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had some reason for fighting, they knew upon his leaving it; and Mahomet hims what they fought about ; but at present felf, though a lover of pleasure, was a they are arrived at such refinement in professed opposer of gaiety. Upon a religion-making, that they have actual. certain occation, telling his followers ly formed a new led without a new opic that they would all appear naked at the pion; they quarre! for opinions, they resurrection, his favourite wife repre. both equally dé end; they hate each fented such an assembly as immodett other, and that is all the difference be- and unbecoming. • Foolish woman,' tween them:

cried the grave prophet, though the But though their principles are the whole assembly be naked, on that day fame, their practice is somewhat dif. they shall have forgotten to laugh. ferent. Those of the established reli. Men like him opposed ridicule, be. gion laugh when they are pleased, and cause they knew it to be a moft for. their groans are seldom extorted but bymidable antagonist, and preached up pain or danger. The new seệt, on the gravity to conceal their own want of contrary, weep for their amusement, and importance. use li tle music except a chorus of sighs Ridicule has ever been the most powerand groans, or tunes, that are made to ful enemy of enthusiasm, and properly imitate groaning. Laughter is their the only antagonist that can be oppoled averfion; lovers court each other from to it with success. Persecution only feries the lamentations, the bridegroom ap; to propagate new religions ;. rhey ac. proaches the nuptial couch in forrowful quiie freth vigour berween the execufolemnity, and the bride looks more dif- tioner and the ax, and, like some viva. mal than an undertaker's shop: Danc- cious infectså multiply by dillection. ing round the room is, with them, run. It is al!o imposible to combat enthuning in a direct line to the devil; and fialiu with realon; for though it makes as for gaming, though but in jeft, they a few of resistance, it loon eludes the would sooner play with a rattle Snake's preilure, refers you to distinctions not tail than finger a dice-hox.

to be understood, and feelings which it By this time, you perceive that I am cannot explain. A man who would describing a fect of erithufiafts; and you endeavour to fix an enthufiaft by argu. have already compared them with the ment, might as well attempt to spread Fiquirs, B amins, and Talapoins, of the quicksilver with his fingers. The only Eait. Among these, you know, are way to conquer a visionary is to de generations that have been never known fpile him; the fake, the faggoi, and to Smile, and voluntary alii&tion makes the disputing doctor, in some measure up ail the merit they can boast of. En- ennoble the opinions they are brought to thutalms in every country produce the oppole; they are harmless against innofame effects ; fick the Faquir with pins, vating pride; contempt alone is truly os confine the Bramin to a veimin dreadful. Hunters generally know the hospital, spread the Talapoin on the most vulnerable part of the beasts they ground, or load the feciary's brow with pursue, by the care which every animal contrition; those worshippers who dif- takes to defend the side which is weak. card the light of reafi n are ever gloomy; est; on what lide the enthufiaft is molt their fears ir create in proportion to their vulnerable; may be known by the cart ignorance, as men are continually under which he takes in the beginning apprehensions who walk in dåıkness. work his disciples into gravity, and

Yet there is still a stronger reason for guard them against the power of ridithe enthufiaft's being an enemy to laugli- cule. ter; nanely, bis being himselt so pro- Wlien Philip the Second was King per an object of ridicule. It is remark of Spain, there was a contest in Sala able, tisat the propagators of false doc. manca between two orders of friars for trines have ever been averse to mirth, fuperiority. The legend of one fide and always begin by recommending contained more extraordinarý miracles, gravity, when they intended to difemi- but the legend of the other was reckon. nate in poilure. Fohi, the ido Chi- ed moft authentic. They reviled each na, is represented as having never laughs, other, as is utual in disputes of divinity, ed; Zolofter, the leader of the Bra. the people were divided into factions, mins, is said to have laughed but twice, and a civil war appeared unavoidable. upon his coming into the world, and In order to prevent fuch an imminent


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calanity, the combatants were prevail- approached, and confidently threw their
ed upon to submit their legions to the respective legends into the flames; when,

fiery trial, and that which came forth lo, to the utter disappointment of all
untouched by the fire was to have the the assembly, instead of a miracle, both
victory, and to be honoured with a legends were consumed! Nothing but
double share of reverence. Whenever thus turning both parties into contempt,
the people flock to see a miracle, it is could have prevented the effusion of
an hundred to one but that they see a tlood. The people now laughed at
miracle; incredible, therefore, were the their former folly, and wondered why
numbers that were gathercd round upon they fell out. Adieu.
this occafion; the friars on each side

