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schools, and the public; and the the society that the Church of Enwhole is excellently conducted un- gland, from its adherence to the der the superintendence of Principal apostolic institution of Episcopacy, Mill. To this establishment are is gradually acquiring great influence attached, the schools at Hourah, with the Christians of different oriRussapugly, and Cossipore, which ental stocks, the Greek, the Syrian, exhibit one of the most pleasing and the Armenian. His lordship specimens of native education to be has endeavoured to further this defound in India; and which are su- sirable intercourse by corresponding perintended by missionaries recently with the Syrian Bishop, and by disarrived in India, and pursuing their posing of small proportions of the studies at the college. The oppor- society's vote of credit in presents tunity thus afforded for systematic to Armenian and Syrian clergymen; instruction under excellent teachers, and a youth of the latter race is now coupled with the means of acquiring under education in Bishop's Colan intimate acquaintance with the lege. The society trusts that an natives, is superior to any thing of effectual opening may be obtained a similar description hitherto enjoy for the conveyance of its aid to the ed in India. Four missionaries are schools in Travancore; and it has already attached to the establish- promised to confirm the grants for ment; and it is understood that the that purpose which may be recomSociety for the Propagation of the mended by the Bishop of Calcutta Gospel in Foreign Parts is prepar- and the Madras committee. ing to send European Missionaries The native schools in Ceylon are to Madras, and likewise to Bombay, supported, for the most part, by the as soon as persons properly quali- local government; and the Bishop fied can be procured.

of Calcutta has suggested a plan by The Report next states what has which they may be placed upon the been effected in the department most efficient footing, and prove a which will occupy for the future the beneficial example to the rest of Society's principal attention in the India. The society has testified East, the establishment of Native its readiness to assist in the good Schools. The special fund formed work, by granting five hundred for that purpose amounts to about pounds to its committee at Ceylon. eight thousand pounds. Liberal An institution for the specific purcontributions have been received ; pose of educating teachers, who but the circumstances of the times might afterwards become catechists, have retarded the progress of the and in some cases be admitted into subscription. The society has Holy Orders, having been strongly gladly authorised the Calcutta recommended by the Bishop of Cal. Committee to make grants, with cutta, the society assured his lordthe consent of the Bishop, to such ship of its readiness to act accord. schools as may appear most in need ing to his advice to the full extent and most deserving of their assist- of its means. ance. Similar grants have likewise The society has appropriated been made to the Madras commit- nearly three thousand pounds out tee, who have transmitted by their of the Native School Fund, to the late secretary, Mr. Clarke, a very various purposes which have been full and gratifying account of their enumerated; and has made itself proceedings. The completion of responsible to a much larger amount the new church at Vepery, and the towards promoting the education of excellent condition of the native the people of Hindostan. Every schools at that station, are describ. fresh arrival from the East, it is stated, ed in the most satisfactory terms.- furnishes accumulated evidence to The Bishop of Calcutta has informed prove that education, and education alone, can overcome the prejudices during the afternoon in needle-work. of the heathen, and prepare the way Besides the model schools at Bridge for the reception of Christianity. Town, the Bishop of Barbados has

In the diocese of Jamaica a new adopted a plan for the general incommittee has been established at struction of the Black population Honduras ; and the Society has the throughout his diocese. He proposes happiness of being assured, both by to appoint catechists in every pathe Bishop of Jamaica, and the Se- rish, whose especial duty it will be to cretaries of the Jamaica Committee, instruct the slaves, under the directhat religious education and instruc- tion of the clergy, and with the pertion are decidedly gaining ground. mission of their respective masters. In a letter recently received, the The society considers that the great Bishop acquaints the society, that work of promoting Christian Knowhe has consecrated the first chapel ledge in the West Indies has been which has been erected since his auspiciously commenced, and trusts appointment; and that he is happy that its future progress will be acin the expectation of being frequent- celerated rather than retarded. ly called upon to exercise this pleas- In conclusion, the society, with ing part of his office. The entire gratitude to Almighty God, for the sum of five hundred pounds, placed support which has been vouchsafed by the society at his lordship's dis- to its humble efforts in promoting posal, has been appropriated to the the knowledge of his truth, prays for purposes of education.

