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“ He knows no ill; those pangs, base men, are To me, and all the world, save him alone; (due But now he doth not hear my bitter moan;

SONNETS AND MADRIGALS. Too late I cry, too late I plaints renew: Pale are his lips, down doth bis head decline, Dim turn those eyes once wont so bright to shine.

SONNET. “ The Heavens which in their mansions constant move,

LET Fortune triumph now, and lo sing,
That they may not seem guilty of this crime, Sith ( must fall beneath this load of care ;
Benighted have the golden eye of time. [prove, Let her what most I prize of ev'ry thing

Ungrateful Earth, canst thou such shame ap- Now wicked trophies in her temple rear.
And seem unmov'd, this done upon thy face?" She who high palmy empires doch not spare,
Earth trembled then, and she did hold her peace. And tramples in the dust the proudest king ;

Let her vaunt how my bliss she did impair,
To what low ebb she now my flow doth bring:

Let her count how (a new Ixion) me

She in her wheel did turn; how high or low The mother stood, with grief confounded,

I never stood, but more to tortur'd be. Near the cross; her tears abounded,

Weep soul, weep plaintful soul, thy sorrows know; Wbile her dear son hanged was,

Weep, of thy tears till a black river swell, Through whose soul her sighs forth venting,

Which may Cocytus be to this thy Hell. Sadly mourning and lamenting,

Sharpest pojnts of swords did pass :
O how sad and how distress'd

Was the mother, ever-bless'd,
Who God's only Son forth brought!

NIGHT, clear night, O dark and gloomy day! She in grief and woes did languish,

woeful waking! O soul-pleasing sleep! Quaking to behold what anguish

O sweet conceits which in my brains did creep! To her noble Son was wrought.

Yet sour conceits wbich went so soon away.
A sleep I had more than poor words can say ;

Por, clos'd in arms, methought I did thee keep,

A sorry wretch plung'd in misfortunes deep.

Am I not wak'd, when light doth lyes bewray? JERUSALEM, that place divine,

O tbat that night had ever still been black ! The vision of sweet peace is nam'd,

O that that day had never yet begun ! In Heaven her glorious turrets shine,

And you, mine eges, would ye no time saw sun! Her walls of living stones are fram'd;

To have your sun in such a zodiac: While angels guard her on each side,

Lo, what is good of life is but a dream, Fit company for such a bride.

When sorrow is a never ebbing stream. She, deck'd in new attire from Heaven,

Her wedding chamber now descends,
Prepar'd in marriage to be given

To Christ, on whom her joy depends.
Her walls wherewith she is enclos'd,

So grievous is my pain, su painful life,
And streets, are of pure gold compos’d.

That oft I find me in the arms of death;

But, breath half gone, that tyrant called Death, The gates, adorn'd with pearls most bright, Who others kills, restoretb me to life: The way to hidden glory show;

For while I think how woe shall end with life, And thither, by the blessed might

And that I quiet peace shall 'joy by death, Of faith in Jesus' merits, go

That thought ev'n doth o'erpow'r the pains of death, All these who are on Earth distress'd,

And call me home again to loathed life: Because they have Christ's name profess'd. Thus doth mine evil transcend both life and death,

While no death is so bad as is my life, These stones the workmen dress and beat,

Nor no life such which doth not end by death, Before they throughly polish'd are ;

And Protean changes turn my death and life: Then each is in his proper seat

O happy those who in their birth find death, Establish'd by the builder's care,

Sith but to languish Heaven affordeth life,
In this fair frame to stand for ever,
So join'd that them no force can sever.


To God, who sits in highest seat,

Glory and power given be;
To Father, Son, and Paraclete,

Who reign in equal dignity ;
Whose boundless pow'r we still adore,
And sing their praise for evermore.

I CURSE the night, yet do from day me hide,
The Pandionian birds I tire with moans;
The echoes even are wearied with my groans,
Since absence did me from my bliss divide.


Each dream, each toy, my reason doth affright;
And when remembrance reads the curious scroll

Of past contentments caused by her sight,
Then bitter anguish doth invade my soul,
While thus I live eclipsed of her light.
O me! what better am I than the mole?

NYMPHAB, quæ colitis highissima monta Fifaea, Or tbose whose zenith is the only pole,

Seu vos Pittenwema tenent, seu Crelia crofta, Whose hemisphere is hid with so long night? Sive Anstraea domus, ubi nat Haddocus in undis, Save that in earth he rests, they hope for sun; Codlineusque ingens, ubi Fleucca et Sketta pererrant I pine, and find mine endless night begun.

Per costam, et scopulis Lobster monifootus in udis
Creepat, et in mediis ludit Whitenius undis :
Et vos Skipperii, soliti qui per mare breddum

Valde procul lanchare foris, iterumque redire,

Linquite skellatas botas, shippasque picatas,

Whistlantesque simul fechtam memorate bloodæam, POOR turtle, thou bemoans

Fechtam terribilem, quam marvellaverat omnis The loss of thy dear love,

Banda Deum,quoque Nympharum Cockelsbelearum And I for mine send forth these smoaking groans Maia ubi sheepifeda, atque ubi Solgoosifera Bassa Unhappy widow'd dove!

