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are not threshed with a threshing basin; and none of yua shall go had commanded the clonds frora instrument, neither is a curt wheel out at the door of his house until above, and opened the doors o! turned about upon the cummin; the inorning.

heaven, And had rained down but the sitches are beaten out with

manna upon them to eat, and had a staff, and the cummin with a Reeng AND FLAGS. given them of the corn of heaven. rud.

Job vill, 11, 12. Can ihe rush Man dll eat angels' tood: he sent GOURDS.

grow up without mire? cam the them meat to the full. Jonah iv, 6, 10. And the LORD flas grow without water? Whilst · Mark xiv, 25. Verily I say unto God prepared a gourd, and made it is yet in his greenness, and not you, I will drink no more ví the it to come up over Jonah, that it cut down, it withereth before any fruit of the vine, until that day might be a shadow over luis head, other herb.

that I drink it new in the kingdom to deliver him from his grief. So Jonah was exceeding glad of the the brooks, by the mouth of the Isa. xix, 7. The paper reeds by of God.

Luke xiv, 15. And when one of gourd. Then said the LORD, Thou brooks, and every thing sown by them that sat at meat with him Last bad pity on the gourd, for the brooks shall wither, be driven heard these things, he said unto the which thou hast not laboured, away and be no more.

him, Blessed is he that shall eat reither madest it grow; which

Luke vii, 24. And when the bread in the kingdom of God. came up in a night, and perished In a night.

missengers of John were departed, Rev, ii, 17. He that hath an ear, he began to speak unto the people let him hear what ihe Spirit saith

concerning John, What went ye unto the churchez; To him that HYSSOP.

out inte the wilderness for to see? overcometh will give to eat of Exod. xil, 22. And ye shall take A reed shaken with the wind ?

the hidden mauna, and will give a bunch of byssip, and dip it in the blood that is in the basin, and

MIRACULOUS PRODUCTS him a white stone, and in tho. strike the lintel and the two sídlo AND SPIRITUAL SYMBOLS stone a new name written, which

no man knoweth saying he that posts with the blood that is in the P8. Isxvill, 23-25. Though hu receiveth it.



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VISIONS A MODE OF the rord of the Loan cume ante' thereof: an image as hef re mine DIVINE REVELATION.

Abram in a vision sayins, Fear eyes; there was silence, and I Num xii, 6. And he said, Hear not, a bram: I ain thy shell, and heard a voice.

thy exceedlog great reward. now my words: If there bo a pro

ISAIAH. plet among you, I tlie LORD will


132. VI, 1. In the year that kins make mysell known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him

Gen. xlvi, 2. And God spake Uzziah died I saw also the Lord

unto Israel in the visions of the sitting upon a thirone, hizli and in a dream. 1 Sam. III, 1. And the chila night, and sud, Jacob, Jacob. lifted up, and his train qued the

temple. Samnel ininistered unto the LORD And he said, Here am I. before Eli. And the worl of the


Moseg. Lont was precious in those days:

Erod. tit. 2. And the Angel of belrold, a whirlwin I came out of

Ezek i, 4. And I looked, and, there was no open vision. 2 Chron. xxvi, 5.

the LORt, appeared unto him in a And ho

the north, a great cloul, and a flame of fire out of the midst of a gought God in the days of Zech- bush: and he looked, and, behold,

fire infolding itsell, and a brigita arials, who had understanding in the busli burned will lire, and midst thereof as the color of

ness cas about it, and out of the the visions of God: and as long as

the bush was not consumed. he sought the LORD, God made

amber, out of the iniust of the him to prosper.

Deut. xxxiv, 10-12. And there are.

arose not a propriet since in Israel Ps. Ixxxix. 19. Then thou

Ezek. vill, 4. And, behold, the like unto MONOS whom the LOD spakest in vision to thy holy knew face to face; In all thesians glory of the God of Israil iras one. and the wonders which the LORD there, according to the vislun that

I saw in the plain. Prov. xxix, 18. Where there is sent him to do in the land of no vision, the people perish: but Ezypt, to Pharaoh, and to all his

