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List of Papers printed by Order of the House of Commons, during the Second Session of the Fourth Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

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, No. 46. Petition of the Commissioners of Margate Pier, and Report of a Committee thereon. Feb. 23. This Petition states the following facts. That the Harbour of Margate, situate on the North-west side of the Isle of Thanet, Northward of the Promontory of the North Foreland, from its contiguity to Margate Roads, the nearest Roadstead for shipping eastward of the Downs, has for many years past been extremely useful to the purposes of trade and navigation, not only as a place of refuge in cases of distress of weather to vessels to the extent of upwards of 200 tons burthen, but also as being a receptacle for small vessels belonging to persons resident in Margate, employed as occasions have occurred in rendering services to ships of every size and denomination in tempestuous weather. That the said harbour has also been long used as the only place of export of the principal part of the Corn and Grain, the produce of the Isle of Thanet, and conveyed thence as part of the weekly supply of the London Market. That for rendering the said harbour more commodious and secure, by the extension of the Pier, a sum of upwards of £14,000 exclusive of the annual revenues of the said Pier, has within the last 20 years been expended in extending and repairing the Pier and improving the said harbour. That in the night between the 14th and 15th of January, 1808, a tremendous gale of wind arose, accompanied with an immense swell of the sea and a spring tide, which makng full upon the town and harbour, not only effected

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a considerable breach, but shook the Pier to its foundation,
from end to end, carrying the outer Parapet nearly the
whole length into the harbour, and demolishing the Jetty
or defence against the sea. - -
That the damages amountto upwards of £20,000 exclu-
sive of the loss to individuals.
They therefore pray for pecuniary aid, &c.
The Receipt and expenditure of the Commissioners have
been as follows, - -

Receipt. Expend. : 1800 of 1,970 3,048 1801 1,822 3,386 1802 1,760 3,703 1803 3,096 3,755 1804 2,209 1,763 1805 2,340 1,987 1806 2,221 1,623 1807 2,515 2,128

And the existing Debt, of 17,000.

No. 47. Papers relating to Portugal. Feb. 22. These Papers are, 1, Copy of an Order from the Lords of the Admiralty to the Earl of St. Vincent, directing his lordship to proceed to the Tagus, and according to circumstances, to bring away the Portuguese Fleet. 2. Letter from B. Tucker, Esq. to Capt. Barrie, directing him to proceed to the Tagus with the Transports under his Convoy. 3. Letter from William Marsden, Esq. to the Earl of St. Vincent, directing his lordship to return from the Tagus to his station off Brest. No. 48. Return of the number of Men for whom bounty has been drawn, as enlisted at the head quarters of regiments in Great Britain during each half year of the years 1805, 1806, and 1807. Feb. 21. No. 49. An Account of the quantity of Jesuit's Bark or Cortex Peruvianus, imported into, exported from, and retained for home consumption in, Great Britain, for 6 years ending Jan. 5, 1796; six years ending Jan. 5, 1802; and six years ending Jan. 5, 1808; distinguishing each year, and the Exports to Ireland from Exports to all other Coun tries, and shewing the average of each period. Feb. 26. No. 50. Papers Relating to the Royal Naval Asylum. Feb. 26. These papers relate to the application of Dr. Thomas Kein to be appointed Surgeon to the Asylum. No. 51. An account of the quantity of Sugar imported into Great Britain in the year 1807, with the quantity reexported; distinguishing the export to Ireland from the export to all other parts, and reducing the refined to its equivalent quantity of raw Sugar. Feb. 26. o No. 53. Return of the number of Recruits raised monthly by the Recruiting Districts during the last six months of the years 1805, 6, and 7; distinguishing Great Britain from Ireland. Feb. 26. No. 54. Return of the number of Men who have volunteered under the Act of 47 Geo. III, Cap. 57, from the Irish Militia, into the regular and Marine Forces. Feb. 26.

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Antonine's Itinerary of Roman Bri-
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Worcester, Dr. Hurd, Bishop of Life
of, 36.
York, Analysis of Drake's History of,
211 ; Eminent Men born at, 248,
Year Books, account of,227.

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William Savage, Printer,
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