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ag. ch. acctnt., 21st Mar. to 26th Sept., 1909 ; | socy., 1906; jnr. asst. chem., Jamaica, 1902; promoted rly. acctnt. on abolition of office of ch. asst. chem., 1905; lect. in agric. sci., 1906; acctnt., 31st Jan., 1910 ; col. treas., Feb., 1922. headmsr., govt. farm schl, and stock farm, 1909;

WOODS, WILFRID WENTWORTH. --B. 1876; comsnr. for Jamaica, Canadian Nat. Exhibn., B.A. Oxon. ; 2nd cls, final hon. schl., mod. hist., Sept., 1910, and Sept., 1912; dir. of agr., Ber. 1901 ; clk., col. audit branch, E. and A. dept., muda, 1913-20; food comsnr., 1917; hon. sec., 2nd Sept., 1901 ; asst. auditor, G. Coast, 22nd internat. comtee. on potato industry, 1919; visited Feb., 1902; local auditor, N. Nigeria, 30th Oct., Canary Is. on behalf of Bermuda govt., 1920; dir. 1904; asst. col. auditor, Ceylon, 8th Feb., 1908; ag. of agr., Nyasaland, Dec., 1920; author of "Comcol. auditor on several occasions ; col. auditor, panion to Blackie's Tropical Readers," " Poultry Aug., 1915; temp. employed at the War Office, Diseases,” and “Foods and Food Products of Dec., 1917 to 1919.

Jamaica." WOODWARD, SIR LIONEL MABBOTT, KT. WRIGHT, ANDREW BARKWORTH, M.A., M.C. Bach.-B. 1864 ; ed. at Harrow, and Trin. Coll., (1917), Bar (1918).-B. 1895; ed. Hailey burs and Camb. (scholar); 1st class honours, classical Jesus Coll., Cambridge ; served in European War tripos ; B.A., 1886 ; M.A., 1892 ; cadet, Straits, with Suffolk Regt., 1914-19; major, 1918; asst. 1888 ; passed final exam. in Tamil, July, 1890 ; sec., ch. sec's, office, Cyprus, 3rd June, 1922. ag. 3rd mag., Singapore, Nov., 1890; ag. dist. WRIGHT, ARTHUR EDGAR.-B. 1880; Fellow offri, Bukit Mertajam, Apr., 1891 ; 3rd mag., of the Surveyors' Institution ; ed. at Tiffin's Penang, Apr., 1891 ; 3rd mag. and asst. Indian Endowed Schl., Kingston - on - Thames ; asst. imigrn, agt., Singapore, July, 1892; ag. dist. engnr., P.W.D., Hong Kong, 5th May, 1903; offr., Bukit Mertajam, Mar., 1893 ; sheriff and exec. engnr., 13th Apr., 1911; ag. assessor in dep, regisr. sup. ct., Singapore, Mar., 1896 ; 2nd addition, 1915; exec. engnr., 1st grade, Jan., mag., Penang, July, 1898 ; ag: offl. assignee, 1917; seconded to Weihaiwei on special serv., S. Sttlmts., and regisr, of deeds, Apr., 1898, 1918; capt., Hong Kong Defence Corps. to June, 1899; ag. sen. dist. offr., Prov. Well., WRIGHT, ARTHUR HOBBINS.-B. 1861; ed. Oct., 1900 ; asst. regisr., supreme court, Penang, privately ; joined N.Z. police force, 1882; comsnr., May, 1902; ag. solr.-gen., May, 1903, dep. N.Z. pol., 1921. pub. proscr., Mar., 1904; seconded for spec. WRIGHT, CHARLES HAROLD.-M.A., F.I.C., serv. in connection with expropriation of Tan F.C.S.; B. 1880; scholar, Sidney Sussex Coll., jong Pagar Dock Co., Ltd., May, 1905 ; judl. Cambridge ; B.A. (Nat. Sc. Tripos), 1902; M.A. comsnr., F.M.S.. Jan., 1906 ; senr. puisne judge, 1916 ; asst. analyst and science master, Trinidad, S. Sttlmts., 1915; ag. ch. just., St. Sttlmts., | Apr., 1908 ; ag. govt. analyst and prof. of chemisApr, to Dec., 1919; ch. judl, comsnr., F.M.S., try, Trinidad, on two occasions ; agric, chemist, Nov., 1920; ag. ch. just., 3. Sttlmts., Feb.-June, Fiji, Mar., 1914 ; ag. dist. comsnr., Kadavu, July. 1921.