Ezek. x, 1. Then I lookell, and, be that keepeth the law, happy is servants, and to all his hand, And belold, in the firmament that iM3

in all that mighty land, and in above the head of the clirubin Jer. xiv, 14. Then the Lord all the great terris which Moses there appeared over then as it

were a sapphire stone, as the salluto me, The prophets pro- shewed in the sigut of all Israel,

appearance of the likeness of a pliesy lies in my name: I sent


throne. them not, heiller lave I commandled them, neither spike unto **1 Sam. ill, 1, 4, 7, 15. And the Ezk. XI, 24, 25. Afterwards the them: they prophesy unto you a child Samuel ministered unto the spirit took me up, and longitme false vision and divination, and a Lond before Eli. And the word in y vision by the Spirit of God thint of nought, and the deceit of of the Lond was pr. cious in those into Cialdea, to them of the captheir heart. days; there was no open vision. tivily: so the vision that I had

seen went up from me. Tlien I Jer. xxiii, 16. Thus salth the The LORD called Samuel: and he LORD of hosts, llearken not into answered, llere am l. Now spake unto them of the ciptivity the words of the prophets that Samuel did not yet know the all the things that the LORD tad prophesy unto you: they make Lori), neither was the word of the showed me. you vain: they speak a vision of LORD yet reveiled unto him. (See under IDOLATRY their own heart, and not out of And Samuel lay until the morn.

AND SPIRITS.) the mouth of the LORD.

ing, and opened the doors of the Dan. i, 17. As for these four feared to show Eli the vision. house tie LORD. And Samuel

NEBOCIADSEZZA.. children, God gave them know

Dan. ii. 29. But there is a Gorlin ledge and skill in all learning and


heaven tbat revealeth secrets, and wisdom: and Daniel had under

maketh known

to standing

hing in all

2 Sam, vil, 4, 17. And it came to

visions and dreams.

pass that night, that the worl of Nebuchadnezzır what shall be in the Lorr came into Nathan, say the visions of thy head upon thy

the latter days. Tuy dream, and Hosea xli, 10. I have also ing, According to all these words, bed, are these. spoken by the prophets, and and according to all this vision, so have multiplied visions, and used did Nathan speak unto David.

Dan. iv, 5. I saw a dream similituiles, by the ministry of the

which made me afraid, and the proplicts.


thoughts npon my bed, and the Hab. ii, 2. And the LORD an. Job iv, 12-16. Now a thing was

visions of my head, troubled me. swered me, and said, Write the secretly brought to me, and mine vision, and make it plain upon ear received a little thereof. In

DANIEL tables, that he may run that thonghts from the visions of the Dan. il, 19. Then was the secret readeth it. night, wlien deep sleep falleth on

revealed unto Daniel in a night men, Fear came upon me, and vision. Then Daniel blessed the VISIONS MENTIONED IN

trembling, which made all my God of heaven. SCRIPTURE.

bones to shake. Then a spirit Dan. vil, 1. In the first year of

passed before my face; the hair of Belstazzar king of Labylon, TO ABRAHAM

my fleshi stood up: It stood still, Daniel had a dream, and visions Gen. xv, 1. After these things, but I could not discern the form of his head upon his besl; then lo

wrote the dream, and told the them in the head, all of them; and tinne & short space. And the Bon of the matters.

I will slay the last of them with best that was and is not, even Dan. vii, 28. Hitherto is the the sword: he that flerth of them he is the airlith and is of the end of the matter. As for me shall not flee away; and he that seven, and goeth into perdition. Daniel, my cogitations much escapeth of them shall not be de- And the ten borns which thou troubled me, and my countenance livered.

sa west are ten kings, which have changed in me: but I kept the

received no kingin as yet; but matter in my heart,

(ZECHARIAH, See under receive pwer as kings one honr Dan. vni, 1, 2. 8. 9. 15, 16 28 27. PARABLES AND EMBLEMS.) with the beast. These have one In the third year of the reign of


mind, and shall give their power

and strength unto the beast. king Belshazzar a vision appeared Acts 1x, 10. And there was a Tlieve shali inake war with the unto me eren unto me Daniel, after certain disciple at Damascns. Lamb, and the Lamb shall overthatwhich appeared untome at the named Ananias; and to him said comrihem: for he is Lord of lords, first. And I saw in a vision; and it the Lord in a vision, Ananias. and King of kings: and they that came to pass: when I saw, that. And he sald, Behold, I am here, are with him are called, and wasai Shushan in the palace,wbích Lord,

chosen, and faithful. is in the province of Elam; and I

CORNELIUS. saw in a vision, and I was by the

Acts x, 3. He saw in & vision river of Ulai. The be-goat waxed evidently about the ninth hour of