a continuance of the Divine blessThe presence of the Bishop of ing, which can alone crown its laBarbados in this country enabled bours with success. the society to procure much infor- Prefixed to the Report is a truly mation respecting his lordship’s excellent and impressive discourse, plans and proceedings. At the delivered before the society, by the Bishop's suggestion, the society un. Bishop of Llandaff, Dr.C.R. Sumner. dertook to print editions of the Na- His lordship alludes as follows to tional School Books, and of the Ca- the auspicious extension of Christian techism, in French and Spanish, for Missions, and the success with which the use of the islands in which those it has pleased God to prosper them: languages are spoken by the Negroes; “ It is one of the most encourage and an ample supply of these and ing features of the present times, other works has been forwarded considered relatively to religion, that to the West Indies. The Society the eternal interests of that great learned with satisfaction, that in ad- portion of the human race on whom dition to the schools previously ex- the Sun of Righteousness has not isting in Bridge Town, of which se- yet risen, are no longer wantonly veral were in a good condition, his disregarded by the professors of relordship had established four cha- velation. To provide a remedy for rity schools in that place for the their • lack of knowledge,' so far as free Blacks and the Slave population. human zeal or mortal agents can The national system was adopted, provide it, begins to be recognized and the children were taught to read as a national duty; and those holy the Bible and say the catechism. associations which are engaged in Parents and proprietors, it is stated, the dissemination of the word of have willingly sent their children to God, in the encouragement of mis. these institutions; and when the last sionary exertion, in the diffusion of accounts came away, a hundred girls religious truth, whether by oral or were to be seen in one of the schools, written means, are all actively comneat and orderly, and employed bating the indolence and indifferduring the morning in reading and ence of worldly feelings, and creatreceiving religious instruction; and ing a care for the souls of others by teaching men first to know the value these things. If profession be not of their own. May He whose pro- religion, how few are they that shall mise it is to prosper the increase, be saved! How little is Christ's give an abundant harvest to the flock, even upon the most charitable labourers in his spiritual vineyard. allowance that we can make, and May His knowledge cover the earth after the fairest interpretation which as the waters cover the sea. May can be put on the opinions and He hasten the number of his elect, practices of Christians, so called ! so that his glorious kingdom may If profession be not religion, how be established in power, and that few of those who swell the number happy time arrive, in expectation of of worshippers in the courts of the which the whole creation groaneth Lord's house here below, and join and travaileth together,' when all with their lips in the accents of the kingdoms of the earth shall be prayer and praise,--undistinguished come the kingdoms of God, and of from the humble and penitent behis Christ.

liever in Jesus, save by the same “ That the blessing of God has God who rejected the offering of already rested in a great degree on Cain and accepted that of Abel, or those who are thus doing the work who turned from the formal Phariof Evangelists, may be asserted sce in the temple, to listen to the without fear of contradiction. It prayer of the poor publican,--will may be urged, indeed, that the stand hereafter, when every veil numerical proportion of those who shall be torn away, and every inhave heard and believed their re- most thought discovered, with the port is small. But let their success company of saints who are before the be estimated, as in fairness it ought, throne of God for ever, and serve not by the number of those who re. him day and night, and sing the main deaf to the ministry of recon- new song, in the presence of the ciliation, and who refuse to hear Lamb, to his glory and honour ! the voice of the charmer, charm he “ This, in truth, is a fearful mode never so wisely, but by the faithful- of calculating the reality of our repess of those few whose hearts the ligion. But when Christianity has Lord has opened. The object is become, as it were, a geographical to convert, not to a nominal, but to distinction, and the world is divided a real faith. Profession is not re- into the Christian world, and the ligion. The Apostle asks How heathen world, it becomes us to ask shall they call on him in whom they ourselves on which side we stand, have not believed ? Faith in the not according to that nominal line Object of adoration must precede of demarcation, which has been the act of adoration. It is as the adopted in the common language of root, supporting the whole tree; or mankind as a convenient and sufas the reasoning soul, informing and ficiently significant distinction, but dignifying the whole body." according to that plain and marked

His lordship shews the difficulty character which separates the man of missionary labours, according to of God from the man of the world; this only true estimate-the low the follower of Christ from the folstandard of religion among professed lower of the idols of pleasure, or Christians.

power, or riches, or passion, whether “ When, however, we try by this outwardly a member of a Christian test the real character of that re- or a heathen community. It was ligious worship which is paid to God, far otherwise when men were called even in a Christian land, there is Christians first in Antioch, The much that will grieve, much that name of Christian then was distincwill alarm, and much that will ren- tive of religion, not of country. It der watchful the serious observer of marked the bearer to be one of CHRIST. OBSERV. App.


those that called upon the name of of perishing for lack of knowledge, the Lord in the true sense intended without stretching out a hand to by the Apostle.' It indicated not his save him. profession, but his principle. It “ To save him is to make him separated him at once, as one of a know and feel effectually the lead. peculiar people, from those that ing doctrines of the Gospel. Let knew not God and the power of his his moral inability to please God, salvation. But now that the state without the assistance of Divide of things is different, it behoves us grace, be placed before his eyes, to examine ourselves, whether we and the truth of the statements of be in the faith, by a surer test than Scripture on this point corroborated that of a name. When decency, or to his understanding by a practical formality, or policy, or expediency, appeal to his own interval consciousor custom, are all in turn often mis. ness of sin. Let it be farther en taken for religion by those who are forced by an honest exposure of that indiscriminately comprehended un- prevalence of evil by which, even der the generic title of Christian, from the very cradle of infancy, we must enter into secret commu. "the carnal mind shews itself to be nion with ourselves and with the at enmity with God.' His judgment Father of spirits; and in the postu having been thus convinced of his of prayer, and with a hearty desire fallen state, and his conscience to know what manner of men we awakened to a sense of his danger, really are, we must ask of God let him hear those comforting words whether he will acknowledge us for which have so often allayed the fears his own, and whether we are indeed of sinners, and converted their deone with Christ, and Christ with us. spair into gratitude and joy. Being