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(stip. cond.) prizeman in German and French ; WOOLLEY, HOWARD MARK.--B. 1879; apptd., called to the bar, Middle Temple, 1885; holder after open compet. exam., to G.P.O., London, of two ist scholarships of 100 guineas and 50 and served in different depts. ; asst. postmr. gen., guineas respectively, and a 2nd scholarship of 50 N. Nigeria, 22nd Apr., 1905; deputy P.M.G., 1st guineas at the Middle Temple ; prizeman of coun. Apr., 1908; P.M.G., 31st Oct., 1910.

of legal educn.; ch. just., Seychelles, 13th May, WORSLEY, RALPH MARCUS MEABURN, B.A. 1905 ; admstd. govt., May to Nov., 1907; stip. Oxon.-B. 1887 ; cadet, Ceylon civ. ser., 12th mag., Trinidad, 1909; 2nd puisne judge, 1913 ; Nov., 1910; attached to Colombo Kachcheri, author of “ Wright's Law of Principal and Agent Dec., 1910 ; attached to col. sec.'s office, Aug.. 1st edit., 1893, 2nd edit., 1901 ; and the 2nd edit. 1911; extra office asst. to govt. agt., W. Prov., of “ Saunders on Negligence”; author of a transOct., 1911; asst. land settmt. offr., Jan., 1912 ;lation with notes of the French Civil Code, office asst. to govt. agt., Central Prov., July, 1914; 1908. asst. censor, Dec., 1914; on military duty, Feb., WRIGHT, H. PELLEW.--Served in S. Africa 1915; ag. asst. govt. agt., Mullaittivu, Nov., 1919; war in I.Y. and S.A.C., 1899-1902 (Queen's medal asst. govt. agt., Trincomalec, Sept., 1921.

and 3 clasps, King's medal and 2 clasps); stafi WORTHINGTON, ARTHUR FURLEY.-B.1874; offr. to 0.c., Riet River div., O.R.C.; dist. ed, at Tonbridge and Sidney Sussex Coll., Camb.; comsnr., Edenburg and other districts, O.R.C.. B.A., 1896; M.A., 1910; cadet, Perak, Nov., 1903-1908 : asst. dist. comenr., Uganda Prot., 1897 ; passed cadet, Feb., 1900; ag. asst. dist. | 15th Oct., 1908; dist. comsnr., June, 1914; offr., Kuala Lipis, June, 1900: asst. dist. offr., recd. Royal Humane Society's medal for saving Kuala Pilah, Feb., 1902 ; offr., cls. VI., Jan., life. 1903; ag. ch. asst. dist, offr., Kinta, June, 1905; WRIGHT, HERBERT ARTHUR. B. 1882; offr., cls. V., Sept., 1904 ; offr., cls. IV., Nov., instr., govt. technical schl., Accra, G. Coast, 1908; offtg. dist. offr., Kuantan, Aug., 1910; 10th Apr., 1909; principal, ditto, 28th Sept. offr., cls. III., Jan., 1912; dist.offr., Kuala Lipis, 1911; attached to Togoland field force, 16th July, 1917, Lower Perak, Feb., 1919; offr., cls. Aug. to 8th Sept., 1914; in joint charge of detenII., Jan., 1919; ag. Br. adviser, Kelantan, Mar., tion camp for German prisoners of war, 8th Dec, 1920; offg. dist. offr., Ulu Selangor, Jan. to June, 1914 to 13th Jan., 1915; asst. censor, 2nd Oct, 1921; Br. adviser, Kelantan, July, 1921 ; ag. 1914 to 2nd Feb., 1915, and 2nd Oct., 1915 tu dist, offr., Larut, Mar.-Aug., 1922.