Swellant in pelago, cum Sol bootatus Edenum While all about do sing,

Postabat radiis madidis et shouribus atris,
I at the root, thou on the branch above,
Even weary with our moans the gaudy spring ;
Yet these our plaints we do not spend in vain, Quo viso ad fechtæ noisam cecidere volucres
Sith sighing zephyrs answer us again.

Ad terram, cecidere grues, plish plashque dedere
Solgoosa in pelago prope littora Bruntiliana ;
Sea-sutor obstupuit, summique in margine saxi

Scartavit prælustre caput, wingasque flapavit ;

Quodque magis, alte volitans Heronius ipse

Ingeminans clig clag mediis sbitavit in undis. As, in a dusky and tempestuous night,

Namque a principio Storiam tellabimus omnem, A star is wont to spread her locks of gold,

Muckrelium iogentem turbam Vitarva per agros And while her pleasant rays abroad are rollid, Nebernæ marchare fecit, et dixit ad illos, Some spiteful cloud doth rob is of her sight: “ Ite hodie armati greppis, dryvate caballos Fair soul, in this black age so shin'd thou bright, Nebernæ per crofta, atque ipsas ante fenestras. And made all eyes with wonder thee behold; Quod si forte ipsa Neberna venerit extra, Till ugly Death, depriving us of light,

Warrantabo omnes, et vos bene defendebo." In his grim misty arms thee did enfold.

Hic aderant Geordy Akinhedius, et little Johnus, Who more shall vaunt true beauty here to see? Et Jamy Richæus, et stout Michel Hendersonus, What hope doth more in any heart remain, Qui jolly tryppas ante alios dansare solebat, That such perfections shall his reason rein, Et bobbare bene, et lassas kissare bonaeas; If beauty, with thee born, too died with thee? Duncan Olyphantus, valde stalvartus, et ejus World, plain no more of Love, nor count his harms; Filius eldestus jolyboyus, atque oldmoudus, With his pale trophies Death has hung his arms. Qui pleugham longo gaddo dryvare solebat;

Et Rob Gib wantonus homo, atque Oliver Hutchin, Et ploucky-fac'd Watty Strang, atque in-kneed Alsinder Atken

[nium, Et Willy Dick heavy-arstus homo, pigerrimus omMADRIGAL

Qui tulit in pileo magnum rubrumque favorem,

Valde lethus pugnare, sed hunc Corngrevius heros I FEAR not henceforth death,

Noutheadum vocavit, atque illam forcit ad arma. Sith after this departure yet I breathe.

Insuper hic aderant Tom, Taylor, et Hen. WatLet rocks, and seas, and wind,

sonus, Their highest treasons show;

Et Tomy Gilchristus, et fool Jocky Robinsonus Let sky and earth combin'd

Andrew Alshenderus, et Jamy Tomsonus, et unus Strive (if they can) to end my life and woe; Norland-bornus homo, valde valde Anticovenanter, Sith grief cannot, me nothing can o'erthrow; Nomine Gordonus, valde blackmoudus, et alter Or, if that aught can cause my fatal lot,

(Deil stick it ignoro nomen) slavry beardius homo It will be when I hear I am forgot.

Qui pottas dightavit, et assas jecerat extra.

Denique præ reliquis Geordeuin affatur, et inquit, Georde mi formane, inter stoutissimus omnes,

Huc ades et crook-saddelos, hemmasque, creilesque, MADRIGAL.

Brechemmesque simul omnes bindato jumentis;

Amblentemque meum naggum, fattumque mariti Tritons, which bounding dive

Cursorem, et reliquos trottantes sumito averos. Through Neptune's liquid plain,

In cartis yokkato omnes, extrahito muckam When as ye shall arrive

Crofta per et riggas, atque ipsas ante fenestras With tilting tides where silver Ora plays,

Nebernæ, et aliquid sin ipsa contra loquatur, And to your king his wat'ry tribute pays,

In sydis tu pone manus, et dicito fart jade. Tell how I dying live,

Nec mora, formannus cunctos flankavit averos, And burn in midst of all the coldest main. Workmannosque ad workam omnes vocavit, et illi

Extemplo cartas bene fillavere jigantes :

O qualis firy fary fuit, namque alteri nemo Whistlavere viri, workhorsosque ordine swieros Ne vel footbreddum yerdæ yieldare volebat, Drivavere foras, donec iterumque iterumque Stout erat ambo quidem, valdeque hardhearta caFartavere omnes, et sic turba horrida mustrat,

terra ! Haud aliter quam si cum multis Spinola troupis Tum vero e medio Muckdryvster prosilit unus Proudus ad Ostendam marchasset fortiter urbem. Gallantæus homo, et greppam minatur in ipsam Interea ante alios Dux Piper Laius heros

Nebernam, (quoniam misere scaldaverat omnes) Præcedens, magnamquegerens cum burdine pypam Dirtavitque totam peticotam gutture thicko, Incipit Harlai cunctis sonare batellum.

