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28 Nov., 1580. Nunc. Will George Mallory of Tickhill, esquier. I geve all that I have unto Elizabeth my wyfe, for all that I have is to litle, savinge that I do require her to give unto my cosene Anthonie Mallorie twentie markes, and to Sampson Mallory 201., and 40s. yearely oute of my lease of the demaines of Tickhill castle. Witnesses, Jervase Werrall, Nicholas Wombwell, gent., etc. Pr. 16 Feb., 1580, and adm. to Eliz. his widow. (Reg. Test. Ebor., xxii., 5).

His widow was a daughter of Hugh Wyrrall, of Loversal (tisit. 1585) and made her Will as follows:

24 March, 1592-3, Mrs. Elizabeth Malory, of Tickhill, widowe. To be buried in the south quere of the parishe church of Tickhill, nighe to my late husband George Mallory, esquier. To my niec Elizabeth Downes my lease of all my demaines of Tickhill castle, with rem. to her heirs male, then the reversion to my nephew Robert Swifte, esquier. To my nice, Anne Wentworth, daughter to my brother Copley, 201. To my cosin, Gerves Worrall, 101., in consideracion of my promise to give him so much at his mariage. To my nice, Mary Swift, my goddaughter, 101. To my nice, Margaret Westby, 61, 13s. 4d. To my cosin, Sampson Malory, 201. To Sir Robert Stapleton 201. To my nice and goddaughter, Anne Savill, 101. To ye pore crepels of mason Dew of Tickhill yearly duringe the yeares of my lease 10s. To the poor of Tickhill 51. To the vicar of Tickhill, Sr Aslaby, xj. The residew, my body beinge worshipfully brought forth, etc., to my trusty and well-beloved nice, Elizabeth Downes. Pr. 29 Aug., 1593, ad to ex. (Reg. Test. Ebor., xxiv., 143).

Sir John Mallory died in 1527-8, and on his decease the following Inquisition was taken.

Inq. p. m. Sir John Malory, taken at Howden, 20th Oct. 20th Hen. VIII. He was seized in his demesne as of fee on the day when he died of the manors of Studley Magna and Hutton Conyers, also of 100 acres of arable land, 30 acres of meadow, 50 acres of pasture, and 30 acres of wood, in Studley Magna and Hutton; also of 10 mess., 20 acres of arable land, 10 acres of meadow, 100 of moor and 30 of wood, and 12d. free rent in Grantley ; also of 8 burgages in Ripon, Studley, and Grantley, and burgages in Ripon held of the archbishop of York. Hutton held of the manor of Northallerton. The premises in Studley and Grantley worth 451. 128. 8d. per ann., and those in Hutton Conyers 401. They say also that John Byrtby of Ripon, chaplain, was seized in demesne as of fee of a close called Barght Close, in Hutton Conyers, also of 2 water corn mills there to the use of one William Malory, junior, son and heir of John Malory, knt., and of his heirs, and that so seized on the 12th of Feby. 11th Edw. IV. (1471-2) he granted the same to the said William Malory, jun., Johanna then his wife, and the heirs male of the sd Wm. and Johanna. They also say that John Darneton, late abbat of Fountains, Mr. Wm. Potman, late provost of Beverley, John Constable of Halsham, knt., Stephen Hamerton, knt., and Brian Rowth, esq., were seized in their demesne as of fee of a close called le Barght in Hutton Conyers and of the New Close there, and of a mess. and a bovate of arable land there, etc., to use of Wm. Malory, knt., and his heirs, and being so seized, by indenture dated 20th Dec. 22nd Edw. IV. (1482) they conveyed the same premises to Wm. Malory and Johanna his wife and their heirs. Another settlement of a moiety of the manor of Nunwick. Other trustees enfeoffed by Sir John of the manor of Lynton in Craven, namely, Sir George and Arthur Darcy, Roger Lassels and Richard Norton, esqrs., to the use of Ann York daughter of Richard York, knt, for her life, in satisfaction of dower on any part of the inheritance of the said Sir John. The date of this feofft is not given. Sir John died 23 March 19 Hen. VIII. (1527-8) and Wm. Malory, esq., his son and next heir, is now 30 years old and upward.