THE DISCIPLES. Very great: and when he was the day an angel of God coming

Matth. xvii, 2, 3. And was trang strong, the great horn was broken; into him, and saying unto him, figure before them: and his face and for it came up four notable Cornelius.

dii shine as the sun, and his ral. ones, toward the four winds of hea.

ment was white as the light. And, Ven. And out of one of them came


behold, there appeared unto therr forth a litilé hörn, which waxed Acts xxii, 18. And saw bim Moses and Elias talking witb exceeding great, toward the south, saying unto me. Make haste, and him. and toward the east, and toward get thee quickly out of Jerusa- Luke ix, 82, 33. Pot Peter and the pleasant land. And it came lem: for they will not receive thy they that were with him were to pasy, when I, eren i Daniel lad testimony concerning me.

heavy with sleep: and when they seen the vision, and sought for the meaning, then, behold, there for me donbtless to glory: I will and the two men that stood with

2 Cor. xil, 1-4. It is not expedient were awake, they saw his glory, stood before me as the appearance of a man. And I heard &

come to visions and revelations him. And it came to pass, as man's voice between the banks of of the Lord. I knew a man in they departed from him, Peter Ulal, which called, and said, Gá- Christ above fourteen years ago, said unto Jesus, Master, it is briel, make this man to under-|(whether in the body, I cannot good for us to be here: aná let us stand the vision. And the vision tell; or whether out of the body, make three tabernacles; one for

thee, and one for Moses, and one of the evening and the morning I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such which was told is true: wherefore an one caught up to the third

for Elias: not knowing what he

said, shut thou up the vision; for it heaven. And I knew such a man,

NIGHT AND SLEEP. shall be for many days. 'And il whether in the body, or ont of Daniel fiinted and was sick certain the body, I cannot tell: God know

1 Sam. ix, 6. And he said unto days: afterward I rose up, and did et!;) How that he was caught up him, Belulú now, there is in this the king's business; and I was

into paradişe, and beard unspeakcity a man of God, and he is an astonished at the vision, but none

able words, which it is not lawful honourable man; all that be faith

for a man to utter. understood it.

cometh surely to pass: now let us

go thither, peradventure he can Dan. X. 1. 7.-9. In the third


show us our way that we should year of Cyros king of Persia a

Rev. vi, 1. And I saw when the go. thing was revealed unto Daniel, Lamb opened one of the seals; whose name was called Belter and I heard as it were the noise got the king sleep; and he com

Esther vi, 1. On that night could shazzar; and the thing was true, of thunder, one of the fonr beasts manded to bring the book of rebut the time appointed 2018 long: saying, Come and see. and he understood the thing, and

cords of the Chronicles; and they had understanding of the vision,

Rev. xvii, 7-14. And the angel were read before the king. And I Daniel alone saw the vision: thuu marvel?' I will tell thee the slept, I awaked; for the Lord sus said unto me, Wherefore didst

Ps. iii, 5. I laid me down and for the men that were with me Baw not the vision; but a great mystery of the woman, and of the tained me. quaking fell upon them, so that bath the seven heads and ten beast that carrieth her, wbich

Ps. iv, 8. I will both lay me they fled to hide themselves. Therefore I was left alone, and horns. The beast inat thou saw down in peace, and sleep: for thou, saw this great vision, and ihere est was, and is not; and shall Lord, only makes me dwell in remained no strength in me: for ascend out of the bottomless pit, safety. my comeliness was turned in me

and go into perdition: and they P8. Ixxvi, 6. The stout-hearted into corruption, and I retained no wonder, (whose names were not sleep; and none of the men of

that dwell on the earth shall are spoiled, they have slept their strength. Yet bear! I the voice of bis words: and when I heard written in the book of life from might have found their hands. the voice of bis wor is, then was I the foundation of the world.) when

Prov. ill. 24. When thou liest in a deep sleep on my face, and tbey bebold the beast that was, down, thou shalt not be afraid; my face toward the ground.

and is not, and yet is. And here

is the mind which hath wisdom. yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy

The seven heads are seven moun | Bleep shall be sweet.
tains, on which the woman sitteth.