Pearlineasque ejus skirtas, silkamque gownæam, Tunc Nebemna furens yettam ipsa egressa, vidensque Vasquineamque rubram Mucksherda begariavit. Muck-cartas transire viam, valde angria facta Et tunc ille fuit valde faintheartus, et ivit Non tulit affrontam tantam, verum, agmine facto, Valde procul, metuens shottam woundumque proConvocat extemplo Barowmannos atque Ladæos,

fundum. Jackmannumque, Hiremannos, Pleughdrivsters at- Sed nec valde procul fuerat revengia in illam; que Pleughmannos,

Extemplo Gillæa ferox invasit, et ejus Tumlantesque simul reekoso ex kitchine boyos, In faciem girnavit atrox, et Tigrida facta Hunc qui dirtiferas tersit cum dishclouty dishas, Bublentem grippans berdam, sic dixit ad illum: Hunc qui gruelias scivit bene lickere plettas, Vade domum, filthe nequam, aut te interficiabo. Et saltpannifumos, et widebricatos fisheros, Tunc cum gerculeo magnum fecit Gilly whipHellæosque etiam salteros duxit ab antris,

pum, Coalheughos nigri girnantes more Divelli,

Ingentemque manu sherdam leravit, et omnem Lifeguardamque sibi sævas vocat improba lassas, Gallantæi hominis gashbeardam besineariavit; Maggeam magis doctam milkare cowæas,

Sume tibi hoc, inquit, sneezing valde operativum, Et doctam sweepare flooras, et sternere beddas, Pro præmio, Swingere, tuo; tum denique fleido Quæque novit spinnare, et longas ducere threedas; Ingentem Gilly wamphra dedit, validamque neNænsæam, claves bene quæ keepaverat omnes,

vellam, Yellantemque Elpen, longobardamque Anapellam, Ingeminatque iterum, donec his fecerit ignem Fartantemque simul Gyllam, gliedamque Katæam Ambobus fugere ex oculis ; sic Gylla triumphat. Egregie indutam blacko caput sooty clouto; Obstupuit bombaizdus homo, backumque repente Mammæamque simul vetulam, quæ sciverat apte Turnavit veluti nasus bloodasset ; et O fy! Infantum teneras blande oscularier arsas;

Ter quater exclamat, et ô quam fæde neezarit ! Quæque lanam cardare solet greasy-fingria Betty. Disjuniumque omne evomuit valde hungrius homo,

Tum demum hungræos ventres Neberna gruelis Lausavitque supra atque infra, miserabile visu, Farsit, et guttas rawsuinibus implet amaris, Et luggas necko imponens, sic cucurrit absens; Postea newbarmæ ingentem dedit omnibus haustum, Non audens gimpare iterum, ne worsa tulisset. - Staggravere omnes, grandesque ad sydera riftas Hæc Neberua videps yellavit turpia verba, Barmifumi attollunt, et sic ad prælia marchant. Et fy, fy! exclamat, prope nunc victoria losta este Nec mora, marchavit forás longo ordine turma, Nec mora, terribilem fillavit dira canonem, Ipsa prior Neberna suis stout facta ribaldis, Elatisque hippis magno cum murmure fartam Rustæum manibus gestans furibunda gulæum : Barytonam emisit, veluti Monsmegga cracasset. Tandem Muckreilios vocat ad pell-mellia flaidos. Tum vero quackarunt hostes, flightamque repente “ Ite, ait, uglæi Fellows, si quis modo posthac Sumpserunt, retrospexit Jackmannus, et ipse Muckifer bas nostras tentet crossare fenestras, Sheepheadus metuit sonitumque ictumque buleti. Juro quod ego ejus longum extrahabo thrapelium, Quod si king Spanius, Philippus pe mine, septeui Et totam rivabo faciem, luggasque gulæo hoc Hisce consimiles habuisset forte canones Ex capite cuttabo ferox, totumque videbo

Batterare Sluissam, Sluissam dungasset in assam. Heartbloodum fuere in terram." Sic verba finivit. Aut si tot magnus Lodovicus forte dedisset Obstupuit Vitarva diu dirtfluida, sed inde

Ingentes fartas ad menia Monta bana, Couragium accipiens, Muckreilios ordine cunctos Ipsam continuo townam dungasset in yerdam: Middini in medio faciein turnare coegit.

Exin Corngrevius, wracco omnia tendere videns, O qualem primo fleuram gustasses in ipso Consiliumque meum si non accipitis, inquit, Battelli onsetto! Pugnat Muckreilius Heros Pulchras scartabo facies, et vos worriabo: Fortiter, et Muckam per posteriora cadentem Sed need lo per seustram broddatus, inque privatas In creilibus shoolare ardet. Sic dirta volavit. Partes stobbatus, greitans, lookansque grivate,

O quale hoc hurly burly fuit, si forte vidisses Barlafumel clamat, et dixit, O Deus! Gud! Pypantes arsas, et flavo sanguine breeckas Quid multis ? sic fra ya fuit, sic guisa peracta est, Dripantes, hominumque beartas ad prælia faintas! | Una nec interea spillata est droppa cruoris.


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103, Goswell Street.


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