SIR WILLIAM MALLORY, of Studley and Hutton, knt., eldest son and heir. He married Jane daughter of Sir John Norton, of Norton Conyers, knt., by Margaret daughter of Sir Roger Ward of Givendale, and had issue by her two sons and seven daughters.

Inq. p. m. Wm. Mallory, knt., taken at York Castle 24th Sept. 1st Edw. VI. (1547). He was seized on the day he died in his demesne as of fee of the manor of Studley Magna held of the king as of his manor of Ripon by fealty at rent of 388. and worth per ann. 401. Also of 10 mess. a cot. and divers lands and ten. in Grantley and Winkesley held of the manor of Ripon by fealty only, and worth per ann. 81. 188. 6d. : also of 6 mess, and divers closes, lands, meadows and pastures held of king's manor of Ripon by fealty only and worth 51. : also of one burgage in Ripon held in socage and worth 268, 8d. per ann. The manor of Hutton Conyers and divers lands there, together with 2 mess, and lands at Brompton, are held of Bp. of Durham as of his manor of Northallerton. by knight's service, and are worth yearly 101. Also of - manor of Linton in Craven, 5 cotages and divers lands held of the king as of his manor of Spof. forth by knight's service, viz., by 12th part of one knt's fee, and worth per ann. 121. 8s. For his life time he was seized also of a moiety of the manor of Nunwick and of divers lands there held of the king as of his manor of Ripon by service of 6 parts of one knt's fee, and worth 201., and by writing dated 8th June, 33d Hen. VIII. (1541) he granted the said i manor and prem, in Nunwick to Wm. Malory his son for the term of his life. Said Wm. Malory died 27 April 1 Edw. VI. (1547) and Chr. Malory his son and heir is now aged 22 years and more.

Sir William Mallory left issue :

1. Christopher Mallory, esq., eldest son and heir. 2. William, heir to his brother.

1. Margaret, married John Conyers of Eaton on Usk, mother of Christopher Conyers, who married a sister of the celebrated Cardinal Allen.

2. Catherine, wife of Sir George Radcliffe of Cartington and Dilston in Northumberland, lord of Derwentwater and lord warden of the East Marches towards Scotland. He died 31st May, 1588.

3. Anne, wife of Sir William Ingilby of Ripley, knt., treasurer of Berwick-on-Tweed. There is a portrait of him at Ripley castle, where he is represented in armour, richly inlaid with gold, a small ruff around his neck, short hair and whiskers, and a beard after the fashion of the day. Lady Ingilby was interred at Ripley, Feb. 20th, 1587-8. Her husband died on the 23rd of February, 1577-8, leaving William, his son and heir, æt. 30 and more. This (Sir) William died in 1607, making his ‘lovinge cosen,' Sir John Mallory, the supervisor of his Will, and leaving him “ten unitts of gould in token of my love, to make him a peece of plate of.'

ned and heen days. Heth of the Trennness and

4. Elizabeth, married, first, Sir Robert Stapleton of Wighill, knt., who died in 1557, making William Mallory, esq., of Studley, his brother-in-law, one of his executors; and, secondly, Marmaduke, second son of Thomas Slingsby of Scriven, esq., mentioned above, her first cousin of the half blood.

5. Dorothy, married the celebrated Sir George Bowes of Streatlam in the county of Durham, who so vigorously withstood the earls of Northumberland and Westmerland in the rebellion in 1569; and garrisoned and held out Barnardcastle against their united forces for ten days. He was, by a special commission, appointed marshal north of the Trent, and he certainly executed the office with dreadful sternness and severity. The marriage articles of Sir George and his wife are dated 7th Octr., 20th Henry VIII. By her (who was his first wife) he had Sir William Bowes, ambassador to Scotland and treasurer of Berwick, and other issue.

6. Frances, wife of Ninian Staveley of Ripon Parks, esq.

7. Joan, second wife of Nicholas Rudston of Hayton, esq., and the mother of all his children.'

(1) I throw together in a note the following miscellany. Maria filia Geo. Mallory bap. 5 Apr. 1576. (Ripon).