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THE Englich are at present em- to eat a great deal when he gets it for

ployed in celebrating & feast, nothing; but what amazes me is, that which becomes general every seventh all this good living no way contributes year; the parliament of the nation be.

to improve their good-humour. On ing then dissolved, and another appoint- the contrary, they seem to lose their ed to be chosen. This folemnity falls temper as they lose their appetites; every infinitely Mort of our feast of the lan- morsel they swallow, and every glais thorns in magnificence and splendour; they pour down, serves to encrease their it is also furpassed by others of the East animosity. Many an honeit man, bein unanimity and pure devotion; but no fore as harmless as a tame rabbit, when festival in the world can compare with it loaded with a single election dinner, has for eating Their eating, indeed, become more dangerous, thán a charged amazes me. Had I five hundred heads, culverin. Upon one of these occasions, and were each head furnished with I have actually seen a bloody-minded brains, yet would they all be insufficient man-milliner fally forth at the head of te compute the number of cows, pigs, a mob, determined to face a desperate geese, and turkies, which, upon this oc- pastry.cook, who was general of the cafion, die for the good of their country! opposite party.

To say the truth, eating feems to But you must not suppose they are make a grand ingredient in all English without a pretext for thụs beating each parties of zeal, business, or amusement, other. On the contrary, no man here When a church is to be built, or an is so uncivilized as to beat his neighhospital endowed, the directors affem- bour without producing very fufficient ble, and instead of confulting upon it, reasons. One candidaie, for instance, they eat upon it; by which means the treats with gin, a spirit of their own mabufinefs goes forward with success. nufacture; another, always drinks When the poor are to be relieved, the brandy imported from abroad. Bran. officers appointed to dole out public dy is a wholesome liquor; gin a liquor charity, asemble and eat upon it. Nor wholly their own. This then furnishes has it ever been known that they filled an obvious cause of quarrel ; whether it the bellies of the poor till they had pre- be most reasonable to get drunk with viously satisfied their cwn. But in the gin, or get drunk with brandy? The ele&tion of magistrates, the people seem mob meet upon the debale; fight them. to exceed all hounds; the merits of a can- felves fuber; and then draw off to get didate are often meatured loy the number drunk agan, and charge for another of his treats; his constituents afiemble, eat encounter. So that the English may upon hiin, and lend their applause, not now proper'y be faid to be engaged in to his integrity or linle, but the

141- war; fince, while they are tulping their tities of his beef and brandy.

enemies abroad, they are breaking each And yet I could forgive this people oiher's heads at home. their plentiful meals on this occafion, as I lately made an excursion to a neighit is extremely narural for every maa bouing village, in order to be a specia


tor of the ceremonies pra&tifed upon this entertainment, was at last ended by the occasion. I left town in company with appearance of one of the car.didates, three fiddlers, nine dozen of hans, and whocame to harangue the mob; he made a corporation poet, which were defiun. a very patbetic Ipetch upon the late exed as reinforcements to the gin. drinking cessive importation of foreign drams, and party. We entered the town with a the down-fall of the distillesy : I could very good face; the fiddlers, no way in- see some of the audience ihed tears. timidated by the enemy, kép! handling He was accompanied in his procession their arms lp the principal street. By by Mrs. Deputy and Mrs. Mayoress. this prudent manoeuvre they took peace- Mrs. Deputy was not in the least in die able poffeffion of their head-quarters, quor; and for Mrs. Mayorefs, one of amidst the shouts of multitudes, who the spectators afured me in my ear that feemed perfectly rejoiced at hearing me was a very fine woman before the their mulic, but, above all, at feeing their had the small-pox. bacon.

