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Unconfirmed, raw, new to the world's ways.
Under generation, the people at the antipodes.
Uneath, hardly, uneasily.

Unfair, to unfair, to deprive of beauty.
Unhappy, unprosperous, not successful.
Unhappily, harshly, censoriously.

Unhoused, free to change one's abode, unmarried.
Unhouseled, not having partaken of the sacrament.
Unkind, not in accordance with natural feeling.
Unmanned, wild, not tamed, a term in falconry.
Unqualitied, deprived of qualities or powers.
Unquestionable, avoiding questioning or conversation.
Unreasonable creatures, creatures without reason, the
irrational tribes.

Unrolled, erased from the roll or membership of a society. Unsmirched, without smear or stain, pure.

Untraded, not in common use.

Unvalued, that which cannot be estimated, invaluable. Urchin, the hedgehog ; applied also to a fairy.

Usance, usury, exorbitant interest for money.

Utterance, l'outrance, to the uttermost.

Vade, for fade; vading, fading.

Vail, to let down, to lower, to give way.

Vainness, vanity, lightness.

Vantage, advantage, favourable opportunity.

Vantbrace, armour for the arm.

Varlet, valet, a servant, a footman; a scoundrel.

Vast, waste, limitless expanse; vastidity, immensity.
Vaunt, the avant, the foremost, the van.

Vaunt courier (French, avant-coureur), a fore-runner.
Vaward, the guard in advance, the van.

Velvet-guards, velvet facings or trimmings; persons accustomed to wear rich dresses.

Venew, a stroke of fence; a sally of wit.
Ventages, air-holes in a flute or flageolet.
Via, an interjection, away with you!

Vice, to screw; Vice, a buffoon in old morality plays.
Viewless, what cannot be seen, invisible.

Villany, villanous, generally spelt villainy, villainous, in early editions.

Villein, villain, a servant; a worthless character.

Violenteth, worketh passionately.

Virginal, a musical instrument.

Virginalling, playing as if on a virginal.
Vizament, advisement.

Volable, sprightly, of ready speech and action.
Voluble, changeable, inconstant.

Waft, to wave or invite by the hand.
Waftage, passage, to be wafted or conveyed.
Wage, to wage war, to carry on a conflict.
Waist, the middle of a ship.

Wannion, vengeance.

Wappened, withered, outworn.

Warden, a kind of baking pear.

Wassails, merry meetings, festivals.

Watch, a watch-light; watch, to tame by keeping awake. Water-gall, a secondary rainbow.

Water-work, painting in distemper.

Wax, sea of, an allusion to the wax tablets on which the ancients wrote with the stylus.

Web and pin, cataract in the


Ween, to conceive, to think, to imagine.

Weet, to know, to be informed.

Weigh out, to outweigh, to overbalance.

Welkin, the visible firmament.

Wen, a swollen excrescence.

When? an exclamation of impatience.

Whenas, when; where, whereas; whereas, where ; whileas, while.

Whiffler, a fife-player; a trifler; one who walks before a procession.

Whipstock, the handle of a whip; the whip itself.
Whirring, the noise made by a bird's wing in flying.
Whiting-time, bleaching-time.

Whitsters, bleachers of linen.

Wicked, injurious, noxious.

Wide-chopped, open-mouthed, a loud talker.

Widowhood, a dower, the jointure belonging to a widow. Wilderness, wildness.

Wimple, a veil, a hood.

Window-bars, lattice-work in the front part of a woman's


Windring, for winding.

Winter ground, to protect a plant from frost.

Wis, to know; "I wis," I know, I reckon.

With, "I am with you;" "Here be with them;" "Take me with you," &c., forms of expression meaning, "I understand you; "" Enter into their humour;" me know what you mean," &c.

Wittol, one who knows and allows his wife's infidelity.


Woman-tired, one whose wife is his master.
Wood, or wud, mad, crazy.

Woolward, without a shirt; wearing a woollen garment next the skin, like a pilgrim on penance.

World to come, the world of a later generation, posterity.
World, to go to the, to commence life, to be married.
Worship, to honour, to reverence.

Worts, herbs, coleworts, cabbages.
Wound, twisted about, encircled.

Wreak, vengeance; wreakful, vengeful.

Writ, the truth, from "holy writ," the Scriptures.
Wrongs, wrongers; the persons who commit wrong.
Wroth, calamity, distress.

Yare, ready, nimble, manageable.

Yaw, to swerve from the course, a sea term.
Y-clad, clad, clothed; y-cleped, cleped or called.
Yeasty, or yesty, frothy, foaming, like yeast or barm.
Yellowness, a jealous frame of mind.

Yellows, a disease of the gall in horses.
Yield, to give up; to report; to reward.

Zany, a buffoon, a fool.

Zed, a superfluous letter; a useless person.


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