April 8, 1585. George Mallorye of Hutton Conyers, yoman, bur. churchyard of St. Peter and St. Wylfryde in Rippon. Johan my wife to have half my farmhold in Huton for her widowhead, and my son Wm, the rest, and the whole after the widowhood of my wife. The rest to my four daughters, Anne, Barbarie, Margaret, and Marie. My son George to have his porcion when 21. (Pr. 30 Apl., 1586, at Richmond).

1591, June 3. Robert Dyson and Margaret Mallorie nupti.
1597, Aug. 21. Johanna Mallorie vidua de Huton, sep.
1609, Dec. 12. Alicia fil. Geo. Mallorie de Huton bp.
1618, Nov. 23. Geo. Mallory and Isabell Baynes md.
1620, Oct. 8. Geo, s. Geo. M. of Hutton bp.
1622, July 29, Thos. s. do bp.
1625, Apr. 13. Wm. s. do bp. (All at Ripon).

7th March, 1638-9. George Mallory of Hutton Conyers, yeoman. To be bur, within the collegiat churche of St. Peter and St. Wilfrid at Rippon. To my eldest son George Mallory all my right in my farmhold at Hutton Conyers which I hould under the worshipfull Wm. Mallory, esquire, to whom I give 10s. in gould, and to my younge master Mr. John Mallory 10s. in gould, and to my good mistris and landlady Mrs. Mallory 5s, in gould as smalle gifts in signe of my love unto them. To my son Wm, my farm in Hutton Conyers which I hold under the said Mr. Mallory. To my son Geo. Mallory a sword which was Mr. Raiphe Mallorye's. To my son Wm. Mallory my sword which I lent to Wm. Wetherill and his mother. To the poor of Hutton Conyers 28. 60. every Christmas during my lease. To my lovinge freind Thomas Bell a litle bay meare in remembrance of my love towards him. The rest to Isabell my wife.

Inventory, 30th March, 1639. Sum £118 19s, 10d, He owes to Wm. Mallory, esq., £86. To Mr. Wormley £30. To Mr. Crofte £30, T , Mrs. Ann Kee £27. To Mr. Pulleyne £20. To. Mr. Mallory, sen., for rent, £16. To Mrs. Mallory £16. TO Alice Pulleyne £10. (Proved at Richmond).

28 April, 1619. Mem. Will of Mathewe Mallery of Dunswicke, gent. Bur. church or churchyard of Harewood. To John Foster of Collingham his gray mare. To Walter Mallory, alias Strickland, one lame coult. To Robert Godfray a blacke nagg which he bought of the said Godffray. TO Matthias Garforth, vicar of Harwood, 10s. The res, to Bridgett Mallory his sister. She ex. 8 May, 1619, ad. to ex.

There were Mallories living at Dunkswick in the 18th century.

2 Sept., 1628. Inv. of Gregory Mallorye of Sedbusk, gent. Foure Englishe bookes 3s. 4d. Sum 81, 5s, id. 11th Oct. Adm, to Isabel his widow. (Richmond).

more: WILLIAM M..During the giving new

the rest William was and was escer Catholic Ksioners at

CHRISTOPHER MALLORY, ESQ., eldest son and heir of Sir William Mallory, æt. 22 years and more at his father's death. He married Margery daughter of Sir Christopher Danby of Thorpe Perrow, by Elizabeth daughter of Richard lord Latimer, but had no issue. He died young, 23rd March, 1553-4, his brother, William Mallory, esq., being found by his Inq. post Mortem to be his next of kin, then being 23 years of age and more.

