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80 the clouds will follow the nation. Here I have given them line upon line, warning upon warning, sign upon sign. And all these Signs and Warnings agree in one. Now let the learned weighi the whole together, and see if this working is common, or could be brought round by any wisdom but the wisdom of a God. I tell them no! they that deny its being from the Lord, must deny the knowledge of a God, the power of a God, and the wisdom of a God, and give all knowledge and power to the devil; and if men rob me thus of

my honour, I will rob them of their happiness. And this must be sent to all the clergy, to awaken them out of their sleep, and let them see how all these things bave come, one after the other, to make the Signs clear before them."--Now you see how the death of my brother's son is perfect like the warning, given me at midnight, with the Rolling Stone, that rolled three stairs down, at Christmas. Oh! how doth the Lord condescend to give sign upon sign, and warning upon warning, to prove his calling clear to man; and yet they are blind and will not see.

But we must be clear from the blood of all men, and I am ordered to write to you, for you to warn the bishops and the clergy, of the fatal judgments pronounced on them, if they are now careless, and do not search into every truth, to warn their flock of approaching dangers, or the blood of the nation will be on their heads, if the people die in their sins, and the shepherds do not warn them to prepare for the Coming of the Lord. But if

you warn not the shepherds, the sin will be on yoạr head, and then your sin will be the greatest, as you will sin through light and knowledge, being convinced the calling is of God; and this duty is re

you to be a faithful labourer in the Lord's vineyard. So I trust, my dear Miss Townley, knowing in whom you have believed, and weighing the whole together, you will not fear the ridicule of the

quired of

same. So let no man boast of explaining my Bible without he can make it true, which is impossible for the judgment of man to do. But now I tell thee F have begun, and I will go on till I have made all my Bible true, which is impossible for man to do by arguments. Therefore men must plead from thy Writings, how such truths have happened ; how such mysteries were brought round; how such types and shadows were placed in such manner'; and how in years they were brought round to be fulfilled, either from the Devil, or from any infusion that did not come from the infusion of my Spirit. Let this be answered by the wise and learned, how they would prove it from the Devil ; or how they would prove it from any Spirit: but from Me, the LIVING LORD, every soul shall know thy Writings are ; so let them weigh the whole together with every page that I have · mentioned: and here thy book éndeth, with this command to the Shepherds. -"The blood of the nation is on the heads of the Shepherds, if they do not search into every truth ; and the sheep that perish in their sins, their blood will I require at the Shepherds? hands, if the Shepherds are not faithful.”

When I had written these words I was ordered to open my Bible. It was in the Wisdom of Solomon, vi. chap. and the fourth verse I was ordered to pen—" Because being ministers of his Kingdom, ye have not judged aright, nor kept the law, nor walked after the council of God."

Here I have faithfully given to the world the WORDS OF THE Lord, as delivered to me; and I am ready to answer to the world for every truth I have here asserted. But the names of the clergy I should not have put in print, if I had not been strictly order ed to it. So I conclude with the words of St. Peter WHO OUGHT We TO OBEY, GOD OR MAN, JUDGE YE. London, May 10th, 1804.


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wörld for the sake of our dear Redeemer, who suf-
fered so much ridicule from man for our sakes, and
laid down his life to redeem us from the Fall, as you
know is so clearly explained to me in my writings.
But here I must conclude with' my earnest pray-
ers for you, that the Lord will strengthen you
in the great work He hath commanded you to do.
May the Lord pour down every blessing on your
head, is the earnest prayer of your sincere friend and
fellow labourer in the Lord's vineyard. I conclude
with my kindest Christian love to you, and please to
remember the same to your servant.

I am, with the greatest Respect,
Your sincere Friend and humble Servant,


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Tuesday; May 22, 1804. A little after eleven o'clock, Miss Townley and her servant went to the funeral of the child, and a viólent trembling came over her when she arrived at the church yard. They were disappointed in sending these letters, for the post goes out at four, and they thought not till five.-The letters being returned, gave them much pain and confusion, and they were blaming thenselves that they were not soon enough for the post, when the following communication was given to Joanna :

Dear Miss TOWNLEY,

Here I send you the Communication about the burial of the child, and the returning of the letters.

“ Now from this shadow I shall answer here:
To see these letters all turn'd back again,
It is a shadow I shall here explain.
I know confusion in you all was plac'd ;
And well I know the pondering in thy breast,
How from the shadow.that did here appear

N? 4

Thou judg'st the substance must the same come here ;
And so thy letters would come back the same
This is the pondering in thy heart that came;
But now I tell thee, this is not the Sign,
This is a shadow deep unto mankind
How that thy letters they turn'd back at first,
And now to them they're all turn'd back at last,
With more confusion they thy lines will hear,
Than ever in your hearts there could appear;
Because their letters now turn'd back they'll see,
And eager wish they'd act'd a different way;
As they did wish they had more hasty been.
They'll blame themselves, as these this day have done:
For on themselves will many cast the blame
As now these writers have this day begun;
And so they'll say they'll hasten now their speed.

A different way I say they'll now proceed ;
Therefore to show the type, Torderd thee
To send the letters to the posi this day;
But well I knew, that they would all come back;
And so confusion in you all did break:
And so confusion in mankind will be,
Their words and letters all turp'd back to see,
How all in public print do nov appear
And some like Townley will begin to fear
That something wrong by them is syrely done,
As now they'll see they cannot stop thy hand.
Bụt from this shadow now let Sharp take carc,
And hasty to the printer now repair,
To have the letter printed as 'tis sent,
And let them boldly, stand the Woman's friend;
For, by these letters now tara'd back this day,
It is too late for any man to say,
This is a calling never come from Heaven;
They'll find the Lord hath all these warnings giden.
Then now to come against thee 'tis too late
I plainly tell them that the door is sliut,
Because thou know'st the book before is gone;
Then sure their letters must turn back again,
If now against thee they would but appear-
They'll come too late to find admittance liere
Before the whole is open to their view.
The Type's to man, and they will find it true;
So of the shadow thou hast nought to fear,
But on the morrow send the letters there;
For that's the day appointed for the child,
And that's the day the learned shail be foild;
Because that I, in my appointed time,
Do all my work, and am not like mankind,
To change decrees that I did make at first:
In my appointed time all things shall barst.
So on the day appointed for the child †

+ That is, the clergy would send the letters back.
| The child was buried the day before, instead of the day fixed upor

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