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MAY 4, 1912

LYMAN ABBOTT, Editor-in-Chief


Contributing Editor

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In the political cam- replied that it was not compatible with the The Political Campaign The Delegates

paign last week l'res- public interest to transmit them. On Wed

ident Taft added to nesday of last week a resolution was introhis list ten delegates from Rhode Island, eight duced by a Democratic Senator calling once from New Hampshire, and the four delegates more for the papers.

The resolution was at large from Iowa. The final result in Iowa adopted by the Senate at two o'clock, and at gives Mr. Taft sixteen delegates, and Senator four o'clock the documents were transmitted Cummins, the State's - favorite son,” ten to the Senate by the Department of Justice. delegates. The Cummins delegates are of The documents included photographic copies course Progressives, and will probably be of various letters, which obviously there had found at the Convention on the Roosevelt been no time to prepare after the passage of side. New Hampshire is the first State with the resolution. The action of the Adminisa Presidential preference primary in which tration in replying to the resolution of the Mr. Taft has not been overwhelmingly de- Senate at this moment, when the Massachufeated. The Roosevelt forces in Missouri, setts primaries were only six days away and after an exciting contest, succeeded in con- when the Taft cause had suffered seriously trolling the State convention and in having the from the result of the primaries in Illinois, delegates at large instructed for Mr. Roose- Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and Oregon, was, velt. As a concession to the Taft forces, to say the least, nimble.

The papers sent eight delegates at large, four from each side, to the Senate included letter from were selected, each to have half a vote at the the Commissioner of Corporations, Mr. National Convention, but all of them are Herbert Knox Smith, to Mr. Roosevelt in bound by explicit instructions to vote for 1907, and a letter from President Roosevelt Mr. Roosevelt. In Kansas a sufficient num- to his Attorney-General, Mr. Bonaparte, ber of delegates to the State convention written a little earlier. President Roosevelt's have already been elected to give the Roose- letter informed the Attorney-General that, velt forces control of that body. They will according to the statements of Mr. George therefore be enabled to name four delegates W. Perkins, the Harvester Company had at large, and will probably have eighteen out repeatedly, of its own initiative, asked that of the twenty delegates throughout the State. its business be investigated by the Commis

sioner of Corporations; that the Company

had promised to rectify certain practices The incident of the complained of by the Inter-State Commerce Mr. Roosevelt and the Harvester Trust

week in the campaign, Commission, and to see that nothing con

aside from the speeches trary to the rulings of the Commission was of President Taft and Mr. Roosevelt in Massa- again done; that the Company declared chusetts, which are reviewed fully elsewhere itself ready to rectify any illegal action which in this issue, was the airing in the Senate of should be pointed out to it; and that it sundry papers concerning the relations of the requested, therefore, that no suit should be previous Administration with the Harvester instituted against it until the investigation, Trust, and Mr. Roosevelt's comment upon then being made at the direction of the Senthem. Once before during the past few ate by the Commissioner of Corporations, months has the Senate by resolution asked should be carried to completion. · President the Administration for the papers in relation Roosevelt's letter closed as follows : :“ Will to the Harvester Trust, but the President then you see Mr. Perkins and Commissioner Smith,

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