faved the People out of 78. 15. He clave the Rocks in the the Land of Egypt, afterward de- , Wilderness, and gave them drink as stroyed them that believed not. out of the gieat Depths.

6. & + Numb, FT: 4, 33. The e f Deut. 9.21. - I cast the dust


mixt Multitude that was among thereof (of the molten Calf] into the them, fell a lulting: and the Chil Brook that descended out of the dren of Israel also wept again, and Mount. † Pfal. 105. 41. He o. faid, Who shall give us Flesh to pened the Rock, and 'the Waters ear? while che Flela was yet be: gulhed out,they ran in the dry Places 30 tween their Teeth, e're it was like a River.

chewed; the Wrath of the Lord $.* Numb. 14. 23, 29, 37. Sure. was kindled against the People, ly they shall not see the Land which and the Lord Imote the People I sware unto their Fathers, neither with a very great Plague. . * Plal. fhall any of them that provoked 35 106. 14. But busted estceedingly in me, fee it. Your Carcases shall fall the Wilderness, and tempted God in this Wilderness. Even those in the Desart.

adminiftred by the Persons going into the Water: The Manna from Heaven represented the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Chrift, &c.

some of them; as it is written, The h people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play. 8. Neither let us commit fornication, as some of them committed, and i fell in one day (1) three and twenty thousand. 9. Neither let us tempt Chrift, as * some of them also tempted, and were 'destroyed of serpents. 10. Neither murmur ye, as some of them also m murmured, and were n destroyed of the de


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7. ** Exod. 32. 6. They rose kept not his Testimonies. Pfal. up early on the Morrow, and of. 95.9. When your Fathers tempted fered Burnt-offerings, and brought me, proved me, and saw my work; Peace offerings and the People,

1'* Numb. 21.

6. The Lord &c. as here.

s fent fiery Serpents among the Peo. 8.1 Numbe, 25. 1, 9. -The 'ple, and they bit the People, and People begun to commit Whoredom much People of Israel died. with the Daughters of Moab.

m Exod. 16. 2. The whole Those that died of the Plague Congregation of the Children of were twenty and four Thousand. 10 Israel murmured against Moses and † Pfal. 106. 29. Thus they provoa Aaron in the Wilderness. + Numb. ked him to anger with their In- 14. 2, 29. All the Children of Ifra. ventions: and the Plague brake el murmured,- and faid-Would in them.

God that we had died in the Land * Exod. 17.2,7 - Mosess of Egypt, or would God we had said unto them, why chide you

died in this Wilderness, Your with me? Wherefore do ye tempt

Carcases shall fall in this Wilderthe Lord? He called the name of the nels,- all-which have murmured Place Maffaband Meribah, because of against me. Numb. 16. 41, 49. thechiding of the Children of Israel,20 - All the Congregation of the and because they tempted the Children of Israel murmured against Lord, saying, Is the Lord among Mofes, and against Aaron, saying, Us or not? Numb.-21. 5. The Ye have killed the People of the People fpake against God, and a. Lord. Now they that died in gainst Mofes, Wherefore have ye 25 the Plague were fourteen Thousand brought us up out of Egypt, to die and seven Hundred, beside them that in the Wilderness? for there is died about the Matter of Korah. 70 Bread, neither is there any Phil. 2. 14. Do all things without Water, and our Soul loatheth this Murmurings and Difputings, Pet, light Food. Deut. 6.16. Ye fhall 304:9. Ure hospitality one to ano

the Lord your God, as ther without grudging. Jude ver. ye tempred him in Maffah. Pfal. 16. These are Murmurers, Com78. 18, 36. They tempted God in plainers, walking after their own their Heart, by asking Meat for

Luftstheir Lust. They tempted and pro- Exod 12. 23: The Lord will voked the most high God, and

pass (1) This Accouņt is thus reconciled with that in Numb. 25: 9.. The Apostle here, probably, gives us the Number of those which were Alain by the immediate Hand of God; whereas Moses's Account may include the Heads of the People which were put to death for this. Sin by the Judges, Numl 25, 4, 5. If we suppose these to be one Thousand, both Accounts will agree. It is farther to be obo ferved, that fome Copies here read, spenly four Thousand.

not tempt



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stroyer. 11. Now allthese things happened unto them for * ensamples [Or, typcs]: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the pends of the world are come. 12. Wherefore 9 let him that thinketh he standęth, take heed left he fall

. 13. There hath no temptation taken you, but such as is * common [Or, moderate] to man: but God is ' faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will " with the temptation also a make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it. 14. Wherefore my dearly beloved, • flee from idolatry. 'is. I speak as to wise men: judge ye what I say.

16. The a


of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The e bread which we break, is it riot the communion of the body of Christ? '19. For f we being


come in

I can do


pass over the Door, and will not Heaviness through manifold Tempta, fuffer the Destroyer to

trons. t 2 Per. 2. 9. The Lord unto your Houses to smite you. knoweth how to deliver the godly 7 Numb. 14. 37. See on ver. s. out of Temptations.

11. † Rom 15. 4. t 1 Cor: s .." 2 Efdr. 2. 32. My Grace shall 9.16, See on Rom. 4. 23.

not fail. Joh. 15.5.

Without me: P of Phil. 4. 5. -The Lord is" ye can do nothing.' 2 Cor. 12. 9. at band. t. Heb. 10. 25.- Ex My Grace is sufficient for thee: for horting one another : and so much my Strength is made perfect in the more, as ye see the Day ap- 10 Weakness.- Phil.

4. II. proaching

all things through Christ which 12.9 † Rom. 11. 20. Because of strengthneth me." unbelief they were broken off, and t Jer. 29. 11. I know the thou ftandeft by Faith. Be not Thoughts that I think towards you, high-minded, but fcar.

faith the Lord, Thoughts of Peace

, 13 r See on i Cor. I. 9.

and not of Evil, to give you an $ Exod 13. 17. --God led them expected End. [Ifraelites] rot through the Way

+ 2 Cor. 6. 17. of the Land of the Philiftines, al not the unclean thing.–

+ 1 Joh. though that was near: for God 20 5.21. Little Children, keep your Said, Lest peradventure the People Jelves from Idals. repent when they fee War, and they 15. Gen. 18.25. -Shall not the return into Egypt. Pfal. 103. 13, Judge of all the Earth do right? 14. Like as a Father picieth his Ifai. 1. 18. Come now and let us Children: So the Lord piticth them reason together faith the Lord. Ifa. .that fear him. For he knowerh our

S. 3. Judge I pray you, betwixe Frame: he remembreth that we are me and mny Vineyard. Luk. 12. Dust. + Pfal. 125. 3. The Rod of 57. Yea, and why even, of your the Wicked shall not reft upon the felves judge ye not what is right Lot of the Righteous; left the Righ-2. Cor. 13. Judge in your

forth their Hands unto felves.iniquity. Jam. 1. 2. -Count it 16. See on Mat. 26. 26, 27. all Joy when ye fall into divers c. See on Acts 20. 7. Timptations, i Per. 1. 6. Wherein 17. ti i Cor, 12. 27. See on ye greatly rejoice, though now for 35 Rom. 12. 5. á Seafon (if need te) ye are in


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