SIR WILLIAM Mallory of Studley and Hutton, heir to his brother Christopher. During the Rising of the North in 1569 he took the side of the Crown, giving news and advice to the Earl of Sussex. In the following year he was appointed High Steward of Ripon, an office which he seems to have held during the rest of his life. (Calendar of State Papers, Elizth.) In 1585 Sir William was M.P. for Yorkshire. He was High Sheriff of the county in 1592, and was exceedingly zealous in the repression of Popery. (Troubles of our Catholic Forefathers, 3rd series, pp. 46, 69, 83, 92). In 1575 the Commissioners at York for Ecclesiastical Causes requested him and Mr. Ralph Tunstall " to pull downe the gilden tabernacle at Rippon, breaste lowe, and the same to be employed to the reparing of the chauncell.” In Nov. 1577, he, with Mr. Wandesford and Mr. Lister, was directed to see that the churchwardens of Ripon did their duty. The Reformation had made scant progress in the Ripon district, and Sir William was very keen in advancing it. He was an exceedingly active and able person. He married Ursula daughter of George Gale, esq., of York, master of the Mint there, and sometime Lord Mayor of that city. By will, dated 1556, George Gale gave to his daughter and her husband the 201. which he had lent to Chr. Mallory, Sir William's brother. In the following year Dame Mary Gale bequeathed to her daughter Mallory her - tablett of golde,” and to her goddaughter Jane Mallory her “flowre of golde wythe the stone in yt, and wythe a lytle chyne of golde.” (York Registry). The issue from this marriage was a very numerous one.

1. John Mallory, eldest son.

2. William. This is, I believe, Sir William Mallory of Bishop Auckland, knt., whose effects Philip Mallory of Norton, clerk, administered to on 26th Oct. 1643. (Durham Registry). He was a captain in the army, and was knighted by Charles I. on Feb. 1st, 1642-3. At the time of his decease he was clerk of the County Courts at Durham under Bishop Morton.

Christopher, who was buried in Ripon Minster on July 2nd, 1598. He came to an untimely end. According to a letter from Queen Elizabeth, preserved among the Johnstone MSS. at Campsall, it appears that young Mallory had been in attendance upon his father in Ireland, and that, as he was returning home, he was murdered, whilst riding on the highway, by Michael Cubbedge, servant to Sir Edward York, and a person of the name of Johnson, who were indicted. (Catalogue of Hist. MSS., vi., 450).

George, who was married at Ripon, Oct. 19th, 1603, to Frances Dawson. He lived at Hollin Close, and was interred in the minster on July 7th, 1615.

8 June, 1615. George Mallorie of Holling close, nere Rippon, esquier. To be buried in the collegiate church of Rippon, neere the place on the south side where my ancestors have bene usually buried. To Frances my wife my right in the mannor of Raynton, and my tythes of Raynton, Ascenby, alias Azenbie, and Newby, in as ample manner as Sr William Mallorie, knt., my late father. had them ; nevertheless my will is that if my loveing nephie William Mallorie, esq., shall secure to the said Frances or her exrs the sum of 781. 3s, 4d. yearly, he shall have them. I give 61. 13s. 4d. to be lent from yeare to yeare for ever to some twoe poore tradesmen of Rippon on securitie, and after as my wief dureing her liefe, with the consent of the deane or prebendarie residensarie, shall think fitt, and after as the deane or prebendarie residensarie together with the consent of the overseers for the poore shall lyke of. The residue to my wiefe, in token of my unfeyned love to her. She exr and my trustie and well-beloved brother John Ledgeard, esquier, supervisor. Witnesses : William Mallorie, George Dawson, Chr. Lyndall, Thos. Smith. Pr. 5 Oct., 1615, adm. to ex. (Reg. Test. Ebor., xxxiii., 675).

June 2nd, 1629. Adm. of Frances Mallorie, alias Dawson, of Warsell, to George Dawson of Warsell, gent. “Fraunces Mallorie vid', gen', of Warsell, bur. - 1629. (Ripon).

Thomas Mallory, B.D., of Cambridge, was instituted on 27th June, 1599, to the important living of Romaldkirk in the North Riding of Yorkshire. He also held the livings of Mobberley and Davenham in Cheshire ; was instituted Archdeacon of Richmond, Nov. 6th, 1603; and, on the 25th of July, 1607, was presented to the Deanery of Chester. By Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Richard Vaughan, bishop of Chester, he had a numerous family, and some of his descendants may still be traced in Cheshire. He died at Chester, April 3rd, 1644, and was interred in the choir of his cathedral, where he sleeps without a memorial.

Robert Mallory, about whom we know nothing save

(1) Ormerods Cheshire. Le Neve, I., p. 829.

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