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clk., succession duties dept., 1891 ; pub. trustee | comdt., mil. pol., Kyrenia, Aug., 1878; asst. and curator of convicts' estates, 1903.

comsnr., Paphos, Nov., 1878; comsnr., Paphos, WROUGHTON, JOHN HENRY. - B. 1877 ; Sept., 1879; ditto, Famagusta, Jan., 1882 ; dir. of med, offr., Basutoland, 1908.,

survey and prin, forest offr., 1892; mem. legis. WUPPERMAN, RUDOLF CARL, M.B., Ch.B.,


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Schl. and Edin. Univ.; called to the bar (Scotland), YATES, GEO. W.-B. 1872; ed. London pub. 1 July, 1899; asst. crown advocate, E. Africa Prot., and high schls. ; ent. civ. serv. of Ont. as priv. 22nd June, 1906 ; asst. atty.-gen., 1913; res, mag., sec. to various mins. from Feb., 1899 to Oct., 1911; 1917. accompanied Hon. F. Cochrane, Ont, min. of lands, YOUNG, MAJOR HUBERT WINTHROP, C.M.G. forests and mines, to Ottawa on latter accepting (1923), D.S.O. (1918).-B. 1885 ; ed. Eton and R. portfolio of min. of rlys. and canals in Borden Mily. Acad., Woolwich ; comsnd., R. Garrison govt. ; cont. priv. sec., min, of rlys. and canals Arty, 1904; Indian Army, 1908; capt., 1913; major, until formation of union govt., 1917, when 1919; asst. censor, Army headqrs., Simla, July, became ch. priv, sec. to Sir Robt. Borden ; asst. | 1911 to Feb., 1915 ; N.W. Frontier, Feb.-Dec., dep. min. of rlys, and canals, 1920.

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civil serv., Can., Feb., 1860; clk, 01 routine and YOULL, JOSEPH.-Seconded from Impl. serv. 'proceedings of the senate and clk. of stationery, to B. E. Africa and Uganda Prots. as 1st grade i2th May, 1890; dep. clk, of the sen, and first dist. survr., 1st Jan., 1913 to 17th Dec., 1915 ; , clk, asst., 1914. seconded to G. Coast, 31st May, 1916; offr.in | YOUNG, MARK AITCHISON.-B. 1886; ed. charge, post and telegraph dept., Togoland, 22nd Eton and King's Coll., Camb. (B.A.); cadet, May, 1918 to 23rd Jan., 1919, and from 12th Aug., | Ceylon civ, ser., Nov., 1909; off. asst. to govt. 1919,

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* $ 1. Classification. 1. The British Colonies and Protectorates may be classified as follows : I. The self-governing Dominions which fall constitutionally into two groups :

(i) Dominion of Canada, Dominion of New Zealand, Union of South Africa, Newfoundland. (ii) The Australian Commonwealth and its six component States :-New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania. (The Northern Territory

and Papua are administered by the Commonwealth.) II. Malta, which possesses responsible government as regards its internal affairs. In matters of Imperial concern, laws are enacted by the Governor, the administration is carried on by him with the advice of a Nominated Council of Officials and subject to the control of the Secretary of State, and the Crown has also the power of legislating by Order in Council.

III. Colonies not possessing responsible government, in which the administration is carried on by public officers under the control of the Secretary of State for the Colonies, and Protectorates similarly controlled.

(i) Colonies possessing an elected House of Assembly and a nominated Legislative Council :-
1 Barbados,

1 Bermuda. (ii) Colonies possessing a partly elected Legislative Council, the constitution of which does not provide for an official majority :British Guiana.


1 Cyprus. (ii) Colonies possessing a partly elected Legislative Council, the constitution of which provides for an official majority : Fiji, Kenya,


Leeward Islands,
The Legislative Council of Kenya has power to legislate for the Kenya Protectorate.
(iv) Colonies and Protectorates possessing a Legislative Council nominated by the Crown :-
British Honduras,
Hong Kong,

Sierra Leone,
Falkland Islands,

Nyasaland Protectorate, The Colony of Nigeria,
St. Lucia,

Straits Settlements,
Gold Coast,
St. Vincent,


Uganda Protectorate, In all the above Councils, except British Honduras, the constitution provides for an official majority,

The Legislative Councils of Gambia and Sierra Leone, have power to legislate for the following
Protectorates respectively :-

Gambia Protectorate, Sierra Leone Protectorate,
(v) Colonies and Protectorates without a Legislative Council :-
Northern Territories of


the Gold Coast,

Islands included under the
Bechuanaland Protec.
St. Helena,

Western Pacific High
Gibraltar, (torate, Somaliland,

Protectorate of Nigeria,

Swaziland. In all these Colonies and Protectorates, except Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, British Honduras, and the Leeward Islands, the Crown has the power of legislating by Order in Council.

The territories in South Africa which are under the control of the British South Africa Company are not included in the above classification.

§ 2. The Governor. 2. In the case of Colonies, the officer appointed by the Crown to administer the Government is styled either:

Governor-General and Commander-in-Chief,
Governor and Commander-in-Chief, or
Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief.