Mixing with the crowd, I was now I must own, I could not avoid being conducted to the hall where the magia pleased to see all ranks of people on this strates are cholen; but what tongue can occasion levelled into an equality, and describe this scene of confusion! the the poor, in fome measure, enjoying the whole crowd seemed equally inspired primitive privileges of nature. If there with anger, jealousy, politics, patrie was any ditinction shewn, the lowest of otili, and punch: I remaiked one figure the people seemed to receive it from the that was carried up by two men upon rich. I could perceive a cobler with a this occasion. I at fiift began to pity levee at his door, and an haberdasher bisinfirmities as natural, but soon found giving audience from behind his coun- the fellow so drunk that he could not ter. But my reflections were foon inter- stand; another made his appearance to rupied by a mob, who demanded whe- give his vote, but though he could stand, ther I was for the distillery or the brew, he actually lost the use of his tongue, cry? As these were terms with which I and remained silent; a third, who though was totally unacquainted, I chile at excellively drunk, could both stand and first to be filent; however, I know not speak, being asked the candidate's name what might have bed the consequence for whom he voted, cou be prevailed of iny referve, had not the attention of upon to make no other answer, but 'To. the mob been called off to a skirmish • bacco and brandy.' In short, an elecbetween a brandy.drinker's cow and a tion-ball seems to be a theatre, where gin-drinker's mastiff, which turned out, every passion is seen without disguise;' greatly to the fatisfa&tion of the mob, a school where fools may readily be. in favour of the mastiff.

come worse, and where philosophers This fpectacle, which afforded high may gather wisdom. Adieu.



HE disputes among the learned sent engrosses the attention of the town.

here are now carried on in a It is carried on with sharpness, and a much more compendious manner than proper share of this epigrammatical formerly. There was a time when fo- fury. An author, it seems, has taken lio was brought to oppose folio, and a anaversion to the faces of feveral players, champion was often listed for life under and has written verses to prove his disthe banners of a single forites. At prea like; the players fall upon the author, feat, the controverty is decided in a fum- and affure ihe town he muit be dull, and mary way; an epigram, or an acrostic, their faces nust be good, because he finides the debate, and the combatant, wants : dinner: a critic comes to the like the incursive Tartai, advances and poet's ? fittance, afterting that the verses retires with a single blow.

were partecily original, and fa smart, An important litcrary debate at pre- that he could never have written them


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without the affittance of friends; the censurer's judgment, and impeached his friends upon this arraign the critic, and sincerity. It was a long time a dispute plainly prove the verses to be all the au- among the learned, which was in fact thor's own. So at it they are all four the greatest man, Jacab, Johnson, or together by the ears; the friends at the Tibbald ; they had all written for the critic, the critic at the players, the play- stage with great fuccess, their names ers at the author, and the author at the were seen in almost every paper, and players again. It is impoflible to de- their works in every coffee-houte. Howtermine how this many-Sided contest ever, in the hottet of the dispute, a will end, or which party to adhere to. fourth combatant made his appearance, The town, without riding with any, and swept away the three combatants, views the combat in suspense, like the tragedy, comedy, and all, into undilting fabled hero of antiquity, who beheld guished ruin. the earth-born brothers give and receive From this time they seemed consigna mutual wounds, and fall by indiscri- ed into the hands of criticism; scarce a minate destruction.

day passed in which they were not ar This is, in some menfure, a state of raigned as deteited writers. The cris the prefent dispute ; but the combatants tics, these enemies of Dryden and Pope, here differ in one respect from the were their enemies. So Jacob and champions of the fable. Every new Johnson, instead of mending by criti. wound only gives vigour for another cifon, called it envy; and becaule Dryblow; though they appe? to ftrike, den and Pope were censured, they comthey are, in fact, mutually swelling pared themielves to Dryden and Pope, themselves into consideration, and thus But to return: the weapon chiefly advertising each other away into fame. used in the prefent controversy is epi• To-day,' says 0nle,

iny name shall

gram; and certainly never was a keener • be in the Gazette, the next day my :ade use of. They have discovered < rival's; people will naturally enquire furprifin harpness on both sides. « about us: thus we shall at least make The firit that came out upon this da noise in the streets, though we have occation was a kind of new

got nothing to sell.' I have read of a position in this way, and might more difpute of a fimilor nature, which was properly be called an epigrammatic thesis managed here about twenty years ago. than an epigram. It conlilts, firtt, of Hildebrand Jacob, as I think he was cail

an argument in prose; next follows, a ed, and Charles Johnfon, were poets, motto from Roscommon; then comes. both at that time pollelled of great repu- the epigram; and, laitly, notes serving tation; for Johnson had written eleven to explain the epigram. But you shall plays acted with great success; and Ja- have it, with all it's decorations. cob, though he had written but five, had five times thanked the town for their

AN EPIGRAM. unmerited applause. They soon be- ADDRESSED TO THE GENTLEMIN REH came mutualiy enamoured of cach other's talents ; they wiote, they felt,

