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ascend into heaven! Hark to their halleluias! Gaze on their brightening splendours as they rise ! The reason now is clear. The door is shut, and these stand without! The banquet is full, and these are not bidden! The harvest is past, and these are not saved ! Many helped to build the Ark, whose weltering corses were scattered in its wake. Many contributed to the services of the Tabernacle, who as lepers were thrust from the camp, or as transgressors were stoned beyond the gate. Many toiled to build the Temple, who never sacrificed at its altar, nor bowed to its God. Baalam predicted a kingdom, with which he felt no sympathy; and Caiaphas foretold an atonement, in which his very enmity thirsted for its revenge.

Hindoos, Boschimen, Cherokees, Esquimaux, Calmucks, Feejeeans, receive the grace of God, -converts hasten from the east and west, from the north and south, and press into His kingdom, "and ye, when ye ,

have seen it, repented not afterward, that ye might believe.” The infatuation is unspeakable! It is for rebels to speed the chariot at whose wheels they shall be dragged! It is for prisoners to invoke the day of execution ! “ Woe unto you that desire the day of the Lord! to what end is it for you? the day of the Lord is darkness, and not light” !

There is a hell !-it admits of dread degrees, the sorer punishment,—the many stripes—the wrath unto the uttermost! Who must lie lowest, who suffer the most keenly, there? In comparison with whom, may idolaters find a higher region and a softer flame? All who have perished by the rejection of the

gospel! These will know an agony in which demons cannot share. Spirits in that prison will shrink from a retribution unlike their own. They will shun the sufferers of such a doom. They will fly the writhings of their woe and the paroxysms of their despair. They “ will stand afar off, for the fear of their torment”!

Reader! This is a message from God unto thee! Here are thine accountabilities! These are the duties to which thou art called! These are the honours with which thou mayest be invested! These are the victories with which thou canst be wreathed! What art thou doing for the salvation of the world? Didst thou ever cry mightily in prayer for it? Art thou suffering a single sacrifice made towards its advancement ? Is it in thy heart? Is it a daily thought? At its acceleration, does thy chief joy respond? Seek first,

? thine own salvation ! Make it sure ! Receive the Atonement ! Then raise it before the nations, “a great Altar to see to"! Be converted, be renewed ! Then exhibit this blessed Regeneration, by which thou art transformed in the renewing of thy mind, before all people, — like the Laver-Sea of the Temple, with its mysterious supporters turning every way, and its perimeter set to the circuit of the world!





SERMONS. Demy 8vo., Cloth Boards, Price 12s.

“ This Volume possesses the excellence of setting forth clearly and decidedly the peculiar truths of the gospel, as recognised by the standards of all the Protestant Churches. But this, though in our estimation their highest, is not all their praise. They are no common-place Sermons. They display a vigorous mind, and original manner both of thought and expression, well calculated to arrest attention to the important truths which they contain. Sermon VI, on the Atonement, we particularly admire, as giving a view of that subject at once profoundly philosophical and truly scriptural,” &c.—Presbyterian Review.

Very eloquent and impressive Sermons. They are particularly valuable for the views which they present of the person and work of Christ.” – Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine.

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NUGÆ LITERARIÆ. PROSE and VERSE. Demy 8vo., Cloth Boards, Price 12s. 6d.

“ These Essays are the products of a scholar,-a thinking and refined mind, just and rational perceptions, — a graceful imagination, study, and reflection...... The Volume deserves a place in every library where polite literature is cherished.”—Literary Gazette.

" Each one of the Essays in the Volume, and they are eleven in number, deserves a place among the first productions of the year, and would alone confer upon its writer a high literary reputation.”Eclectic Review.

“ Nugæ! Trifles! But greatly will they be mistaken who expect to find in this volume the diversion of idle hours! Here is nothing for sentimentalism, or voluptuous indolence. The mind must be braced, and all its powers called into exercise, ere these pages can be profitably studied; and then there will be a rich reward in the intellectual gratification which will be afforded. The very titles of the several papers will startle the indolent, but will quicken and sharpen the faculties of the studious. The perusal of the papers themselves will task even disciplined powers, and will lay under requisition the most enlarged information. Extensive and recondite research, profound speculation, elaborate disquisition, learned criticism, keen and witty satire, may all be found in these pages. Now, we have philosophy taking the range of the whole human race, and now adjusting some nice question of individual identity. Now, the grand outlines of universal history are boldly sketched, and presently we meet with the minute details of ancient games. Language is traced to its common origin, its idiomatic forms are unravelled, and its dialects are curiously explored, and made subsidiary to history and philosophy. Criticism ranges from Greece to Britain,—guaging the powers of Æschylus, luxuriating amid the creations of Shakspeare, dallying with the provincialisms of a district.”—Congregational Magazine.


THE LITTLE SANCTUARY. A Series of Domestic Prayers, for Morning and Evening, during Four Weeks: to which are added, Offices for Special Occasions. Demy 8vo., (Large Type,) Cloth Boards, Price 7s. 6d.

“ It is thoroughly evangelical in sentiment, devout in spirit, extensive in its range, and varied in its topics."Eclectic Review.

“ The Prayers contained in this volume are thoroughly orthodox in doctrine, and breathe throughout a spirit of pure and fervent devotion."—Wesleyan - Methodist Mayazine.

“Mr. Hamilton's volume has the high recommendation of being most appropriate. There is nothing circuitous, parenthetical, involved, or recondite, in these Offices of Devotion. The style is distinguished by simplicity and beauty, and is, moreover, rich in Scripture sentiment and quotation......... They are evangelical in the best sense of the word ......... All the offices of Christ,-all the doctrines of the gospel,—the regenerating influences of the Holy Spirit, and practical sanctification, are never lost sight of.”Congregational Magazine.

PASTORAL APPEALS; on Personal, Domestic, and Social Devotion. Second Edition. Demy 18mo., Price 2s. 6d. ; Foolscap 8vo., Price 4s.

“ Enforcing the duty of prayer on every class of his hearers, Mr. Hamilton has presented a rich train of evangelical reasoning; and unfolded the glowing sympathies of a pastor's heart.”-Baptist Magazine.

“ These Sermons are orthodox, eloquent, and pious."-Wesleyan-Alethodist Magazine.

“ The work before us is great in talent, sound in theology, and eminently useful in its tendency.”—Congregational Magazine.

OBLIGATIONS OF THE BRITISH CHURCHES TO FOREIGN INTERFERENCE. A Sermon before the London Missionary Society, 1825. Demy 8vo., Price 1s. 6d.

“ The Discourse itself is one of superlative merit; and we feel no hesitation in asserting, that a Sermon, more rich in sentiment, more original in argument, more powerful in impassioned appeal, and at times more vigorous and irresistible, both in reasoning and well-tempered sarcasm against the enemies of the cause of Missions, was never delivered on any preceding occasion, before the London Missionary Society." -Congregational Magazine.

“ It abounds in thoughts and language strongly tinctured with the sublime. Whether the preacher touches on historic fact, or appeals to legendary records, or borrows from the classic page, or courts the friendship of the Muses, or quotes from the Lively Oracles, he seems equally at home. The pervading sentiment of the Discourse is, moreover, purely Missionary.”—Evangelical Magazine.

BY THE REV. W. H. STOWELL, President of Rotherham College.

THE MISSIONARY CHURCH: Designed to show that the Spread of the Gospel is the proper Business of the Church as the Church. Foolscap 8vo., Cloth Boards, Price 38. 6d.

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