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In the case of Protectorates, the officer appointed by the Crown to administer the Government is styled either :


bem Governor and Commander-in-Chief,

HE High Commissioner and Commander-in-Chief,

legn= High Commissioner,

Commissioner and Commander-in-Chief, or

In these regulations the term “the Governor” includes all officers appointed to administer
Governments, however styled.

3. The officer so appointed receives a Commission under the Royal Sign Manual and Signet, and, if
through death or absence or otherwise he should become incapable of acting, the government
devolves on such officer or person as may have been designated for that purpose in the Letters Patent

TAD OF constituting the office.

4. The Governor is the single and supreme authority responsible to, and representative of, His Majesty. He is, by virtue of his Commission and the Letters Patent constituting his office, entitled to the obedience, aid and assistance of all military and civil officers; but although bearing the title of captain-general or coinmander-in-chief and although he may be a military officer, senior in rank to the officer commanding the troops, he is not, except on special appointment from His Majesty, invested with the command of His Majesty's regular forces in the Colony. He is, therefore, not entitled to receive the allowances annexed to that command or to take the immediate direction of any military operations, or, except in cases of urgent necessity, to communicate officially with subordinate military officers without the concurrence of the officer in command of the forces, to whom any such exceptional communication must be immediately notified.

5. The Governor, as the King's representative, will give the “word " (parole) in all places within his government.

6. The officer commanding the troops will render to the Governor such returns as he may require relating to the strength and condition of the troops, or to the military defences of КЕ the Colony. 7. On the receipt of the Army (Annual) Act, the officer commanding the troops will communicate

11 to the Governor the General Orders in which it may be promulgated.

8. Where several Colonies are comprised in one military command, the officer in command of the whole may transfer troops from one Colony to another on the application of the Governor of the Colony to which the troops are to be sent. This application should, when practicable, contain the written expression of opinion of the military officer, if any, there in command ; but the officer in command must in all cases consult with the Governor of the Colony from which the troops are sent, and will incur a special responsibility if he sends them away without the Governor's consent, except under special instructions from home.

9. For the purposes of Regulations 4 to 8 Colonies comprised under one goverument-in-chief are to be regarded as a single Colony.

10. The Governor has no authority over the movements of His Majesty's ships, and is not entitled to issue orders to officers of the Royal Navy. But, it being a general obligation on all His Majesty's civil and military officers to afford mutual assistance to each other in cases affecting the King's service, the Commander-in-chief of a station or the senior officer present at a port is instructed in the King's Regulations for the Navy to pay due regard to such requisitions as he may receive from the Governor having for their object the protection of His Majesty's possessions, the benefit of the trade of his subjects or the general good of his service.

11. In urgent cases, when the requisitions may conflict with the instructions from the superior naval authority under which he is acting and when reference by telegraph or otherwise to such superior authority is impracticable, a naval officer instructed to consider the relative importance and urgency of the required service as compared with his instructions, whether general or special: and he is to decide as in his judgment may seem best for His Majesty's service. In so doing he is instructed to bear in mind the grave responsibility that would rest on him if the circumstances were not such as to fully warrant the postponement of the instructions from his naval superior to the more pressing requisition from the Governor.

12. In cases where high political considerations demand the decision of His Majesty's Government in respect of the action to be taken, the Governor should communicate his opinion that the presence of one of His Majesty's ships is necessary direct to the Secretary of State, instead of direct to the commanding officer of His Majesty's ship, unless the lives and property of British subjects are in such imminent peril as to demand immediate action.

13. The powers of every officer appointed to administer the government of a Colony or Protectorate are conferred, and his duties are defined, by His Majesty's Commission and the Instructions with which he is furnished. The following is a general outline of the nature of his powers and duties, subject to the special laws of each Colony :

He is empowered to grant a pardon or respite to any criminal convicted in the colonial Courts of Justice and to remit any fines, penalties or forfeitures which may accrue to the King. It is his duty to transmit to the Secretary of State by the earliest opportunity a report on each case in which, after sentence of death, a pardon is granted or the capital sentence is remitted.

The moneys to be expended for the public service are issued under his warrant.

He has the power, in the King's name, of issuing writs for the election of Representative
Assemblies and Councils, and of convoking, proroguing and dissolving legislative bodies.

He appoints, suspends and dismisses public servants in the Colony.

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