Prov. iv, 16 For they sleep not
Amos ix, 1. I saw the LORD And there are seven klogs: Ave except they bave done mischiet;
standing upon the altar, and be are fallen, and one is, and the and their sleep is taken away ou-
8411, Smite tbe lintel of the door, other is not yet come; and less they cause some to fall,
tuat the posts way shake: and cut when he cometh, he must con- Eccles. V, 12. The sleep of a


2 Z

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lahouring man is swert, whether Eccles. v, 3, 7. For & dream shall be made a donghill: Bot I beat Vitile or mu h: but the cometh through the multitude of ye shew the dream, and the inabundance of the rica will not business; and a fool's voice is ierpretation thereof, ye shall resuffer him to sleep.

known by multitude of words. coive of me gitis and rewards, and Cant. ii, 7. I charge you, O yo For in the multitude of dreams great honour: therefore shes me daughters of Jerusalem, by the and many words there are also the dream, and the interpretation roes, and by the binds of the field, divers vanities: but fear thou thereof. They answered avain, God.

and said, Let the king lell bis that that ye stir not up, nor awake my love, till he please.

180. xxix, 7, 8. And the multi- servania the dream, and we will Cant ili, 1, 2. By night on my

tude of all the nations that 0 ut shew the interpretation of it. bed I sought him wburn my soul against Ariel, even all that fight The king answered and said, I loveth: I souglit bim, but I found against her and her munition, and know of certainty that ye would him not. I will rise now, and go

that distress her, shall be as a gain the time, because ye see the about the city in the streets, and dream of a night-vision. It shall thing is gune from me. But if yo

will not make know'unto me te in the broad ways I will seek bin even be as when an hungry man

dreameth, and, behold, he eatetri; dream, there is buttone decree for whom my soul loveth: Bought but he awaketh, and his soul is you; for ye bave prepared sing hin), but I found him not.

empty: or as when a thirsty man and corrupt words to speak briore Çant. viii, 4. I charge yon, o dreamein, and, behold, be drink me, till the time be chauged: da lighters of Jernsalem, that ye eth; but he awaketh, and, behold, therefore tell me the dream, und stir not up, nor awako my love, he is faint, and his soul bath I shall know that ye can show me until he please. appetito...

the interpretation thereof. The Jer. XXXI, 26. Upon this I

Chaldeans answered before the awaked, and beheld; and my ANXIETY TO INTERPRET

king, and said, There is not a man sleep was sweet unto me.

upon the earth that can slew the THEM, BUT OFTEN

king's matter; therefore there 13 Jer. li. 39 in their heat I will


no king, lord, stor ruler, that asked make their feasts, and I will make them drunken, that they may re

Gen. xl, 5-8. And they dreamed such things any magician, or joice, and slep a perpetual sleep, a dream both of thein, each man astrologer, or Challean. Audit and not wake, saith the LORD.

his dream in one night, each man is a rare thing that the king ra Dan. vi. 19 Then the king arose bis dream, the butler and the that can slew it before the king,

according to the interpretation of quireth; and there is none other very early in the morning, and baker of the king of Egypt, which except the gods, whor dwelling went in baste unto the deu of

were bound in the prison. And is not with flesh. Fof this cause lious.

Joseph came in into them in the the king was angry and very Micah 11, 1. Woe to them that moruing, and looked upon them, furious and commanded to dedevise iniquity, and work evil and, benold, they were rad. And struy all the wise men of Babylon. upon their bed! when the morn he asked Pharaol's offic-re, that and the decree went forth that iug is light, they practise it, be- were with him in the ward of bis the wise men slionld be slain; and cause it is in the puwer of iheir lord's buuse, saying, Wherefore they souglit Daniel and his fellows hand,

look ye 80 sadly to-day? And to be slain. Matth. XXVI, 43. And he came they said unto him, We have Daniel iv, 6, 7. Therefore made and found them asleep again: for dreamed a dream, and there is no I a decree to bring in all the wise their eyes were heavy.

interpreter of it. And Joseph men of Babylon before me, that Mark xiv, 40. And when he re. tations belong to Gou? tell me the interpretation of the dream.

sind unto thein, Do not interpre- they might make kdown unto ine turnell, he found them asleep them, I pray you.