“ If then such watchfulness be justified by faith, we have peace necessary even for the dwellers in a with God, through our Lord Jesus Christian land, and they are not all Christ. God hath not appointed us Israel which are of Israel,' we shall to wrath, but to obtain salvation by be little justified in questioning the our Lord Jesus Christ,' who died for wisdom or the will of God respecto us. And, when his heart is melted ing the promulgation of the Gospel and softened by this knowledge of the elsewhere, because it seems to make Father's love, and of bis Saviour's slow advances, as men count slow- condescension, let the favourable ness. Rather shall we thankfully moment be improved ; let him be adore the goodness of God, in that reminded that the new nature which he has raised up some monuments has been infused into him is a gift of mercy among those who sit in bestowed by God for a special pur. darkness and in the shadow of pose, for we are his workmanship, death; and has not left himself created in Christ Jesus unto good without witness even among the works.' Let him be besought by moral deserts of a superstitious or a the mercies of God,'—an argument heathen land."

to which a sense of his late helpless His lordship states as follows the condition will give a peculiar force manner in which the Gospel must-to - present his body a living be preached, whether to the heathen sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, or the merely nominal Christian at which is his reasonable service.' home, and of its effects upon those Finally, let his newly acquirad who rightly receive it.

powers be contrasted with his “We are verily ‘guilty,' in a moral former weakness; his present knowsense, of the blood of our brother,' ledge with his recent ignorance. if we decline fulfilling our relative Whereas before he could do no good duties as members of a Christian thing, now he can do all things community, and see him in danger through Christ that strengtheneth him.? Whereas before his guiltiness of his condition. He acknowledges in the sight of God, and his inca- with thankfulness the sufficiency of pacity of enjoying the Divine favour the sacrifice once offered, and is were either not known or not de- comforted with the assurance that plored, it is now his heart's desire the Lamb which was slain was wori that he may be filled with the thy to atone, not only in a general knowledge of his will, in all wisdom sense for the sins of the world, but and spiritual understanding.' Where- that he died a personal sacrifice for as before he saw as through a glass each believer, a peace-offering in darkly,' the prejudices of unbelief his own individual stead. His affecand the vanities of worldliness are tions are thus concentrated on his now gradually swept from before his Saviour in a closer and more intieyes, and Jesus, the author and mate manner, and he is bound in finisher of his faith, is opened to his the willing bond of a ransomed and view as the sole remedy for the evil adopted son in the Lord.”

SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL. The several posts which the so- ceding year, placed the ecclesiastical ciety now occupies are, the diocese concerns of that diocese under a of Nova Scotia, including the three more favourable aspect than it had missionary stations of Newfound- enjoyed for a considerable length of land, Nova Scotia, and New Bruns- time. Upon his lordship’s strong reprewick; the diocese of Quebec; the sentation of the urgent necessities of diocese of Calcutta ; and the So- King's College, Nova Scotia, a grant ciety's Plantations in Barbados.- was made by the society in favour From the last Report of the Society of that establishment, of 5001., to be we shall endeavour to detach some continued only until provision for its of the most interesting notices rela- more suitable maintenance be made, tive to the two North-American either by his Majesty's government dioceses ; reserving to our Number or the local legislature. In consefor next January, the diocese of quence of this enlargement of the Calcutta and the operations in Bar college resources, the Bishop has enbados. We cannot give so succinct tered into engagements with two an account as we could wish of young men, highly recommended the matters detailed, from the un- from the English universities, for the satisfactory and rambling manner in situations of Professor of mathemawhich the volume is drawn up; for tics and natural philosophy, and a volume it is, and of nearly four Tutor. During the vacations of hundred pages, though the actual the college, these clergymen will be proceedings of the society for the employed in visiting the settlements year might be condensed into a few in the neighbourhood of Windsor. leaves. We have so often alluded Four archdeaconries have been to the manner in which the Report formed within the diocese; a meais both drawn up and printed, that sure highly requisite for the good we are grieved to be again obliged government of the church, in counto complain on the subject; but tries removed from the superintencomplain we must continue to dance of the episcopal head either do till the offence is diminished. by large tracts of uncultivated land, But we forbear for the present, or by many hundred miles of navias we may have occasion further to gation. notice the subject in our January

Newfoundland. Number.

The religious state of this island DIOCESE OF NOVA SCOTIA. is reported to be in a progressive state The consecration of the Right of improvement. Considerable proReverend John Inglis, D.D., to the gress has been made in the educasee of Nova Scotia during the pre- tion of the lower orders, notwith

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