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At a Meeting of the SURTEES Society, held in Durham Castle, on Tuesday, June 3rd, 1902, the DEAN OF DURHAM in the chair,

It was resolved,

That the Rites of Durham, now being edited by the Rev. CANON FOWLER, be the second volume for the

present year.

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In preparing the following pages for the press, seven Manuscripts have been used, two as forming the text, and five as affording various readings.

1. MS. Cosin.-A Manuscript upon paper, of the quarto size, marked B. II. ii, in the Episcopal Library of Durham founded by Bishop Cosin, and containing, 1. An Exposition of the Catechism. 2. Hegg's Legend of St. Cuthbert, to which are prefixed lists of the bishops of Hexham, Candida Casa, Lindisfarne, Chester-le-Street, and Durham to 1660. 3. “This booke doth conteine a discription or briefe declaratio of all the ancient Monuments Rites and Customes, belonginge or beinge wthin the Monasticall Church of Durham before the suppression written 1593 ”; and, 4. “An act for â publike thanksgiuinge to allmightie God euerye yeare on the fift of nouember. Anno Jacobi Regis tertio.” The book is in the same hand from beginning to end, and the period of its compilation is proved by the last article of its contents to be subsequent to the year 1606. It was probably written about the year 1620, or 1630, but certainly before the Great Rebellion. The title of the Legend of St. Cuthbert, “The History of The Church of Durham, written by Stephen Hegg,” is inscribed by Bishop Cosin in the more distinct hand of his earlier life, indicating that the volume belonged to him before his elevation to the See of Durham. Moreover, in the list of the bishops of Durham, “Tho. Moorton, 1632," is in the first hand, while " John Cosin, 1660,” is a later addition. In the absence of any earlier authority, this Manuscript constitutes the text of our pages to p. 23, with additions and various readings from the other sources hereafter specified.

* This preface is the former one of 1844, with some adaptations and additions.

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II. A manuscript Roll, sixty-seven feet in length, and six inches in breadth, of which the writing occupies five inches and a quarter, and consisting of sixty-five pieces of paper stitched together with thread, belonging to Thomas Jefferson Hogg and John Hogg of Norton, in the county of Durham, Esqrs., who very obligingly permitted the Society to make use of it for the earlier edition of this publication. Their present representative has extended the same favour to us now. This Roll is written in a bold hand, at a period certainly not much later than the date which the compilation itself in the Cosin MS. purports to bear, the year 1593. The following memoranda occur at some of the joinings of the sheets in dorso, indicating probably that it was copied by more scribes than one, of whom these may be the names : -" Mr. Iles, following the 20 pt”; “ 3rd pt of the 2nd pt, following Mr. Iles

" ; “ John Wright," " Thomas Wright,” “Brien Iles his 5te pte.” Of these persons no record has been found. It is much to be regretted that this Roll does not contain the whole of the original compilation.

It commences only with the battle of Neville's Cross ; but, as it is manifestly of higher date and authority than the Cosin MS., the latter is after p. 23 rejected as the basis of our text, and is afterwards only used for subsidiary purposes : the Roll, from the page referred to, to the end of the book, is our chief authority. It was used by Hutchinson.-See his Durham, II, 63n.

III. MS. Hunter, No. 45, upon paper, in quarto. This is a book of a very miscellaneous nature. to have belonged originally to persons of the names of Gabriel Archer and John Archer of Malton, as a school book, and from them to have passed into the hands of Theophilus Brathwaite, who, as he himself says in a pedigree of the family of Radclyffe of Threshfield, in the

It appears

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