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Brought forward £12 7 10

One tenement in the same parish, in the occupa

tion of the widow of Nicholas Wedouz

One tenement in Trynitie Lane, in London, in the occupation of Jacob Chastleyn

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Total income of this Chauntry £. 16 1 2

The Chauntry of St. Nicholas.

The other chauntry in this church, dedicated to St. Nicholas, was founded for the repose of the soul of John Stafford, Bishop of Bath and Wells, and that of William Oliver, Vicar of Croydon, before the year 1443.

The presentation of the incumbent seems to have been continued in the family of the Weldens or Waldens, who appear by their several presentations to have been the true Patrons.

It is reasonable to believe that this chauntry was founded, as we have said, before the year 1443, because John Stafford, Bishop of Bath and Wells, was in that year translated to the see of Canterbury, notwithstanding which, it is always said to have been founded for the repose of the soul of John Stafford, Bishop of Bath and Wells.

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The names of the incumbents will be found in the appendix. We give the best account we can find of its endowments.

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One messuage with its appurtenances in the occu-
pation of Thomas More

One inn called le Crown, with four acres of land
and nine swathes of meadow, and a garden 400
One messuage, with its appurtenances in Chol-

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One messuage, with its appurtenances in the occupation of John Pratt

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A tenement, with seven acres of land, in the occupation of Robert Ingram

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A tenement, with its appurtenances in the occupation of John Fisher

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One messuage, with a garden, in the occupation

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One tenement, with its appurtenances, in the occupation of William Milles, Gent..

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One close, in the occupation of John Fisher
One tenement called le Brodgate, with its appur-
tenances in the occupation of John Lane 100
One tenement, with its appurtenances in the oc-
cupation of John Crown

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One shop in the fish Market, in the occupation of Robert Wrythesley

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Ellys Davy's Alms House.

THE founder of this Alms-house was a citizen and mercer of London, who having obtained the letters patent of King Henry VI. bearing date the 25th December, in the twenty-third year of his reign, also letters patent (as they are called in the statutes of this foundation) from Archbishop Stafford, dated Feb. 17, 1443, together with letters (as they are also called in the statutes) from the abbot and convent of St. Saviour's, Bermondesey (who were thought to have an interest here), dated in their chapterhouse, Dec. 20, 1445, did here found this almshouse on the 27th. of April, 1447, and called it Elly's Davy's alms-house.

It was intended by the founder for the support of seven poor people, men and women; of the former of whom he named one tutor, or master, who was to preside over the rest. The poor of this alms-house must be persons who have lived seven years as householders in Croydon, if any such there be, or in adjacent villages within four miles. He appointed the

vicar, churchwardens, and four of the most worthy householders and parishioners of Croydon, and their successors, to be governors, and made the master and wardens of the mercer's company of London, for the time being, overseers of his alms-house.

This house was endowed by the founder with £18. per annum, with some cottages situated near it; the rent of which cottages was to be applied to the expense of its repairs; out of this income the tutor was to receive 12d. and the poor people 10d. each week for their maintenance. This alms-house was rebuilt between thirty and forty years ago.


Whitgift's Hospital.

WE come now to an institution which while it confers honour and distinction upon the town of Croydon, exhibits a venerable testimony of individual piety and munificence.

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