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“ Power had I o'er this treacherous bull,

Revenge I'd take complete and full,--
Tearing his horns with fiercest pull,

Though once so dear.

Wicked, I left


father's home! Why sank I not ’midst ocean's foam ? Grant, gods! that naked I may roam

'Mongst ravenous beasts,

“ Rather than fall by slow decay,

And by consumption waste away!
Let tigers on my beauty prey,

And make dire feasts!

“ Base child !' exclaims, with anger fraught,

My absent sire; to die take thought:* Thy neck (by girdle aptly brought,)

Hang from yon ash:

“ . Or, if high rocks, acute and steep,

Delight thee more, then take the leap!
If thou wouldst not, o'er-labour'd, weep

'Neath slavery's lash.

"''Twere sad, indeed, that child of mine

Became barbarian's concubine!
Here Venus, with her smiles divine,

And Cupid came :

And when the maid was re-assured, Though here,” cried Venus, “ thou wert lured,

Cùm tibi invisus laceranda reddet

Cornua taurus.

Uxor invicti Jovis esse nescis?
Mitte singultus : bene ferre magnam
Disce fortunam : tua sectus orbis

Nomina ducet.

Be cheer'd; thy fate may be endur'd,

For, know thy fame;

“ Thou art the wife of mightiest Jove!

Weep not, thou object of his love!
Part of the world on which men move

Shall bear thy name.”

i Europe.




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