Then caine in the magicians, the again. (for their eyes were heavy,) heither wist they what to answer

Gen. xli, 8. And it came to pass astrologers, the Chaldeans, and the him.

in the morning, that bis (Pharaolis) soothsayers: and I told the dream 1 Thess. v, 6, ?. Therefore let and called for all the magicians make known unto me the inter

spirit was troubled; and he sent before them; but they did not us not sleep as do others but let of Egypt, and all the wise men prelation thereof. Us Watch and be sober. For they thereof: and Pharaoh told them that sleep sleep in the night; and his dreams; but there was none they that be drunken are drunken that could' interpret them unto



Gen. xli, 16. 16. And Pharaoh

Daniel II, 2--13. Then the king said unto Joseph, I have dreamed

commanded to call the magicians, a dream, and there is none that NATURAL AND SUPER- and the astrologers, and the sor- can interpret it: and I have board NATURAL.

cerers, and the chaldeans, for to say of thee, that thou canst unJob vii, 13, 14. When I say, My shew the king his dreains. So they derstand a dream to interpret it. bed shall comlort me, my couch caine and stood before the king: And Josephi answered Phara h, Bhiall euse my complaint; Then And the king said unto them, I saying. It is not in me: God stall thou scarest me will dreams, and have dreamed a dream, and iny give Phuravh an answer of peace. terrifiest me through visions.

spirit was troubled to know the
dream. Then spake the Chal.

Daniel I, 17. As for these four Job xxxiii, 14-17. For God deans to the king in Syriack, O

children, God gave them knowspeaketh once, yea 'wice, yet man king, live for ever: tell thy ser ledge and skill in all learning and perceiveth it noi. In a dreana, in vants the dream, and we will

wis.lom: and Daniel bad undera vision of the night, when deep shew the interpretation. The

standing in all visions and dreams. sleep falleth upon men, iu slumber- king answered and said to the Daniel II, 14--16, 24--30, 36. Then ings upon the bed: Then he Chaldeans, The thing is gone from Daniel answered with counsel and openetii the ears of men, and seal-me: if ye will not make known wisdom to Arioch the captain of eth their instruction. That he unto me the dream, with the in- the king's guard, which was gone may withdraw man from his pur- terpretation thereof, ye shall be torin lo slay the wise men of pose, and hide pride from man. cut in pieces, and your houses | Babylon: Ho answered and said



to Arloch the king's captain, Why thy father, made master of the reached to heaven; ard behold is the decree 80 basty from the magicans, astrologers, Chaldeans, the angels of God uscending and king? Then Arioch made the and soothsayers; Forasr nch as an descending on it. And, behold, I thing known to Daniel. Then excellent spirit, and knowledge, am with thee, and will keep theo Daniel went in, and desired of and understanding, interpreting in all places whither thou goest, the king that he would give him of dreams, and shewing of hard and will bring thee again into this time, and that he would shew the sentences, and dissolving of land; for I will not leave thee, un. king the interpretation. There- doubts, were found in the same til I bave done that whic? ' have fore Daniel went in unto Arioch, Daniel, whom the king named spoken to thee of. whom the king had ordained to Belteshazzar: now let Daniel be Gen. xxxi, 10, 11. And it came destroy the wise men of Baby- called, and be will shew the inter: to pass at the time that the cattle lon: he went and said thus pretation. Then Daniel conceived, that I lifted up miue unto him, Destroy not the wise brought in before the king. And eyes, and saw in a dream, and, bemen of Babylon: bring me in be- the king spake, and said unto hold, the rams which leaped fore the king, and I will shew Daniel, Art thou that Daniel, upon the cattle were ring-straked, unto the king the interpretation. which art of the children of the speckled, and grisled. And the Then Arioch brought in Daul1 captivity of Judah, whom the angel of God spake unto me in a before the king in haste, and said king my father brought out of dream, saying, Jacob. And I said, thus unto bim, I have found a Jewry? I havi even heard of Here am I. man of the captives of Judah that thee, that the spirit of the gods is will make known upto the king in thee, and that light, and under

LABAN. the interpretation. The king an- standing, and excellent wisdom, is swered and said to Daniel, whose found in thee. And I bave heard Laban the syrian in a dream by

Gen. XXXI, 24. And God came to name was Belteshazzar, Art thou of thee, that thou canst make in- night, and said unto him, Tako able to make known unto me the terpretations, and dissolve doubts: beed that thou speak not to Jacob dream which I have

seen, and the now, if thou canst read the writ- either good or bad. Interpretation thereof? Daniel an- ing, and make known to me the swered in the presence of the interpretation thereof, thou shalt