POEM, BY THE AUTHOR. they challenged the town, for each • Worry'd with debts, and paft all hopesof Lail, other. Johnson assured the public, that His pen he prostitutes, t'avoid a jaol.' no poet alive had the easy simplicity of

Roscom. Jacob; and Jacob exhibited Johnson as LET not the bungry Bavius' angry Atroke a master piece in the pathetic. Their Awake resentment, or your rage provoke; mutual praise was not without effect; But, pitying his dittrels, let virtue* shine, the town faw their plays, were in rap-' And giving each your bounty t, let him dineg tores, read, and, without censuring For thus retain'd, as learned council can, them, forgot them. So formidable an

Each case, however bad, he'll new japan: union, however, was foon opposed by And, by a quick transition, plainly show Tibbild. Tibbald afferted, that the

'Twas no defect of your's, but pocket low, tragedies of one had faults, and the That caus'd his putrid kennel to o'erflow. comedies of the other subftitated wit The last lines are certainly executed for vivacity: the combined champions in a very malteriy manner. It is of flew at him like tigers, arraigned the" that species of argumentation called the • Charity + Settled at onc failling, the price of the poem.

2 A 2 perplexing





-perplexing, It effectually fings the But when the reader comes to the words antagoniti into a mist; there is no an- great and small, the mate is inextrica. fwering it: the laugh is raised against ble. Here the stranger may dive for a -him, while he is endeavouring to find mystery without ever reaching the bot. out the jeft. At once he shews that the tom. Let him know, then, that small is author has a kennel, and that this ken- a word purely introduced to make good nel is putrid, and that this putrid ken- rhyme; and great was a very proper stel overflows. But why does it orer- word to keep small company. flow? It overflows, because the author Yet, by being thus a spectator of happens to have low pockets !

others dangers, I mult own, I begin to There was also another new attempt tremble in this literary conteft for my in this way; a profaic epigram, which own. I begin to fear, that my chalcame out upon this occasion. This is lenge to Doctor Rock was unadvised, so full of matter, that a critic might and has procured me more antagonists fplit it into fifteen epigrams, each pro- than I had at first expected. I have perly fitted with it's iting. You shall received private letters from several of tee it."

the literati here that fill my foul with

apprehension. I may safely aver, that TO G. C. AND R. L.


never gave any creature in this good "Twas you, or I, or he, or all together, city offence,' except only my rival "Twas ont, both, three of them, they · Doctor Rock; yet by the letters I every know not wheiber.

day receive, and by some I have feen This I believe, between us, great or small,

printed, I am arraigned at one time You, I, he, wrote it not-'twas Churchill's

as being a dull fellow, at another, as all.

being pert; I am here petulant, there I There, there is a perplex! I could am heavy: by the head of my ancestors, have wished, to make it quite perfect, they treat me with more inhumanity the author, as in the case before, had 'than a flying-fith! If I dive and run added notes. Almoit every word ad- my note to the bottom, there a devourmits a scholium, and a long one too, ing hark is ready to swallow me up; if 1, YOU, HE! Suppose a stranger should I ikim the surface, a pack of dolphins alk And who are you?' Here are are at my tail to inap me; but when I three obteure persons spoken of, that take wing, and attempt to escape them muy in a short time be uiterly forgotten. by flight, I become a prey to every ra. Their naines should have confequently venous bird that winnows the bolom been mentioned in notes at the bottom of the deep. Adieu,

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HE formalities, delays, and dif- might sport among painted lawns and of marriage here, are usually as nume- wafting at once both fragrance and harrolls 48' those previous to a treaty of mony. Yet, it trems, he has forsaken peace. The laws of this country are the fland; and when a couple are now finely calculated to promote all com to be married, mutual love, or an union merce, but the commerce between the of minds, is the lait and most tridling sexes. Their encourgements for pro- consideration. If their goods and chat, pagating hemp, indies, and tobaca), tels can be brought to unite, their Iymare indied aurrahiet Marriages are pathetic fauls are ever reasly to guarantee the only commodity that meet with the treaty. The gemteman's mortgaged

lawn becomes enamoured on the ladies Yri, from the vernal softness of the marriageable grove; the match is ftruck air, the verdure of the fieids, the tranf. up, and both parties are proutly in love parency of the streams, and the beauty of according to act of parliament. the women, I know few countries more Thus they, who have fortune, are proper to invite to courtship. Here Love poflefled at least of domething that is



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