JOSEPH. king, and said, The secret which be clothed with scarlet, and hgre the king bath demanded cannot a chain of gold about thy neck,

Gen. xxxvII, 5-10. And Joseph the wise men, the astrologers, the and shalt be the third ruler in the dreained a dream, and he tolu it magicians, the soothisayers, shew kingdom. Then Daniel answered his brethren: and they hated birn unto the king; But there is a God and said before the king, Let thy yet the more. And he said unto in heaven that revealeth secrets, gilts be to thyself, and give thy them, Hear, I pray you, this dream and maketh known to the king rewards to another; yet I wil which I have dreamed: For, beNebuchadnezzar what shall be in read the writing unto the king, bold, we were binding sheaves in the latter days. Thy dream, and and make kuown to him the inter- the field, and, lo, my sheaf aruse, the visious of thy head upon thy pretation.

and also stood upright; and, bebed, are these; As for thee, ()

bold, your sheaves stood round king, thy itong hits came into thy INSTANCES IN SCRIPTURE. about, and made obeisance to my mind upon thy bed what should

sheaf. And his brethren said to

ABIMELECH. come to pass bereafter; and he

bim, Shalt thou indeed reign that revealeth secrets maketh

Gen. xx, 8--8. But God came to over us? or shalt thou indeed known to thee what shall coine to

Abimelech in a dream by night, have dominion over us? And pass. But us for me, this secret out a dead inun, for the wornan bis dreams, ani for his words.

an i said to bim, Behold, thou art they hated him yet the more tur is not revealed to me for any wisdom that I have more than any

Which thou hast taken; for she is And he dreamed yet another living, but for their sakes that

a man's wife. But Abimelech had dream, and told it bis brethren, Bholl make known the interpreta- not come near ber: and he said, and said, Behold, I have dreamed tion to the king, and that thou LORD, Wilt thou slay also a righte- a dream more; and, behold, the nizliest know the thoughts of She is my sister ? and slie, even stars, made obeisance to me. And

ous nation? Said he not unto me, sun, and the moon, and the elever tly heart.

Tuis is the dream; ani we will tell the interpretation In the integrity of my heart, and brethren: and his father rebuked

she herself said, He is my brother. he told it to his father, and to his thereof before the king.

innocency of my hands, have I him, and said unto him, What is Dan. iv, 8, 9.

But at the done this. And God said unto him this dream that thou hast dreamlasi Daniel came in before me, in a dream, Yea, 1 kuow that thou ed? Shall I, and thy mother, and (whose name was Beltestazzar, diust this in the integrity of tlıy thy brethren, indeed come to bow according to the name of my heart; for I also withheld thiee down ourselves to thee to the god, and in whom is the spirit of from sinning against me: tuerelore earth? the holy gods) and before him I suffered I wee not to touch her. told the dream, saying, O Belte- Now therefore restore the man

THE CHIEF BUTLER. Bhazzır, master of the magicians, his wife; for be is a prophet, and because I kuow that the spirit of We shall pray for thee, and thon

Gen. x1, 9.-18. And the chief the holy gods is in thee, and to shult live: and if thou restore her butler told bis dreain to Joseph, secret troublethi thee, tell me the not, know thou that thou shalt and said to him, In my dream, bevisions of my dream that I have surely die, thou and all that are bold, a vine rcas before me; And seen, and the intei pretation there- thine. Therelore Abimelech ruse

in the vine were three branches: 01.

early in the murning, and called and it was as though it budded, Dan. V, 11--14, 16, 17. There is

all his servants, and Luld all these and her blossoms shot forth; and a man lu thy hogdom in whom is things in their ears: and the men the clusters thereof bronght forth the spirit of the holy gods: and, in were sore aliaid,

ripe grapes: Aud Pharaoli's cup

was in my hand: and I touk the the days of thy father, light and understanding, and wisdom, like


grapes, and pressed them into

Pharaoli's cup, and I gave the cup the wisdum of the gods, was found Gen. xxviii, 12, 15. Ang he into Pharaoli's hand. And Jusi pha in hiin; w bum the kin: Nebuchad- dramed, and behold a ladder set said unto him. This is the internezzar thy father, lue king, I say, up on the earth, and the top of it pretation of it: The liree branches


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